Fear – the WORST enslaver
- Worse than any other, to be frank!

Just saw an interesting discussion on LinkedIn, a discussion that seemed to have garnered quite a few comments the last time I checked.

Apparently a lady that is against wearing face masks (or I believe LAWS that infringe upon your personal freedoms and FORCE you to wear a mask – thankfully the South doesn’t have those, hehe, and even more thankfully the North is waking up as well) had a meme out there (or a sign out there, actually) that read –

Muzzles are for dogs and slaves – I am a free human being.

. . . along with (gasp!) the picture of a slave crudely drawn on the meme . . .

Now, when I saw this sign my first thoughts were (yes, pillory me all you like, but I’m being honest) – that I AGREE (in principle) with the lady.

Hey, everyone with half a brain knows that masks don’t stop the spread of the disease any more than wearing a cloth tied around your face does (slim and next to none, and slim just left town, and if that offends people, so be it).

President Trump doesn’t wear masks either, and takes a drug that he said would work back in the day – and guess what – despite all the rumors about him having contracted the virus, he said (in his own words), “he’s still very much here!”

A man after my own heart, and one firmly in the minority and a man responsible for the US’s resurgence as of now (and I mean economically) – – and one of the few or perhaps ONLY politician globally that truly DOES care about his country.

And Trump’ism aside, the point is this – even if you think masks are required, hey, I got no problem with that . . . as long as you don’t FORCE ME to believe in it and make it legal to wear a mask at which point, hell yes, I WILL complain and HOW.

And I won’t follow the law most likely in that regard unless I HAVE to.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not advocating breaking the law. Never would.

But when law starts infringing upon personal freedom, and it HAS in many parts of the world to a horrendous extent . . . THAT is where I draw the line, both literally and figuratively.

Not to mention this lady probably has  a very good idea of how to MARKET – and she’s doing it, hehe, without even trying.

And for those that scream up and down about racism and “bad feelings” (the person who posted the initial comment was “mad”, “fuming”, “livid” and “foaming at the mouth” amongst other things, and “wasn’t going to get over it” no matter what) . . . well, guess WHAT my friend.

Sometimes we all need to grow a thick skin.

And that’s fine if you don’t want to. NO, I do NOT support racism or racist memes, but really – fear is the biggest enslaver, and if anything, this lady (the one with the meme) is saying it like it, albeit perhaps in a manner I personally wouldn’t but again, point taken (by me at least).

FEAR is what really kills you from the inside out and stops you from being all you can be, or who you can be, or even starting.

FEAR kills off any and all ambition at the outset.

FEAR of the unknown. Of death. Of this blasted virus, which at the end of the day kills LESSER people than the flu – and NEWS FLASH – the MAJORITY of the people with this virus have recovered.

Not to mention the following –

Smokers are doing better warding off the disease than non smokers. Gasp!

The people who actually did die are a SMALL percentage of those infected, and they ALL, without exception had underlying health issues. Gasp again!

President Trump, ah, but I mentioned that. How dare I, eh. Racism, and . . . triple gasp!

OK, enough of that (but yeah, I really DO think people need to get over it, but by that same token if something silly like this and as fundamental as freedom of speech makes you get your knickers in a twist, hey, by all means, be my guest).

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Select one – and get started now (and try NOT to focus on the B.S. out there, hehe).

Rise – UP!


Rahul Mookerjee

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P.S – Here was my comment to the LinkedIn post –

Dogs seem to be a common recurrence here, dog (dawg) (sorry, couldn’t resist, hehe). Can be hilarious at times though, especially when in countries like India you once had signs like “Indians and dogs” not allowed and now that same country proudly displays “English Wine and Beer” shops everywhere (an utterly awful version of what you and I would call a “liqor store” LOL) . . . As for the lady in question, yeah, wouldn’t equate wearing masks with being a slave for sure, but FEAR is the biggest enslaver to be honest . . . and, well . . . ah, but I’ll stop . . . 😉

(if you want the original link, let me know – I’ll email it over. Took up about three lines when I first pasted it here, so I’m not now . . .)

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