The first TWO hours of every day
- Are KEY to your success at anything

This morning I had the idea to write about “how I want to be remembered”.

Or how “you” want to be remembered, and it was afternoon, actually. Hehe.

And I wrote about it.

I never have any set plans for what I want to write.

This may come across as nigh on ASTOUNDING for those that know me, and my output.

This will come across as unbelievable to those “in the know” about my other ventures, where I’ve written not just long NOVELS – – but also a lot of instructional courses such as with 0 Excuses Fitness.

Not to mention all my other writing all over the Internet on various other sites.

Not to mention THESE daily emails . . .

And more, but no, I don’t.

I live life in the flow. When it comes to me, it comes. And it usually comes so spontanesouly that I have to literally RUSH and drop everything I’m doing and put pen to paper (metamorphically speaking during the day and not so much when I’m writing my dreams down on PAPER using a real PEN) and get it done.

And the first two hours of the day are usually when inspiration strikes out of the blue.

If there ever was one tip I could give you (I have NOT mentioned this in Zero to Hero, by the way) – – it is this.

Devote the first two hours of each day for yourself.

The fights with the S.O. can wait.

The laundry can wait (unless it’s done between tasks!)

The dishes can wait just a little while longer

The kids can too!

And so forth.

You on this list will remember what I said about THAT company I worked at, and the immense success I enjoyed while doing things my way (which while it was eventually and ultimately unpalatable and incompatible with the boss’s ego, which is fine; he’s a great guy!; worked WONDERS while I did it).

(Edit – he hates it when I make comments like this. One of his pet grouses was when I point out faults, and yet say the other person’s a great guy).

According to him, that’s being hypocritical.


Don’t we ALL have faults?

And pointing out a fault hardly makes a person a bad person, my man!

Anyway . . . (oh, and before I continue, its shades of grey. NOT black and white! 😉).

Anyway, the point of all this is that I did (worked my magic) what I had to for them in the first hour of the day when I woke up.

Along with some other writing I did for some other people. 10-15 minutes of high energy fun that got me more than I’d ever bargained for and a lot of high quality contacts I have until this day!

After that I’d workout.

And then it was back to the “fag end” of the day when the magic would work again.

Think this only applies to sales?

Think again.

Fitness wise, I do my fitness routines FIRST thing in the morning, or if that’s not possible, FIRST thing after I finish a bit of writing.

And usually, it’s the first thing in the morning, as I’ve written about so often!

Is it any wonder that I’ve gotten the results that I have doing it that way, my friend?

Devote the first few hours of the day (first TWO actually) to doing what YOU WANT – – and watch how your life expands and gets better almost instantly!

Yes, this is one of the best ever tips I could give you. For FREE. Try it, and let me know!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – And yes, I recommend you do the exercises in 0 Excuses Fitness (or Corrugated Core – – or “Pull-ups from DUD to STUD within a matter of weeks” – – or any of my other products) first thing in the morning too!