Hate me more, and I’ll just get BETTER!

Oh boy.

This morning I wrote about the hellatious day I had back in December last year, and yesterday.

And I did not really go into much detail about yesterday, so let me do so NOW.

Let me just tell you that a certain person who I wont name for the nonce (but WILL later) has been doing everything in her power to get me down.

Including things you would normally never think of.

Such as no power the entire day (and no, it ain’t a power failure we’re referring to here either), and no internet (and yet, yours truly managed to hammer out them emails and send them to you!).

I love my list, my friend.

YOU are what make it truly worth it!

And I’ll write about that later, but yeah, everything was thrown at me except the kitchen sink and perhaps even that.

And perhaps that WILL be thrown at me down the road. Can’t never tell these days! 😉

And yet,I came out tops in more ways than one.

A goddamned survivor, as a friend from the US Marines likes to call me.

And I’ve written galore before about how anytime someone says you “cannot” do something is a time you should rejoice and be happy, because guesss what.

They’ve just given you a giant massive boost on the way to GETTING there!

But of course, they don’t realize that.

The worse the no is, the more challenging your circumstances are, rest assured, as Napoleon Hill said, an “equivalent or greater benefit” awaits down the road.

It may not and likely won’t feel good when you’re going through it, but when it’s said and done with and over?

You’ll feel on top of the world like I am now.

Many people out there hate me. Even more dislike me.

I could probably count on the finger of one hand and then some people who I’d consider true friends (and one of these said the following yesterday – “Man, I hope you survive!”).

You’re damn right Ricky.

And for someone that knows me since the age of 17, you know goddamn well I will! 😉

And have . . .

Anyway, point of all this?

That when people dislike you, put you down, or tell you that you cannot do something – – the first reaction is to snarl back.

Or perhaps get irritated, and annoyed.

But the BEST thing to do is to (in most cases) smile and take the insults on board.

“Hide your strength, bide your time!”

And as you do so, you’ll notice a certain strange power and assurance come over you.

And it is this power that will eventually sweep you to success at whatever it is you want.

Am I saying don’t get mad?

Hell no.

Do so But do so silently!

And then set out getting even.

The results of doing something like this will ASTOUND you, and I ain’t kidding one damned bit.

Oh my!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – For more such motivational tips, pick up Gumption Galore right here – https://0excusesfitness.com/gumption-galore/

The “rope” workout!

This is something I haven’t written about a lot, if at all.

Actually, I can’t remember ONE time that I wrote about it, but here is a fact my friend.

I’m well known for my pull-ups and other pulling movements, and of course thick bar work.

And monkey bars.

But did I mention ROPE – and CHAIN – training?

Probably NOT.

And I’m rectifying that today. Out in the park this afternoon I grabbed a couple of sturdy chains on a swing set (the SAME one I use for my thick bar pull-ups) and pulled myself up.

Now, I didn’t get the full pull-up but that’s not because I couldn’t.

It’s because I was worried the hinge would snap (it wasn’t meant to hold my weight obviously) but I got until a mid point hold and held for time, so it would probably hold up fine for pull-ups as well, at least for a while.

But hey, here is the point.

ROPES and chains can give you some of the best upper body workouts of your life, and (again, much like thick bar training), in a manner that you just CANNOT replicate.

As I did these out there today, I felt my “pinch grip” being worked (quite literally!) to the bone as it were!

And if you do these with fingertip pushups – oh MY.

And there is a reason why men in the army – special forces – athletes – or anyone into any sort of physical activity train on ropes often, and a LOT of times.

Climbing a rope is one of the most functional movements you can for one, for obvious reasons.

And much like the much vaunted pull-up done right, most guys (even so called “fit” guys) cannot even begin to climb a rope the right way, let alone do it for reps etc (or come DOWN, which is an entirely different exercise unto itself!).

Maybe I’ll put out a book on this if there is enough interest, so let me know! 😉

For now though, remember that while it’s great to train with ropes and chains (the latter preferably THICK chains for obvious reasons, and also to wrap around your waist etc for added weight “hardcore style”), remember that the regular pull-up or any of it’s variants is enough to give you some of the best workouts you’ve ever had . . . if you do ‘em right.

Jump rope and do pull-ups (and do both RIGHT), and you won’t need another exercise for the rest of your life.

Not to say that pushups aren’t great.

But that combo above – – try it for a couple of months straight, or a year straight without missing a day.

And then report back and let me know how you feel!

And at that point, YOU will be the one writing emails about it and telling ME, as opposed to the other way around.

Well – – maybe both of us will, but you get the point! Hehe. 😉


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – HERE is the definitive course you really DO need to grab in terms of getting better (or getting STARTED) at pull-ups: https://0excusesfitness.com/pull-ups-from-dud-to-stud-within-a-matter-of-weeks/

Make yourself UNTOUCHABLE!

I cannot BEGIN to explain the way I felt today when I looked at the mirror.

I was watching a re-run of Gladiator, and for some reason I felt compelled to stop the movie right before the fight scenes.

Right before Russell Crowe gets to Rome . . .

For what it’s worth, Gladiator is and always WILL be my all time (or one of my all time) favorite movies. Not just because of the blood and guts and sheer visceral qualities the movie has (that is probably last on the list), but the REALISM behind all this.

The GRIM reality depicted for the slaves, and the JOY of freedom finally and so painstakingly WON.

The SCREAMS of battle, and the cries of “KILL” – and more than the “kill” part, it’s the excitement that the movie is able to whip up in me (and apparently the ROW as well given the smashing hit it was)  . . .

Anyway, where was I?

Ah yes. How I felt.

Today was one of my very rare off days from working out, my friend.

Or, I should say it is until NOW.

I don’t know what will happen later this evening (at the time of writing this I’m writing it, but not sending, but I will soon!) . . . but suffice it to say it’s a well deserved break.

And for some reason, the words of a certain “Rajinder Chawla” (I don’t know why I’m naming him, perhaps because it stood out in memory!).

“Make yourself so that no-one can hurt you!” were the exact words, I believe.

And no, I don’t mean “not culpable” by “not touchable”.

I mean, make yourself such that NOTHING can hurt you!

Anyway, again, where was I?

Ah yes, how I felt . . .

. . . Despite what you might think not working out for a day or some time for me doesn’t mean I “treat” and “gorge” myself on my days off.


That would wasting all the effort I’ve been putting in as of late.

I do what Stallone did when getting in shape and probably still does, that being in his own words to treat his body like a “Ferrari” (I can’t remember if it was him that said that or who, but the gist was that you fuel your body accordingly).

If you’re not doing much, you put LESS fuel in it.

Ah yes. Finely turned machine I think Stallone said and I can’t be arsed to Google it right now!

And if you’re doing a lot, put good high quality food in it, and a lot (and not junk!).

And as I do accordingly, I feel GOOD.

The kind of good that comes from being in SHAPE.

The kind of STRONG feeling that comes from being TRULY strong (no I don’t mean “weight lifter” strength!).

The kind of “I can BEAT the world at anything I want to”, or perhaps just, I don’t know, a GOOD, EXHIILIRATING FEELING!

Strong traps. Strong chest. A core than can take punishment, and thighs that can go forever and more.

And while this may sound like I’m tom tomming myself, truth is I ain’t.

Truth is, we can ALL be all what we want to be, and then some, if we only apply yourself.

And no matter what it pays to be in shap my friend. There is truly no other way you can get this sort of a FEEL good feeling going through you.

No other way!

And on that note, I’ll leave you be. Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – EXTRA thick bar work and PULL-UPS done for high reps are part of the reason for my “extra, more than usual” feeling good feeling. To learn how to GET there, THIS is the course you need – https://0excusesfitness.com/pull-ups-from-dud-to-stud-within-a-matter-of-weeks/

PS #2 – And for you advanced guys out there, HERE you go : https://0excusesfitness.com/pull-ups-stud-to-super-stud-within-weeks/

When that INTERNAL fat starts to disappear . . .

I’ve spoken about it a few times.

Although the “battle of the bulge” is most often characterized by the EXTERNAL bulge (and rightly so in many regardS), that ain’t the real fat you need to be worried about.

And THAT fat isn’t the first to go either with intense workouts.

It’s the SUBCUTANEOUS FAT that really needs to go first, and asap.

That nasty fat overlapping your intestines, liver, and entire core for one . . .

And usually and most of the time (and perhaps funnily enough) that fat is ALWAYS the first to go.

Remember, you can be “bloated from the inside” and have way more fat there than you should, and not on the outside, and still have the (and therefore) “skinny fat” look to you if you get my drift.

But once you get rid of the internal fat, or start to – – well, different story.

As Aamir Khan, an actor in Bollywood that achieves seemingly miraculous body transformations for each of his movies said, when you’re fat, you just MOVE differently.

You FEEL different.

And it’s a subconscious kind of feeling, and I can relate.

There is NO feeling comparable to having those pillars for legs, a rock solid and fat free core and a bear like GRIP my friend.

You’ll walk differently.

Head held up HIGH.

People will LOOK at you differently.

Perhaps most important is the feeling of OVERPOWERING CONFIDENCE you will have all day long!

And so forth.

I know this, and so do those of you that actually DO the thing.

A long time ago, I used to sweat after taking a cold shower and applying lotion to my (genetically) dry skin.

I have extremely dry skin, so that isn’t for purposes of vanity.

As for now, no longer. Not unless it’s really hot to the point an AC is required right outta the shower, and even then, usually not.

And I used to sweat the most around the core as well.

And for good reason.

Nowadays, nothing doing my friend.

And that’s just another example of FEELING different with less fat, especially around the midsection.

Get on the train NOW my friend.

It truly is well worth it!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Here is the best damned HOME BASED fitness system out there that WILL get you in the sort of KICK ASS, RAMBANCTIOUS, ass kicking (again! 😉)shape mentioned above – The 0 Excuses Fitness System.

The impression of being much BIGGER than you are!

If you’re well versed with Raul (as a friend said recently, hehe, a TRUE friend) Mookerjee’s writings, you know where I’m headed with this.

OK, it’s Rahul. Raul is the Spanish version of it! 😊 But hey. Abla Espanol, ya’ll??

Anyhow, I’ve often written about the SAGE comment Sly Stallone made when shooting the Expendables (I believe it was).

If you look at Sly’s look in the last two Rambo series, and the three Expendables, movies, he looks bad ass to say the least.

Looks about 20 years younger than he is, and much like yours truly, NO, that ain’t make up that causes the effect. It’s a lifetime of working out and taking care of your body, and how!

And the thing that stands out MOST about Stallone? Who isn’t the biggest guy to start with . . .

. . . to me, it’s his FOREARMS.

And his TRAPS (especially in Rambo).

And if you see the side on and back shots, they make sure to emphasize those two areas of his body to max effect, and he not only looks bad ass, but he’s HUGE.

This from a man whose handprint (I think they took it in a NY museum or perhaps Madam Tussad’s, I don’t know ,can’t really remember . . . ) is SMALLER than an ex girlfriend’s of mine (who was admittedly a tall girl, but her hands weren’t bigger than yours truly, and I’ve got small hands, I’ll say that!).

And the quote?

Stallone, who “wanted to look like a lumberjack for Rambo”(hey, guess what. I once had an idea for “Lumberjack training”, an idea I have NOT yet completely dismissed! 😉) said the following.

Not verbatim,  but the gist is as follows: for those of you not genetically gifted in terms of being big, the BEST thing you can do is to work your forearms and traps hard.

Add some serious SIZE to ‘em, and you’ll look a heck of a lot BIGGER!

Not to mention FEEL and BE a heck of a lot STRONGER!

The back is truly the foundation of the human body, and the grip is obviously always the LAST thing to go on a REAL strongman.

And looking at Stallone, he sure took his own advice to heart, and the results SHOW for ALL To see.

I’d add shoulders into the mix.

Massive, brawny shoulders that you can get from doing the BEST exercises there is for shoulders, for one, but also from PUSHUPS and PULL-ups done right!

And truth be told, if you work the forearms and traps hard, you’ll get mammoth shoulders anyway.

Shoulders like Boulders, as it were!

And my own personal favorite part to work obviously amongst all these isn’t the shoulders as you might think.

IT’s the GRIP.

The forearms, and as I sit here a couple of hours after my workout, still sort of unable to twist that pesky little doorknob at the front of the apartment, I feel compelled to tell you this.

My forearms feel and look as if they’ve blown up to DOUBLE their size.

OK, they feel MORE than they look, but you get the point!

And the great part is, I got a fantastic trap workout WHILE at it. Not to mention shoulders!

Truly some good advice there by Stallone, and one YOU too should take to HEART!!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Don’t forget that along with pull-ups, fingertip pushups are a SECRET weapon in terms of getting that rock solid, cast iron grip. Dan Hodge for one did plenty of these and he can literally crush APPLEs at the age of 80 plus with his bare hands! And some of the exercises he used are detailed right HERE – – Gorilla Grip.

Progress, not perfection

Years ago, I watched a Denzel Washington flick “The Equalizer”.

And although it wasn’t a great movie, certainly not Denzel’s best by a long shot, I was watching it yet again this evening.

Downloaded it, and watched it, and yes, I’m a huge Denzel fan for all of ya’ll out there that don’t know . . .

And I only got so far as the first FIVE minutes of the movie before I closed it.


To write to you!

The idea had been bubbling in my head for a while, but I needed the perfect catch line, and as Denzel, himself no spring chicken in the movie and somewhat pudgy around the edges himself tries to help a grossly obese store worker lose weight so he can “make security guard”, he was asking the guy what he was chowing down upon.

“Tuna sandwich”, fat guy tells him.

Denzel quizzes him on what else was there in the sandwich. Condiments. Toppings. Etc etc. The whole she bang.

And as he hears a “crack” (pop’n’crack) go off while the dude is eating, he cocks a quizzical eyebrow at dude.

Who gets back with “uh, it’s just a potato! Potatoes are vegetables!” (this from the same guy who a minute ago was proudly proclaiming his bread to be “starch free and gluten free”).

Hey, said Denzel. I promised to help you lose weight, but if you won’t apply yourself . . .

. . . And I agree with him.

Same thing I tell people who, for example, buy my books, and don’t DO the exercises therein.

Or something to that effect.

That ain’t why I’m writing this though.

It’s because of what Denzel said AFTER that.

“Progress, not perfection!”

And these three words should be written out in BOLD and hammered on to the top of your living room TV (if the TV can take it, hehe) or even a mirror you look into daily, or anywhere you keep looking throughout the day.

It’s the small changes that take place DAILY that really matter my friend!

Say you do 2000 rope jumps a day.

It don’t matter if you do them in 50 minutes when you first begin.

It matters not if it takes you months to whittle that time frame down or start doing so.

2000 * 30 = = 60,000. Multiply by 365, and you get an even more humungous figure my friend. I’m not going to do the Math; you can; but you get the point.

Or, lets say you do 50 pull-ups daily, or do 25 daily until you work up to 50, and do that for a year.

Again, note it’s not “perfection” out there daily.

But it’s daily progress.

It’s the amazing power of CONSISTENCY that really counts my friend, and the slow but gradual progress at whatever it is you’re doing, fitness included, that gets you places!!

And that, more than anything else is the message of the day. Back again soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Make progress on your pushup numbers by investing in the very best course out there on pushups (here’s an open challenge to YOU to find something BETTER! ;-)) – Pushup Central.

My ankle “swole” up to triple it’s size without me doing anything on it!

OUCH, I say as the memories come back, or as they did out in the park this afternoon.

Some jackass that was mowing the grass today decided to dig a hole in the grass where it was long and never mowed it, but ended up mowing everywhere except for that.

And I just so happened to run there, and fell down in a NASTY manner on my left ankle.

CREEEAAAK, I heard my tendons go.

The foot was bent at an almost 90 degree angle, and it would probably have rendered me unable to walk if I hadn’t done some “patented” stretches and squats for it which got the blood flowing (along with a deep tissue massage I did on the area as well).

Right now it’s sore as heck, but that’s it, and I’m pretty sure I’ll be jumping rope tomorrow. Probably won’t be running sprints, but who knows!

Anyway , it reminded me of a time a few years ago when I was OBESE.

And one fine day, when I woke up, my ankle was SO SORE and SWOLLEN that I gaped at it in wonder.

I had done nothing to it. No excess exercise. No running. No sprints. No sprains. No twisting it.


Nada, zilch, zip, buttkiss, zero!

And yet, there it was, a right ankle so sore to the touch I’d SCREAM OUT LOUD in pain if someone touched it.

The pain was about 100x times worse than it is for me NOW (yes, it’s hurting, but I can be a tough SOB when I want to! Hehe).

And when we went to the doctor and I tried to show it to him, he wrinkled his nose in disgust when I took my sock off.

“Keep that sock away from me!” (and no, I wasn’t bringing it near him). He was simply one of those frustrated guys that hated his job and for whatever reason didn’t like the look of me.

Much like “Uncle Bob”, who went to an Indian doctor (so did I) with a case of the cough, and she literally pulled a face and wouldn’t come near him!

Gotta wonder what these nutzos were thinking, hehe. After all, a doctor acting that way???

Anyway, it was excess fluid build up in that case – – caused most likely by my obese status.

And it (thankfully) drained out itself in a couple of days.

But I had other issues back then.

I kept getting a version of athlete’s foot back in the day.

Yucky, crackly “green” stuff occasionally between the toes.

I’d wash my feet galore. Spray galore. But there it was, my friend.

And ALL of this went away once I got in shape. I have no more foot (or any) problems now, and as a long time reader once said (I’m paraphrasing, but there it is) it truly does pay to be in shape because you never know what lies around the corner.

It pays to be in shape. Hmm! Maybe I should title the email that way! 😉


I’ll leave it as it is.

Because that’s the point of the email.

If I was fat as heck then I’d NOT be walking around now without a stick.

Regardless of stretches etc that I did, but right now, I’m walking around. Can’t promise I’ll be hitting it hard again tomorrow, but I have a feeling I will.

It pays to be in shape!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – That’s why I laugh at people that tell me my products are too expensive and ask me why. They truly don’t have a clue! Hehe.

“You’re better than that!”

So, in terms of trips down memory lane . . . !

I wrote about Dr Kolibal and what he told me about needing to be challenged (and guess what, the man was spot on right) on the other blog. If you haven’t already, check it out there (and YES, for now, subscribers to BOTH sites are getting emails from BOTH sites, because . . . well, because that’s how I’ve deemed it to be for the moment).

While the rahulmookerjee.com site will probably eventually branch out in something else down the line, for now, things are what they are.

Anyway, in times such as these, and indeed in life itself, it can easy to get frustrated, give up and lash out when things are not going your way.

If you’re trying to achieve something that most people tell you you cannot or will not (or otherwise won’t) achieve, then guess what – you’ll get a LOT of this. More so than the average Joe, who gets a lot of it anyway during his/her own life . . .

(and always remember – when they say “no” – they’ve just given you a giant YES, but they don’t know it! 😉).

I’ve written about that before of course, but for now, lets jump back a few years.

To when a certain “G” (let’s call him that) (and no, it ain’t you, “Mr G”, hehe) once made the statement I’m alluding to in the subject line.

It was back when I had idly once submitted a job application in China, and they rejected it on the basis of race.

NO, yours truly doesn’t work for nobody but for whatever reason I had done a semester teaching English (YIKES!!!!!!!!!!) at an American affiliated school in China (and it was the right decision, if just for the fact that I met Alan, my supervisor, and a BUSINESS minded person if there ever was one) and I figured I might try my hand at another.

And of course, racism in ESL or in China in general ain’t anything out of the ordinary.

I’ve written about that before, and normally, it don’t affect me none.

People make remarks about my ethnic origins, backgrounds and you know what size ALL The time (the last – I know, I know! But I’m being honest here! And no, I don’t know why the hell they’d say they, but . . . !!!).

And offensive though those remarks can be, 99.9$ (%!) of the time, yours truly could care less, and actually WELCOMES it. For reasons which . . . ah, but if you can read between the lines, you’ll know! 😉

But that one time was a time when I was stressed out with this and that and sundry, and I let it all go.

I went off on one of my famous “You’re in fine fettle this morning, Rahul!!” rants at G.

G, by the way is the dude I wrote about that actually ended up making racist memes etc about yours truly and sharing them with Charles, a person who I once considered a close friend (and probably still do after all the BS, hehe, as I highly doubt he’s on board with any of that juvenile nonense – but then again, one never knows eh. 😉).

NO, this is not the CUSTOMER I write about so often. Different people!

But he did have his sane moments (G).

And after listening to that rant, this is what he said.

In a calm rational tone of voice (much like Hannibal before diving into one of his “liver and Cianti” meals or whatever it is was he was eating in “Red Dragon”) . . .

“Let it go, Rahul! You know how they are!”

“You’re better than that!”

And he was right, and I did let it go.

But it applies to life my friend.

All too often in life, and especially these days, we get frustrated.


Down and out.


And while some of the time or most, what we need most is a solid kick up the arse to “get her done”, sometimes, you just gotta tell yourself what I wrote in the subject line of the email.

Get the good memories flowing.

And tell yourself sternly (or whatever works for you).

“You’re better than that!”

And you are, my friend.

You are – and on that note – I’m out!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS -RISE . . . UP!

PS #2 – Here is where you can pick up a book that has literally been getting people fit on a dime and RAPIDLY and them some – Pushup Central (yes, pushups truly are the best darn exercise ever!).

Signpost visualization to shock and surprise yourself -and SHOOT past best previous’es!

Ok, so that probably comes across as a bit strange, doesn’t it?

Yes, I hear you say!

But hold on. I’ve spoken often about the power of visualization and how it can be (if used RIGHT) used to amp the results of your workout or even results in your own LIFE manifold – more than you ever expected.

And while done wrong it can actually have the opposite effect of what is intended, done right the power of visualization is just mind boggling my friend.

And though I’m doing record reps almost daily in the rope jump workouts I do, I keep shooting past previous bests, both in terms of time and numbers.

One of the ways I do it, and this “lit up” a certain area of my brain as well (visualization is supposed to do that!) is to use the “sign post” technique.

What do I mean?

I see a signpost, often GLOWING pointing me in the right direction as I work out

With the number of reps I’m approaching as I come nearer the actual number . . .

So for instance if I’m at 420, I might have a signboard illuminated and glowing with the numbers 500 in my mind.

Once I pass that, on to a dimly lit or not lit 600.

Once I get close, that sign post LIGHTS up. Motivating me to get there, and get there faster and without ANY break, much like a good boxing coach would. Hehe.

Motivating me to blast past past record number of reps and past P.R’s.

And so forth.

And the illuminated nature of the signpost helps, my friend. I don’t know why, but when that damn thing starts to blink I know I’m near, and I really, really speed up!

I did 3500 jumps today before my pull-up workout today and the results (in terms of time taken) were nothing short of astounding.

Yes, I know.

I keep talking about blasting past P.R’s almost daily.

But so will YOU my friend; if you train and visualize your training the way I do!

More on this later, but for now, I’m out for a well deserved meal. Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Hindu squats are another exercise where I’ve found this sort of visualization to be very effective. Learn how to do them squats (and therefore blast any and all nasty lard off your frame in RECORD time as well) right here: https://0excusesfitness.com/0excusesfitnessystem/

PS #2 – You cannot build a skyscraper without the right foundation, and high rep Hindu squats or pushups are no exception. Build a strong base FIRST my friend. There is no getting around that! Again, HERE is where you go to do so.

PPS – More stuff available on our products page. Take a GANDER!

The farmer’s walk, a solid grip workout, and more !!

So, had a great, great workout today – two actually.

The first one was pull-ups and jumping rope (not in that order), and those “lovely” fingertip pushups I refer to so often!

While 50 of the first and second and 3000 of the other exercise would be enough to fry anyone except the most determined amongst you fitness guys (and gals) out there, I didn’t stop there.

I wanted a solid grip workout today, and I finished off with a VARIETY of exercises I teach in Gorilla Grip.

A handstand (held for time).

Monkey bar work (a lot of it) followed up by monkey bar WALKS (if you don’t know what that is, check out Gorilla Grip – Advanced; you will KNOW!)

Fingertip holds of various natures, and of course, dead hangs with one hand and two.

And I could barely turn the key to get back in the apartment later.

And then, after a late, late lunch, I took my daughter out to the park.

She’s learning how to ride a bike, and doing pretty well at that actually.

And as I held her, and got her on balance every so often (she’s pretty much learned already, it’s just a few minor things here and there that remain), that was a finger workout unto itself. Until she got tired, and . . .

Dad lets walk a little, she said.

Sure, honey, I grinned.

But the conundrum was the bike, of course.

I could have of course done what sane people would do at this point.

That being to wheel it around.

But I didn’t.

I picked it up by the middle bar, and held it like a heavy weight, much like I was doing the Farmer’s walk, and started walking around the park.

Round and round, round and round, round and round!

And let me tell you, although it’s cool out here (to an extent, anyway), and it wasn’t a humungous weight, doing that sort of thing after a workout will make you feel it and then some.

Soon, I was drenched in sweat.

Took my daughter to the swings, and swung her high and handsome for a while.

In the middle of all that, I did more dead hangs on my favorite THICK bars.

Did 10 pull-ups. That makes it 60 for today . . .

Did some “arms extended” pushups. And by the end of it all, my daughter was exhausted too, and off we traipsed home.

And so goes it, my friend.

An oldie, but goodie I should say, and whether I’m referring to this here EMAIL or workout, or both, or none – well – you be the judge! Hehe.

Great workout – great night – and on it is to the weekend now!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Make sure to pick up a copy of the book on pull-ups (it WILL get you from less than zero to cranking out HUNDREDS of them per workout) right HERE.

PS – Wanna go advanced? No problem. HERE is where you go!!