China and India . . . India and China . . .
- The two nations are more similar than they (publicly care to acknowledge) know!

Recently I saw a picture in a leading Indian daily of a couple.

An Indian guy married to someone who can I only assume is either Chinese, or of Chinese origin.

And this picture brought back memories. Many, many memories came flooding back and while there was the brief second of hesitation that prompted me to WAIT before I put “pen to paper”, that didn’t last too long!

And for good reason.

It was never really hesitation, actually. It was INTROSPECTION, as I now come to realize, an hour or so after a smashing workout (I’m still sweating after a shower in air conditioning as I type this!).

The two countries, or should I say the PEOPLE are more similar than they think – – or know.

Lots of folks think I’m a huge supporter of war between the two nations.

While the rogues that run China right now have made that something almost impossible to ignore, the fact is this – I am not for war anywhere if it can be avoided. Neither is the Indian nation as a whole, and a quick gander at it’s history and indeed its place in history as the OLDEST civilization should be more than enough to explain why I’m saying thi.

What I am NOT for is being bullied on any level.

It starts small, and much like COVID unleashed by the CCP on the rest of the world (and their own people), it starts to grow.

It grows, grows and grows unchecked because “people think it doesn’t matter”.

It does, my friend.

Never ignore something that is small but growing.

The Universe recognizes no such thing as the word IMPOSSIBLE!

It recognizes three things.

DESIRE. (the starting point of any and all action).

What is right.

And what is WRONG.

And it metes out justice accordingly, and what is happening in the world right now should be more than enough proof (and I am not just referring to the India-China situation here).

Prior to WWII, and prior to the meteoric and sudden rise of a genocial yet BRILLIANT lunatic that would put Hannibal Lecter to shame was never forseen, was it?

He took over a beer hall.

He got put in prison.

He wrote Mein Kampf.

And the rest is, fortunately, or unfortunately, history.

Slowly, but steadily, the country he led IGNORED all its post war obligations. It took over neighboring nations territories . . . and was “ignored” by global powers that chose to unwisely let sleeping dogs lie.

The dog was never sleeping!

It marched into territories that were demilitarized, and did the exact opposite of what was promised.

All this while, they ran a reign of terror at home. Ordinary Germans that were no more racist or prejudiced than you or I were forced to believe (or say they did), or else . . .

. . Mass terror, hypnosis, and BRAINWASHING.

Is it just me, or are there plenty of parallels between the thugs that currently run China as a nation and what I just described above?

It’s sad that it’s come to this.

The Chinese in general are more Indian than they know it, and probably in some regards vice versa too!

In fact, it is a pity that the two giant economies are choosing to break each other down as opposed to WORK TOGETHER!

And there is only ONE rogue actor in all this. The CCP, and it’s leadership.

It is NOT the Chinese people themselves, many of whom would PRIVATELY agree with me and then some.

I first visited China in 2003, and some of the people that have helped me the MOST when I needed it the most have been Chinese.

Maria, the “sister” I never had. Anne (both of them), the “friends” as they like to put it. And many others. . .

Is racism a huge problem in China?


And yet I say the above!

If you were to really ask the Chinese middle class, and indeed the Indians as well what they want, it would be peace and economic co-operation, NOT trying to “outdo” or outbully the other.

Who really loses in a war my friend?

Those that make the decisions usually don’t, at least not in a way we know of.

It’s still a matter of debate, for instance, as to whether Hitler really took his own life . . .

Sure, the Universe dispenses justice to ALL in its own unique way, but the people that suffer the first and most are those that actually go to war to FIGHT – – and the middle classes back home.

Is it any co-incidence that middle classes are slowly, but surely being WIPED out all over the globe (the REAL and silent PANDEMIC that NO-ONE talks about, or has the balls to TALK about?)?

I think not, my friend. I’ve never believed in coincidences anyway, and don’t think I’m about to begin now.

My close friends know that while I ain’t no fan of the CCP, Deng Xiaoping is a man who I’ve always rated highly as a Chinese leader (perhaps the ONLY ONE) due to his sheer PRAGMATISM and practicalism.

Before you say it, NO, I do NOT support Tinamen!

But he was the one that was responsible for bringing China to the global stage in a way that what is happening now can even HAPPEN.

“Hide your strength, bide your time”.

And I do NOT think he would approve of what is going on now if he were to be alive. Indo-China ties were actually improving under his watch as the two neighbors put aside silly rivalries for a while . . .

Alas, that was not to last.

And before you complain about ramapant materialism and so forth, and “money being God”, (which unfortunately is a reality for many of the brainwashed masses in mainland China today), Deng Xiaoping did NOT make that actual statement.

“Rang yi bu fen re, qian fu qi lai.”

The real meaning behind this is “If some people grow rich, that is a GOOD thing”.

And he was right. That is how the middle classes rise and millions are taken out of poverty!

It’s a pity the old man isn’t alive today, as I really doubt he would be in favor of taking the country down the path of devastation which is sure to happen sometime in the future if the CCP doesn’t change it’s rogue style.

Last, but not least, none of this should be taken as a pacifist approach to anything.

There is a time for being “Gandhian”, and a time to take up the cudgels and actually RESPOND in kind.

And that time will come. September from where I can see will truly be a time of reckoning in many regards.

Yes, you can laugh at me if you so choose. The same way people laughed at me when I first said that lockdowns would NOT get rid of the virus, for instance . . . or that it was “blatantly” clear who spread this.

Does the Chinese public want war?

I do NOT think so, and the same has been mentioned publicly on many fronts as well.

The rogues that run the nation? I don’t think I need to answer that, do I?

But the clock is ticking, China. The time is now starting to run out.

Although there is still time to do the right thing, that time won’t last forever.

What path you choose to take is indeed up to you!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Back to “regular programing” from the next email, or something closely approximating it. With the current situation as it is, I HAD To talk to you guys about this!

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