Oh MY! That’s a SPRINT and a half!
- . . . and it sure was!

So, it just popped out.

Just popped out yes.

No, it ain’t what you’re thinking, so stop already.

And NO, it ain’t what you’re thinking, so STOP  ALREADY.

I rarely use “LOL” in emails etc, but I’ll use it now. LOL.

(And no, some of you on the other blog may not want me to stop it already, but hey . . . 😉).

Anyway, what am I talking about now you might ask.

Whats Rahul on about.

Well, my workout today, my friend, took things to a whole different level altogether.

At a certain point I was so out of breath that it didn’t even feel like I was out of breath or breathing.

I just stopped doing what I was doing as the world “stabilized” around me, and gradually, I heard a sound.

A deep, thymic, boom boom boom boom.

And it shouldn’t come as no conincidence that my daughter told me an hour or so later that “Dad, do you know you can hear your own heart beat in a quietened room?”

Always full of “facts” is my little one.

Always on “Bright Side” videos apparently. Some of those facts are actually pretty cool though, so if you’re into trivia, you know where to go!

Anyway, I didn’t tell her about my rampaging workout today.

But yes.

THAT was really a sprint workout my friend and THOSE are the words that popped out.

People often ask of being out of breath, and “how out of breath should I be” during sprints.

Well, Advanced Hill Training addresses some of this, but really, it’s simple.

It’s not even the point at which you can’t hold on a conversation without panting up a storm.

That’s great, yes, and a lot of you have probably felt that way while either working up to real sprints (book mentions how) and doing pushup workouts etc.

But THIS my friend is different, and you’ll know what I mean when you do ‘em/

And if you do rope sprints like I do, you’re quickly learn that along with Hindu squats (if you can do ‘em at that level) they’re the next best thing to actual hill sprints, or perhaps as good or even better in some regards.

Anyway, the rest times were longer.

It’s not for nothing I say in Advanced Hill Training that you’re training for less time, and resting for the majority of the workout!

And there are some great, great workouts in the book my friend.

In fact, the exercises are the exact same as I used at that time to literally drop weight DAILY, my friend (with proof to boot).

Don’t believe me?

Well, go right HERE my friend and check out the course. If anything will make a believer out of you, this will!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Another course that has been steadily rising up the popularity charts is Animal Kingdom Workouts. Click HERE to check it out!