What makes it ALL worth it . . .

Folks have often asked me “why I do what I do”.

And beyond the obvious, that being to work on my own terms and live life on my own terms, there is another very good reason.

SATISFACTION, and no, I don’t mean just monetarily.

Sure, money is damned important, and sure, that’s one reason my products are more expensive than a lot of other people (along with the little fact that I deliver VALUE, my friend, REAL WORLD value! 😉) . . .

. . . but it ain’t the only thing by far.

Neither is it what motivated me to start all this in the first place.

It’s the satisfaction of knowing you are helping people globally my friend.

It is the satisfaction of knowing that you, as a person recently wrote in on Twitter – “motivate thousands” of people.

It’s the sheer satisfaction you get when customers tell me “I’m the real McCoy” int erms of fitness (paraphrased, I borrowed that from Napoleon Hill’s “Outwitting the Devil”) . .  .and with good reason, and not because I like to blow my own bugle, but because I can tell I’m inspiring THEM to do the same!

And so forth.

What truly makes life worth it my friend?

As Rambo said in the fourth part of the series.

“Live for NOTHING, or die for something”.

And he’s right.

Life has to have SOME purpose. SOME goal. Something always to keep the fires burning, and motivating you, and for me, it’s doing this sort of thing and keeping YOU on your toes my friend.

And that, my friend, along with the satisfaction I get from being able to help others reach THEIR goals is what makes it truly, truly worth it!

What do YOU Do, and what made it all worth iut?

Write back, and let me know!


Rahul Mookerjee

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