The secret to losing MAN boobs . . . FAST!

A long time yours truly was afflicted with the “moob” syndrome.

Now, I have to be honest – despite my excess weight, I did NOT have “boobs hanging down to my midsection” as some guys appear to have (Arnie for one if you look at this recent pictures is a fine example of this).

Fine as in . . . “fine”, hehe.

Pity that it’s come to this for The Gubernator, and yet, that is PRECISELY what happens to a lot of weight trainees when they stop their repetitive pumping, toning and preening.

Sly Stallone is WELL known for his physique, despite the above.

But if you look at him closely when he is NOT Training, you can see the same thing to a smaller extent.

And don’t get me wrong. I’ve said Stallone is a legend – – living legend bar NONE, to be honest in the movie industry and a damned smart guy if ever, but sometimes these celebs DO let themselves get out of shape!

And it’s a credit to Stallone that despite his weight training, machines, and gym usage, he appears to do so the right way.

AS opposed to, hey, but we all know what I mean!

Now, back to the point – MOOBS.

And how to get rid of ‘em – FAST.

One, to train the right way obviously.

Intense cardio sessions as opposed to long drawn out “slow cardio” – and no, it doesn’t always have to be bipedal sprints, or sprints at all either. Hark over to Animal Kingdom Conditioning for one, or perhaps Advanced Hill Training (and despite this name, you do NOT need to train on a hill with these exercises to experience the sheer BENEFITS, and quickly) and you’ll see plenty of examples.

But here’s the point.

All the courses above emphasize a lot of floor work which is great, and GOOD.

And of course, the intense cardio.

But the point is this . . .

. . . for those of you with moobs, it’s ALWAYS better to work in some pulling exercise as well!

Yes, you’re right.


Or, just hang on to the bar to begin with after your floor work.

Let me tell you right now, although I kept training and (believe it or not at a certain point) was pounding out over 250 pushups daily along with other stuff when I was fat and obese, there was something ELSE I was doing which kept me from developing moobs (which I would have and had otherwise).

That being pull-ups.

When I got into the best shape of my life, ditto.

I did the 0 Excuses Fitness System, of course.

But I’d often do pull-ups occasionally as well, and of course my beloved hill climb!

And the reason behind this is simple enough.

Pull-ups pull the chest “back” giving you the packed chest look and the impression of having “less fat” around there (if you work in plenty of pushups and cardio while you’re at it).

Not to mention the super core work you get from the cardio and pushups just gets INTENSIFIED and MAGNIFIED From doing pull-ups . . . or any sort of hanging work for that matter.

And that’s the tip for today. A simple enough one, but I bet most of you haven’t thought of pull-ups this way as yet!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Make sure to get in the best shape of your life by investing in and then FOLLOWING the 0 Excuses Fitness system my friend. Yes, the “and following” is very important. Simply nodding the head won’t rock the boat and neither will simply pulling out that credit card. It’s about ACTION PLUS KNOWLEDGE, and the former is the most important!

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