When I could barely fit in the sofa . . .
- . . . a most interesting trip down memory lane!

So, recently I put out a book.

Or, a collection of experiences actually, all so damned inspiring that I can’t help but “froth at the bit” every time I even think of them!

And every time I do NOT feel like working out, guess which experiences I bring to mind.

If you guessed one of the ones in the book mentioned above, (in the link) . . . . well, you’d be dead on right my man.

And here’s something I’ve been talking about a long, long time. Visualization is KEY, my friend to achieving the results you want out of life and fitness.

Want to be able to bang out 100 pull-ups per workout?

Well, you have to truly SEE and believe yourself doing it first. And the first comes first!

No, you don’t “believe” first, and you don’t think or believe without seeing. We think in PICTURES, and those pictures are what get communicated to the subconscious FIRST.

And once the MAIN pictures, that we think of all day long get deeply embedded into our subconscious minds, virtually nothing can stop us from achieving whatever it is those pictures tell the subconscious to do.

More is mentioned on this along with my own experiences in the book on pull-ups.

(And it’s key to note that the RIGHT pictures need to be conveyed to your subconscious. Many people have good intentions, but they “think the wrong things” if you get my drift! 😉).

And anyway . . .

Another trip down memory lane today and one I didn’t put in the book.


Well, because . . . it’s the exact opposite of what the book intends to do, but only in a strange manner.

It was a time when I could barely fit into a large sized sofa meant for one person!

A sofa that probably two of me could squeeze into now . . .

Literally. My thighs would chafe against the sides. My stomach would bulge out. And my ass would sink that much further into it.

And of course, the fat on my chest etc.

That was also the time my little girl was born years ago (boy, time flies!) and my “massive” pudgy arm would almost cover her as she slept sometimes.

Mommy used to be worried she’d get “flattened”.

But she wasn’t, hehe. She’d just wriggle out like babies do.

And she’d take ME in her baby arms sometimes, and it was a sight to behold as the beached whale slept in his 3 month old daughter’s arms (2 actually hehe).

And . . . anyway, why do I bring all this up?

Not because my daughter remembers it all, and often reminds me of it!

Its because when you visualize, and I’ve said this before, you do so WHILE keeping one foot in reality.

The gooooorrroooooss often tell you just to visualize what you WANT.

Focus on what you want, not what you don’t. And I say that too.

But . . . focusing on what you want is fine and dandy so long as you KNOW where you are NOW.

Once you take a quick gander at where you are NOW, THAT is when you can start focusing INTENSELY on what you do want in life.

And that, my friend, is one of the tricks to making visualization work out for you (pun? I think not, hehe) both in terms of LIFE – and fitness!

The split screen technique as it were, and the mirror technique or a combo therein, and I’ve written about all of this before, and will continue to do so in future.

For now it’s adios, and I’ll see you soon again!


Rahul Mookerjee

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