Do what works . . . for YOU!
- Both in terms of life, and fitness!

When I worked at THAT job where I created all the magic in terms of sales, and bringing the company literally from “Zero to Hero” (as my next employer would so adroitly say), the SECRET of how I did what I did isn’t known to many, not even those that worked with me.

And drank with me every night, hehe. Yes, we worked hard – (and if it’s ME you’re talking about) worked OUT hard- brought in solid results for the company, and enjoyed more than a few cold ones at the end of the day!

That isn’t necessarily something I’d advocate to those looking to lose weight, by the way. Avoid alcohol if at all possible would be my advice, or do what I did in Advanced Hill Training . . . 😉

Anyway, believe it or not, I created all the magic I had to at that company in the first 30 minute of my day, and the LAST hour or so (occasionally).

And yes, I was occasionally “three sheets to the wind” during that last hour!

Not so much so that I wasn’t talking sense etc, but yes, I had a few drinks before doing it! 😉

And the first 30 minutes was BEFORE my workout, on the laptop, in my CAVE . . . banging out . .. you guessed, it emails while drinking my tea.

And that was IT.

8:00-8:30 AM (so much for those at the company that said I wasn’t an early riser, hehe).

And 1130-1230, sometimes even later . . . (I remember I once stayed up on a birthday night to bring in the first sale for the company. An apt indeed way to sign off on my 28th or so birthday, I believe!).

And the rest of the day?

Workouts. Often times, I’d get to the office and after finishing my work go out for a walk. Or perhaps buy some jeans. They had a nice little store right next to the office, hehe.

And amidst all this, the SALES I brought it kept rising.

If all of this sounds unbelievable and amazing, so be it, but it’s TRUE, my friend.

It isn’t necessarily something you’d want to tell a future employer, of course.

But the point stands.

And the one mistake I made even back then was not doing what I did for the company for MYSELF.

Ah well. Hindsight is always 20/20!

A company can always remove you if it doesn’t like you (even if it causes the company short term pain which it DID cause them) . . . and so it did me. It came down to a clash of egos between the boss and myself (on multiple occasions), and you know me, hehe. Never one to back down!

Funnily enough they still remember me there as the “best email writer ever who could hammer out lengthy emails after a discussion in 10 minutes before the boss could even get back to his own office!”

Point of me saying this?

I was doing . . . to put it simply, what works for ME, my friend, and I brought in results that way.

This isn’t necessarily a trait that is limited to me.

Winston Churchill for one, one of the greatest leader of all time would usually – gasp – work from BED until 11 AM or so, sometimes noon!

Can you imagine it?

A war time leader in his pajamas in bed issuing orders and instructions.

I sure can.

And if it worked for him, hey, whose to comment upon it?

Steve Jobs’s famously abrasive style wasn’t one for everyone, or most people.

But it worked wonders for him, and Apple didn’t it?

Point again, you ask?

Well, is that it applies to fitness too.

I give you workouts in most of my books. And in some such as “Pull-ups from Stud to Super Stud” – or “Advanced Hill Training” or Kiddie Fitness or Pushup Central (and there are more!) , I give you quite a few workouts indeed.


If you thought 0 Excuses Fitness was the be all and end all of fitness, NO. That was merely the start!

And while these workouts are very detailed and all you really have to do is follow along, the point is that sometimes, and in fact often times, you have to do what works for YOU.

On a certain day, some of the workouts in the “core” workouts in the book on pushups may not be hitting the spot for you.

You improvise, adapt and overcome.

Or, you might want to tailor the workouts to your satisfaction.

For instance, I haven’t included anything other than pushups in the workouts, but if you want to, and if that works for you (as it does for ME) you can very well include pull-ups in the GRIP workouts as well!

Or, mix ‘em in with the fingertip pushups. . .

Key being this – -don’t get hung up on “any one way” or “what everyone tells you to do”.

Do what works – – for YOU!


Rahul Mookerjee

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