The tough choice between wearing facemasks or wearing PANTS … and how I got “fired” back in the day by a Major General, no less …
- ... indeed "thoughtworthy"...!!

Oh boy.

Just saw something so “astoundingly logical” (or NOT LOL) that it literally floored me. Stopped me in my tracks. And more.

And I just had to share it here!

Roger, a friend of mine (who shares DIAMETRICALLY opposite and POLAR political views to my own, hehe) sent me a meme recently on WeChat about “wearing facemasks for dummies”.

(NB – Sir Roger probably calls me something far less complimentary himself, hehe, but that’s OK! Takes all types LOL).

Now dummy or not, controversial or not, REALIST and ANTI-MASK/LOCKDOWN – or NOT – this floored me. I’d post the damn meme itself here on this email, but many email clients reject pictures embedded inside an email, so I’ll type it out here – – and Ill post the actual meme itself on social media.

Do Facemasks make Sense, the meme asks.

OK, if not, and then the dummy part, blab la bla.

“If we all run around naked, and someone pees on you, you get wet right away.

If you are wearing pants some pee will get through, but not as much. SO you are better protected (gasp!)

But if the guy who pees also is wearing pants, the pee stays with him and you do not get wet enough.

Is that clear enough?”

It doesn’t say dummies at the end of it, but I think the import is clear!

Now, this isn’t Roger’s himself – he forwarded something from Facebook. I know NOT if he meant this as tongue in cheek or not, but it floored me.

Sadly though, this is LIBERAL logic for you at it’s very best, and the worst – well … I won’t even bring it up here.

Now, on that note, the second part of the story, and what this reminded me of.

I’ve spoken about Dongguan Expat, a website me and (who I used to fondly refer to as “Major General” because of his stern baritone of a voice – great guy, heh, him who could and probably still can down a case of beer per night along with chowing down on a coupla 2nd Lieutenants) … Michael started, and that passed from hand to hand as “time went by”, and finally ended up with another person who I won’t name here, but who KNOWS who I BE talking about, hehe.

There was another friend “Uncle Bob” as well, and I believe I’ve mentioned him in passing in some of my earlier notes, but anyway, one tension were running high between the three of us for some reason (can we say Rahul raising Cain as usual, hehe) … and Uncle Bob and I “side stepped” the General and revoked permissions on a post he “allowed” in the forum.

‘Twas the night of a company party for me, and all hell broke loose at that party, hehe, but little did I know what was in STORE for me as I showed up at 430 AM in the morning or perhaps later back at home …

“Right now, only Michael, Rahul and Bob can lock this post …

I unlocked this post, and someone locked it BACK UP again.

This is NOT a pissing contest … can you PISS farther than me?

You are BOTH fired with immediate effect as Site Admins and Major Generals …

And if this sounds harsh, feel free to flame publicly.

Major General Michael sends”

(key words not just bolded, but COLORED in bright red as well. Seems I wasn’t the only one who was trashed out of his mind that night!)

That was the first and only time I’ve ever been fired from a non job by a Major General who could eat Lieutenants for an after beer snack, hehe, and it stuck in mind, if just for the sheer WAY in which it was said.

Those were the days, my friend – back in Dongguan in 2004. Quite a different time to had by all back then then today’s politically correct sissified mask wearing world, hehe.

As for the OP’s question, I’ll wear my pants, thank you very much, hehe. The nightmare that my hairy ass would wreak upon those that see me but you know what …. Hehe, but I best not go there!

And pissing contests aside, there are far more productive contests to get into my friend.

Stuff that will benefit you as you’re sitting (and what else, hehe) at home – and stuff that will get you in the BEST shape of your life

And since we’re talking Major Generals, pushup competitions are the next step to this.

Can you do MORE pushups than me, my friend?

LOL – just thinking about it makes me crack up – and I hope that’s given YOU enough of a laugh for the day as well!

OK, back soon – WITH PANTS, hehe.


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – I love tongue in cheek, and Roger’s a great dude too, hehe.

P.S #2 – Here is where you can bone up on dem pushups before challenging me or the General to a pushup competition –

“Forced by circumstance to become PERSISTENT – and OVERCOME!”
- Improvise - adapt - overcome!

As I just finished a quick BLAST of a workout (100 Hindu squats + a few stretches to loosen things up) – and as I was around the 94th or so rep I paused a wee bit, because an idea made it’s way into my mind.

Something I gotta write to you NOW about – without delay!

That being a trip down memory lane, or several, all coalesced into ONE message.

And that being this … that what I said about Napoleon Hill and what he said in Think and Grow Rich by a lot of great achievers being FORCED to change their circumstances due to extreme adversity (they literally had nowhere to go – no choice – no handouts – no social security – no safety net whatsoever) … is NOT just mere words in a book.

It’s TRUE. Oh boy, I can relate … and how!

But rather than talk business, I’ll talk fitness, and how it applies to YOU.

You on this list know how much I love my hill, and how I was addicted to it since Miss Lee kicked my rumpus all those years ago and got me (or rather, her words inspired me – therein lies a lesson – be careful what you tell another person – words can indeed inspire or break down) climbing it daily. And the rest of course is history!

But there were periods in my life, lengthy ones when I did NOT have the hill next to me, or any sort of slope.

One case in point being my sojourn in India – when I worked for THAT company. When I met my wife. And so forth … I did NOT have a hill within easy access next to me as I did in mainland China (note – the Himalayas that I write about so often are a good 7 to 8 hours drive and more, so…).

Another being when I was posted in Oman, with nothing but a BEACH next to me (around 15 minutes or so from my house – – same distance as that hill was, actually, now that I stop to think about it).

The first instance occurred when I was in SHAPE. And how!

And the second, when I was a lardass – bonafide – and HOW!

IN the first case initially I did what most people do.

I pissed and moaned and groaned and then some.

“How can I stay fit, or remotely so without my HILL”, I’d often say and think so often that the people around me probably done went crazy hearing it, hehe.

But then I adapted. I HAD to – or get out of shape again, and I wasn’t gonna let that happen.

As the Marines say. Improvise, adapt and OVERCOME!

And I discovered the joy and sheer efficacy of BODYWEIGHT training FULLY at the time, because I was forced to.

Those pushup workouts I still do originated in a bedroom on the second floor of a house years ago, my friend!

And the squat workouts too like I did NOW – though admittedly I didn’t do a lot of squats back then- mea culpa, but I MORE than made up with subway stair sprints and the such.

Overall, despite a crappy diet and plenty of BEER, I got in even better shape than I was in China.

And ditto for Oman.

The tools were different. I bought a heavy bag and GLOVES – and boy did I pound the shit out of it. NOT in proper form, but it did burn calories, so much so that my wife when looking on would say “calm down! That’s not your boss there!”

Hehe, that was back in the day when I worked for “someone” … long gone now, of course!

And the beach, of course. I’ve written about my runs on the beach on the old (And still very much existent) site – check it out if you so choose!

So that’s today’s lesson, and its one of the most valuable ones I could give you EVER – and especially during these times.

What you make of it – of course – is up to YOU!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Here are more unconventional workouts that will get you in shape and so quickly you’ll wonder when and just HOW the “lardass days” flew past …

The 0 Excuses Fitness System

P.S #2 – I’m still wiping off sweat as I type this. Any more proof needed as for the sheer efficacy of them workouts, “faggot calling naysayers”, hehe?

Why social media “likes” are virtually (pun intended!) useless.
- ...apart from mindless chest thumping ..


You heard me.

Social media likes, my friend ain’t all they’re cracked up to me, and for the most part these days they’re virtually USELESS.

If I had a penny for every time a marketer told me (or said otherwise) that more “likes” equates to more eyeballs, and potentially more sales down the road – I’d be a millionaire many times over, but I’d be the only one, or close to it.

Those that spout the “social media” likes methods and “live by social media” literally – – and indeed, there are indeed entire companies devoted to making products that auto post your blog contents to a bazillion different social media networks, schedule when each post will run – or re-run – or re-run again .. .and that search out hashtags in your chosen industry – – are usually themselves NOT millionaires, or anywhere near.

And even if they are, you can bet your bottom dollar they didn’t use social media as the primary vehicle to gain or spread awareness about their brand.

In fact, I’ll go so far as to say this – more likes do NOT necessary equate to more eyeballs for your business. On some social media networks, it only equates to more eyeballs for that PICTURE.

To test this (as if I needed to, hehe) I recently put up my “crick in the shoulder” post on Wechat and a few other social media accounts, and put up a nifty little picture of me to check the responses.

IF any.

And of course, I got a ton of responses. Most likely though these same people that responded to me would not even have bothered to look at the post without the picture, and here is what Linda (not THAT Linda, hehe) a friend of mine – and Candice (yes, that one!) said.

“Why don’t you try applying some oil to the area?”

“Oh, is your shoulder OK? Maybe you need massage!”

And while sure, they were trying to be helpful, the fact is, that while they saw the post – and read it – they did NOT “read” it, as it were, because I had clearly mentioned in the post that I had SOLVED my problem.

Not only that – – did they CLICK through via the link I provided?

You bet – NOT.

There wasn’t a single click, but yet, amazingly enough, lots of engagement on that social media platform, and this didn’t come as a surprise to me, of course.

Instagram is another social media platform I hate using, and will probably stop using at some point. Both Instagram and Wechat pander to those with ridiculously short attention spans – – and Facebook comes in a close second, though not quite on part with the above two.

Now, does this mean you can NEVER make sales etc using social media?

Not at all. If you’re selling essentials for one, then social media might just be to the go to tool for YOU, but bear in mind that in that case you wouldn’t need to do very much marketing at all anyway, since if it’s something essential people would buy it anyway, right??

But if it’s a biz you’re starting from scratch – a biz you’re trying to GROW from scratch, or nearabouts – well then – social media likes or not are little more than a vanity metric my friend.

Ditto for info publishing businesses – – you budding writers out there – – fitness “gurus” – – and so forth. There are FAR, far more profitable avenues to meander down than social media – trust me on this one!

You may as well be more concerned about email opens and click throughs on emails – even though even those are a vanity metric of sorts, they hold far, far more value to the business owner than social media.

That’s assuming you’re WRITING emails, of course. Most people erroneously assume that videos and social media posting is pretty much all they need to do, and it’s product sold, and off to the races.

You couldn’t be more wrong, my friend.

Most of my biggest sales have come from customers who did NOT find me on social media.

In some cases, they weren’t even on my email list to begin with.

In some cases, they never signed up for the email list even after getting my product.

And in all three aforementioned cases they came back – without exception – to place more – and FAR HIGHER value orders than the first order – so it clearly wasn’t a case of impulse buy either.

Social media to be honest is full of the very people I do NOT want near my business. The “freebie seekers”, and time wasters for one. I’ve got another business (completely unrelated to fitness) and believe me, the pictures I post on my IG account there (takes less than 5 minutes for me daily to do all my social media stuff for that one) has tons of likes, and comments – and even people video calling me (fancy! How well they know me, eh?!) out of the blue to waste my time.

And as for customers acquired through there? Click throughs?

A big fat ZERO. Except for a few folks signing up for the free newsletter there (and they haven’t bought anything) – -crickets basically.

There are far, far more important things to worry about as business owner than social media likes or not, and that’s a fact my friend.

I haven’t yet come out with a product on marketing as yet, but I’ll do so shortly. In the meantime, here is where you can check out the Bible of sales as it were – or the “10 Commandments of Sales” as I like to call it.

If you’re serious about expanding your business to heights you’ve NOT scaled before, well, you’ll need to get this – – and yes, only if you’re serious. If you’re not – well – the info won’t work for you, so you might as well not bother, hehe.

Last, but not least, from a personal standpoint, likes and dislikes on social media aren’t just an utter waste of time – they can be counter productive too.

People get depressed when their posts don’t get liked – or shared – but the next person’s does.

Folks – remember – that’s ONE tiny bit of their life – and it doesn’t mean their life doent suck any more – or less – than yours!

It’s FAKE for the most part too these days, and if that’s one word with which I could sum up MOST social media outlets these days – it’s that – FAKE as heck.

And in terms of working out, I’ve often noticed that back to the basics training that WORKS – rarely gets any “likes” at all – – and usually never any forwards. The fancy shmnacy stuff does though, which tells ya a lot about those liking it – or not, hehe.

Long story short – it’s a vanity metric, no more, and one best AVOIDED as far as possible.

And that’s that for today’s rant, hehe.

Back to the basics now for yours truly – – and I’ll see you around!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – If you’re part of the crowd that GETS IT (and most reading this likely won’t) in terms of REAL workouts and are tired of all the sales pitches, weight rooms leading to nowhere, treadmill of doom, gloom, and BOREDOM, and so forth – well – then take heart. I’ve got the REAL stuff for you (real fitness – NO frills and fancies whatsoever!) right HERE – –

Why China tom tommers annoy me no end.
- Blindly worshipping something you yourself don't believe in is just ... pathetic to say the least!

Just read a LinkedIn piece by a China tom tommer (originally from Australia) tom tomming the country and claiming “it’s a great place to do business” and that the “Chinese have a choice in terms of who they do business with” and that “the sheer purchasing power of the Chinese middle class cannot be underestimated” …

.. and other such asinine claims which may have made some sense when the world didn’t know how China “really was” (to parrot a line from the incomparable Margaret Thatcher, hehe) but in this day and age its just ridiculous, foolish to a T and pandering.

And pathetic as well. I don’t know if these folks realize it, but the sheer desperation they have to get into the pockets of whichever middle class they’re trying to get into SHOWS through their ass kissing, too-politically correct posts.

All the more amazing considering some of these people come from countries like Australia and the U.S. – – hardly countries that are “poor”, for instance, and so it’s hardly a case of them “doing what they got to do to eat”.

And in case you’re wondering just exactly who a “China Tom Tommer is”, the following snippet should be enough to explain.

(the below is taken from a few conversations I have had with said tom tommers)

Me – China’s really over-stepped the boundaries this time. The incessant currency manipulation, blatant and shameless plagiarism, shameless and in-your-face piracy, the atrocities they unleash upon their own people – a lot of those land isn’t even really “theirs” to begin with – and so forth. But this time they’ve crossed the line.

China Tom Tommer – Line? What Line?

Me – This bloody virus, and the way they WILFULLY and knowingly CONCEALED it – despite their OWN citizens speaking up against very vehemently (guess what happened – the po po showed up at their doorstep, and ..)

China Tom Tommer – There’s no proof of that!

Me – Huh?? Dude, get real. Even the CCP admitted that …

China Tom Tommer – Uh, yeah, right whatever …

Me – Well what I said is FACT buddy … or are you doubting that?


Me – Well?


Me – Ah well, OK – no problem. But China’s got it coming for ages now. The other issues I mentioned …

China tom tommer – Other countries have issues too! And those are  China’s lands!

Me – Huh? Tibet was never Chinese, and neither was the Xinjiang region. Not sure about Inner Mongolia, but I AM sure about Arunachal Pradesh …


Me – Oh, well, lets forget that. You continue to support a thuggish regime that puts millions of it’s own people into “re-education camps” and engages in organ harvesting and other such atrocities, and …

China tom tommer – What are you talking about? China is a morden country! We don’t do any of this!

Me – No chengguan in China?


Me – OK, so since you say “we”, I assume you’re Chinese? Fair enough, I can understand the jingoism from a certain standpoint, misplaced though it is ..

Tom Tommer – I’m not Chinese! My own country is run by idiots!

Me – Huh? The U.S., Italy, Sweden and countless other nations? All run by idiots?

Tom Tommer – Yes, the Chinese are the one that got the virus problem under control! No other country did! Chinese helping other nation too!

Me – Helping? How? By sending faulty equipment, attempting to get political mileage out of the situation and sending face masks made of underwear to poor countries that can’t afford to retaliate?


Me – Well, turns out I was right was it? The virus, and how I said it was all a massive cover up, way back in January … the stuff I keep saying about China stealing and pirating from the rest of the world, about constantly and very vigorously expanding it’s territorial claims way, way beyond it’s own limits ..

Tom Tommer – Well ,there’s no prizes for being right!

Me –  OK, if you say so. Any prizes for being wrong though?


Me – well…?



And that, my friend, in case you didn’t know is the true definition of a China tom tommer, UNWILLING, unable and militarily AGAINST accepting FACTS for what they are, hehe. Come to think of the word “liberals” fits the bill perfectly here…

And hey, I get it.

If someone’s from a poor country and China is a step up and the situation back home is as bad as you say it is, well, by all means keep your mouth shut and do what you gotta do – and therein lies my point.

I wouldn’t mind so long as folks kept things sane and rational – but this irrational China tom tomming pisses me no end, and why?

First, I cannot for the life of me see how these people support a country that willingly sends millions each year to concentration camps (their own citizens) – does ALL it can to suppress religious or political views contrary to what the ruling CCP wants it to be – routinely engages in intellectual theft and piracy …has shady accounting practices (to say the last – have you read about the FOUR corporate scandals that have erupted in the mainland in April alone?) … and … well .. need I continue?

A country that willingly hid the virus spreading around the globe and WILLINGLY let it spread – and infect others … all because “if our economy has to go down, we’ll take the rest of the world down with us too!”

Tom Cotton worded it differently, sure, but he’s RIGHT.

A country that is appallingly racist towards foreigners in general (the recent videos I’ve posted of “blacks not being allowed in stores in mainland China” – – and this in WRITING) …

And the tom tommers willingly and knowingly ignore all this and that is perhaps what annoys me the most about them.

Come to think of it, perhaps not.

I think what really ticks me off is these people, much like the country they are tom tomming has nothing to really show beneath the gloss and glitter other than a dirty, murky underbelly.

I personally know the person who wrote the LinkedIn article and he lives on his Chinese girlfriend (to say the least) and says things in person privately that are in exact OPPOSITION to what he says publicly.

And then he wonders why he has no business success – or very little.

It’s because people can smell FAKE a mile away, and most of the time, folks would rather someone be REAL than fake.

It’s far better in my opinion to be REAL – HONEST – and NOT liked – or roundly pilloried – than to be FAKE, my friend – and this doesn’t just apply to the person in question, by the way.

There are folks that have written books tom tomming “the war for China’s wallet” for one, and are still struggling for recognition beyond a few T.V. Interviews in the mainland and a plethora of “likes” on Linkedin and other social media.

I’ll write more about why likes are a crock later (actually, I think I’ve got it written already) – – but fact is this – – tom tomming of any kind is just fake, hype and unreal, and those are the precisely the sort of people I dislike with a vengeance, and for good reason.

And I try and keep these people away – – both from me – – and my business. They say you’re the sum total of the people you spend the most time with, and that includes friends, business associates, customers, significant others and the lot.

Anyway, now you know, hehe.

And point of me saying all this is … tom tomming can and SHOULD be done .. but only with FACTs and REALITY to back it up.

I say, for instance, that my books on pull-ups will literally get you from “dud “ status at this exercise to bonafide STUD – and why?

Because a) I’ve been there and done it myself, and have the PROOF to show for it, and b) my CUSTOMERS have been there and done it – followed the instructions – and they too have solid RESULTS to show for it, unlike the China tom tommers.

I say that pushups are the best darn exercise there is, and there is solid reason behind this. It ain’t just mindless tom tomming …

Sure, I realize this sort of thing will probably tick off the vast majority of folks reading this who would rather I hand hold and molly coddle them through their childish excuses and numerous reasons NOT to do the thing when they’d be best served by just DOING THE thing and “having the power” (Thanks Emerson!) .. but that ain’t me, and I refuse to do it.

I can show you the way, my friend. I can sell you the products – but YOU more than anyone else have to IMPLEMENT what is being taught.

Only then will you succeed.

Not by blindly tom tomming my programs – the gym – or any others.

You have to do the thing, and that’s just as simple as it gets, my friend.

And for those of you that are still with me, well, good news – – the quickest way for YOU to super fitness levels – done all at HOME – is laid out right here, my friend.

Grab the program – and let me know how you do!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – And be real, people. Really. Seriously. It showsn when you’re fake, and how!

My thoughts on “Diamond and SilK” – and MORE!
- .. Trump is indeed a MASTER of the GAME, hehe.

Well, as the controversy rages on, and Twitterati etc is ablaze over the latest, here is what actually happened, for those NOT in the know.

Apparently Fox news hosts “Diamond” and “Silk” are no longer appearing on Fox News as hosts or whatever they were, and apparently the reason is … guess.

… guess AGAIN.

You guessed right!

Because they said it like it is – and spoke about against the mainstream media B.S. advocating quarantines and global shutdowns to “suppress” (so they claim!) the virus.

They also made some other outrageous claims over how the entire virus thing was engineered to make Prez. Trump look bad, and given the way things are panning out, I wouldn’t be surprised if there was some element of truth to it.

Remember what I said about the naysayers, non-believers, and “so called proof wanters” (usually All China trumpeters, and yes, I have done up a piece on them, and will be releasing it SHORTLY)?

When facts stare them in the face they bury their face in the ground. Hehe.

And while I’m not prepared to believe what the “sistahs” had to say, I’m not gonna come out and say I do NOT believe it either. Will have to wait and see how it pans out. Do research etc if I’m so inclined – and guess what I’m NOT.

This is just another of those controversies-cum-gureilla marketing tactics that Donald Trump is so good at and more than his politics (which admittedly I DO admire) – his marketing style is really what resonates with me, hehe.

“But plenty of people love diamond and silk”, he tweeted.

And if you didn’t know what was going on, as I didn’t (not fully), you’d think he was talking about actual silk and diamond, hehe.

Now my point is THIS – that 1) saying it like is how it SHOULD be, my friend. You’ll routinely get pilloried for it, but guess what – when people want the bare bone FACTs, guess who they will come to!

The fact is this – sitting at home for extended periods in an environment of FEAR does far more to kill people – and countries – globally – than most people think.

Not only that, it’s a prime environment for BRAINWASHING to start happening (as it already is in mainland China for one for YEARS) on a grand, global scale. World War ONE, anyone???

And last, but not least, even doctors are coming out and saying it now.

I mean, really, folks.

A virus that spreads without symptoms. Just how the heck are you going to ERADICATE it by staying at home indefinitely?

Sure, you might contain it for a while, but that’s bandaid on the wound that CHINA done exposed – and created … and yeah, my next post will be about just that – CHINA, and the tom tommers .. but back to it – I’m yet to get a conclusive answer to that question.



I thought so, my friend!

Let Darwinism take it’s course is what I advocate. Might sound cruel and heartless, but there’s no point trying to “wrestle” with the Universe, forces far mightier than US and what them forces have in store for us.

Roll with the punches, and come out on top eventually – and that’s today’s message … oh, and THIS.

Any platform can ban you if they so choose my friend.

Lots of folks have built businesses on Instagram and Twitter, for one, only to wake up one fine day and see their accounts were blocked / banned, and most of the time without any reasonable explanation.

I myself had this happen with Paypal, the payment system I use on the site currently along with Bitcoin, and it was like pulling teeth to get them to restore the account (though admittedly they DID do a through review after I raised hell so kudos where it’s DUE). And it can happen on any platform.

That’s why it’s a good idea to have your own website, for one.

And your own BRAND – – on multiple media platforms. Over-reliance on ONE form of media – or workout – or exercise – is never good – and yes, I’ve done up a piece on that too, hehe.

“Stop, stop, stop! No more emails”.

Poor “Joke”, hehe. He truly doesn’t know what he escaped from!

And that’s that for now. Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Yes, the sensible craftsman has MORE than one tool in his kitty – and workout wise, THIS system will give you all the tools you nigh on need to get in the BEST shape of your life – –

What a former gymnast and cheerleader had to say about the “faggotty” position that I wrote about
- ..that being the Hindu pushup and TABLE pushup ...

So, I mentioned me holding the “upward dog” position of the Hindu pushup for time and posting a picture on social media  – – actually, I didn’t just post it on WeChat.

I posted it at varying intervals on Twitter and Instagram as well, and the picture generally got a positive reception (overall) – except for one very “interesting” comment I mentioned last night.

That being, a commentor on wechat that called it a “faggoty” position (is that even a word hehe) in a manner only HE can (I’ve heard what he’s said before, hehe, and he has this “inimitable” style to him).

I let it slide. No point getting into it with someone that clearly does NOT want to even TRY the pose, let alone comment on it (without trying it, hehe).

But then I figured I’d write about it to my list, and also post on social media about it. Which I did, of course – NOT to get “likes” or “reactions”, but just to see what people in general thought!

And one of those comments came in from Christy Pender – a former gymnast and cheerleader in “another life” as she says – and from Jackson MS no less, hehe, a place that will always be very close to my heart indeed for obvious reasons.

Here is what she said –

Well, that comment was professional! As a gymnast and cheerleader in a former lifetime aka nearly 3 decades ago, I am here to say there is nothing easy about that position. To the person that used an unacceptable description, I would like to see them try. You are amazing, both physically and professionally!

Yours truly (and abrasively, hehe) –

Haha, thanks for the comment Christy. Yes, that comment was made by a typical “naysayer” … or armchair theorist, rather. Those that never DO the thing, just “hate” on those that DO do it. Hehe. Lots of those going around – and yeah – ain’t nutting easy about that position, but YES – with practice, and less weight around the core – it CAN be done!

And what she said is TRUE, my friend. A while ago, Charles Mitchell, a reader of this newsletter and a person that purchased products from us before, had this to say (I’m paraphrasing from my memory, but the sum and substance of what he said remains the same)

Spot on. Although I can do handstands and other types of pushups fairly well, I struggle with table and reverse pushups. Very honestly said!

And so forth.

Now for those not in the know, being a gymnast is anything BUT easy – and if you’ve seen the physical development on BOTH male and female gymnasts (specifically them SHOULDERS and the upper body) – well – you KNOW that what they do for training ain’t easy to say the least.

And what do they do?

Tons and tons of pushups. Dips. Pull-ups – – of varying styles – – on rings – – bars – – movable items – – and so forth.

And looking at their physique, well, I don’t think we can say they aren’t “strong” – or “not fit” – and as for cheerleading, a vocation many people comment upon as being “easy” – well – THINK – again.

Think several times my friend.

Ain’t nothing easy about some of those leaps and dances those ladies do – and do so REPETITIVELY – not to mention the hours of training that go into performing as a CO-ORDINATED unit as opposed to “on your lonesome”.

And if you take a look at cheerleader’s thighs – or DANCER’S thighs and legs in general – well – let me tell you this -they’re the closet thing to “horse like legs” on human beings in terms of strength – and again, what do they do to build said legs up?

Squats, for one, and NOT the squats the boobybuilders do with weights in the gym.

Now, I realize the naysayer will neigh, and the “do nothing’s” will troll, and so forth. And that’s fine by me.

If you’ve got a big, ponderous belly and have never tried said positions or exercises (and if you have you’ve likely fallen FLAT on your arse) – and get around it by saying “Oh, I’m not fat! I’m a big dude!” an then go on a rant about how bodyweight exercises are useless DESPITE proof being present in SPADES – and results too, well, ain’t nothing I can do for you my friend.

If you’re the sort of person that posts pictures of old time strongmen on your social media, and yet neglects how they TRAINED (Doug Hepburn and handstand pushups on the beach, anyone) and are content to sit in front of the ‘puter or boob tube, guzzling your nth beer – or drink of choice, hehe – and go on rants about how “I’m a big guy” and “Rahul’s yoga (wtf?) is “faggotty”’ or “bodyweight exercises don’t work, period! We need to pump iron, BRO!” … and so forth, well, that’s perfectly fine by me.

To those of you in the above two categories, Rahul Mookerjee and 0 Excuses Fitness are not for you and that’s the reason I mention this very clearly on the homepage.

But for those of you that are the DOERS in life – and those that recognize GOOD things when they see ‘em – well – I’m always here for ya!

And that’s that for now. Back soon with more, hehe.


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Ain’t nothing “faggoty” about a cheerleader’s legs – or gymnast’s shoulders – or Doug Hepburn’s back spread and shoulder MUSCLE. All of the people mentioned in the above three categories could probably take the average Joe or Jane and twist them into a “faggoty” pretzel without even breaking a sweat, hehe. And to build shoulders like the INCOMPARABLE Doug did – well – HERE is the course that will do it –

P.S #2 – And if you’re just starting out, don’t forget to grab the elementary course (that WILL kick your ass – don’t get me wrong) right HERE –

P.P.S – And if YOU, my friend, want to have YOUR say on this – then either email me back – – or go HERE – – Join the conversation

“To be fair, your yoga looks a little faggoty”
-, shmoga??

So I got another one of those interesting comments that made me stop and spit out my coffee as I was reading it …

I had posted a picture of myself doing a Hindu pushup on my fingertips, and a contact of mine responded with the following (this to my latest rant on the dude who asked me to “stop, stop, stop with emails”) …

And while I couldn’t help but laugh, this sort of thing is typical of people who can’t actually DO the thing.

I didn’t ask this dude if he can actually hold the position in question – but I bet you anything that given his comments, he probably CANNOT.

The “upward dog” position is hard enough to hold if you’re fit … especially for time, and especially on your palms.

And when you do it on your fingertips, or take one hand anyway – or even some of the fingers of one hand away – well – you just amped the difficulty level of this by about a 10.

And that’s if you can even get into position – most lardasses (and being I’ve never seen this guy, I have no idea what his current fitness levels are) can’t even get into the position, let alone HOLD for any length of time.

Anyway, here are a few more “faggoty” (for those of you NOT in the know) positions you can hold that will get you in super, super shape (and will probably kick your ass from here to you know where even if you consider yourself IN TOP shape, and have never done these).

One, the “table pushup”. This one is another one of those positions that is hard enough for most people to get into, let alone HOLD for any length of time.

To do this, simply get on your hands and feet – and make a “table like” position with your hands and feet – while keeping your back STRAIGHT … and HOLD for time (if you can even get into position).

I’ll bet you dollars to donuts that the vast majority of folks out there probably CANNOT get into this position properly the first time they try it – let alone HOLD for any length of time.

And when you do it on your fingertips – well – let me just say be WARNED, hehe.

Second, the reverse pushup – where you basically get on your back and push yourself up as you would in a bridge, but in a pushup like manner.

Even those of you that can bang out pushups like no-one business will probably have a tough time with this one, hehe.

And third, but NOT least … the “arms extended pushup” which some people have (literally) reported falling flat on their face when doing it.

To do this, simply extend your arms and legs out from your core as far as possible, and then pushup from that position.

I’d suggest NOT doing this on your fingertips when you first do this, hehe.

And those are three “faggoty” (for some of you, at any rate) positions that will get you in great great shape – NO pun intended whatsoever – and for NO reason other than fitness (get your mind out of the gutter if it did indeed get there. Hehe).

More such “faggotty positions” – and PUSHUPS originating from none other than these positions in my new bestseller Pushup Central. If you want to get in great shape – then this really IS a course you MUST check out – right here –

And that’s that for now. Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Name calling, “dissing” and putting something is typical of those that cannot DO the thing. As Emerson said, do the thing, and you’ll have the POWER. And I don’t know what side of the fence this dude stands on, and neither do I care to – but what about YOU, my friend? I know which side I’m on – but do YOU?

P.S #2 – More on the “China tom tommers” coming up tomorrow perhaps – I keep meaning to write about it but I get interrupted just about every time I do so! Hehe.

P.P.S – Is it even yoga? Ah, but I tire of educating these folks over and over again … Yoga shmoga indeed! LOL.

“Stop, stop stop no emails”
- Boo hoo!

Well, well well! I was going to do expound on my reasons for why the China tom tommers annoy me no end – basically because these people can’t see reality for what it is (or choose to stick their heads in the SAND and ignore it, rather than come out and SAY IT), but that’s gotta wait for now, hehe.

Until I stop chuckling.

I sent out an email last night about governments and how they’re doing their best to squeeze the middle classes out of existence.

And I sent you one detailing an experience from my own LARDASS days … and while these two seemed to be pretty popular with this list (of around 15000, give or take, as I write this) – – it, or they seem to have STRUCK home more for ONE individual than others.

Here is the response to the first email from a person named (I’m copying and pasting direct from the name) “joke wamenhoven”. What a joke, eh. (and NO, before you start jumping up and down about it, I’m laughing more at the way he expressed himself than his actual name…)

I’m not going to make his email address public for obvious reasons, but the sheer manner in which this was said – bold, large font and BLUE color made me stop and pause when I normally woudn’t. Dude was clearly pissed about SOMETHING!

And as I scrolled down my inbox I saw the same response from him to email #2, only in bolder letters, and bigger font, as if to say “he who screams the loudest wins”.

“Stop, stop STOP no emails” (I’m pasting directly again!)

Dude, first off, a simple “unsubscribe” would be enough. There is no need to get your knickers in a twist about something which can just as easily be addressed via a single click – or WORD – and believe me, I ain’t gonna no sleep over unsubscribes as and when they happen.

I’ve never been overly concerned about being liked – just for saying it – like it IS.

Second, and this goes for everyone that can’t stomach the “Rahul” brand of emails or fitness instruction for that matter – there is a reason the unsubscribe link is provided at the bottom of every email.

If I’m NOT your cup of tea, then by all means go ahead and use that link – that is what it’s there for.

But don’t expect me to sit and not laugh when YOU are the one that signs up for my list (on the other site) … and YOU are the one that cannot follow simple instructions. And even those two things would be fine, but the way in which this dude said it makes me think he (or is it a she??) is on the rag – quite literally.

Anyway, enough of that.

When it comes to FITNESS, I’ve been well known for giving you the REAL scoop, my friend.

I’m not going to sit here, for instance, and hold your hand and say “Oh, yeah, I understand my friend” when you’re 50 or more lbs overweight and try and pass it off as “I’m just a big guy”.

I’m going to tell you to drop down and get your ass to work – DROPPING said pounds – NOW.

Tough “love”, maybe but that’s what gets results, and that’s what I’m all about – results. And if I offend a few, or more than a few, or the majority of people along the way, so be it. Rahul Mookerjee and 0 Excuses Fitness are known for giving you the REAL scoop on everything – and that ain’t gonna change no matter what, my friend.

Results and FACTS I should say.

If you’re a lazy ass, for instance, and come to me for training – not only will I likely NOT train you – but I’ll tell you that you’re lazy, and that needs to change FIRST before you get on board any training program – not just mine.

If you come to me whining and moaning about how your legs hurt after a couple of days doing Hindu squats, well, suck it up my friend. You gotta stick with any program to get results, and if you can’t get past the basics – and even the first few days – then you just don’t have what it takes to make it. That’s fine by me, but don’t come crying to me about it, as I ain’t gonna have my ‘kerchief out ready to wipe them tears as it were.

If you piss and moan about a “gym being necessary”,then by all means please do NOT spend money on my programs – go ahead and buy the latest gizmos, and gym memberships, or whatever.

And so forth. Whatever it is – be aware and warned that if you come to Rahul Mookerjee for something then a) you get the REAL scoop and b) you might not necessarily get it sugar coated and c) you get RESULTS, especially when it comes to fitness. Practically guaranteed so long as you DO THE THING!

On that note, a friend of mine once told me in an annoyed manner (when we were discussing bodyweight exercise) that “he could pick me up and throw me out of the window”.

I didn’t respond, of course, but the fact is this – it ain’t that easy just “picking someone up and tossing him or her out of the window” for one. Especially not if the person knows how to block moves and such.

Second, and more importantly, us “fit” folk have a way of being picked up in a manner than will knock the average “big guy” (tub of lard) on their ASSES.

And third, perhaps even more importantly, would this dude even survive the aneurysm he’d get from huffing and puffing his arse off trying to get me off the floor?

Maybe that alone would get him in better shape than he is now, hehe.

So yes – all things said and done – DO feel free to unsubscribe if the above philosophy doesn’t suit you – and don’t let the door hit ya on the backside as you make your way out, hehe.


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Results are indeed what count, and our testimonials page has a few testaments to this (I really gotta cut through the inbox clutter and get more of these out to YOU, but for now, what is on the site will suffice) – – read ‘em right here – –

P.S # 2 – While Rahul Mookerjee ain’t everyone’s cup of tea, the fact is, as even some of my most ardent detractors have said “Rahul’s got the wins on the board”. And the way I did was getting back to basics in terms of FITNESS, my friend. Click on over HERE if you so choose, and jump on board – and ditch the moaners and groaners, complainers and “going nowhere anytime soon” crowd. Join the ranks of a SELECT few my friend – the CHOSEN ones as they say – right HERE –

Getting pilloried for saying it like it IS – – and why Tom Cotton has it SPOT ON
- ... and so it IS, my friend.

If there is one thing that I’ve noticed about those that say it like it is – it is this – while people listen to them, follow them, and READ everything they’ve got to say – they will never ever ADMIT upfront that the person is talking SENSE.

Especially not when a person “gets it” before the vast majority of the sheeple have, and in many cases even when they have.

I’ve often being pilloried by friends and family (and I don’t mind one damned bit, hehe) for saying it like it IS – both in terms of LIFE and in terms of other things.

I’ve been pointing out, for instance, ever since this blasted virus scare started that that is ALL it was – a scare – and yet, judging by some of the comments I’ve gotten on social media and the like, you’d think I was advocating the entire world turn itself over to the Third Reich or some such rubbish.

My friend Uncle Bob once told me,

“the nail that sticks out … usually gets hammered the FIRST”

And this is so true my friend – even if that nail is right.

I’ve said for a while now that the virus originated in China – which the leftists tried to deny despite there being CLEAR PROOF of such. I’ve said for a while now that they covered up what was going on in the mainland for ages … but I hadn’t said why, and reading what Tom Cotton said today, I see he’s got it spot on.

CCP Allowed Coronavirus To Spread Worldwide To Preserve China’s “Relative Power And Standing”

(  – there are MORE sources too)

And curiously enough, this was exactly what I told a friend of mine a while ago. I sent him articles showing and proving all of this – long before Donald Trump or anyone from the gang of “powers that be” said anything in public and the response I got was … “I don’t believe in conspiracy theories”.

This was in response to me telling him that the Chinese would gladly shoot themselves in the foot if it meant that the rest of the world would get “shot” as well. Ridiculous I know, but to anyone that has a working knowledge of how things function in China – both in terms of “face” and “irrational jingoism” … it’s TRUE, my friend – and we are seeing it happen even now in many areas if you look closely.

Curiously enough, or perhaps not, Cotton received the exact SAME response when he first brought up what were then dismissed as sheer lunacy coming from a U.S. Senator no less.

But he’s RIGHT – and now that things are starting to come out – and the public is being made aware of what happened, you’d think that people would apologize to Cotton – or at least have the cojones to admit he was RIGHT.

Nothing. Crickets. Other than a few opinion pieces here and there, the “silent majority” is being just that – silent.

Same thing when I point something out, either fitness wise or life wise.

I’ve been saying for years, for instance, that the ESL industry in China was DEAD – – due to reasons that should be obvious to anyone that hasn’t had his or her head stuck in the sand for donkey’s years, and EVERYONE I spoke to dismissed it as lunacy. (probably because they were scared of their pithy little dancing monkey jobs going out of the window, and they thought ignoring FACTS would stop the decline, and so forth…)

And now, when they see the REALITY unfold in front of them … CRICKETS.

Same thing for all the scams etc prevalent in mainland China. April has seen no less than FOUR scams – one of them being in education no less – the other being the “Luckin Coffee” scandal – and there were two more as well that I don’t want to bring up here.

And I’ve been saying this for AGES to folks that tom tom China and their “economic miracle”.

Their economy was always a house of cards – – that couldn’t withstand a two month partial lockdown amongst other things, and while I was routinely pooh poohed at for saying this – the fact is this my friends.

China is all gloss and glitter, and very little to actually BACK that up. I realize this may cause a lot of you to cough up their morning coffee, perhaps your latte, perhaps your late night beer, or whatever, but it’s TRUE – – and the facts that are coming out day by day back this assertion up perfectly well (something I could tell way back in 2003 when I first went there).

Anyway, for those of you that will jump up and down about it being an “anti China” piece – well – NO.

It’s not so much anti China as it’s doing something I’ve been routinely pilloried for, NEVER been given credit for – – that something being POINTING OUT THE FACTS.

If you want the FACTS, for instance, in terms of getting fit – in terms of being successful at what you do – or anything else – well – you know who to go to, hehe.

You know who the nail is that sticks out – and doesn’t much care about attempts being made to hammer him back in, hehe.

And so forth.

And that, my friend, is the mini-rant for today. Lesson learnt?

Say it like is – without fear – and unapologetically. There truly IS NO OTHER WAY!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – The facts in terms of fitness are that short, quick and intense bodyweight workouts work the best in terms of reducing weight – and overall FAT levels in your body. Here is where you can get on said workout – –

“Sagarika” couldn’t be a WOLF – – but she sure COULD be a funeral director …
- ... why they can't make online classes for kids more INTERESTING is beyond me!

(I was going to put off on sending this out for obvious reasons, but as that same annoying crappy song BLARES out for no reason whatsoever in a kids class of all things – well – I HAD to say it.

I’m pretty sure those that matter won’t see this, but hey, gotta put out my thoughts on the MESS that classes in general have become these days.

Oh – and just saw on the Internet that a few good docs are advocating just what I have been for AGES now – a) that lockdowns should be ended globally NOW because they don’t necessarily stop the spread of the virus – and b) because this virus is in essence (other than the higher mortality rates, but most that have contracted it have RECOVERED) pretty much the same as the flu and any other.

Wonder what took people so long to say what is COMMON SENSE. Senator Tom Cottons for one is well known for saying it like it is – and while I’m not in agreement with everything he’s got to say, I have to say this – EVERYTHING he’s saying about mainland China … is SPOT ON.

More on that later – for now, it’s back to Ms Sagarika…!)

So as I get done writing (or should I say SENDING) that last email or two here are my thoughts …

One, VIDEO calls DO SUCK – – BIG TIME – – and so does NOISE in general – – especially if its coming from the DUMBphone or the ‘puter for whatever reason.

Think audio calls, for instance, which could just as easily be done with a headphone. I mean I don’t know if I’m wrong here, but wouldn’t you say EVERYONE has headphones these days?

And yet, in mainland China, despite some citites having an actual law against it, you still have people blasting out music from their phones and listening to audio messages (again, I hate those, hehe) with scant regard for the person sitting next to them.

Hey, I get it.

Not everyone’s a wolf. I know, but as I hear “Sagarika” blare out “I am the Earth” (or some such variant of that kiddie song), I’m reminded of not a wolf – but a HEARSE – or more accurately, a FUNERAL procession.

Anyway, before I get into that, back to two – two being that bonafide wolves do NOT like slow, mournful tunes … and NOT R&B either, hehe …

Howls done right – – hell yeah. Think Denzel howling and “being a wolf, dog! Not a sheep!” in the classic Training Day …loved that movie, hehe.

But anyway, as the uber mournful strains of “I am here…., I am here…..” literally RESOUND in my ears despite the other laptop volume being down, I’m sitting here and shaking my head.

This is supposed to be a kids class – – an online class while in “lockdown” – – and (as I posted on my Wechat the other day) a PATHETIC and sorry ass excuse for what real classes should be.

In fact, and again, I get it.

We are all operating under constraints, and no, I ain’t referring to the online nature of the class as being retarded. In fact, online is good – as you know!

But there are some things that lend themselves best to IN PERSON as opposed to online.

The African silverback Gorilla – – a bonafide Gorilla if there ever was one Marc (remember him??) once told me that if I wanted to pick up tips (in addition to personal training ) on boxing, and how UFC fighters fought – Youtube would be a good place to start.

And don’t get me wrong – he was right in many ways, but again some things lend themselves better to IN PERSON.

I mean, I tried learning boxing for ages from You Tube videos, but when I actually showed up in person with Marc and actually DID the thing – including the drills he had me do (beginner drills, but hey, gotta start someplace) – – I was WHOOPED and quickly!

I don’t know if Marc expected that, hehe.

Maybe he did. I still remember him telling me once as he was watching me do pull-ups (after he made the comment about the “V shaped back”) …

“Oh, you’d last in the ring conditioning wise – – that’s for sure. At least three rounds or so … “

(that was in response to me telling him I didn’t have a snowballs chance in hell in an actual BOXING contest with him, hehe, and it’s TRUE)

Well, guess what. I lasted … but all of ONE round, and the next round was torture, and I could barely get my jab up in the third. Hehe.

And again, this is true. The same thing happened to Marc when he tried DIPS that day in the park – his arms was literally quivering like aspen leaves – or maple leaves in the Toronto breeze and all of this, my friend, shows you the value of IN PERSON training.

Some things just do NOT lend themselves well to online.

And while a skilled teacher CAN make the most of what he or she has got with regard to tools, “Sagarika” (so my daughter just informed me) ain’t really doing the best job either.

I mean, for Chrissake, these are YOUNG KIDS aged six and seven. And while my daughter is sitting there trying to join I can tell she is chomping at the bit … NOT to sing , which she LOVES, by the way, but to get back to Mickey Mouse on the phone (or perhaps Tom and Jerry).

Hey, those have “good vibes” going – – and this does NOT.

Anyway, wolf howls aside, here is yet another good reason why you need to choose in person training – – or at least the online equivalent with ME in case you’re looking to get in the best damned shape of your life.

Sure, my books, videos and products get the trick done, but when you’re learning from the Master himself (and I do NOT mean “Master” as in terms that you might think – I’m simply translating the Chinese word “shifu” over to English here) … or herself, for that matter, things are a lot different.

There is energy transfer that takes place that cannot take place merely through books, and online.

And while in person obviously isn’t possible for all of you, the next best thing is to apply for PERSONAL coaching from yours truly – – which pretty much ensures you get all the benefits of “in person” without being actually in “person”.

Still NOT as good as the best option, but hey, we wolves do the best we can hehe.

And on that wolf like note, I’m out. I’ll be back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – By the way, if you’re looking to join up with other fellow WOLVES – well – share them howls right HERE.