Everything happens . . . for a REASON!
- There is ALWAYS A greater and better power making the REAL decisions.

I’ve often spoken about living life in the flow.

About making decisions based upon GUT feeling, and almost on the spot, and instantly.

I’ve spoken a lot about how in 2018 I was put into a position with my back against the wall, and it was literally do or die at a certain point in time and then some.

I was literally pushed (WITHOUT being given the opportunity to plan in advance, or even think about it; though to be honest it was expected from a certain standpoint) to give a DATE for a certain activity, and if I did not, the ramifications would be enormous.

That period in my life was certainly one of the toughest I’ve ever dealt with. And successfully at that!

As my friend (well, at a time anyway) Charles once said, it’s not how you start. Its how you finish!

And as I finished the year off on a massive, massive high – – new business in tow of all things, I was flying HIGH.

Or so I thought . . .

Claude Bristol warns AGAINST complacency in his wonderful little book “The Magic of Believing”.

Anytime you get complacent – – you go DOWN. It’s just that simple!

As he so famously said, success is a matter of never ending application. Anytime you pause to rest on your laurels is when it takes WINGS and FLIES AWAY.

There are always others in this world aspiring to “your position!”

Anyway, the habit of making decisions on the fly, and almost instantly is something all successful men have.

I should say, making decisions quickly (even if those are highly unpopular decisions or make NO logical sense at the time) and NOT changing them (or being excruciatingly slow to change them, if at all).

Ford was often known as stubborn and obstinate, for one.

But this was because of his tendency to MAKE a decision and then BACK it – no matter what.

Remember the story of the 8 cylinder engine I keep telling you about?

Ford wanted to build it, and at the time it was unheard of, and his entire team of engineers were not shy about telling him about this repeatedly either.

That will never work, the world said!

In a chorus at that . . .

Ford could care less. He ordered the men to go and start work on it anyway, and they did it. They had little choice if they wanted to keep working for Henry Ford!

Six months later?

Nothing happened.

“Go right ahead!” said Ford. “I WANT IT, and I SHALL HAVE IT!”

And this, my friend, forms the basis of TRUE success, and speaks tomes in terms of persistence, that one quality that separates the true ACHIVERES in life from the lookie lous and wannabee and “has beens”.

You have to be persistent!

And you have to back your DECISIONS.

Anyway, six months more passed. Nothing happened.

Ford told his engineers to keep working upon it anyway.

And then, all of a sudden, at long last, the SOLUTION was discovered – as if magically!

As Edison said, ideas do “come out of air”!

And the reason for me mentioning this?

I do the SAME thing.

I take decisions based upon GUT feeling, and mostly that alone. Sure, I do my due diligence and all that, but end of the day, it depends on the GUT feeling and pretty much the feeling I get when talking to the person I’m doing biz with (and no, it don’t need to be the phone either. Words carry a very very strong vibe as well if you know how to read ‘em!).

In fact, believe it or not, I have NEVER gotten on the phone for some of the biggest deals I’ve cracked. Except at THAT company where I often made phone calls, but even those were not really necessary as the real deal making was done via email.

Last year, I was RIPPED off doing just this.

Once for a smallish amount (still significant, but not “break the bank” in any way).

Did I stop trusting my gut?


I made another biz decision, and ended up getting ripped off for about ten times that amount, and then some!

Another gut based decision.

This year, as I switched web hosts, I did something “on the fly” I’ve never ever done in my life.

I cannot speak highly enough of my current web host, and compared to the nightmare (literally, and if you don’t believe me, here is what one person (not at that company, but elsewhere) said about it “outrageous and then some”) the last company was, these guys come across as a breath of fresh air.

Hosted in the good ole USA – – TRULY hosted there as opposed to the bunch of lies the last company fed me.

And I gave them a testimonial nigh on two weeks after using their service, so impressed was I.

So impressed was I after talking to Peter, the guy who handled my case . . .

GUT feeling my friend.

Logically, you might think this is astounding, and for a sane biz person like me to do this . . . after just two weeks?

Its about GUT feeling.

And why was I ripped off the last year?

Because it all happens for a reason.

I’ve spoken about not giving this biz enough time last year. Many times.

Despite having struggled for JUST THAT all of 2018, and then finally when the doors of SUCCESS were thrown open, I ended up jumping into another venture!

And perhaps this was the Universe’s way of telling me some things, and teaching me yet another lesson.

Which I’ve hopefully learnt now, hehe.

It all happens for a reason, my friend!

And that’s that for this email. Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

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