The two guys that moved our grandfather sofa like it was a “toy”

And to them, it probably was! Or close to it, anyway.

Anyway, I’ve spoken a lot about GRIP training in previous emails (as well as moving yours truly’s couch a few emails ago if you’ve been paying close attention my friend) and why it’s not only the most overlooked part of most people’s training, but why it’s also (along with CORE training) the MOST important part of your routine!

Along with leg and back work of course, and the great thing is?

That grip training goes GREAT with all of the above. And indeed, it’s hard to get in a real grip workout (unless you’re using TOOLS for the grip such as grippers or “rollers” which are great, but still do NOT even begin to hold a candle to the REAL stuff such as what I mention in the Gorilla Grip compilation for one – – truly one for the ages, and one you grip afficiandos will want to grab NOW – or even if you just want that kung fu like grip that “pulls people towards you” on auto pilot and has people shaking their heads in sheer AWE at the RAW FORCE you can exert without even thinking about it!).


Now, THAT was a rant and a half, and a long sentence!! LOL.

Anyway, that aside, I believe I’ve gone over plenty of reasons as to why I say what I do , and before getting into them yet again, a bit of a story.

Years ago, my ex made the following comment to her Dad (we lost him to the China plague recently – sad!).

“There were two guys, Dad, and they moved that damn couch as if it was nothing!”

(Remember, this was when I was 19, and certainly wasn’t in the best of shape!!)

Myself, a friend and her Dad had tried to budge that damned grandfather sofa, green in color and a humungous one at that up and down flights of stairs (just one, actually!) UNSUCCESFULLY before that.

Rueben, a friend of mine shook his head.

“Damn! You’ll have to get some guys to move THIS ONE!” I remember him telling me!

And while I moved a version of a grandfather couch a while back, and barely felt it (hell, the ease with which I rolled that damn thing up stairs and manhandled it through doorways at angles etc surprised even me!) I certainly hadn’t done anything like that back then, and when I tried?

I flopped miserably as you might expect.

“One of them was Rahul’s size, and the other was much taller”, she continued .

And he was. I still remember the wiry looking dudes, but especially the smaller guy who was RIPPED, and those corded forearms were what stood out!

They were doing thi spart time, of course, for a few extra bucks during off time (yours truly worked the computer labs back then for extra income).

Yes, as I told my daughter the other night.

“I’m a jock on occasion and a bonafide NERD sometimes!” 😉 And it’s true. I am – still!!

Anyway . . .

Point of me mentioning this is obvious.

I still remember the ease with which these two guys simply pinch gripped the damned thing, moved it down a flight of stairs, into the U haul I was driving, and then back up another flight of stairs, and then through a narrow ass doorway into the new apartment.

I remember shaking hands with the dude, and the smaller guy had an especially powerful grip!

And that along with the other incident I mentioned years ago when a 6’1” tennis player nigh on almost crushed my already mangled hand (wrist) was probably was set the foundations for TODAY and as for today, well, you know me, the Gorilla Grip guy!

Anyway, grip training is usually often ignored in favor of pec pumping and ridiculous booby building, and let me tell you, there is NOTHING (to me) stupider than a mammoth gut hanging down to your balls (or, well, ) . . . and straining away at the bench station . . . and having a grip weaker than a schoolkid (believe me, some of the guys I’ve seen . . . !!!).


And it’s not just stupid. It’s functionally USELESS is that type of training.

How often in life do you have to lie on your back, move nothing at all except a heavy weight using “just your pecs”.


Thought so my friend.

And even if you aren’t interested in real strength (believe me, train the grip right and you’ll better your performance radically even during the boobybuilding) or crushing applies with your bare hands like Dan Hodge did, or havin forearms that pop like Stallone’s, or just good old fashioned (in my case) kung fu like grips, a strong grip can SAVE YOUR LIFE someday.

Not to mention people you love, and I’ve mentioned Sig Klein’s example before on numerous occasions as well as the sale page for the book above haven’t I?

Bottom line – if you aren’t already training the grip hard, hard hard then start today my friend.

In earnest.

And do so the RIGHT WAY!!

And thank me later if you so choose, hehe.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Or, do a few pull-ups with me! 😉

PS #2 – And as far as core goes? Hell yeah, one of the most important parts of the body to train, and HERE is the ONE and ONLY course that will get you ripped quicker than you can say “Hallejullah!” – Corrugated CORE. Yes, the name STANDS up to its reputation!! Think elbows bouncing off like on walls!!

On shaking things up – both life wise – – and fitness wise!

So, your favorite writer (or should I say fitness “guru’ hehe) is shaking things up. Yet again!

Yes, he’s challenged himself today in the park with a great great pull-up workout.

A couple of customers once asked me about putting out a course on muscles ups, and along with rope work, guess what. I may just do that.

In the meantime, what I BE shaking up you ask .

Well, first off I called the China virus a China virus, for one.

And of course, a barrage of angry responses came.

“why you call it the China virus! Does it help the US now to call it that! “

Um, no, lady.

Calling it the Chinese virus doesn’t help or hurt America or American or the REST of the (civilized) WORLD any more than calling it the Coronavirus (whether or not that reminds you of BEER or your favorite place in Italy is not the point, hehe).

It is what it is is. They willingly and knowingly unleashed this plague on the rest of the world, knowing full well the consequences, and if the Spanish flu can be called the Spanish flu for one, with no “negative” interpretations (I mean, hey, that’s what it is right?) – then I don’t see why the China plague can’t be called the China plague, and I’ll be damned, well and truly so, if I do NOT call it that.

Then of course, the nonsense about mail in ballots going on back Stateside.

I mean really, to those who favor this rot and think the Prez has got it wrong in terms of voter fraud.

Even if he WAS wrong about voter fraud (and given that most of those ballots aren’t really mailed in a secure manner, not to mention now a slow manner since the USPS no longer treats them as first class mail) – do you really want to wait eons to find out that your favorite President of all time got re-elected?

I wouldn’t that’s for sure!

And the most idiotic of them all.

Anushka Sharma, a Bollywood actress and a fairly smart and sensible one from what I thought, went off on a rant about what a much respected cricket commentator apparently said during the currently ongoing (and casshhhhhhh rich) Indian Premier League.

Apparently Sunil Gavaskar (as much of a cricket legend as Ian Botham and the rest) got ticked off at run machine Virat Kohli’s performance.

There was a Virat video which recently went viral in India I believe. Showing him practicing batting while his wife (Anuskha) did the throw downs.

And in an annoyed sort of Gavaskar like manner, all he said was the following – I am paraphrasing – Virat, throwdowns from Anuskha ain’t gonna help you prepare for international contests.

That’s IT.

Oh boy.

You should have seen the ANGER.

The sheer vitriol that the Nazi feminists (apparently India got a lot of ‘em these days, which judging by th crap Bollywood has put out in 2020 – even stuff that REAL FEMINISTS have panned) threw at this living legend was to be SEEN to be believed.

Apparently he disrespected women.

Wah, wailed Anushka. Why is it that I’m blamed every time Virat doesn’t perform?

Um, wait a minute lady.

You’re NOT being blamed.

You never were.

If anything, he castigated (mildly) your husband – not YOU!

And for you to get your knickers in a twist over something like that is just plan stupid, and unfortunately par for the course for Nazi feminists for whom it always has to be their way or the highway. Or else . . . wah!

I mean, really. You weren’t even MENTIONED in the comment!

Feminism is great fellas. I ain’t got no problem with it, but Nazi feminism, and Nazi anything really ain’t my cup of tea to be very frank.

And neither is it for most people out there from what I can tell .  . .

Anyway, where am I goinjg with all this.

Yours truly shook things up on social media and is getting plenty of hate, which he loves, but the point is that I literally proceeded in the “shake things up” manner today when working out.

Between each rep of pull-ups and bear crawls, I’d shake my sorer than sore forearms out.

In a loose, airy fairy kind of manner that most people would shake their heads at.

NOT stretching, and not even remotely close.

And NOT shaking as you might think.

In fact, I often shake ALL my limbs out this way to release tension. Pent up tension. Or “Get the blood flowing again”.

And it looks goofy, but does it work? Hell yes, an dI had one of the best damn workouts I’ve ever had, and I’m writing to you now about it!

And for now, let me just say it involves leaving things nice and loose. Natural. Limber.

Hell, just do the first thing that comes to mind when you think of “shaking limbs” in a haphazard, seemingly random unconnected fashion, and you’ll see.

I have NOT yet put this out in books and courses, but might do up a short video on it. We’ll see. Fornow, it’s adios, and I’m back to “shaking things up”, hehe. Oh boy, the hate I’ll get for calling it the China virus with the leftists and tom tommers ready to slay me alive. Hoo boy!


Rahul Mookerjee


The 80/20 rule . . .

And how you can apply it to life (which I hear you say “I know”. I know!), BUSINESS (I know, I know) and FITNESS (no, you might not know this one! 😉).

This morning I woke up at the grand ole hour of 1145 AM.

Didn’t get going until noon, and I saw a couple of missed calls from my buddy (who else could it be, hehe 😉) on the phone.

Now, you guys know I NEVER get on the phone. Except of course with very select people, and he’s one of them.

And he’s usually an early riser. Probably still has the habit from when he was back in the Marines . . .

But anyway, so I got the calls at around 415 AM and 530 AM I believe.

And yours truly was firmly in DREAMLAND at the time, ready to write down tons of new dreams upon waking up.

Today’s were disjointed. Hmm!

Anyway, so my point is?

My point is, well, the 80/20 rule.

And it applies to everything I do.

Broadly stated, in business, it means you’ll really achieve SUCCESS from that 20% of your customers as opposed to the 80%.

Speaks Volumes about why I do NOT price my books “cheaply” and cater to the MAJORITY.

Sure, I’d make more sales, especially in this plague ridden biz environment. . .

But I don’t much care about the “majority” to be frank.

As I wrote about in the last email, being unconventional and doing what no-does, and treading (in many regards! 😉) where no-one would Even THINK OF GOING, or DARE to go has brought me the best results, and workouts are no different.

I used to have more patience with the people that questioned me on this, but these days, as I grow “older” – and feel younger, hehe, NO!

I’d rather cater to FIVE customers like Charless Mitchell, for instance, as opposed to 5000 or more of the majority that don’t get it, regardless of sales made/lost!

That’s just how I am, my friend regardless of the rule above.

It just so happens that the rule follows the same logic, for those of you that can think long enough past “immediate” sales to grasp the import of what I am saying here.

In life?

Same damn thing. Most of the people you meet won’t really be of any help to you in any way.

I’ve always touted having a TINY circle, and if you have studied lives of the successful, guess what. They had very few friends if any, but the ones they did have were REAL friends!

And of course, another detail you might neglect to notice is their ENERGY levels, and that pesky little topic of sexual transmutation Napoleon Hill addressed in Think and Grow Rich.

Many people complain that he didn’t explain it well enough.

Perhaps not, for the average person.

But those that live the lifestyle!

**** yes! He DID explain it well enough. It’s blindingly obvious actually . . .

Anyway, point being again you ask. Although to be honest I’v emade several great points above if you’re reading between the lines or even READING . . .

. . . is that same thing applies to fitness.

A select bunch of exercises are really what do it.

And everyone is different.

Could be Hindu squats for you, and climbing hills for me.

Could be Pushup Central workouts for you, and pull-ups for me!

You gotta find that “sweet spot” of yours.

And YES, you gotta choose from the RIGHT bunch of exercises to start with.

Choose the 20% that matter. That count. The real stuff. The biggies!

And then apply the 80/20 rule to THAT bunch.

And THEN WORK on the exercises that truly do count in all regards – for YOU!

I think you’ll be nigh amazed at the speed and rapidity with which youget solid results if you apply this rule not just to life, but workouts as well!

And there it is .

All for now. Back SOOOON!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Here is where you can grab the course that will keep you cranking for the REST OF YOUR life, and still making gains – The 0 Excuses Fitness Systemn. Check out the RAVE AND WELL DESERVED REVIEWS while you’re AT IT, parnder!!

PS #2 – Attaboy! 😉(

Sprints make you feel INVINCIBLE!

Ok, so I’m on one of my pet favorites again . . . sprints!

Bourne sprints, perhaps I should. Or perhaps a version of moonlight sprints.

Or perhaps a mixture of the two, since Bourne didn’t actually do what I did in the sequence I’m going to mention.

But the subway was involved in both cases! 😉

Now, I’ve mentioned my subway sprints back in 2008 (when I was in New Delhi for a period of time before bailing out again)  . . . and how they ensured I kept in great, great shape despite lack of access to a hill nearby.

In fact, all I did for cardio was 250 pushups a day.

That’s right.

For cardio!

And if you don’t believe me, get on some of the rapid fire workouts in Pushup Central, and you’lls ee what I mean about your heart turning into a sledgehammer literally going BAM BAM inside your chest!

Against your ribs. That HEART pounding feeling!

Pushups are one of the best exercises not just to build super strength and muscle, but also for super conditioning and weight loss, and here’s the thing.

B ack then, I didn’t know half of what I do now about pushups. And the real key, which is to do ‘em in sets and quickly.

I’d still do ‘em, don’t get me wrong, and various types of pushups, but nowhere near the “cornucopia of pushups” I teach now, and certainly not the handstand pushups (weak wrist that the  pushups eventually remedied – remember?).

And yet, I not only maintained my weight, but as Brooks Kubik once told me, “whittled my waist” down even further.


Well, that ONE sprint a day.

Either done in full office attire, long hair flying behind me and a heavy ass laptop on my shoulders, and THREE steep flights of stairs, and a real RACE to get the subway before it departed!

And one fine day, I was in jeans and T shirt, going to work (yes, THAT JOB!) and didn’t have the laptop with me (left it in the office).

And I literally TORE up them stairs like a TIGER.

Literally BOUNDING up them stairs, three stairs at a time, something I don’t normally do. In the back of mind that word “co-ordination/nasty fall’ popped up, but hey, my body took care of it!

And at the end?

The train was THERE.


As I reached the top of the third flight of stairs, my heart was pounding like nothing I’d ever known.

And the doors were about to close!

And I made one last dash for it.


A dude covered in sweat and panting like a runaway horse or perhaps an old steam locomotive chuffing uphill literally banged his way through the doors with such a loud BANG that the security standing there looked up alarmed for a second.

That was the time India had paramilitary guarding the subways (probably still does, I’m not sure).

And they looked at that BULL LIKE sprint.

Or I did! As I looked back at it .

Shoulders hunched, head down, and FULL SPEED AHEAD, much like Bourne does in the Bourne sprints, except he’s got obstacles to avoid so heads up. In my case, I don’t think anyone would have wanted to come between me and the doors ,paramilitary or not!

One of them stood up, and “unconsciously” started towards me.

And smiled!


THAT feeling!

HE’d been trained the same way!

And that, my friend, is the moral of today’s story. Train quick, and train hard – and feel like a runaway Brahma BULL all day long. That’s all there is to it!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Here is the course that will develop RAW grizzly like strength in your entire CORE And upper body, and TRAPS like a Brahma bull on RUNAWAY steroids – – Shoulders like Boulders!

Whay Ben Settle said about building a business on HATE . . .

And he was right!

Spot on, more than he knew probably at the time (or maybe he “did know”).

Not purely on hate of course, but I gotta tell you this – HATE, my friend, and HATERS – – a lot of them, especially the wackos, el cheapo deapos, lowlifes and losers in general (in both life, business and everything) are ESSENTIAL if you’re to truly succeed at pretty much anything you do my friend.

Long sentence that, but it’s TRUE.

Now, Dan Kennedy, that MASTER from whom we’ve ALL learnt (well, all of us annoying marketers, hehe) had this to say about hate.

Every time he got a hate filled email, a negative and baseless comment, or something utterly meaningless filled with hate he wouldn’t just smile.


He’d literally stand up from his chair, STOP whatever it was that he was doing at the time (yes, even writing!) – and he’s scream HURRAH. LOUDLY.

Very loudly!

At first, I didn’t quite understand this when I read it in the book.

But like all good books (Think and Grow Rich being one prime example) one reading isn’t enough. You have to read the book dozens of times and practice what it tells you to do before you can begin to grasp the IMPORT of the words therein.

Same thing with my books, for that matter. You cannot just read Pushup Central once and be done with it, for instance. It’s a lifetime companion, and that’s how it should be. Ditto for all my other courses as well.

But these days, as the number of names that I’ve been called (all uncomplimentary, hehe!) and the list itself swells to over 650 (yes, I’ve kept track 😉) . . . this makes more and more sense to me.

As it has been for the past few years. I’ve never actually stood up and screamed hurrah, but it’s not the action that counts.

It’s the EMOTION that action alights in your mind!

And for me, it’s sitting in my cave and having a few quiet chuckles at having “got ‘em” yet again.

Hey, Ben Settle wrote about it. Building a business on hate and being defined more by your haters than raving fans. And he was RIGHT.

He was right about a lot of other things too and as I look back, I realize I’ve been unconsciously following the same pattern of doing things as he does. For instance, building a business to YOUR specifications. As Dan Kennedy said.

Getting clients YOU want (again, Kennedy). And so forth.

I hate videos and photos, for one, but love to write, so guess why there are so many books, but not that many videos, and even the very exhaustive videos for the 0 Excuses Fitness System have been shot in the “cave”, hehe.

Anyway . . . back to “hate”.

Matt Furey, back in the early 2000’s released his version of the 1914 course (written by farmer Burns) “Lessons in Wrestling and Physical Culture”.

And the hate he got for selling it for $500 . . . oh MY!

Some of the threads on forums were PAGES long, and Furey, at that time still sort of new to the game would often wonder if he was doing the right thing, the amount of hate he was getting.

But and as all of us, including yours truly from the year 2017 that I started getting the comments about the REVAMPED version of the Gorilla Grip series understood, it wasn’t really hate.

And the schoolboyish and ongoing episode with “Bozo Schofield” (and the curious case of the Charles that seems to want to “enable his madness” regardless – although he DID say he didn’t want to hear from again, but actions count, and his actions seem to be the exact opposite of what he is saying) and of course many other episodes (most notably the time I wrote about why I would NOT learn Mandarin Chinese if you PAID ME TO DO SO) show me it ain’t really about hate.

Bozo Schofield, believe it or not, extended his version of an olive branch way back in March.

Which I obviously did not accept, as I don’t have relationships with scorpions . . .

. . . And once I didn’t take it, it was all gloves OFF.

How DARE he not take my olive branch, he raged.

And still does.

How DARE you call me out on your site!

Curiously enough, and this is hilarious, most of these nutjobs contradict themselves big time.

Nutjob Glyn, for one, says I have “two followers” and “no-one buys my books”.

And apparently one of those followers is him and one a shell account, so he isn’t even right about that since I instantly blocked him and his photo-op session on Twitter . . .

When I wrote the aforementioned article about not learning Chinese if you paid me to do so, the criticism ran pages long.

One fine lady chimed in (amongst many others).

“I hate you Americans! You’re all racist! “

And there were two voices of reason amongst all this.

One, a quiet chuckle from a guy that said “Hey guys. You’re making a big deal out of nothing!”

And second, the guy that responded to the above lady.

“He’s racist for saying he doesn’t want to learn Chinese, but what you said isn’t racist?”

Needless to say lady never responded …

Anyway, past the schoolboyish tom tomming (self tom tomming) and hate filled words, the VIBE behind the words as I’ve often said is what counts, not the words themselves.

It’s HOW you say it.

Not WHAT you say, so much . . .

At least for me!

And JEALOUSY is the vibe that stands out big time both bozo Schofield and perhaps a little for my buddy Charles who famously made the “you’re a one man show!” comment back in January (admittedly for a different biz tho).

Hey, guys.

If I truly have no followers, no-one follows me, no-one reads what I say, then why would you get your knickers in a twist for me “whistling Dixie out my ass” ?

The point begets. Think about it, hehe, if the brains at “Braniac Central” still work.

It’s jealousy.

How dare he!

How dare he break out of the “loser” bucket we associated him with!

Remember the “Crabs in a bucket” and the ONE crab that gets out, and the rest trying to pull it back in which I’ve written about?

And so forth . . .

Anyway, this has gone on for long enough so let’s stop here.

Except . . .

It applies to fitness too!


Your current fitness levels and success is defined more by how much you do the activities you “hate” to do.

When slogging up the hill five times a day in blazing heat, the LAST thing on my mind was success of any form.

The LAST thing I was thinking about was books and courses.

ALL I was thinking about was getting her done, and getting back to air conditioning, and cold water!

But I did it, day after day, year after year.

Ditto for my 2000-2500 jump rope workouts daily. A lot of times I don’t like to do ‘em, especially not in a cauldron like I do.

As Charles said, I don’t know how you can keep working out in that heat!

Well, that gumption is what seperates men from the boys my friend.

Results from no results (and the Belly of Buddha hanging down to one’s nether regions, replete with man tits. Not you, but you get the drift and who I am referring to . . . ).

And really, success from NONE.

Chew on that for a while, and let me know what you think!

Best ,

Rahul Mookerjee

PS – My book on handstand pushups seems to be getting a lot of interest as of late, and rightfully so. Handstand pushups are one of the best damned exercises you can do, and SHOULD DO for the rest of your life! Here is where you can grab the book: Shoulders like Boulders.

Pull-ups and hill sprints!

An awesome combo if any, and though yours truly always advocates having TONS of tool in that training toolkit of yours, this is one combo you could follow for the rest of your life, do nothing and make AWESOME gains.

For those that want more, you could perhaps work in swimming. Or perhaps deadlifts etc if you’re into REAL weightlifting. (not the pumping and toning to impress the babes).

But that’s all you need, if done right, and not even on a daily basis.

Yes, you read that right.

The guy who advocates doing something daily is saying you don’t need to follow that combo on a daily basis, and in fact, truth be told, if you DO sprint daily, chances are you’ll actually slow down your gains as opposed to gain MORE.

Anyway, one of my friends is back in the US of A, and is in a lovely wooded area right next to the Canadian borders.

Awesome scenery, plenty of great food, training and fresh air – and of course my eternal favorite – HILLS!

I was talking to him yesterday, and before we got off the phone, he told me he had to go to the gym and then a hike.

And then sent me some pictures of the countryside later.

Damn. Beautiful. Idyllic. Away from all the BS (and believe me, he’s dealt with a LOT as of late).

As they say, the darkest hour is always before the dawn, and it certainly was in in his case.

I recommended him to read Shantaram, a book I recommend ALL OF YOU on this list to read – written by Gregory David Roberts about an Aussie’s adventures in India – – ah, but wait. None of this was why I was writing any of this, was it??


Hill sprints, and pull-ups! Or the other way around.

My friend has lost of a ton of weight over the past few months, and NOT in a good way. “Gaunt” would be  a good way of describing how he looked at the time he took the picture he sent me. Bad ass still yes, but gaunt.

And he’s training daily, getting stronger and healthier, and FITTER!

“Hey, man. I don’t know what you do in the gym. But it’s probably deadlifts etc if you’re weightlifting, and hitting the heavy bag . . . but if there’s one thing you need to be doing, it’s pull-ups. Do pull-ups, and LOTS and LOTS of them, and preferably on thick bars. Them traps will start a-popping (again) in no time!”

For those that don’t know, my friend is a natural gainer. The “ironmonger arms” sort, so it won’t take him long at all on a decent routine and if he adds in hill sprints?


Watch out!

There is a REASON I emphasize sprints of all kinds so heavily in Advanced Hill Training, my friend.

A damn good reason.

Sprints are the Mecca and Medina of leg training, and indeed OVERALL body training and conditioning. I wrote that years and years ago in Fast and Furious Fitness and the point stands.

Sprints, either done Bourne style on flat land (though remember, Damon did HILL runs to get in shape for that movie😉) or hills work your entire body into the ground like NOTHING ELSE Can.

And they build muscle and strength all over the entire body like NOTHING can. Like NO OTHER exercise can.

Hill sprints. Stair sprints. Stadium stair sprints. Subway stair sprints. I don’t care what it is, but work a sizeable incline in there and you’ve got the BEST FAT LOSS tool ever, and best part is it don’t take all day either.

If you’re doing things right, your sprint routine shouldn’t take more than 15-20 minutes tops, and MOST, I repeat MOST of that will be REST!

And when you finish off (or start with) pull-ups – you’ve truly got the best of both worlds in terms of strength and muscle building, and overall HEALTH and fitness too!

Try this little combo, and let me know how it goes!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Fast and Furious Fitness was my FIRST BOOK, and therefore still very dear to my heart, and the ONLY BOOK I’m STILL offering in paperback (from this site) for those that want it. The site offers the digital version, but for those that want the paperback  shoot me an email and we’ll get back to you. Truly a collectors version, and an EVERGREEN classic, but only while copies last!

PS #2 – Make sure to grab Advanced Hill Training right HERE.

One arm hangs, and MORE !

So I just got done what I got done doing yesterday (halfway that is).

I think I stopped watching “Bloodshot” the latest Vin Diesel movie halfway through and wrote to you about my ultra, uber, sore forearms (which have recovered fine by now, hehe).

No, no little thingie dingies running around in my BLOODSTREAM fixing allt hat up for me!

Just a good rest, sleep and natural recovery (and an increasingly fruit based diet these days, for the nonce at least, but we will get into that later).

Suffice it to say that while the world in general needs a cleansing every so often (every so many years), your BODY needs the same every once in a while as well.

And though I don’t really do the fruitarian diet thing (and don’t recommend it, or ANY diet for that matter), my first famous meal of the day has been nothing but fruits.

Your favorite fitness “guru” has been pretty explicit about the time of day he gorges on his first meal, so I think no need to go there!

But again, and anyway.

Bloodshot? The reviews?

Not too bad if you’re a Diesel fan, and I’m not. Never have been. But other hand, I can watch the guy all day long without being a fan, because dude is just so hardcore in his roles!

Ditto for the dude that recently did “Extraction” (can’t quite remember his name – but now that dude – in shape for one!).

Anyway, there’s a scene towards the end of the movie when Diesel is hanging on for dear life by ONE hand to a rapidly crumbling and collapsing part of a skyscraper, looking ready to hurtle down to terra firma (which seems miles beneath) and even his genetically engineered and programmed body would probably never survive that!

And he’s hanging on for dear life, until he finally does a gorilla.

Pulls himself up by one arm – the fingers.

Not quite the silverback Gorilla in an Orlando Zoo I once mentioned that pulled itself out of its smooth walled, shiny new enclosure via ONE TINY CRACK – but pretty close! Not for nothing that Diesel is referred to as a potential GORILLA at the end of the movie by a character that is just hilarious . . .

And point of me saying all this?

Well, this.

That one arm hangs build strength like no-one’s business, and the GRIP as well.

I haven’t included one arm work in any of my books as yet, but  that don’t mean it’s not been around. Clint Eastwood for one was popping off one arm pushups at the “ripe old age of 80 plus” if I recall correctly in public at that!

And while I’m not sure what sort of training Diesel does, and if it was actually him doing the dead hang or a stunt double, it looked pretty cool.

I’ve been including plenty of one arm pulling and hangs these days in my routine, and that’s probably yet another reason for the forearms being as damned sore as they ARE.

Not to mention that omni present badge of honor – CALLUSES – springing up in new patterns all over my palms . . .

And the one thing that I do differently, and that I’d recommend you to do?

When doing pull-ups in general, I have ALWAYS recommended in ALL my books to go to a dead hang FIRST and HOLD.

And then commence the movement, and ditto for when you finish it.

This advice runs contrary to what a lot of people say about avoidinging the last bit of a dead hang, and if your shoulders are completely shot, may make sense to start out that way but I Still don’t recommend it.

Build them tendons is what I say. And the best way to do that is by doing the thing.

But when it comes to one arm work, remember that these sort of hangs are VERY TOUGH on the shoulder joint, and for you beginners, keeping a bit of tension in there may actually help.

The goal is to do one arm pull-ups like you’d do normal pull-ups (indeed, those are what I was ALSO working upon today).

But when you first start . . . go easy. And if you have to really tense the shoulder area, go for it.

And that’s that for this email. I’m feeling great. Off I go for now, and back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – One arm hangs, you say. I can barely hang on to the bar with both hands for any length of time!

I hear you, my friend. You ain’t alone by a long shot. Good news is THIS course right here will make a pull-up MONSTER out of you in no time flat, just as it has PLeNTY OF other people globally – Pull-ups – – from DUD to STUD within a matter of WEEKS.

Doing things the “easy way” – – or the “hard way”?

I don’t know why, but I’ve always seemed to favor the latter option! Hehe.

Now, that isn’t the most practical of routes to take.

But sometimes and often times “practicality” has to be put into the background and your GUT needs to be obeyed!

I’ve lived my entire life based upon gut feeling, was what I told my buddy from the Marines once, and he agreed.

“We’ve both lived our entire lives based upon that!”

And the GUT knows far better than “logic” my friend. Your intuition and those on the spur of the moment FEELINGS and DECISIONS do a far far better job of “pointing you in the right direction for YOU” than anyone else ever could.

Or any amount of books or logic ever could . . .

Your subconscious thrifts through everything at a speed even the fastest super computer would be jealous of, and yet, amazingly enough the vast majority of people ignore it!

Anyway, story time you ask?

Well, OK. But before that, remember that time in 2018 when I was FORCED into making a decision ON THE SPOT – on the SPUR of the moment for which I was NOT READY – right after a tough workout and run!

My enemies were literally WAITING in place for me right there and then. They still are, but I’m better prepared this time around!

And I’ve no doubt they’re thinking of more ways to “scheme against me”, but hey, that ain’t the story I want to share in this one.

Back in the year 2001, I believe (if memory serves me right, I don’t know) I was in New York.

The state, not the city, and I was working for G.E Power Systems as a junior coder basically.

“He doesn’t need to be taught anything! He just goes on to Google and learns what he needs to!”

Were the words my superior at the time told my manager when asked (and my supervisor). Yes, I was at the very bottom of the pecking chain, hehe.

And being they were coding in Visual Basic at the time, one of my favorite languages at that point, well, that helped! As did a certain Mary Gregg who did a fine job of teaching us the basics in VB 101 (or was it 203) in school . . .

Anyway . . .

At the time I was living in an apartment, and the move from down South to NY meant we (girlfriend and myself) left our (her) car behind.

And so we were in this little bitty apartment (studio) for a while, with a cHinese guy as a neighbor who worked at the same place, and very graciously offered to drop me to work with him, and back too (although I would often walk back myself).

And I still remember what he kept telling me in the car. . .

“Rahul, you’re so damned lucky! You have an American girlfriend!”

“Marry her, and you’ll get citizenship!”

And he said this so often that it made me wonder.

Now, remember that at the time I didn’t know jack shit about China. I’d find out later that for the Chinese, you could have passports from several different nations, but your SKIN COLOR and ethnicity is all they really care about (and indeed, even today, ethnic Chinese in China with US passports are being detained against their will despite the fact they aren’t Chinese nationals!). . .

And “Fang”, the friendly dude was no exception to this rule. He didn’t even know that …. Ah, but I won’t get into that on here. 😉

I remember thinking, damn. That’s the easy way out ain’t it.


In fact, I know a guy that got married just so he could get student loan which he still apparently has not re-paid . . .

Anyway, the easy way.

I remember thinking the following “what a cop out”.

Do I really want to (if I needed to) do things that way?

Nah. I’d rather do it on my own if I really needed it!

And that’s how I’ve been all my life my friend.

For some reason, the “beaten path” of a regular job never appealed to me. Sure, I did it for a while when I first moved to cHina, but much like with Napoleon Hill, I never “stuck” with any of them jobs. Same thing in India, the middle East, and back in China again.

I even tried something I hate with a passion – ESL – but despite the school offering me a hefty pay package – no way. It wasn’t destined to last!

And fitness wise, I’m the same way.

I do it MY WAY.

Which is usually never the easy way, and I’ll tell you this damn much my friend – the SATISFACTION that comes from FINALLY achieving after doing it the HARD way is what makes it all worth it!

Fitness wise, it wasn’t fun waking up at 5 AM to hike in biting cold. Daily. Without fail. And then put in a day of work . . .

. . . or, climbing mountains in the middle of the day in scorching heat and humidity in Southern China.

But I did it. My way.

And along the way, the satisfaction I got was UNPARALLED!

Now, I realize this may not be the way for everyone.

And that’s fine.

But I’m here to tell you – in fitness, and life, if you’re after REAL success, there ain’t no easy way out, pardner.

That’s just how it is.

You can do things QUICK and you SHOULD! But “easy”?

If that’s what you’re looking for, well, you’re at the wrong place mi amigo.

But if you’re into the REAL deal – looking for the REAL deal, the “Real Mc Coy” as some of my customers like to say – – well – – I’m here for ya!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – There ain’t no easy way out, my friend. Rocky was right in the fourth installment. Sometimes you gotta take on Goliaths and take ‘em down! And then of course work with them years later in the Expendables . . . 😉

PS #2 – OK, and in terms of doing things quick? The 0 Excuses Fitness System requires very little investment in terms of time my friend. 15 minutes a day is all you really need – you CAN GO Longer if you want, but you don’t have to. Learn how right HERE.

P.P.S – And yes, I WILL pimp my products in every email I send. If that aint your cup of tea, well, the Unsubscribe link is there for a reason! Hehe.

Forerarm TORTURE!

Ok, so a coupla things . . .

My forearms are sore . . . sore as HECK!

And I’ve been watching “Bloodshot”, which from the looks of it seems to be the Hollywood version of “masala flicks” with an Indian dude as an I.T. guy no less, and a slightly “pudgy” (around dthe face at least!) looking Vin Diesel (still looking bad ass though!) kicking ass everywhere he goes.

Diesel dies when the bad guys shoot him.

And then, mysteriously he’s “resurrected” in a top secret (so it would seem) lab in the future.

And he isn’t just brought back to life.

He’s become even more of a machine, a WRECKING machine than he was before!

You see, the “science” behind all this puts little thingy’s in his body to miraculously “repair” broken bones, tissues, muscles etc (and even a half blown apart face) before you can say “voila”.

And it seems to work, especially as you see him punching through punching bags (hey, that reminds me of my buddy!) – – and walls no less.

And though they try and take his memory away and delete the “revenge” part of things, it doesn’t seem to be working too well. At least not until 50 minutes or so into the damn movie, which is when I paused it to stop and write to you. Hehe.

Because my damn forearms are sore as hell today, and I ain’t got no little “thingies” working overtime in them to “repair” the broken down muscle fibers.

And just what did I do to torture my forearms this much?

Well, simple.

Two things at least.

Rope jumping, and PULL-ups, and then floor work.

But the pull-ups and the SEQUENCE in which I did ‘em, something I don’t often do is what made my forearms super sore.

I do my pull-ups on a thick, thick bar. You guys are well aware of that.

But what I did different was one arm hangs on that thick bar for TIME.

More importantly, I found THICK handled gymnastic rings, and did pull-ups hammer grip style on them.

And I alternated all this for 50 reps.

And NOW, I’m sore as heck my friend. Mostly in the forearms, and while I’ll be hitting it hard and heavy tomorrow, the only thing missing would be ROPE work.

But I’m getting much of the same impact grip wise from what I’m doing, of course.

That doesn’t mean you can skip rope climbing etc, but damn – this little combo here I’ve given you will truly give you a grip of STEEL, and then some!

Try it out sometime, and let me know how you do!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – HERE is the ONE definitive course on pull-ups (I know, most of you can’t do a single one as yet!) that will get you cranking them out like there is NO TOMORROW – Pull-ups – – from DUD to STUD within a matter of WEEKS!

The two secrets to becoming an engagement machine . . .

So here we go again – on a marketing standpoint this time!

And not just marketing. Keeping it real. Saying it like it is. And so forth . . .

A short while ago (well, a few months ago) I wrote bout how I wouldn’t learn Mandarin Chinese (other than what I do know of it already, all learnt in extremely pleasant circumstances if you guys get my drift 😉) if you PAID me to do so.

And I meant every word of it while writing it.

And a short while later, after I posted it, and shared it to all my social media. Oh boy.

I still remember, I was taking a walk outside and the messages just KEPT flying in.

Thick and fast.

And while you may not expect me to say it, most of them were HATE filled messages.

A few (and a lot that didn’t respond) had the vibe of approval, but the most vocal of the lot were the “haters”.

I’ll see if I can find the link to it on social media. Ya’ll (those of ya’ll) that can’t stand me may want to have a go at me there too! 😉

And here’s the nub of the matter,and indeed why I am bringing it up.

The piece is STILL one of my most widely red pieces without me doing a shred (or lick) of marketing for it.

What do I mean?

Well, the haters hated so much that I couldn’t respond individually to all of ‘em.

Much like those that hated Gorilla Grip when it first came out in its revamped form, hehe.

The criticism could fill pages (and did).

And while I responded to a couple of the comments off the cuff, mostly, no. No way I could even if I wanted to, which I didn’t. who cares, eh.

And curiously enough, sales rose a couple of days later.

Maybe most astoundingly enough, I didn’t market a SINGLE one of my books in that (what some people called) “rant” piece.

And yet . . .

Takeaway #1?

Is this.

As the great Ben Settle once famously said, you’re defined more by your HATERS than those that love you.

Sure, we all want repeat customers that will buy from us again, and again, and again, and spare no effort to tell you how much your products HELPED them, and to these people (Charless Mitchell for one), I am ETERNALLY grateful.

And I mean it!

But I am also equally grateful to those that hate me. With a passion, hehe.

IT wouldn’t be possible without either one of you.

And takeaway #2?

Well, your favorite President when running for election once posted a comment about a supermodel he supposedly was with years ago.

“She’s no longer a 10”, I believe went the comment.

And so FURIOUS was the backlash that you’d think he’d offered to unleash Armageddon on the planet.

That’s all. Five words.

There is a reason your favorite President is known as an engagement machine, my friend, and takeaway #2 isn’t so much WHY he does it (well, it is) but HOW.

HOW is the most important part, and it’s so ridiculously simple that you wouldn’t believe me if I let on to it here.

Anyway, those two takeaways should be food for thought for you a lot of you guys.

Last, but not least results talk and B.S. WALKS.

And I got plenty of the former, I’ll tell ya that.

And one of the best experiences amongst all these which taught me the MOST was what I learned “on the job” and later penned down in “The 10 Commandments of Successful Sales”.

A must grab for those of you looking to improve sales skills – and yes, it will work in any economy, including right now.

Go HERE to grab it if you’re so inclined!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – And while you’re at it, check out our other fitness products right here –

PS #2 – Be on the outlook for my course on how to really make that engagement COUNT! 😉