On snowflakes and more
- Indeed interesting!

Oh boy!

They sure do say it like it, or some do, hehe.

My last email blast (well, one of the last ones) caused more than 24 people to unsubscribe off my list.

For good.

With a snarky comment or two thrown in there as well which to be honest are so ridiculous that I won’t dignify them with a response.

And . . .while unsubscribes are nothing new for me, and something I personally WELCOME, this latest number was a surprise to me.

I don’t normally have that many people leave, but hey, if saying it like it is pisses people off that much, so be it!

There’s a lot of people that would raise their eyebrows and say it’s a bad thing.

Not true, my friend. Not true.

Lets take the example of Donald Trump, who once famously and very publicly made a comment about a certain model “not being a 10 any longer”.

Or something like that.

You should have SEEN the backlash! Or heard it, or watched it.

Twitter was ablaze with people accusing him of being a woman hater, womanizer (curious how a woman hater is a womanizer huh), abusive person, and much, much more.

And in the all this hoo haa, steadily his follower base kept increasing.

The publicity he got from all of that was MORE than what he would have got by posting a more “normal” tweet. And trump is a master of the game, bar none as I’ve often said.

If there is something I admire the man for, it’s not so much his politics, but his STYLE!

This morning I was reading about a retired Major in India making the comment about the Nepalese PM being honey trapped by a Chinese dame. Supposedly the Chinese Ambassador to Nepal or something.

And while I don’t know if it’s true, there is no smoke without fire.

And, knowing what I do about the Chinese, and how things work there, it wouldn’t surprise me one damn bit.

And neither does the outrage surprise me.

From the snowflakes, all of whom are unwittingly giving the Major way more publicity than he would have normally gotten!

There’s a marketing lesson in there for you, my friend.

Whether or not you choose to take it is up to you!

And fitness is the same my friend.

The minute someone with a huge belly hanging over their gut posts about being able to do pull-ups, or wanting to for that matter, everyone goes nuts.

How can he. How dare he? Can he ever? And so forth, and often times people lose track of their OWN workouts while discussing it.

And while I don’t recommend sharing your goals with others, the “hard nosed” amongst us often do so and make bold statements with ALCRACITY and POMP and CANDOR . . . and rake in the bucks too, hehe.

Don’t believe me? I understand, and I’ll have more on this later.

For now, the last thing to say here is that the new book on Animal Kingdom Workouts has been written, but my photographer (my wife) bailed mid way due to some B.S. reason about “you didn’t do this, so I won’t do this”.

I wouldn’t be calling it a stretch to say she’s been doing all she can to bully me over the past few months for reasons I best not get into here, but it’s a typical Femi-Nazi approach.

It’s either her way or the highway.

“No, I won’t retake those few pictures!”

OK, dearie.

No problem.

Guess what.

I’ll put the book out with THOSE IMPERFECT pictures (which really aren’t that imperfect as they may seem. I set high standards and like to maintain them but the pictures with a bit of work will be fine; and not to mention there are a few more I have, hehe. Always best to keep an ACE up your sleeve!).

And on that note, I’m off.

Let’s see how many people this last statement of mine ticks off (but really, if you can’t stomach brutal reality of LIFE for what it is, then . . . you should not be on the list, period!).


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – There are some very interesting parallels between the India-China situation and countless stories of “abuse”. Not everything is as it seems to the naked eye, my friend. A bully is a bully, regardless of gender . . .

P.S #2 – Anyway, upward. Here is where you can grab Corrugated Core – a course that has seen plenty of interest since I blasted out the last email on Core Fitness. . .

P.P.S – The book on Animal Kingdom Workouts is coming along nicely, except for ONE thing, which is good, hehe. Much like the book on Pushup Central (I wasn’t planning on more than 30 odd exercises for that book, but we all know where it ended up! 😉) it started off SMALL. I was thinking maybe 25, 26 exercises, but it “grew” (much like with Pushup Central) and right now I’m at 50 odd. All good. I’d rather the book take a couple of weeks more so that (as my customers say) they get REAL value for their MONEY!