On rushing a process, and more . . .
- . . it never works, my friend. NEVER!

As the pressure starts to mount big time on the Chinese Communist Party with the USA really stepping up the heat now (as it should!) the implosion I’ve been talking about has started to happen.

And people are FINALLY starting to buy into the September “watershed month” that I have been going on about for months now.

Make no mistake about it folks.

September will be a MONTH OF RECKONING in many regards globally, for MANY countries, if not the GLOBE.

This was nigh on obvious to me when China first started spreading the COVID-19 globally. Of course, the China tom tommers and liberals and even people whose opinion I respect didn’t believe me, branding me a loony.

And now, as events race on by until the “deadline”, I have people messaging me on Facebook and commenting on my Twitter posts etc saying the same damned thing.


I still remember Charles once telling me (NOT the customer Charles, the other one!) “there are no prizes for being right”.

Well, my dear Charles, are there any for being WRONG?

It’s amazing the length the China tom tommers will go to stick their heads in the sand and pretend “all is well” when it obviously isn’t!

But that ain’t the point of me saying this.

The point is, that the ONE Leader in China who I greatly admired, and who I’ve written about before had this to say about China in the 1980’s.

Hide your strength, bide your time.

And if ole Deng (Deng Xiaoping a famously astute and PRAGMATIC leader!) were alive today he’d be DISGUSTED at what has been going on in China even since Xi Jinping took power.

Not just disgusted.

I believe the old man would call for a purge, and rightly so.

Deng was NEVER an advocate of wars etc between nations. Or bullying others. Or . . .

(And YES, the man wasn’t perfect. NO, I don’t support Tinamen! But these things have to be looked at in the overall perspective).

Deng’s real vision was to build China into a REAL first world country – – but IN TIME.

And by rushing the process as the Chinese are doing in a haphaward and chaotic manner, they’ve just shot themselves in the foot.

The world was willing to work with china for years, and indeed DID (unfortunately).

And NOW??

If they had simply continued down Deng’s path, reforming themselves and becoming even more of an economic giant, then believe me, we wouldn’t HAVE conflict.

Democracy, human rights etc all would have come in good time – IF The country was developing (truly) along the lines that Deng intended it to be, as opposed to the gap between the rich and poor being wider than the Pacific right about now in China . . .

If some people get rich, it’s a good thing, said ole Deng (NOT the “to get rich is glorious” that is often attributed to him).

As things teeter on a precipice, and the world look ever more ready to erupt in full scale conflict, either economically or militarily, and as the COVID-19 rages on, I cannot help but think of China . . .

. . . A country I first went to in 2004, and a country that I REALLY HOPED all through the years would change.

A country with good people, and yet, people that are too scared to say anything against the repression of the CCP.

A country where I’ve made money, and continue to do so.

A country where . . . I’ve had more good experiences than many other places in the world.

And yet, a country I call out routinely, because at the end of the day, what is right is RIGHT, and what is wrong is WRONG.

And what China is or has been doing for the past 5 or 6 years (and especially post 2018) is just plain damn wrong.

It must be stopped.


And the point again, is this.

Don’t rush things, my friend.

Let things happen.

Live in the flow.

In terms of fitness, don’t “rush” to lose that weight all at once, as it won’t happen.

Build a good fitness regimen. Do something daily. Everyday.

If you’re looking to get to 100 pull-ups per workout, get there, but gradually. NOT “all at once!”

Everything needs to take a natural course, and such is the case with life – and fitness as well!

And that’s that for now. Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

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