On FEARLESS motivation, and more . . .
- Visuals are indeed where it's at!

(Edit – though I don’t generally edit posts, this one was written a day or so ago, and TODAY, I see another man who I greatly admire (I won’t name him here! 😉) write a post about “Fearless Fitness”. Great minds do think alike. Anyway, onward! 😉).

Just got done with a great, great workout.

One of the Facebook groups I’m a part of is aptly named “Fearless Motivation”.

I’ve seen many a meme titled that way too, and as I did today’s workout, that resonated with me . . .

. . .and guess what the picture I had in mind WAS.


Iron Mike, pumping out none other than reps on the JUMP ROPE!

Iron Mike doing ROPE sprints (which I’ll write about soon).

IRON Mike with that cast IRON jaw, and LOOK in the eye, that steely look of determination that says “Come GET IT .  . . SON!”

Iron Mike that famously said . . . And that I famously (not so much, hehe) wrote about . . .

As Vincent and myself once spoke about “we’ve lived our whole life by GUT”

And he’s the only man that I know that can even come close to Tyson’s punching power.

Him and the African Silverback Gorilla Marc that is! 😉

But in terms of sheer VERVE, and sheer BRUTALITY, I’d have to say Vincent.

But wait.

What did Tyson say eh.

“You can have all the plans in the world, but when you get punched in the face, they fly STRAIGHT out of the window and do you NO good”.

Now, this isn’t verbatim but it was the sum and substance of what he said.

I’ve often spoken about visualization and the SECRET behind most real accomplishment.

It isn’t so much what you do and how often you do it.

It’s HOW you do it!!!

As Wallace D Wattles said, there is a CERTAIN WAY of doing things.

And sure, the physical part is important. All the visuals in the world ain’t gonna do doodley squat until you get off your ass and DO THE THING, but here’s the thing.

The MOTIVATION required come from the VISUALS.

When I was shooting for a 100 pull-ups per workout, that guy in the movies I refer too so often stood out.

The muscles of his back stood out in stark relief as he completed one slow rep after the other . . . and more is mentioned on the sales page for pull-ups. (I believe it was Red Dragon, but I’m not sure!).

And while doing my rope sprints and feeling the burn like never before, Tyson’s image with a JUMP ROPE in hand, sweat beading off those massive pecs was in my “minds eye” as my own sweat tooled off me like never before.

And my OWN core was in my mind.

And . . . you get the picture!

It’s the visuals, my friend, that drive you to achieve IF and what you do, and if there is one truism to success, this is it.

Last, but not least, don’t think for a minute Tyson built himself up using weights.


It was jumping rope, sprints of various natures and PUSHUPS that did it. Sure, weights might have been done for the neck, but that was about it!

And on that note I’m out. Fearless motivation indeed!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Here is where you can grab the course on pushups that would likely get the NOD OF APPROVAL – something I’ve written abut before as well! From both Tyson and Herschel Walker, both men as a close to MASTERY over the pushup as any other!

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