Shake it, and you’ll LOSE it!

Often times, people that are overweight, or not even truly fat, but “Skinny fat” have a problem with the “jiggles” as it were.

The fat jiggling up and down as you do rope jumps, for one.

Or the man boobs shaking galore while doing sprints . . . not to mention your love handles . . .

Or, but you get the picture!

Bingo wings and so forth.

It ain’t just limited to adults either. A few weeks ago, my daughter was getting self conscious about some lard she’s recently managed to put on, mostly due to inactivity.

Or, I should say less exercise, and being cooped up at home a lot due to the ongoing and incessant bally lockdown . . .

And I noticed her one night, jumping up and down and seeing her little tummy wiggling away.

Cute as heck for me, but I could tell she was self conscious about it, and getting increasingly grumpy about clothes not fitting etc and no-one helping her about it (for what it’s worth, yes, workouts were going on, but not the right sort, and I’llg et into that at a later date!).

And I had the following to say to her.

Honey, don’t be conscious. The more you shake it, the more you LOSE!

And I didn’t mean shake as in flaunt, obviously.

But really, it’s those fat cells MOVING that really generate heat in the body and get rid of them my friend.

In Corrugated Core, for one, I give you some exercises in the beginner section that even fit people cannot do at times.

Exercises that make that belly jiggle and wiggle for all it’s worth.

Exercises yours truly used when he had a massive bloated belly, a lard ass and man boobs.

And as I told my daughter, so long as you workout, it’s all good.

“Honey, I had a more massive stomach than you a while ago. I shook it regularly, and . . .”

She grinned at me.

“When I was born, your tummy was massive!”

“10 times my size!”

And so it was my friend. So it was.

So if you are afflicted with something similar – – well – – here’s the deal.

Do exercises, and do those that make you GET OUT of your comfort zone.

If bear crawls for one get you winded and out of shape fast, then do ‘em.

If sprints get it all moving “uncomfortably” and out of breath in a raging manner as they should, well, do ‘em, and do more of ‘em!

And so forth.

Jump rope. Do squats. Everything and anything to move that fat as much as you can, and believe me, “move” it will, and quick, if you keep that sort of thing up!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Here is where you can pick up Corrugated Core.

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