Cardio first – – or strength training first?
- One of those eternal questions, hehe

IT’s an evergreen and eternal question that many people and even advanced trainees often ponder.

Should I do my cardio first, he’ll think. That extra weight on my tummy and the man boobs, for one . . .

. . .Or, should I do my strength training first? Wouldn’t climbing hills mean I’ll be too tired to focus on STRENGTH?

But if I do the latter first, wouldn’t my cardio suffer?

And so forth.

Sound familiar?

Well, I thought so, and what usually ends up happening is a lot of folks who need cardio more end up doing strength training first.

But whats the best way?

What is the most productive way?

Well, I’m here to tell you there is NONE (in terms of which choice is better). All depends on your physical condition and your choices. Goals, I should say.

What do I mean?

Well, back in the day I’d do my cardio (hill climbs, which DO build muscle, but are still primarily cardio) FIRST.

And often times, that’s all I’d do. I might throw in some token pushups and pull-ups in there afterwards, or maybe before, but that was IT.

And I did great.

As I wrote about a couple of emails ago, huh.

But, I soon found out that I was neglecting my upper body strength a lot.

It didn’t seem that way of course, given that regular hill climbing DOES build the shoulders and upper back, but when I got back at pull-ups, for one, I was amazed to note that I couldn’t even do half the reps I did before.

And pushups . . . I was amazed at just how tough 10 pushups felt!

And so, after I got the waist whittling and fat levels down, I switched up.

Did a switcherooney.

And . . . I did my pull-ups FIRST. Really focused on them, and soon I was adding in dips and handstand pushups.

And soon, the hill climbs reduced to ONE climb AFTERWARDS.

And then perhaps a few sprints on occasion to really fry the entire body.

This afternoon, that is just what I did.

I did pull-ups and fingertip pushups FIRST, and while they didn’t feel harder, they felt different, and believe me, getting to 50 pull-ups was nowhere as easy as it once was.

For today, that is, and neither were the rope jumps I did later!

2000 normally FLIES past, but while the actual time taken today was probably a couple of minutes longer than normal, it felt different.

Completely different!

And so, I’m here to tell you this (again).

One, no best way.

Two, do what works for YOU. If you’re absolutely unable to run or do sprints after strength training, well, do them first.

Or vice versa.

But for the most part, I think you’ll find once you get your weight down, it’s better to do your pushups and pull-ups FIRST, and the cardio or sprinting LATER.

For the most part, that is, as it really allows you to get into the higher numbers.

But that also means that your climb numbers, or perhaps sprint numbers will be lower.

And that’s fine.

The goal isn’t to fry ourselves to the point of no-return. That’s fine sometimes, but for the most part, it’s about steady training AND improvement.

The last being key, and as you see your numbers on everything improve with this sort of a routine, you’ll understand why I say what I am now!

And that’s that for now. Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – If you aren’t getting some of our emails regularly (some aren’t), let me know and I’ll have it looked at. ‘Twas a glitch with the system the other day and we’re currently testing etc.

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The amazing power of CONTINUITY
- . . is truly what it is all about!

And persistence, I should say.

Two of the “unsexist” words out there, especially in today’s “where is it? I want it NOW!” instant gratification dumbphone enabled world.

And when it comes to success, of course, those are the two words no-one wants to hear.

Including success at . . . yes, FITNESS.

At anything you do actually. Business. Sports. Relationships. ETc.

It’s all built upon the power of continuity.

Michael Phelps was an immensely talented swimmer, and had the physical attributes to boot as well.

But he did NOT just turn into an Olympic champ on the base of that alone, did he?

Did Mike Tyson turn into the world beater he was simply because of a naturally stocky build?

And so forth.


It was training, day in and day out, done no matter what came their way that really GOT THEM THERE!

Lots of you reading this will be thinking “Ho Hum” right about now.

I’m not a Tyson, I hear you say. I don’t have time to workout the entire day.

Ditto for Phelps, or whoever else.

Well, goodie my friend. I’m not asking you for an entire day!

In fact, I am not even telling you to invest in my 15 minute workout system right now . . .

What I’m doing is this – I’m talking to you. About CONSISTENCY.

You do something daily.

And it don’t need to be a lot.

Back in the day, yours truly, hardly the most genetically gifted out there and hardly a sports champ or whatever (though yes, I’ve been called various names approximating that, most recently “Ironman” and “macho man”) did ONE thing daily.

He climbed a hill daily.

That was IT for the most part.

He upped the number of climbs per day once he got comfortable with it.

And for the most part, barring a few pull-ups here and there and a few pushups, that was IT.

He got stunning results from doing this for a few months.

Just think of what if I had done that for an entire year, or two. Or five.

Sure, focusing on just one thing wasn’t the best thing overall in that when I finally got back to pushups, I was amazed at how hard 10 pushups felt (this was at a point I was doing 100 pull-ups per workout! If you need any more PROOF w.r.t the efficacy of pushups, there it is right there!).

But it got me great results, and it was what was needed back then.

If I had tried to do “everything”, which is what most people do in the gyms, jumping around from one machine to the other, I’d have gotten nowhere.

I focused on one thing.

And I did it daily.

Come rain, snow, hail or shine, and I’v ementioned that story in the 0 Excuses Fitness System.

And that, my friend, is success boiled down for you in a nutshell in terms of the DOING part.

Keep showing up, and you’ll ultimately win not just half, but the entire battle!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S.: There was an issue with the newsletter function on the server for the past day or so, therefore no emails from me. Back at it again. Yup. Consistency and then some! 😉

Save your best for the LAST
- Always have something in reserve!

I don’t know if you’ve read the novel Shantam?

It’s a gigantic novel to be honest. Far, far bigger than any of the longest books I’ve put out ; either fitness wise or otherwise!

And a great read.

From a man who likes to keep it real.

A man who goes by the name “Gregory David Roberts”, and a man who went by his adopted name of “Shantaram” during his (mis) adventures in India.

A twist of fate, a forged passport, and being on the lam from the Aussie cops at the time. All led up to him showing up in India no less.

A country he fell in love with at first sight, and it shows in his book!

Anyway, I could wax lyrical about him but I won’t. Or the book for that matter which you really DO need to read if you’re into “keeping it real” style fiction.

There is a section in the book where he details how he is wrongly imprisoned in India for NOTHING he did wrong. No good reason, or any at all.

And the torture he endured at the hands of the Indian jailers is depicted in gory detail as well in the book.

In his own words later, “When the blood was pouring out of my nose, my chin, my entire body was racked with pain I had this one thought – – how can I make MONEY off this experience later?”

Might sound astounding, but great minds think alike my friend, and I can understand what and why he said that and felt the way he did!

And during a pitched battle with a fellow inmate, he once had this to say “in the book”.

Rule #1 of street fighting.

Always have something left in the tank!

And from a man whose seen more real life violence than most of us have (until now at least) that is sage advice indeed.

As my daughter did bear crawls (and a host of other exercises and workouts I really HAVE to put into Animal Kingdom Workouts – Advanced, or perhaps an advanced version of the immensely popular Kiddie Fitness), she had this to say.

(while Daddy was lagging behind, the laggard he is, hehe)

“Dad! Save some energy for the end! Spend less energy now!”

Both the above quotes aren’t verbatim, but the sum and substance is what I mention.

What has this got to do with you, or fitness you ask?

Well, self explanatory my friend.

You always have something left in the tank.

I don’t care if it’s Ali vs Foreman (was it?? Or was it Frazier? Hehe) or Tyson vs foreman (yeah, I think that was it), or if is Michael Phelps at the Beijing Olympics stroking his way to (stop right there! 😉) YET another gold.

Or, me during hill sprints and rope sprints (best alternative if you ain’t got hill around where you’re at).

You start strong, but you finish STRONGEST.

Always save that little extra bit for the end my friend, and as I REALLY, REALLY cranked up the heat on some of them sprints, this came back to me – manifold.

NEVER go all out to the point where you lose the race before you start my friend.

Does this mean you go “slow”?

Not at all.

But it does mean you judge your capacity and capabilities accordingly, and you go from there!

I’ll have more on this later, but for now, this is the best piece of fitness (and indeed life related) advice I an give you.

And I just did. Enjoy!


Rahu lMookerjee

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Oh MY! That’s a SPRINT and a half!
- . . . and it sure was!

So, it just popped out.

Just popped out yes.

No, it ain’t what you’re thinking, so stop already.

And NO, it ain’t what you’re thinking, so STOP  ALREADY.

I rarely use “LOL” in emails etc, but I’ll use it now. LOL.

(And no, some of you on the other blog may not want me to stop it already, but hey . . . 😉).

Anyway, what am I talking about now you might ask.

Whats Rahul on about.

Well, my workout today, my friend, took things to a whole different level altogether.

At a certain point I was so out of breath that it didn’t even feel like I was out of breath or breathing.

I just stopped doing what I was doing as the world “stabilized” around me, and gradually, I heard a sound.

A deep, thymic, boom boom boom boom.

And it shouldn’t come as no conincidence that my daughter told me an hour or so later that “Dad, do you know you can hear your own heart beat in a quietened room?”

Always full of “facts” is my little one.

Always on “Bright Side” videos apparently. Some of those facts are actually pretty cool though, so if you’re into trivia, you know where to go!

Anyway, I didn’t tell her about my rampaging workout today.

But yes.

THAT was really a sprint workout my friend and THOSE are the words that popped out.

People often ask of being out of breath, and “how out of breath should I be” during sprints.

Well, Advanced Hill Training addresses some of this, but really, it’s simple.

It’s not even the point at which you can’t hold on a conversation without panting up a storm.

That’s great, yes, and a lot of you have probably felt that way while either working up to real sprints (book mentions how) and doing pushup workouts etc.

But THIS my friend is different, and you’ll know what I mean when you do ‘em/

And if you do rope sprints like I do, you’re quickly learn that along with Hindu squats (if you can do ‘em at that level) they’re the next best thing to actual hill sprints, or perhaps as good or even better in some regards.

Anyway, the rest times were longer.

It’s not for nothing I say in Advanced Hill Training that you’re training for less time, and resting for the majority of the workout!

And there are some great, great workouts in the book my friend.

In fact, the exercises are the exact same as I used at that time to literally drop weight DAILY, my friend (with proof to boot).

Don’t believe me?

Well, go right HERE my friend and check out the course. If anything will make a believer out of you, this will!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Another course that has been steadily rising up the popularity charts is Animal Kingdom Workouts. Click HERE to check it out!

That calm, ZEN like feeling after a REAL workout!
- is like NO other!

As I sit here writing this to you, I feel a sense of CALM envelop me on a hot, hot summer’s day (afternoon).

As I sit here after a solid workout, and not such a “solid” meal of rice and ah, but I’ll let you guess. 😉

Rice and soup, actually!

And yes, that sort of thing CAN be filling and how if you do it right.

Anyway, I feel like I’m “floating”.

If there was one thing I neglected over the past couple of days due to all the computer issues going on, it is my FITNESS routines.

Now don’t get me wrong.

I still did something.

Walking. Pull-ups. And so forth. But I did not do what I would do normally, which is to dedicate and set time apart for my workout (again, obvious reaons, without a working computer I cant get online and write to you, put out products and so forth).

Curiously enough, or maybe not, the last crash occurred while uploading my books to Lulu, another online book seller you may or may not have heard of.

So yes.

We ARE all over the place.

But I’d rather you buy my books directly from the site, as it lessens the chances of me having to ‘depend” on the biggies or what not.

Obvious reasons again (and yes, I know, I keep saying that!).

Anyyyyyy way, where was I.

The obvious. Hehe. Or maybe not.

That calm, Zen like relaxed state where words just POUR out of me.

And aside from this:

I get the following from a workout done right – increased productivity for one (big time). More ENERGY (common sense).

Less flatulence and “bloat” (not that those issues happen any more to me, but they did at a certain stage).

A tendency to look at things differently than if I were to be irritated and cranky all damn day long (again, obvious, but you’d be amazed at how many people overlook this).

And that’s not even skimming the top of the iceberg (or the CONE I often buy my daughter, hehe).

And neither am I even getting into the physical benefits.

Believe me, I used to workout before, but it’s NOT any old workout that will give you these results.

It’s workouts done RIGHT that will.

Bodyweight training done RIGHT.

Back in the day, I lifted weights at home and did a few half hearted pushups or whatever.

But I didn’t get ANY of the above benefits.

My stomach problems kept increasing. I did NOT lose oodle of weight quick. And while I didn’t feel cranky and irritated after my routines, I’d feel exhausted.

Not buzzing with energy as I am now.

Probably the only gain was forearm strength, and my farmer’s walk (an exercise I highly, highly advocate) had a lot to do with that as opposed to the mindless curling and pumping (yeah, I have been there and done that! Hehe).

And so it goes, my friend.

Workout like you should.

The right way.

The 0 Excuses way.

There truly IS NO other better way!


Rahul Mookerjee

If youre tossing and turning at night . . .
- . . . this might be of interest!!

It sucks, doesn’t it?

Going to bed at night . . . and  . . . NOT being able to sleep, despite hours of “trying to”.

I see it all the time.

People complaining of insomnia, and “welcome to my world!” comments when another person refers to having insomnia.

As if staying up until the wee hours of the morning (when you do NOT want to) and then not being able to sleep was a badge of honor and the most normal thing in the world.

Anyway, just so you know, I’ve been there. Used to be, way back in the day I could barely get to bed (sleep) without a solid “heft” of liqor in me, and then some.

Or, without the conditions being “perfectly right” for me to sleep.

And so forth.

And often times, I STILL couldn’t sleep.

Tossing and turning until 4 AM, “wishing” that I’d finally fall asleep, and when I did, it was with the “dread” that the alarm clock “Stood ready” to toll an hour or so later anyway . . .

It’s a shitty feeling, and a most annoying one at that.

Of course, if I knew what I do now, this wouldn’t happen at all. And if it did, I’d do what I do on the VERY rare occasions that it happens NOW . .. that being to hammer out some work while I’m up and unable to sleep.

Or, and this works like a charm, a quick 100 squat workout. Isn’t a lot for me, but works like a charm anyway when it comes to insomnia . . .

Anyway, my wife was telling my daughter something about this the other day.

My daughter (when she doesn’t exercise, and being it’s “lockdown time” these days, that happens quite a lot) is anything BUT sleepy at night, and she usually hollers for a good hour or so before going to bed.

(this is unless she’s done a solid Kiddie Fitness or park workout with me earlier on in the day, of course, but that happens quite often for whatever reason)

And my wife was telling her this.

“When I was young, they used to ask me if I died when I slept, so soundly did I sleep, moving nary a limb!”

(this is me translating the Hindi version into English for y’all) . . .

And for whatever reason, my daughter found that hilarious.

But the point stands.

My wife (when she was young) used to wake up at 530 AM and go to “exercise” in a field with her Dad.

You wouldn’t believe it by looking at her now (no she is NOT fat, but she’s hardly the “six pack” owner you’d expect her to be from following the routines she did, and yet, she’s fitter than the average gym bro – and can outdo ME TOO in some of the exercises we do together, if you can believe me!).

It truly “stays with you” if you start ‘em young . . . which is another reason I make it a point to do as much  Kiddie Fitness with my daughter as I can. Yours truly, as you know, had the exact opposite upbringing, and those tight hamstrings are STILL an issue for me!

Anyway. 530-730 of running around in a field, often times with mud up to your ankles.

Helping around the house.

A half an hour or so bike ride to school and back.

And then 3-4 hours of solid sports in the evening.

My my my.

Is it any wonder she slept like a a log and then some?

And lest you think you too have to follow this sort of regimen in order to fall asleep instantly, think again.

You CAN if you want to (think back to the times I hiked hills for hours daily in the sweltering HEAT).

But you don’t have to.

A quick 30-40 minute blast, TOPS (most people don’t even need that much) is literally all you need my friend.

A 100 pushups is MORE than enough for most people to be exhausted for not just that one day, but DAYS afterwards.

Ditto for some of the other exercises I teach.

Believe me my friend. There IS a way to get rid of the annoyance, and it’s easier than you think!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Here is where you can get the BEST damn course on pushups my friend: (and YES, the workouts therein WILL banish insomnia so quickly you’ll wonder if you ever had it in the first place! 😉)

More on barefoot training, and why YOU need to incorporate this into YOUR routines.
- It indeed does work the ENTIRE BODY DIFFERENTLY!

So, I believe I did up a post on barefoot training a coupla days ago extolling the virtues and benefits of the same, and (I believe, I’ll have to see, but I think so) why you should do the same for your training.

And believe me, the last couple of days have been hectic to say the least.

The break in posting and emailing wasn’t because of anything other than a COMPUTER failure.

Winblows, to say the least. BLOWS. SUCKS.

Those that were “with me” while I was pounding out Animal Kingdom Workouts know very well what happened during that time, and truth be told, it’s hardly the first time that despite Window’s repeated assurances, computers have crashed . . . and with it, all my data, or most of it just up and gone when you least expect it.

You can back up until the cows come home, but if something occurs when you least expect it, guess what.

You’re just plain damn screwed. And so I was for the past couple of days. Still not back to normal, but I’ve at least got the old machine back to where I can type.

Used to be they made things to last.

My first two Toshibas lasted for YEARS. 10 years to be precise, each one of them.

And this crappy Asus I’ve got, with all the latest tech gizmos and what not? Barely a couple of years if even that.

Yet another note NOT To buy Chinese products, hehe, but truth be told, QUALITY is going down globally and how. But then again, it’s usually made in China! 😉

Anyway . . .

So while working out today, I realized something.

While in a position I’ve often spoken of, and in a position most people can’t even begin to get into.

This includes people all over the world. Position isn’t the table position I’ve spoken of and rated so highly in 0 Excuses Fitness.

It’s the Asian squat, something I have not covered a lot of, at least not in the past. I’ve been doing that as of late, and many of the exercises in Animal Kingdom Workouts involve this posture, and for good damned reason!

And believe me, doing it with shoes is a hell of a lot easier than without, and that is what I Covered in the last post about barefoot training (if it ever got uploaded and sent).

I believe it did.

Look, if you think this sort of thing is airy fairy yoda like sh**, think again. It ain’t!

Do a regular pushup barefoot for one in PROPER form, slow and steady, for 25 reps.

If you do it in proper form, you WILL feel your thighs working my friend. Big time. And this only increases as you go through the workout – barefoot. There is a very good reason I always tout pushups as the best OVERALL Body exercise, not just upper body!

And as to why I filmed 0 Excuses Fitness and Pushup Central (amongt others) . . , barefoot.

Balance. Tendon strength. Ligament strength. Taxing the whole body differently.

These are but some of the things that come to mind my friend when we’re talking barefoot training.

I’LL HAVE MORE on this in the future, but for now . . . give this sort of training a whirl in your own routines. I promise you will be very pleasantly surprised!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. Here is where you can pick up Pushup Central:

Is it just me, or has customer service gone straight to HELL?
- . . . for the most part!

I don’t know why, but every day I wake up and do business with someone or the other, my prediction of “2020 truly being the year of the survivor” seems to be coming true.

It isn’t just the Coronavirus scare.

It isn’t just the various warring factions in the world taking sides. In case you’ve been living under a rock . . . ah, but I doubt anyone has to that extent!

This isn’t about politics, but hey, I’ve been predicting this to happen for AGES.

I said way back in February that September this year truly WOULD BE a month of reckoning either way.

And current global events are poised so as to make that “prediction” come true at exactly that time.

What exactly will happen I don’t know, but war is imminent. I’ve been saying it for a while, and the rogue Chinese (and now the Russians and the joke of the century Iran) has pretty much said it out loud.

And as for Iran. Issuing a warrant for President Trump.

I mean, give me a break. A country with NO military whatsoever when compared to most modern (or halfway modern militaries) . . . even Pakistan could probably best it in a dog fight, and they aren’t by any means a strong nation (they can barely feed their own people to say the least).

Russia is a different story, but as I said this morning, I highly highly doubt that they will side with China when push comes to shove. They may act like they will, but what will actually transpire is a different issue.

Anyway, back to customer service.

I don’t know why, but EVERY TIME I bring up an issue these days with companies such as Google, Amazon etc . . . companies that had GREAT customer service (especially the latter!) I get “stock” copy and paste responses which infuriate me, not so much because of how STUPID they are, but because the person on the other end didn’t bother to read what I was writing before dashing the response off.

Ctrl C, Ctrl V, send.

Is that what customer service has come to??

Recently (over the past few months actually) one of my books on Amazon has been flagged by their system as “duplicate” and having a higher price than another version which was published by another publisher (who no longer even has an account on Amazon because it got blocked due to whatever reason).

And Amazon keeps sening me emails about it asking me to lower the price.

When I tell them to deactivate the other link, I get a response back saying “Please don’t worry”, and little else.

And then one saying “the issue has been resolved”.

And then one a month later bringing the same issue back up.

When I tell them about it, and provide the history etc, I get a one line response saying “We’re looking into it”.

And then . . .

You get the drift. Hamster on a a treadmill. Used to be emailing Jeff directly would at least get a human being to look at the issue, but no longer.

I fear that Amazon may lose much of it’s pre-eminence if the ONE thing that separate it big time from the rest goes down as it is – customer service.

And ditto for Google etc.

This morning, I had a similar experience with a Google customer service rep apparently based out of India (where the level of customer service is so atrocious that you would NOT believe me if I told you) who did the exact same thing and more.

What is that?

Well another thing that annoyes me no end is this.

When people reply back to an email saying “To minimize the back and forth over email, let’s get on a call”.

Um, thanks, but no thanks.

First thing you know, I mentioned that in the Google form I submitted.

Second, Miss Anikitha, I replied back to your email and politely asked you to get back via email.

And third, I did that again this morning.

And I doubt any of that is having an effect on either Google or yourself.

NO, I do NOT want to get on the phone to waste my time and explain an issue that has been very clearly explained via email.

And MOST of the time, I’ve found that when people don’t want to get back via email, it is to cover up uncomfortable truths at their end that they do NOT wish to put in writing.

With Amazon, it is a system glitch at their end they won’t end.

Ditto for this issue with Google most likely, which Google hasn’t even looked at in weeks (at least Amazon computer bots are better in that regard! Hehe.).

And Paytm is even worse. And as far as the Indian banks go where you withdraw money from ATM’s and the money doesn’t come back to you two years later, and they don’t respond to inquiries on that  . . . well the less said the better.

I’ve written before about why customer service and I.T./BPO in general has moved out of india, and while it’s a pity, it was slated to happen given the atrocious service attitude most reps here have.

And most of it has gone to Eastern Europe where thankfully the attitude is far far better, at least for now.

Anyway, ist hat a long enough rant?

Can you relate?

I don’t know, my friend.

But what I said BE true.

And that’s why I keep carping upon doing your own thing. Amazon could screw you over tomorrow with it’s systems being down or whatever.

Or, as they did with my last publisher (different biz) simply block them altogether for some vague reason.

Ditto for Google. Or any company you depend upon really.

Invest in YOURSELF, my friend.

Invest in YOUR site (and even that ain’t fool proof unless you control the actual infrastructure, cables etc).

Think I’m BS’ing?

Think again, my friend, especially given what is going on in the world today.

Anyway, yours truly makes it a point to try and respond to all customers that email me, unless they’re just too stupid to respond to (such as inquiries about “why are your ebooks so expensive”).

And yours truly ALWAYS sends out links to HIS site and asks you to buy from there as opposed to from Amazon etc.

Yes, I’m on those sites.

Yes, I could probably get more customers from there if people buy from there as opposed to my site.

But you know what?

I’d rather people buy from MY OWN site, and stay away from the biggies as far as possible for obvious reasons and those mentioned above.

And that’s that for now.

Off my soapbox . . . for now!!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Here is where you can pick up the latest course I’ve put out – Animal Kingdom Workouts –

P.S. – And ALL our other courses are available here. DO download direct from here – – you’ll get PDF’s much as you would with Amazon etc!

When I could barely fit in the sofa . . .
- . . . a most interesting trip down memory lane!

So, recently I put out a book.

Or, a collection of experiences actually, all so damned inspiring that I can’t help but “froth at the bit” every time I even think of them!

And every time I do NOT feel like working out, guess which experiences I bring to mind.

If you guessed one of the ones in the book mentioned above, (in the link) . . . . well, you’d be dead on right my man.

And here’s something I’ve been talking about a long, long time. Visualization is KEY, my friend to achieving the results you want out of life and fitness.

Want to be able to bang out 100 pull-ups per workout?

Well, you have to truly SEE and believe yourself doing it first. And the first comes first!

No, you don’t “believe” first, and you don’t think or believe without seeing. We think in PICTURES, and those pictures are what get communicated to the subconscious FIRST.

And once the MAIN pictures, that we think of all day long get deeply embedded into our subconscious minds, virtually nothing can stop us from achieving whatever it is those pictures tell the subconscious to do.

More is mentioned on this along with my own experiences in the book on pull-ups.

(And it’s key to note that the RIGHT pictures need to be conveyed to your subconscious. Many people have good intentions, but they “think the wrong things” if you get my drift! 😉).

And anyway . . .

Another trip down memory lane today and one I didn’t put in the book.


Well, because . . . it’s the exact opposite of what the book intends to do, but only in a strange manner.

It was a time when I could barely fit into a large sized sofa meant for one person!

A sofa that probably two of me could squeeze into now . . .

Literally. My thighs would chafe against the sides. My stomach would bulge out. And my ass would sink that much further into it.

And of course, the fat on my chest etc.

That was also the time my little girl was born years ago (boy, time flies!) and my “massive” pudgy arm would almost cover her as she slept sometimes.

Mommy used to be worried she’d get “flattened”.

But she wasn’t, hehe. She’d just wriggle out like babies do.

And she’d take ME in her baby arms sometimes, and it was a sight to behold as the beached whale slept in his 3 month old daughter’s arms (2 actually hehe).

And . . . anyway, why do I bring all this up?

Not because my daughter remembers it all, and often reminds me of it!

Its because when you visualize, and I’ve said this before, you do so WHILE keeping one foot in reality.

The gooooorrroooooss often tell you just to visualize what you WANT.

Focus on what you want, not what you don’t. And I say that too.

But . . . focusing on what you want is fine and dandy so long as you KNOW where you are NOW.

Once you take a quick gander at where you are NOW, THAT is when you can start focusing INTENSELY on what you do want in life.

And that, my friend, is one of the tricks to making visualization work out for you (pun? I think not, hehe) both in terms of LIFE – and fitness!

The split screen technique as it were, and the mirror technique or a combo therein, and I’ve written about all of this before, and will continue to do so in future.

For now it’s adios, and I’ll see you soon again!


Rahul Mookerjee

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On setting yourself up for failure and “finding a scapegoat”
- Pathetic indeed, to say the least, if done officially!

. . . while being apparently unconcerned with a real problem, or “seemingly concerned”, but in reality, doing all one can to pass the buck.

I’ll come out and say it.

IN fact, I have been for ages.

And I’ll say it again.

The way the current Indian admin is responding to the Chinese intrusions all along the border and indeed INTO The country is indeed not just mystifying, but PATHETIC as well.

And what I read from the Indian Defence Minister yesterday only served to solidify this feeling.

To quote him, he goes ““Based on the progress of (Sino-Indian) talks so far, the situation should be resolved. But, to what extent it will be resolved, I cannot guarantee. However, I can assure you that no power on earth can touch, or capture, even an inch of Indian territory.””

There is more, and you can read it here if you so choose:

But if there ever was a more contradictory statement (and a formal one) issued by any sort of admin on this, I’m yet to hear it.

Compare this to what the BEST WORLD LEADER, bar NONE does.

He calls China out regularly for what it is – a bully, and threatens solid action, and then DOES IT.

And China knows it.

And they also know that the Indian admin makes statements, but hardly, if ever follows up on what they say.

Over the years, the Chinese have salami sliced off more of Indian territory than the admin cares to admit (or seemingly cares at all).

And this time, as they talk about “befitting replies being given”, the FACT – – and this has been reported by multiple SENIOR ex-Military officers in India, is that China has not just intruded way into Indian territory, but it steadfastly refuses to budge, and has set themselves up for the long haul.

And as talk, they are mobilizing all along the border for what will happen very soon, and what I’ve been saying all along but no-one bar a few believes it.

Yet another intrusion.

Because the Chinese have no choice. They’re almost out of land and water, and their economy is literally teetering on the precipice, despite what a lot of people think.

Believe me, I’ve seen the factories shut down, and the internal riots etc – – as well as what their own people are saying (before being sent off to gulags for saying it).

China is NOT in the position of strength it claims to be.

Anyway, back to the point.

The Defence Minster makes a claim one on hand, and then very conveniently makes another statement which effectively absolves him or the current admin of any responsibility “in case of failure” (which it seems in their own pacifist way they are planning for).

All the more appaling, because the Indian military not only stands ready to re-claim everything taken over the past few years, but the admin has effectively hamstrung them and left them unable to do their JOBS.

And of course, why do I bring all this up.

Well, for one, I don’t think any of us wants to be speaking Chinese and assimilated forcefully into Han Chinese culture in the years to come.

I wrote on Facebook and Twitter today that there are very strong parallels (and this has been going on for years and years) between what the Nazis did prior to WWII and what the PRC is doing with all it’s neighbors (and backing that up with economic heft, something the Nazis weren’t that good at).

I wrote that there if there is ONE “race” on the planet that on the whole believes in the concept of racial superiority, it is the Han Chinese.

Don’t believe me?

Fine, but rest assured I don’t make such claims lightly!

And for the non believers, a quick trip to Tibet, Xinjiang and Inner Mongolia and talking to the locals there should be enough to clear away any and all doubts.

Or, you could simply follow Mike Pompeo on Twitter . . .

Anyway, reason #2.

Because the same damned thing applies to fitness.

The person starts out with a worthy goal.

I’m going to get to a 100 pull-ups per workout!

I WILL lose that excess flab around the midsection!

I will . . . insert goal of choice.

And yet, mentally, they’re singing a different tune.

It’s a very well known fact that our subconscious is really what brings RESULTS into play for us, and if the subconscious doesn’t believe what you’re telling yourself consciously, then you’ll never get to that goal.

Or you may get there, and as Dr. Maxwell Maltz once said, you’ll always “bounce back” to the starting point of your journey, much like a rubber band snapping back to it’s original position.

And as the person makes the goal, self doubt creeps in.

“Can I really get to that many pull-ups? Probably not!”

And guess what happens.

There is a very damn good reason I speak about the MENTAL side of things in the NEW and IMPROVED version of “Pull-ups from DUD to STUD – within a few WEEKS”.

There is a damn good reason I speak about in the 10 commandments of Physical Success in the 0 Excuses Fitness System.

In “Battletank Shoulders”.

In “Gumption Galore”.

And damn near all my books, courses and writings.

You have to BELIEVE in yourself first before anything happens!

And back to Mr. Rajnath Singh, if there was ever a more stunning example of NOT believing in oneself and “his” powers, it is there right in front of us for all to see . . .

. . . made more stunning by the fact that unlike the person starting out on pull-ups, HE DOES HAVE the military might to do what needs to be done!

Ah, but we went there, didn’t we?

To recap: Self belief, my friend, is truly the most important thing. Without it you’re nothing. With it, you’re everything!

And on that note I’m out. Back later.


Rahul Mookerjee

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