The miles go by like WATER . . . under the bridge . . .
- . . . one of my favorite montages ever!

I don’t  know if you’ve seen the Sly Stallone starrer “Over the Top” way back in the day.

It’s about an arm wrestler who drives trucks to make a living until he finally wins the BIG arm wrestling competition, and a man (same character) who is estranged from his son but is desperately trying to make amends for his past mistakes in that regard.

Not a bad flick, especially not if you’re into “pot boilers”, hehe.

Anyway, in that move there is a song which is titled “Giving more than we receive”. OR something like that. I can’t remember the exact name.

But it plays as Stallone drives the truck through miles and miles of empty country expanse, and as you hear the song say “the miles go under the bridge” (not the exact words), you can literally SEE it in front of you. I think it was the initial montage that had that song . . .

The miles that go by like WATER . . . under the bridge! Ah, I got it now.

I loved the movie, as well as Cobra, another Sly potboiler.

The never ending miles unfold as far as I can see . . .

Right on the spot.

Follow my heart.

Giving MORE than we receive, and its with an open heart that we . . .

. . .

. . .

Great song, hehe.

And today while working out, guess what happened.

That song came to mind.

Along with a visual, but not an associated one.

The visual of a COUNTER before my eyes.

Numbers FLYING off the counter as the reps flew off the rope, and (as my daughter noted) I sweated up several “gallons”.

It was like a real counter in front of me, counting “double”.

So, if I was counting till a 100, the counter would count “1” twice.

And getting to 50 #2 means a 100 reps!

This by itself is a very powerful tip I’m giving you my friend, especially when the “numbers seem too far away”.

Trick your brain into thinking they’re NEARER Than they really are – – and you’ll not only have a super workout, but you’ll also get done a lot quicker as I did today.

And that’s today’s tip. See what you can make of it, my friend!


Rahul Mookerjee

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