Is it a shame being fat?
- It should be, in my opinion!

So I wrote a piece about are you a big guy – – or just plain damn FAT” a while ago on this blog (and sent it to my email list).

I sent the same thing to my Facebook list as well a while ago, and as expected, received a variety of responses.

Mostly “aggrieved” responses along the lines of this.

“Is it a shame being fat?” One commentor asked me.

Ah, the eternal guilt over “he’s bodyshaming me!”

Or, “I’m just a big guy, and it’s OK to have a massive belly hanging over my pants!”

My opinion?

YES. It’s a crying shame being FAT . . . because it’s UNHEALTHY to the extreme, for one.

And second, because there’s nothing that screams out “I’m a lazy ass” more than if you’re fat along the lines of what you described.

Now, note this (in my opinion) doesn’t apply to those that “have a bit of fat hanging to their frames” but are otherwise fit and healthy and doing what they can to get that fat off as quick as possible.

(Which can be done via the exercises and routines in THESE THREE products – The 0 Excuses Fitness SystemAdvanced Hill Training, and Animal Kingdom Workouts).

Not to mention the very well received Pushup Central and Corrugated Core.

Each of these products by itself is pretty much all you need.

IF you actually use ‘em.

If you’re a whiny liberal sort that jumps up and down about “it’s OK to be fat! Who are you to body shame me?”, well, then the products won’t work for you.

Not because they don’t work, but because you will likely never USE ‘em.

But anyway, if there is something that I hate way more than those that are fat and lazy (truth be told, I don’t “hate” said people; I merely point out the fact for what it is) – it is those that make claims along the lines of what I said in the last piece.

Along the lines of “I’m a big guy, so it’s OK to be fat!”

Along the lines of “I’m a big guy, so I can’t beat her at hill sprints!”

And other such utterely ASININE, ludicrious allegations.

That is what really irritates me, and THAT is what I wrote the initial post about ; not your massive belly hanging over your pants my friend.

If you choose to be a lard ass, by all means do so. Be my guest. I wouldn’t WANT to take your right away to be that.

But if you’re telling me that certain exercises are “impossible” such as hill sprints or bike sprints because you’re a “bigger guy” and that “smaller guys” can easily beat you at ‘em because they’re smaller, then you’re flat out full of CRAP my friend, and in that case I WILL Say it (and that is pretty much the point I made in the last piece).

Walter Peyton. Herschel Walker. Some of my own friends. Mike Tyson. The list goes on and on and on!

And to those that claim “they’re too big to do pull-ups” – – well, Vince Gironda for one!

Too big to do handstand pushups?

Doug Hepburn, and a HOST of other old time strongmen who were HUGE (note – not FAT) and DID ‘em – very regularly – and credited this amazing exercise to be the secret for their achievements in the weight lifting (back when weightlifting was actually real weightlifting as opposed to the puffing and buffing and massaging and pink dumbbells going on in today’s gyms) arena . . .

Point being this.

Stop making excuses my friend – – and utterely RETARDED ones at that.

It isn’t about body shaming. It’s about stating the facts for what they are, and I believe that is precisely what I did in that last piece, and what I’m doing HERE.

And yes, if you’re fat, you will NOT look like an athlete.

And no, for those of you in mainland China or other locales, “foreigners aren’t naturally big”. There’s plenty of big people from all races and walks of life, and plenty of LARD asses as well.

That’s just the bottom line my friend!

And that’s that for now. Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Most of these people that whine about body shaming secretly (and lets face it, it’s true) want that “V” shape to the back. Or to “look like a movie star”. Or “that X shape to the body” which makes people ask if you go to the gym when you don’t. All things I’ve been told, and truth be told, all things YOU can make possible for yourself if you just stop your whining and moaning about a FACT that CAN be changed.

P.S #2 – We’ve been receiving a lot of queries on pull-ups as of late. Check out our two courses right here – and

P.P.S. – And yes, when it’s all said and done, it SHOULD be a crying shame being so fat that you can barely fit your waddly lard ass on BOTH the seats of one scooter . . .