Why tai chai, Kung Fu, and the like are utterly USELESS in terms of REAL self defense or fighting, but are GREAT exercise nonetheless . . .
- A must read for "mystical Orient" fans out there!

Tai Chi Fai Chi. Kung Fu Hung Hoo.

Hoo! Haaa! Hung!

My little girl loves to say these things while doing her version of the above two, and it’s so cute!

But cuteness aside (and the kung FU aside, which is anything but hilarious to be honest) lets talk fighting now.

Or self defense.

Or martial arts.

And let me tell you, while yours truly once believed that there was something to these “mystical oriental arts of fighting” that the so called gurus and champs promote, I quickly found out I was very wrong.

I thought that a good kung fu guy, for one, could take apart a boxer pretty quickly. After all, a REAL martial artist probably could (but yeah, we’re not getting into if boxing and wrestling are forms of martials arts themselves, and I believe they are to an extent!).

Anyway . . . I was WRONG.

And since this myth seems to be all prevalent across the Internet and even some otherwise smart dudes I talk to, let me clear it up once and for all.

Tai Chi, Fai Chi, and Kung Fu are not only some of the useless fighting arts out there, but also DANGEROUS to rely upon in a real fight, either in the ring or on the street.


Well, tons of reasons. But I’ll give you a few.

One being the airy fairy “open nature” of these movements, especially in terms of the upper body.

“Elbows in” is what you hear al the time from boxers, wrestlers and REAL martial artists, and rightfully so my friend. Not only does this give you great punching power for one, it also makes it far easier for you to bring your elbows down for instance, to protect them kidneys, ribs, and your sides in general.

Compare that to the seemingly “loose” punches thrown in the above two martial arts.

Second, the feet.

I don’t know why, but MOST of what I see in tai chi etc seems to be “exploding from a base” as opposed to being on your toes, and the latter to me is absolutely VITAL to any form of real self defense against a trained fighter.

My buddy Vincent once caught me on this while we were shadow boxing.

“On the toes, Rahul!” I can still hear him say. “Come on!”

(And this is a REAL fighter we’re talking here, from the Marines no less!)

And third?

Well, there are so many reasons again, but the third is that those kicks, for one are very easy to GRAB and take down.

And as my buddy from the Marines sagely and rightly told me, “Once you take him down, you’ve got him, especially with that GRIP of yours!”

(Unless he’s trained ji jitsu, or a wrestler, or . . . you get my drift!)

Want more reasons?

Well, the FOURTH reason I’ll give you is Google, and  guy named “Xu Xiaodong”

Lots of you reading this won’t believe me anyway, which is fine.

But the fact is that a Chinese mid level MMA guy (which probably makes him a little lower than that is American MMA) publicly once came out and debunked this myth as well (a few years back).

And he didn’t just talk.

He BACKED his talk up action.

IN the ring

He not only challenged the myth I am, but he issued an open challenge to all the Tai Chi masters (high level dudes at that) in his country (the mainland, of course, so you that claim “I’m a China hater” – well – think again!).

And he took them ALL on, and defeated them so easily it was like watching a baby fight him.


In fact, the videos show him literally with his hands down, letting the tai chi morons beat upon him for ages, and then . . . POW!

Out of the blue, he’d just knock ‘em out.

(some of these guys actually called the cops on him before the fight. So much for their fighting skills!)

(Don’t believe me? https://www.scmp.com/sport/martial-arts/mixed-martial-arts/article/3085218/chinese-mma-fighter-xu-xiaodong-mocks-tai-chi – go here!).

And this is a low level MMA guy (still a bad ass though!).

And a guy that regretfully, but not entirely unexpectedly got death threats from a lot of Chinese for “denigrating their culture”.

Got his websites etc blocked by the CCP.

Had to go into hiding, quite literally!

All for saying it is like it is . . . . anyway, but as you on this list know, that’s the CCP for ya!

I don’t know about you, but I’ll take a level 4 boxers against a level 7 or 8 tai chi guy ANYDAY my friend.

Or a level 2 ji jitsu guy against a level 9 “kung fu shung hu” dude.

Sure, at the highest levels anything is dangerous and against an entirely untrained guy, these arts have merit. If he can’t box at all, for instance!

But in most cases, if the guy knows even a little something about fighting, then he’ll take the tai chi guy to the cleaners pronto and then some.

Tai Chi, although the Chinese wont admit it came from an ancient Indian (South Indian) martial art, and THAT was effective, especially when done with weapons as they still do in Kerala.

But the bastardized version of it? Nah. No way, Jose.

Now, the other side of the equation you ask  . . .

In terms of exercise . . .

. . . it’s not bad at all.

Especially not for a change.

And it’s great for overall flexibility etc, especially the kicks and that. I did Tae Kwon do in high school, and while even THAT is better than Tai Chi (but yet NOT a really effective fighting art unless at the very highest levels) the kicks and exercises are GREAT.

Not just for beginners, but you advanced guys out there as well!

And ditto for boxers, wrasslers etc (for a change especially!).

But is it better than a regular pushup – pull-up workout system?

Or a regular rope jumping routine?

Hell no my friend.

And it certainly isn’t better than the 0 Excuses Fitness System either, which taxes your body in so many ways you can’t even begin to imagine right now.

Wanna know more on that?

Well, click on over HERE my friend.

I’ll be waiting . . . to welcome ya aboard!


Rahul Mookerjee

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