Alternating sets, and brutally effective ANIMAL Kingdom conditioning
- . . . the best workout ever!

Just finished a splendid workout indeed.

One that left me completely toasted . . .

And as I prepare to get something to eat (my first meal of the day, in true WOLF style), it reminded me of something.

Although I’ve often been called a wolf by those that know me, most notably one of my dear Uncles, hehe, I’ve not included this magnificent beast in Animal Kingdom workouts.

Neither did I include my second (joint) favorite animal the DOG.

Last night as I did pull-ups, several dogs were fighting.

Big time.

All with one “alpha dog” apparently on a leash (that was owned). The rest were strays from what I could tell.

And you should have seen the dogs take off and SPRINT, my friend.

After the alpha, who was more than ready to jump into the fray.

I was finishing my pull-ups, of course, but the speed with those dogs ran . . . left me thinking!

About the sort of shape the average HUMAN, the average pot bellied flabby mess of a MAN would be in if he ran even a quarter that fast ONCE a day.


Sprints do reduce fat and how!

Anyway, that’s been mentioned galore in Advanced Hill Training, and I’ve included my #1 favorite animal in Animal Kingdom Workouts as well as the above book.

And for a good reason.

If you’ve seen an adult male grizzly lift 600 lb dumpsters like they were beach balls, or chase rabbits downhill and CATCH ‘em, you know why!

Or if you’ve seen a tiger haul a 1000lb plus gaur uphill and RUN while doing it.

And today’s workout was splendid not only because I included these movements in it.

It was also because I literally collapsed while doing the tiger walk.

Akin to how I once fell on my chin when a dog of all things ran into my face (almost) when doing handstand pushups. On that occasion I Got away with a minor graze, but I wasn’t quite so lucky before that (a month or so) as my readership knows, when I literally cracked a thumb in and out doing fingertip handstand pushups.

And if there is one word I’d like to put out in my upcoming book on ONE ARMED exercises, it’s this – caution.

And to work up to them!

You cannot just jump into this sort of thing my friend.

However, you CAN jump straight into Advanced Hill Training or Animal Kingdom workouts provided you’re already on the 0 Excuses Fitness System (for a fair bit of time, or start slow if you aren’t).

And on that note.

The other tip of the day.

Alternating sprints with SLOW movements . . . with no rest in between.

I did this today with my rope sprints.

350 FAST ones. 150 slow ones. And so I continued until I reached 250 squats and 2000 rope jumps, and then I finished off with . . . ah but we said that already, didn’t we?

Get on these workouts now my friend.

They truly will strip away that nasty fat and keep it off quicker than anything else!


Rahul Mookerjee

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