On cashing a $0.13 check, and more!
- Not everything is as it seems, my friend. Hehe.

So, while reading up on Prez Trump today (who I’ve often unabashedly and unashamedly claimed is the BEST President the US ever had – – and who would have my vote instantly for “president of the free world” IF there were to be such a position opening up!) I came across something both interesting and hiliarious in equal part.

Reports of the “Trumpinator” having cashed a $0.13 check at one time.

At first, I didn’t believe it. I thought it was another liberal ploy to put down the Prez, and given the number of people jumping up and down about Trump’s numerous past biz failures and promoting those instead of the times he did succeed, and succeed BIG, you wouldn’t blame me for thinking that, would you?!

And to these people, side note.

There is NO person that I know – no TRULY SUCCESSFUL PERSON in this entire world that has not failed multiple times and then some before the ultimate success (or a few of them).

There is NO person that has not suffered what many would think to be the “ultimate blow” (bankruptcy and worse) before going on to TRUE and eventual success.

I’ve spoken about my numerous trials and tribulations in the past. I’ve spoke about how Napoleon Hill once famously (in his book Think and Grow Rich) spoke about there being a “guardian” at the doors of true success, a “hidden guide” as it were (as he said) whose job it was to test men through all sorts of depressing and seemingly “dead” situations.

Those that could TAKE it, went on to succeed, and the vast majority of people that couldn’t?

They simply faded away, and no-one heard of them or paid any attention to the numerous struggles they went through before finally quitting (when funnily enough, the prize was almost within reach!).

Edison went through 10,000 odd attempts before getting the light bulb.

The numbers are probably not spot on accurate, but the tale IS.

Jack Ma spoke about how FAILURE teaches you MORE than any success ever could. The more you fail, the better, as the more you learn and the more you’re prepared for your eventual success!

Back to the good ole Trumpinator, so many people forget that he DID succeed in several biz ventures, and if nothing else, he IS the current Prez!

Isn’t that success enough, my friend?

A businessman with no real political experience up and shows up and becomes Prez of the #1 country in the world, while saying it like it is without bothering to pander to the politically correct, sissified masses and SJW’s??

I think it is my friend.

Love him or hate him (I fall into the former camp) – – he IS the man right now, and that is a success most of his detractors will never come close to approaching! Hehe.

Anyway . . . the check you say?

Apparently some mag in the 1990’s ran a “study” on how “cheap” rich (or supposedly rich people were).

They sent out a check for $1.11 for “services these people were overcharged for”.

A few people cashed it. I think 26 out of 58 people . . . so more than a few, actually!

They repeated it with half the amount ($0.68 I believe). A few people cashed it again. Again, MORE than a few! Hehe.

And then they tried with $0.13.

Only TWO people cashed in.

One was a Saudi arms dealer (supposedly so). And the other was no other than the Trumpinator, and for those that don’t believe this hilarious story, I think one site even posted the actual check sent to “Mr Donald J Trump”.

Nigh on hilarious, but it teaches you several things, hehe, out of which I’ll focus on one.

(Oh, and while the Trump team is obviously trying to keep this one out of the public eye, to me, it’s no shame even if the man did cash it. Doesn’t lessen my admiration for him one damned bit, and I suspect that is how the majority of his voter base – – or those with any sense at least, would feel!).

(And without meaning to get into politics yet again, I really DO hope that Mike Pompeo remains U.S. Secretary of State; he is the perfect match for Trump’s brazen, off the cuff, BRUTALLY HONEST remarks with his extra analysis and “words of negotiation” that SPEAK volumes while remaining pithy if that makes much sense added in!)

And as for what I want to touch upon?

Fitness, my friend. It’s the same damned way.

If ALL you can put into your fitness savings bank account (remember how I keep likening fitness to a bank account where deposits made ACCUMULATE over time into BIG money or gains??) is half a pushup and that’s that, then do that.

If 5 pushups and 10 squats make you collapse, then do that – and put that much in.

The bank account doesn’t necessarily care about how much you put in daily, but it does care IF you put daily increments in or not!

If 13 pushups is all you can do, for example, then do those until you do 15.

Do 15 until you get to 20.

Add in a few different variations at that point.

Soon, you’ll be up to 50. Then 60. Then 75. Then the magic 100.

The mythical 250 (as I show in the 0 Excuses Fitness Workout Video).

And finally the fabled 500, and the hallowed 1000, if you choose to go that far, hehe.

And it all starts with one measly deposit my friend.

Think about that the next time you “don’t feel like working out” – I bet you’ll have the best damned workout ever!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – The new projects that I mentioned in an email before this one will all go on the floor in earnest in July (though the book on isometrics is already underway). I still have to move one OTHER site over to a new provider (not to mention that I’m in the middle of a writing SPREE for that venture), and that will likely take some time too . . . but we should be good to go big time on the new fitness projects starting next month. Stay tuned – – and mea culpa – -people have been asking, I know!

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P.P.S – And even if he did cash the check, hey. If he had 10 other big ‘uns to cash, and put this one in too – – does it really matter either way? More publicity? Mountain out of a mole hill? I’ll let you be the judge, hehe.

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