Shoulders loose . . . !

When I was learning how to box WELL (still very much a work in progress! 😉) Marc the African Silverback Gorilla, a high level boxer who was training me gave me a brief “mini trap massage”.

The kind where you slap the traps around a little, pinch a little, and I knew what he was trying to do (and he said it, of course).

“Loose, Rahul! Shoulders are too tense there!”

And he was right, of course. And that happens often times if you’re really “straining” to get it right, but as Marc righly said.

“Snake’s tongue, Rahul!” (when jabbing).

This afternoon while jumping rope, this truism came home to me again,

I was hitting 750 jumps without a break when it’s normally 500-550.

And in the middle of it all I noticed myself subconsciously getting tense in the shoulders and traps, and arms “raised up slightly”.

And I don’t care if you’re doing pull-ups, pushups, boxing or jumping rope – keeping the upper body – and especially shoulders, traps and upper BACK loose, limber and flexible is of key.

The exact OPPOSITE thing that happens when you train with heavy ass weights (for the most part if you don’t do it right).

The emphasis during all these exercises should be on the GRIP, forearms and – get this – and YES – CORE!

Yes, my friend.

It’s your forearms and wrists and calves and core than power you through when you’re jumping rope, NOT the extra shoulder movement!

And the arm positioning while jumping rope is also key. You do NOT want to be either too narrow or too far for one . . .

Lots of people do pull-ups where they don’t go all the way down into a dead hang.

These dead hangs have a bad rep for whatever reason, even amongst real fitness experts.

And my take on this is as such – unless you can go into a dead hang and hold for time you’re not fully relaxing either the shoulders/traps, and you ain’t unlocking your full potential by FAR.

Neither do you have a very strong grip for that matter . . .

Anyway, grip is something I focus upon a lot my friend, and with good reason.

You on this list probably see why I’m writing to you about it too!

And in terms of building your grip to the max level possible, insane levels at that, go right HERE my friend.

Truly the best grip compilation ever, and as for core?

Go right HERE – Corrugated Core.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Remember, folks. Shoulders loose! Shoulders loose!!!

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