How I shaved MORE than a few minutes off my 2000 rep jump rope time
- Strap in - some great tips!! ;)

Just got done with a fabulous workout . . . one in which I finished 2000 jumps.

Amongst other things, and in record time too. And given my previous best wasn’t too shabby either, this is definitely good news – – and the good news, or better is also this that YOU too can take the tips in this email, and apply them to your workout if you so choose.

What did I do to get there, you ask.

Well, two things.

One was a mental thing. The other physical. One more important than the other – – I don’t think it will take a rocket scientist to guess which one? Hehe. 😉

The PHYSCIAL aspect of this you ask . . .

Well, it was this – to put it simply – active recovery.

What do I mean

Well, lets cover what I DON’T mean first!

One, it does NOT mean chatting with the bros and taking selfies to “show off your sweat stained biceps” (eww) during a workout.

It does NOT mean lifting a weight for ten reps and taking 10 minutes to “cool off”.

It does not mean getting your shoulders massaged by your personal trainers at the gym (another huge ugh, as that is usually associated with spandex and pink little bitty itty witty dumbbells).


It means doing something while you’re out of breath; big time.

And curiously enough, that there is a massive tip I’m revealing in this email for free – – a tip that even those that buy my books miss on occasion (though it’s mentioned clearly therein) and pay big bucks to learn later.

A tip that will truly get you DONE working out faster, and RECOVER from being madly out of breath quicker.

Active recovery means doing a set of exercises WHILE you’re recovering from what you got you out of breath.

OR, the same exercises, except done at a lower tempo (or lower reps).

Maybe 10 pushups in a 400 pushup workout (while recovering).

Maybe a timed hold. Maybe a STATIC hold (yes, I did those today as part of active recovery!).

Or, just DEEP breathing the RIGHT way which is an exercise unto itself (and a hugely ignored one).

It means NOT resting for more than you have to.

And no, walking around doesn’t mean active recovery unless you’re FAT and out of shape in which case it might mean that.

If you’re already in decent shape, then jog in place, or do something else to recover.

And this one principle can be applied to any type of workout.

Folks often wonder why hill climbing is so brutal. Well, many reasons there, but one main reason is that you don’t just (or I should I don’t just) stop when I’m out of breath on the hill and collapse on the slope/steps as so many people do (no stopping to smell the roses!).

Badly out of breah from them steep stairs?

No problem

I take a 2 second breather (that’s it!) and then keep going again, at a snail’s pace until I Recover, and that way I KEEP getting a workout in . . .

And the mental side of this is simple and something I’ve often spoken about.

That being eat a bear – -a bite at a time. A truism which I KNOW, and yet ignored today, and every time I did, it came back to bite me in the ass (or hit me on the shins I should say, hehe).

And once I finally FOLLOWED it – presto!

And that’s the tips for today’s email. See if you can apply them to your own workouts!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – No, I don’t wear masks during outdoor workouts. And something insanely idiotic I’ve been noticing as of late is folks that don’t want to wear masks, but hang them as “bibs” or amulets of some sort I guess around their jowls as they work out. And no they don’t wear the masks. It’s there for show. In case someone asks, you know . . . ???!

Folks. Really. Get REAL. Either you wear the damned thing, or you don’t. And if you don’t have the balls to do so OPENLY!

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