- . . . hear me out, please!

What I am about to say here may come across as absolute anathema to both serious fitness enthusiasts, and those that have been following me for a while, but please bear with me while I explain.

You boxers and wrestlers out there will be in splits upon reading this headline, but again, please bear with me.

. . . I should have said “sometimes” up there!

No doubt, being on your toes is highly recommend while exercising,but sometimes, just sometimes, it pays to do the OPPOSITE of what conventional wisdo might state.

There he goes, I hear you newsletter subscribers chortling.

Always contradictory, always the nail that stands out, and usually RIGHT too when he does it!

This afternoon, I brutalized my legs with a legs only workout.

And that means my entire body.

And while yall reading this might think it was only my legs (thighs) that are currently pulverized due to this “brutality” – well – think again.

In fact, think several times my friend.

My calves, hips and CORE are hurting, but my thighs aren’t.

And I did plenty of squats.

What gives?

Well, I did my squats, but despite me being a huge advocate of Hindu Squats, I did NOT do ‘em today.

I did ‘em flat footed.

Like you would if you have to sit in an Asian crouch . . . on your heels, flat footed which is a position immensely helpful to the body, and a position that most can’t get into for any length of time, let alone hold.

Or even begin to get into.

A position that is probably the quickest cure for constipation, that old malady, and is hardly ever, if at all used.

The simplest things and movements are often the best!

Lots of folks may think the thighs are the biggest muscle in your body, so they should be worked the most, and you’d be right if you think that way.

But close behind follow the HIPS. And back.

And I’ve known of no other exercise that works the HIPS (butt) as much as these type of squats do!

I did sets of 50-100 between sets of jumping rope today.

Workout lasted all of 29 minutes. Probably knocked out 250 squats and DEFINITELY did 1500 jumps . . . and stretches after that.

And while those numbers might not sound outrageous, try squatting the way I mention after jumping rope for a while.

You’ll feel it; I’ll tell yo that much!

And you’ll feel it in the hips and butt, which are really muscles that you cannot and should not ignore.

Don’t get me wrong. Hindus don’t ignore those muscles, but these work ‘em more.

And if it’s THIGH “burn” you’re looking for, well, Hindu squats are probably what you’re after even though – and I say this in BOLD – THE EXERCISE IS NOT MEANT to be done simply for “thigh burn!”


They’re both CORE exercises, my friend.

And sometimes, just sometimes, it pays to be a flat footed monster while working out! Hehe . . .

Don’t understand?

Still confused?

Well, you will once you check out the 0 Excuses Fitness System my friend.

Truly the best damned fitness system out there. Five videos and two books . . . and a video almost entirely dedicated to . . . you got it.


Have – squat – at!


Rahul Mookerjee

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