Is it just me, or has customer service gone straight to HELL?
- . . . for the most part!

I don’t know why, but every day I wake up and do business with someone or the other, my prediction of “2020 truly being the year of the survivor” seems to be coming true.

It isn’t just the Coronavirus scare.

It isn’t just the various warring factions in the world taking sides. In case you’ve been living under a rock . . . ah, but I doubt anyone has to that extent!

This isn’t about politics, but hey, I’ve been predicting this to happen for AGES.

I said way back in February that September this year truly WOULD BE a month of reckoning either way.

And current global events are poised so as to make that “prediction” come true at exactly that time.

What exactly will happen I don’t know, but war is imminent. I’ve been saying it for a while, and the rogue Chinese (and now the Russians and the joke of the century Iran) has pretty much said it out loud.

And as for Iran. Issuing a warrant for President Trump.

I mean, give me a break. A country with NO military whatsoever when compared to most modern (or halfway modern militaries) . . . even Pakistan could probably best it in a dog fight, and they aren’t by any means a strong nation (they can barely feed their own people to say the least).

Russia is a different story, but as I said this morning, I highly highly doubt that they will side with China when push comes to shove. They may act like they will, but what will actually transpire is a different issue.

Anyway, back to customer service.

I don’t know why, but EVERY TIME I bring up an issue these days with companies such as Google, Amazon etc . . . companies that had GREAT customer service (especially the latter!) I get “stock” copy and paste responses which infuriate me, not so much because of how STUPID they are, but because the person on the other end didn’t bother to read what I was writing before dashing the response off.

Ctrl C, Ctrl V, send.

Is that what customer service has come to??

Recently (over the past few months actually) one of my books on Amazon has been flagged by their system as “duplicate” and having a higher price than another version which was published by another publisher (who no longer even has an account on Amazon because it got blocked due to whatever reason).

And Amazon keeps sening me emails about it asking me to lower the price.

When I tell them to deactivate the other link, I get a response back saying “Please don’t worry”, and little else.

And then one saying “the issue has been resolved”.

And then one a month later bringing the same issue back up.

When I tell them about it, and provide the history etc, I get a one line response saying “We’re looking into it”.

And then . . .

You get the drift. Hamster on a a treadmill. Used to be emailing Jeff directly would at least get a human being to look at the issue, but no longer.

I fear that Amazon may lose much of it’s pre-eminence if the ONE thing that separate it big time from the rest goes down as it is – customer service.

And ditto for Google etc.

This morning, I had a similar experience with a Google customer service rep apparently based out of India (where the level of customer service is so atrocious that you would NOT believe me if I told you) who did the exact same thing and more.

What is that?

Well another thing that annoyes me no end is this.

When people reply back to an email saying “To minimize the back and forth over email, let’s get on a call”.

Um, thanks, but no thanks.

First thing you know, I mentioned that in the Google form I submitted.

Second, Miss Anikitha, I replied back to your email and politely asked you to get back via email.

And third, I did that again this morning.

And I doubt any of that is having an effect on either Google or yourself.

NO, I do NOT want to get on the phone to waste my time and explain an issue that has been very clearly explained via email.

And MOST of the time, I’ve found that when people don’t want to get back via email, it is to cover up uncomfortable truths at their end that they do NOT wish to put in writing.

With Amazon, it is a system glitch at their end they won’t end.

Ditto for this issue with Google most likely, which Google hasn’t even looked at in weeks (at least Amazon computer bots are better in that regard! Hehe.).

And Paytm is even worse. And as far as the Indian banks go where you withdraw money from ATM’s and the money doesn’t come back to you two years later, and they don’t respond to inquiries on that  . . . well the less said the better.

I’ve written before about why customer service and I.T./BPO in general has moved out of india, and while it’s a pity, it was slated to happen given the atrocious service attitude most reps here have.

And most of it has gone to Eastern Europe where thankfully the attitude is far far better, at least for now.

Anyway, ist hat a long enough rant?

Can you relate?

I don’t know, my friend.

But what I said BE true.

And that’s why I keep carping upon doing your own thing. Amazon could screw you over tomorrow with it’s systems being down or whatever.

Or, as they did with my last publisher (different biz) simply block them altogether for some vague reason.

Ditto for Google. Or any company you depend upon really.

Invest in YOURSELF, my friend.

Invest in YOUR site (and even that ain’t fool proof unless you control the actual infrastructure, cables etc).

Think I’m BS’ing?

Think again, my friend, especially given what is going on in the world today.

Anyway, yours truly makes it a point to try and respond to all customers that email me, unless they’re just too stupid to respond to (such as inquiries about “why are your ebooks so expensive”).

And yours truly ALWAYS sends out links to HIS site and asks you to buy from there as opposed to from Amazon etc.

Yes, I’m on those sites.

Yes, I could probably get more customers from there if people buy from there as opposed to my site.

But you know what?

I’d rather people buy from MY OWN site, and stay away from the biggies as far as possible for obvious reasons and those mentioned above.

And that’s that for now.

Off my soapbox . . . for now!!


Rahul Mookerjee

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