The amazing power of CONTINUITY
- . . is truly what it is all about!

And persistence, I should say.

Two of the “unsexist” words out there, especially in today’s “where is it? I want it NOW!” instant gratification dumbphone enabled world.

And when it comes to success, of course, those are the two words no-one wants to hear.

Including success at . . . yes, FITNESS.

At anything you do actually. Business. Sports. Relationships. ETc.

It’s all built upon the power of continuity.

Michael Phelps was an immensely talented swimmer, and had the physical attributes to boot as well.

But he did NOT just turn into an Olympic champ on the base of that alone, did he?

Did Mike Tyson turn into the world beater he was simply because of a naturally stocky build?

And so forth.


It was training, day in and day out, done no matter what came their way that really GOT THEM THERE!

Lots of you reading this will be thinking “Ho Hum” right about now.

I’m not a Tyson, I hear you say. I don’t have time to workout the entire day.

Ditto for Phelps, or whoever else.

Well, goodie my friend. I’m not asking you for an entire day!

In fact, I am not even telling you to invest in my 15 minute workout system right now . . .

What I’m doing is this – I’m talking to you. About CONSISTENCY.

You do something daily.

And it don’t need to be a lot.

Back in the day, yours truly, hardly the most genetically gifted out there and hardly a sports champ or whatever (though yes, I’ve been called various names approximating that, most recently “Ironman” and “macho man”) did ONE thing daily.

He climbed a hill daily.

That was IT for the most part.

He upped the number of climbs per day once he got comfortable with it.

And for the most part, barring a few pull-ups here and there and a few pushups, that was IT.

He got stunning results from doing this for a few months.

Just think of what if I had done that for an entire year, or two. Or five.

Sure, focusing on just one thing wasn’t the best thing overall in that when I finally got back to pushups, I was amazed at how hard 10 pushups felt (this was at a point I was doing 100 pull-ups per workout! If you need any more PROOF w.r.t the efficacy of pushups, there it is right there!).

But it got me great results, and it was what was needed back then.

If I had tried to do “everything”, which is what most people do in the gyms, jumping around from one machine to the other, I’d have gotten nowhere.

I focused on one thing.

And I did it daily.

Come rain, snow, hail or shine, and I’v ementioned that story in the 0 Excuses Fitness System.

And that, my friend, is success boiled down for you in a nutshell in terms of the DOING part.

Keep showing up, and you’ll ultimately win not just half, but the entire battle!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S.: There was an issue with the newsletter function on the server for the past day or so, therefore no emails from me. Back at it again. Yup. Consistency and then some! 😉

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