More on barefoot training, and why YOU need to incorporate this into YOUR routines.
- It indeed does work the ENTIRE BODY DIFFERENTLY!

So, I believe I did up a post on barefoot training a coupla days ago extolling the virtues and benefits of the same, and (I believe, I’ll have to see, but I think so) why you should do the same for your training.

And believe me, the last couple of days have been hectic to say the least.

The break in posting and emailing wasn’t because of anything other than a COMPUTER failure.

Winblows, to say the least. BLOWS. SUCKS.

Those that were “with me” while I was pounding out Animal Kingdom Workouts know very well what happened during that time, and truth be told, it’s hardly the first time that despite Window’s repeated assurances, computers have crashed . . . and with it, all my data, or most of it just up and gone when you least expect it.

You can back up until the cows come home, but if something occurs when you least expect it, guess what.

You’re just plain damn screwed. And so I was for the past couple of days. Still not back to normal, but I’ve at least got the old machine back to where I can type.

Used to be they made things to last.

My first two Toshibas lasted for YEARS. 10 years to be precise, each one of them.

And this crappy Asus I’ve got, with all the latest tech gizmos and what not? Barely a couple of years if even that.

Yet another note NOT To buy Chinese products, hehe, but truth be told, QUALITY is going down globally and how. But then again, it’s usually made in China! 😉

Anyway . . .

So while working out today, I realized something.

While in a position I’ve often spoken of, and in a position most people can’t even begin to get into.

This includes people all over the world. Position isn’t the table position I’ve spoken of and rated so highly in 0 Excuses Fitness.

It’s the Asian squat, something I have not covered a lot of, at least not in the past. I’ve been doing that as of late, and many of the exercises in Animal Kingdom Workouts involve this posture, and for good damned reason!

And believe me, doing it with shoes is a hell of a lot easier than without, and that is what I Covered in the last post about barefoot training (if it ever got uploaded and sent).

I believe it did.

Look, if you think this sort of thing is airy fairy yoda like sh**, think again. It ain’t!

Do a regular pushup barefoot for one in PROPER form, slow and steady, for 25 reps.

If you do it in proper form, you WILL feel your thighs working my friend. Big time. And this only increases as you go through the workout – barefoot. There is a very good reason I always tout pushups as the best OVERALL Body exercise, not just upper body!

And as to why I filmed 0 Excuses Fitness and Pushup Central (amongt others) . . , barefoot.

Balance. Tendon strength. Ligament strength. Taxing the whole body differently.

These are but some of the things that come to mind my friend when we’re talking barefoot training.

I’LL HAVE MORE on this in the future, but for now . . . give this sort of training a whirl in your own routines. I promise you will be very pleasantly surprised!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. Here is where you can pick up Pushup Central: