Pull-ups and BRUTE STRENGTH!

Ya’ll will probably get tired of me saying this, hehe.

And rightfully so in this regard. I’ve said it so many times already that sometime even yours truly “from the gut” guy stops and thinks about if he should post it – yet aGAIN.

And while I do stop and think, it’s only for a nanonsecond, or perhaps less.

Always a “from the gut” kinda guy, and while that might turn off a lot of people, ‘tis what it is. With me, what you see is truly what you GET, my brother.

And I just pictured myself doing pull-ups out there a minute or so ago in somewhat inclement weather.

IN nasty, stick, hot and humid weather.

You’ll remember the post I wrote a year or so, or perhaps before that about doing pull-ups in the RAIN no less.

And while that isn’t the case today, the point is this – pull-ups are pull-ups, my friend. There truly is NO OTHER exercise like it.

Much like there’s no other exercise like pushups done right!

But for me, pull-ups have always been about core strength, low body fat and SOLID upper body strength, and of course, most of all grip.

Not for me the silly preening and posing while people “swing their way up halfway to the bar”.

Certainly NOT any kipping as apparently advocated by Crossfit etc. If there ever was a worse thing for your shoulders than kipping (other than the bench) I;m yet to see it.

(Sure, if you’re already built yourself up to sets of 10 pull-ups and more then it might not hurt you – but it won’t benefit you in any damn way, I’ll tell you that! And for most people I do NOT recommend kipping of any nature, shape or form. Do them naturally, and do ‘em right, and you’ll see how quickly you progress).

Now, here is the reason I bring this up again.

A reason that I’ve often stated before.

And a reason that is roundly ignored, so I’m just gonna say it YET AGAIN.

That being, WHERE you do your pull-up has a huge, huge impact on both your performance and strength levels.

Don’t get me wrong. Doing them on regular pull-ups bars is perfectly fine.

Or regular chinning stations.

But you really, really start to benefit once you do ‘em on THICK bars.

And no, not the kind of thick bars you fashion out of those grips etc that they put on the regular pull up bars.

Those are great, sure, but the real Mc Koy as it were in fitness (when it comes to pull-ups?)

It’s doing them on ULTRA thick bars.

Like iron pipes.

Bars so thick even those of you with big hands can’t get your hands more than halfway around ‘em.

And you do DEAD hangs GALORE on these too!

Those two things, my friend are truly what will get you to “brute strength” status, along with the FEELING that goes with being TRULY STRONG and PREPARED FOR ANYTHING, which is what ultimately counts at the end of the day.

And it probably will also be the most ignored, which is fine.

Hey, Rahgul Mookerjee ain’t everyone’s cup of tea.

Especially after the mis spellings etc you routinely see in my emails and that people (some) point out on occasion.

But for those of you that train the REAL way – well – guess what. I’m here for ya – and always WILL BE!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Go HERE to pick up the best damned manuals on pull-ups (again I CHALLENGE you to find something better) on pull-ups!!

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