On pre-concieved notions, and more!
- Really, my friend - if any of this hits home . . . it SHOULD!

One of the reasons I hated the ESL industry (back when I still taught, which seems like a frigging lifetime and a half away now, hehe) was the tendency to be racist on the part of customers.

Or, as some people liked to put it “have pre-concienved notions) (which amazingly enough these same nuts would DEFEND).

Such as “Rahul can’t speak English. He’s not white, so obviously . . . “

And if you don’t believe me, just do a search on the Internet and you’ll quickly find out why anyone with any sense calls ESL the most idiotic “occupation” (I use that term loosely!) there ever is.

In fact, amazingly enough, Charles, a friend of mine who once sourced some stuff from India and used my services for that had this to say about it.

“If I want Indian food, I want an Indian preparing it. Not a Mexican!”

Which I don’t quite agree with. For instance, yours truly knows NOTHING about cooking Indian food, but a Mexican chef might! 😉

OK, but maybe that’s somewhat acceptable from a certain angle.

Pre-concieved notions, and how we all have ‘em.

Yeah. Right.

His next comment floored me. And remember this is a FRIEND talking to me. (or who was a friend back then I suppose).

“So it’s natural they want a white person to teach English!”

This was such an amazingly dumb comment that I didn’t have the heart to challenge it initially.

But I did anyway.

What about a non -white person that grew up or was born in the West, I asked.

Crickets . . .

I asked again.


And this morning, as I received the following note from a lady on LinkedIn, I felt compelled to bring this up.

“Hello Rahul, my name is Angela, would you be open to connecting with me? I help professional wellness coaches to improve their English communication and nutrition vocabulary in order to expand their customer base globally and improve career prospects.”

Very polite indeed.

And obviously a copy paste job, although not in bulk.

But what is glaring, and stands out is what she SAID.

Any idiot that takes a look at my site or my profile on any social networking site can tell you one damned thing, that the last thing I need is communication lessons in English!!

Hindi, perhaps. Hehe. But English?? I don’t think so, my friend.

Unless she’s a grammar Nazi and those that carp on how “typos are terrible!” (yeah right again. My emails contain plenty of ‘em, and they always will, hehe, and it don’t impact sales one damn bit).

And I said “it don’t”. Not it doesn’t.

I’d probably get a rebuke on that from my 10th grade English teacher who once complained that all I did during her class was look out of the window.

“What are you looking for Rahul”, she used to say in a resigned sort of tone. “Ice cream sellers?”

At the age of 15??

And if that wasn’t enough, the fact is my English even before that age was way better than hers, so it was one of the most boring classes, ever, and . . .

But back to pre-conceieved notions.

This lady clearly hasn’t bothered to read my profile anywhere. If she, she’d know my thoughts on nutrition and probably wouldn’t bother connecting!

Anyway, all good. I “connected” with her, and I’ll post about this on LinkedIn, and will keep you apprised of the response, hehe.

And no, my friend.

Saying that “you look at a certain person and make snap judgments” doesn’t work when it comes to language proficiency or other skills.

ORIGIN? (ethnic)

Perhaps so. And even then, 99.99% of people place me WRONGLY at first go . . .

But language?

Give me a break.

Fitness skills? Do we say that black guys who are bonafide gorillas in many regards (think popular perception here my friends) are better at physical exercise than everyone else?

Sure, Kenyan runners may be the best, but are they the only ones out there?

Are “white guys” the only ones with money or a career?

OR the ability to speak a certain language, or NOT (Russians)?

When I see stupidity like this, I just have to write about it at length.

And fitness wise, same damned thing.

Bodyweight exercise guy?

Oh, how can he be strong? My weight toned muscles could probably lift him and up toss him out of the window!

How can pushups make you strong? No way!

Bodyweight exercises are only good for conditioning!

And of course when presented with hard solid proof as I presented the other day . . .

. . .

. . .

You guessed it. Hehe.


And on that note, I’m off for my workout. See ya later!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – You on this list are smart enough to NOT have pre-conceived notions of this nature, and it is for people like YOU that I put my product list together. Take a gander right here – https://0excusesfitness.com/products/

P.S #2 – As I get done with a shower post workout, I just had to write this. This should probably go in the main body of the email, but I want to put it here, so I am!

Uncle Bob (when I told him about this sort of thing  and how it pissed people off when I POINTED out the FACTS for what they were) once sagely said, “Well, I don’t blame you for saying it. Its true!”

Yup, him of the nail that sticks out getting hammered in the first, hehe.

“Do you think Nicole could teach English here? She’s been trying to get a job forever teaching English, but will it happen?”

“Not bloody likely!”

He was referring to his Chinese wife. Not a native speaker by any means, but DEFINITELY way way better English than some of the Russians running around doing the job, and . . .

As a friend Dwayne recently said,

“ESL truly is a vocation where people get hired on the basis of their skin color and mostly nothing else”

Nationality too I’d add, but yes, for the Chinese skin color is all that  matters in life (no matter how much they deny it publicly) and this holds doubly true for ESL as well.

P.p.S – Anyway, enough of that ESL rubbish. I don’t know why, but the idea to create a course on animal kingdom workouts came to me today as I was working out (finishing up), and so though the book on isometrics is getting there, this one will probably be the next one out. Stay tuned!

P.P.S #2 – Somehow I just knew it. Here is the lady’s second message (with NO response from me on the first) – –

. . . I worked in food safety for over a decade and then nutrition and food development for a further 8 years. For the last two years I have taught English as a foreign language. Let me know if you would like to book a free 30-min strategy session with me so that I can better understand your current situation. . .

(this is part of it, but you get the drift. ESL. UGH. If there was ever any more proof needed in terms of the buffoon factory, this is IT!). Foreign language, my ass, hehe.

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