I will NOT be broken
- . . . indeed a SAGE and TRUE statement!

A while ago (a few months ago actually) my buddy from the Marines made the following comment to me.

“Rahul, they’re trying to break me. But I will NOT be broken. I will NOT BOW down, and I will NOT KNEEL!”

And if there ever was a comment that struck home both to me personally and HIM – – it is THIS.

As he once told me, “we’ve lived our entire life on GUT feeling, Rahul!”. And we have.

And as he’s fond of telling me, “You’re a goddamned survivor!”

And I AM.

This man is one of the very rarefied breed of MEN – REAL MEN – out there that have BEEN THERE, and DONE that, and in more ways than the average man could imagine!

And while he was referring to certain insidious forces trying to keep him down (and they couldn’t eventually) I was referring to an even more powerful FORCE – that being LIFE.

I have spoken about my ups and downs in the past in a BRUTALLY honest manner.

I have spoken about how I barely had money to string together to buy milk for my daughter.

Or choose between the above and buying bread and cheese for the family . . .

And truth be told, this ain’t the first time I’ve been in a hole.

My friends and family’s response to all of this?

Of course, to give up what I’m doing.

“That’ll never work!”

“You’ll require 10 years to get it off the ground!”

“Oh, that’s just a blog!” How could it possibly . . .

And yet, my friend, the Universe has a way of giving you exactly what you wanted, provided you want it bad enough, and are willing to put in the HARD YARDS FOR IT!

The Universe recognizes NO SUCH THING as failure, my friend, provided persistence is there in spades.

This morning, I made the following comment to my S.O. . . .

“You’re not going to break me”, I laughed. “You can try, but  . . . “

Her response?

“Don’t give me that fake laughter of yours!”

And it wasn’t fake. I was genuinely amused, because every time I spend any time with my family, either my wife or my parents – – even if that time is spent ONLINE of all things – – they eventually get tired of me.

And while that’s fine (hey, I’m a caveman, and will always BE SO) to an extent, what ain’t fine is trying to “bend my will” to their own intents and purposes.

No, I ain’t gonna give up what I do and get a full time job. No, I ain’t gonna wear no damned face masks, and I ain’t allowing my daughter to wear one either unless it’s really required.

No, I ain’t gonna stop saying it like it is.

No, I ain’t gonna stop waking up at 11 in the morning and going to bed when I so choose. No, I ain’t gonna . . . but you get the picture, don’t you?

It’s the little things that add up, and shitty relationships can really make or break a person – if you LET It.

Napoleon Hill spoke about how detrimental it was to any sort of success to be in a marriage or other relationhip where your S.O. isn’t supportive (or worse, as in my case, “subconsciously” trying to sabotage you).

Or your family, or friends, or any relationship really.

It’s one of the worst situations a man can be stuck in, and yet, there is always a silver living, my friend.

As Hill said,

“Every adversity, every failure, every heartache carries with it the seed of an equal or greater benefit.”

This great man was RIGHT, and he was FAR AHEAD OF his time as well when he said it . . .

What doesn’t break you can only make you tougher my friend!

And what breaks you can only do so if you LET IT!

Let me say that yet again.


And in 2018, EVERY attempt was made to break me for various reasons.


YES, I still had my businesses going, and YES, I still did what I had to.

NO, I did not ever speak about any of this publicly before but I AM NOW.

I was pushed to the limit in ways you can barely imagine.

And the worst part was that at certain periods during the year, finances were ROCKY. Big time.

And yet, I found it in me to keep going.

Incredibly, help showed up at the most opportune times WITHOUT me doing anything about it. All my other “conscious efforts” seemingly failed, or did they?


The Universe always keeps track, my friend!

And this is a truism I should have remembered last year as I “lost focus” (yet again!) and started working on another business (which to be honest was a pretty lucrative one at the time) . . . and eventually “came full circle” again.

Much like Napoleon Hill that “found a way” to avoid his true calling in life, I went through many of the same heartbreaks and “disappointments” he did.

“You have been a stubborn student, and you had to be cured of this through . . . “ I can still hear the Unseen voice speaking!

And if there is one thing I can end this one off with, it is this.

They cannot break you – unless you let ‘em.

It’s just that simple, my friend!


Rahul Mookerjee

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