Focus on the forearms when jumping rope!

Yes, you’re right. I know! I said this before . . . yesterday, or thereabouts I believe.

But it’s true my friend, and the little points I keep mentioning in these emails are points that are not only roundly and routinely IGNORED when exercising (by most folks) but also tips to get you doing things the RIGHT way, and on to BETTER and bigger gains.

Such as for instance, my constant carping on thick bar work.

I’ve received few comments if any (well, not “if any” – I HAVE received responses to that part of it!) for my constant insistence on thick bars, but does that mean they’re not useful?

Does that mean you should NOT do pull-ups on thick bars, even when you’re starting out?

Hell no my friend.

Folks focus on the “show muscles” way too much, and I’m here to tell you as always that the CORE, legs, back and GRIP are what really matter!

In no particular order of course, but I’d say legs, grip and BACK with the first two coming in very close – and the core a close fourth to the back!

It’s impossible to, for instance, have a strong core without a strong back to “back it up” (truly strong).

And what I want to say now is this.

When jumping rope, do so the right way.

Way too many folks, especially beginners and often times even advanced trainees focus on the “reps” as opposed to the movement and speed.

Or, speed in exclusion to everything else.

Much as I keep telling you with Hindu squats, huge mistake that.

You get the form done right FIRST. You THEN go for speed and more reps!

And believe me, it’s far easier to progress in the long term if you build that foundation right.

It’s not your triceps and shoulders that should be burning (primarily) if you do high rep rope jumps.

It’s your FOREARMS!

And you should feel the entire upper chest working without working it directly.

And perhaps mid back too.

Anything else, you ain’t doing it right.

You’re either doing what many people do which is to have “stiff” arms and let the traps do all the work.

Big mistake that again, and leads to super sore and tense shoulders.

It’s the forearms that really need to do the work of spinning the rope while your arms stay AS RELAXED and loose and limber as possible by your sides, which in turn leads to loose shoulders as well.

And it’s only when you master the art of doing it entirely with the forearms that you’ll become a “master” (well, or close to it, as I maintain you never really master an exercise inyour entirety – always newer ways of doing things!) at the exercise.

Same thing for pull-ups.

Focus on the GRIP.

Big time.

Not the biceps, or shoulders.

The grip and back. And watch your gains explode!

A couple of or perhaps more tips that should be the “norm”, but unfortunately aren’t around the world!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Here is where you can pick up the best damned GRIP compilation out there:

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