Animal Kingdom Workouts!
- Become the REAL MAN (or woman) you were MEANT to be

What a frustrating last 8-10 hours it’s been!

And what a HARD few hours before that (but very enjoyable!)!!

What do I mean here?

Frustrating, I hear you ask me? A new product’s out, and you’re frustrated?

Well, not exactly my friend . . . not at the product itself.

In fact that’s about the only good news I’ve got to give you for the past couple a days, and there’s been a LOT going on.

Not to mention my computer screwing up ROYALLY over the past day or so. Seems the mammoth Animal Kingdom Workouts book was too much for it to handle, hehe, and it’s been acting weird since yesterday.

It took me (or was taking, I should say) three hours to do what should have been done in three minutes flat. Literally. It was that bad.

And the problem still ain’t fixed despite bazillions of installs, uninstalls, and so forth.

But it’s working to the point now I can upload the latest product we have – – Animal Kingdom Workouts!

This is truly the most comprehensive book out there on HARD workouts.

Isometrics fans, you’ll love this. Plenty of static holds and one arm workouts in there as well!

Rapid fat loss, and muscle building at a rate that will bring the INNER BEAST and REAL MAN (or woman) back in you RAPIDLY.

(The above is sadly lacking in today’s world as you know).

Modern day man is a royal MESS my friend.

Not only are most modern day men flabby and out of shape and always complaining about something or the other, or unable to seemingly focus on anything or achieve any sort of goal, but they’re also WEAK – mentally (where it counts the most).

And, speaking of counting the most, most men are unable to perform at any decent level in the . . . ah, but you get the picture don’t you?

It’s a sorry state of affairs indeed my friend, but if you’re reading this and can empthasize, take HEART.

Deep down under, there exists a REAL MAN in you, my friend.

A STRONG, FIT, virile man that is a GO GETTTER as Nature intended.

A physically FIT man with LOADS of energy to boot, and that “primal vibe” coming off you which will make other men stop and take note of you.

This real man is INSIDE of you, just waiting to be released.

And pumping iron in the gym ain’t gonna do it. Neither will countless rounds on the pavement or slow swimming or yoga shmoga or whatever (or Spandex, surely!).

What is needed is for you to get back to BASICS.

As Nature Intended.

And as I get back to fixing my computer, I have this to say – – email updates may be sporadic until I get all this RESOLVED.

And HERE is the link for the ONE book that WILL turn you into and unleash the INNER BEAST IN YOU –


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Special introductory price for now – hurry – and grab it NOW before the price goes UP, UP and UP!!