The secret(s) to weight loss that you aren’t being TOLD
- - and how they can help you lose weight rapidly

Dear Reader,

There is a secret to rapid fat loss – WEIGHT loss – over your entire body, and especially that pesky midsection area that you aren’t being told.

The “experts” aren’t telling you because most of them don’t know about it themselves. And if they did, they’d sneer at it despite the solid proof that it WORKS.

Ditto for commercial gyms, relatives, friends – and just about whoever you reveal this secret (or should I say secrets) to.

But mark my words my friend (and I learned this the HARD way) – this is KEY to reducing FAT in the fastest possible amount of time – while making VERY little – or even NO change to your diet – and believe me, I’ve been there and done that.

I’ve been in the situation where I was working out – gaining muscle – getting better – but still, there was something missing.

I wasn’t getting my midsection in the sort of shape I wanted. I’d try and watch what I ate (not to an extreme), and while that worked to a degree – it never really accomplished the REAL results I wanted (think rapid weight loss from a portly 120 kgs – to a slim, svelte and STRONG 60 kgs – NO, that ain’t an exaggeration either!).

And before you jump on this as being “yet another marketing message” for Eat More – Weigh Less – well – HOLD YER HORSES, my friend.

While the above manual is an INDISPENSABLE tool in your fitness and weight loss arsenal, the point is this – – it isn’t the entire secret.

The secret isn’t what you eat – or watching your calories, or even so much WHEN you eat.

While workouts DO factor into the secret (obviously huh), they are NOT the full secret – and NOT in the way you’d think.

No, it’s a combination of various factors – – and this is something I’ve never written about before fully in my books and courses. I have no idea why, by the way. I’ve always been meaning to do it, but …

Anyway, due to the sheer number of people asking me about these things – and exercises etc – I figure I’m going to go into detail on this one “combo tip” in the 0 Excuses Fitness Ship – and back it up with facts. So for those of you that are really interested in supreme health, fitness and VITALITY levels – sign up now – you’ll never regret it!

On other fronts, Pushup Central seems to disappearing off the shelves as fast as we can restock – good thing it’s an electronically delivered book so we don’t have to physically restock. If you haven’t yet gotten your paws on it – do so NOW, my friend.

And that’s that for now. I will be back again soon!!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – In terms of secrets, Eat More – Weigh Less (and indeed even the 0 Excuses Fitness system) reveals another one that is NOT talked about in contemporary fitness circles – – that being how to RECOVER from being out of breath – quicker. No more panting “for ages” until you finally get back to it – once you master this secret – you’ll be recovering from them sprints like no-one’s business! Grab the courses  here – and HERE –

“Are pushups good for a lot of muscles?”
- - and more on the PLANK

Dear Reader,

So, just had an interesting conversation with a good friend and old “cohort”, hehe, who had apparently noticed my posts on social media about the plank – and of course Pushup Central.

He asked me about the Coronavirus in China, and we discussed that a bit. Differing opinions we had on that one, but in any case,we quickly got to talking about EXERCISE.

This guy, by the way is a 6’1″ former Army man – as well as wrestler – so you’d think he knows a thing or two about conditioning. Hehe.

“I didn’t contact you about the virus, Rahul, actually … ”

“Well thats good!” I responded, laughing. “I’m certainly no expert on the virus … ”

“Are planks good”, he abruptly followed up with. “I saw your recent posts regarding the plank, and … ”

“Can the plank be done with other exercises?”

“Planks are great”, I responded, smiling. “Did you hear the new about the ex-Marine breaking the record for the longest consecutive period of time spent in the plank position?”

“Sure did”, he responded.

“Planks are great”, I repeated. “But if there is ONE exercise I’d do – I’d do the pushup. If there is ONE exercise I’d choose – it’s the pushup. If there is ONE exercise that hits the ENTIRE body – it’s the PUSHUP!”

“Do pushups work a lot of muscles”, he asked.

“Hell yes they do! There is a reason boxers and wrestlers use them in their training … ”

There was more, of course, hehe, but I think you can guess what I told him.

“Thanks Rahul”, he replied. “I’m going to seriously consider your product – but I still think the best way to lose weight is to stop drinking a ton of beer”, he said, grinning from ear to ear.

“Can’t argue with THAT, my friend”, I laughed. “Especially not if you’re polishing off 5-6 large bottles of lager a day, hehe. Or whiskey, for that matter. If you’re serious about losing weight – – STOP drinking – period!”

Now, those of you that are regular readers will probably chime in at this point.

What gives, Rahul? What about Eat More – Weigh Less? What about the results you posted from following exactly what is being posted in that book?

Well the results are true, my friend – but it doesn’t mean that you can go “bottoms up” every night and still improve your health, my friend.

True health is from the INSIDE OUT – and while you WILL lose weight externally if you’re on Eat More Weigh Less routines, drinking too much is NOT good for your internal organs, regardless of the sort of external shape you’re in (or look to be in).

Anyway, I didn’t probe further on why he was asking me these questions – but I got it. Haha.

The Coronavirus lockdown in China has pretty much kept folks indoors for months on end – and people are getting antsy – and “acting strange” (he wasn’t – but a lot are) from being cooped up with nothing to do all day.

Funny part though is, a few GOOD home workouts would not only take care of the excess flab – but also the “antsy” part!

Trust me, my friend. I wrote to you this morning about how good I feel – and now – hours later – and it’s evening here – that feeling has NOT gone away, despite my NOT going out anywhere at all during the day.

Thats how good these workouts make you feel – and look, of course, hehe.

Especially pushups, my friend – and if you’re not already rifling through Pushup Central to find out what exactly the big deal is about – well – then – do so NOW – by grabbing the course right here – –


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Don’t dilly, and don’t daddle my friend. Run on over to the link I just stated – and GET CRACKING ON the exercises – it truly will be one of the best investments you can make in your health, fitness and overall strength levels – from the inside out – for the LONG TERM! Here is the link again – –

You give me 20 minutes – I give YOU a six pack!
- - and it's easy, my friend. It's easy - if you just DO it!

Dear Reader,

One of my all time favorites movies that I believed I’ve mentioned before is Training Day – with Denzel Washington as the main lead (Ethan Hawke I believe as the young rookie??).

In that movie Denzel plays a wizened, experienced, yet corrupt to the bone LAPD Narc – and he takes on a young trainee (Jake Hoyt) under his “wing” for ONE day – and ONE day alone to see “what he is made of” and if he can fit him into his squad.

Well, the story is interesting enough (even though it’s a “pot boiler’ish” flick of sorts – but a GOOD one – kudos Denzel) – and at one point, Denzel is trying to get the young rookie to take the blame for a shooting that he didn’t commit – all supposedly “for the team”.

“You give me 18 months, son”, Denzel intones, looking directly at Jake as the latter points a double barreled shotgun at him (the same gun that was used to shoot a person a minute or so ago).

“You give me 18 months – and I give you a career!”

“But if you’re in this with me Jake, you’re either in it all the way, or not at all – you understand?” he continues, with a very pointed look on his face.

And in terms of fitness, my friend – HERE is what I got to say – YOU give me 20 minutes of your time daily – and I’ll give you a six pack in record time – on YOU – guaranteed!!

No if’s, but’s or maybe’s. Provided you give me the time I asked for – I’ll get you that six pack and functional muscle all over your entire body. Guaranteed.

As I finished this morning’s workout – this thought came to me and I figured I’d write to you about it.

Oh, I forgot to mention – give me a jump rope as well – the cheap kind if you so choose, hehe – but even if you don’t – I’ll still get you that six pack. Haha.

What do I mean?

Well, today’s workout was 2000 jumps – done in 20 minutes. Pretty much done straight with the occasional few seconds break – and let me tell you this my friend – I was BUZZED after the workout.

My forearms and traps were screaming out LOUD – and I was sweating up a storm.

My shirt was drenched, and so were my socks. It was like I had been out running miles – or even climbing my favorite hill which I CAN’T at this point due to the lockdowns etc – but boy oh boy, did I get a GREAT workout in!

And believe me, these weren’t just the easy jumps – I did double jumps – criss crosses – and much more during this workout.

And lest you think any of that is overly complicated – think AGAIN, my friend. Even the rank newbie can get good at this very very quickly indeed – and although I have not put out a course on it as yet –  I am SERIOUSLY thinking about doing so.

By the way, although I have a ton of courses out there, they barely scratch the surface of what I know about training. Additionally, there is always more to talk about – more to LEARN – both for me and YOU – and those nitty gritties – those little things that you have to “experience” for yourself – well – all of that and more – as well as ADVICE from yours truly is available right there for the TAKING in my “inner circle” – or 0 Excuses Ship as I like to call it.

Those of you that have purchased multiple products from us (a big thank you, by the way!) will find this to be an awesome “steal“. Some of you have already jumped aboard – to you guys – well – ahoy – and kudos!

Anyway, as Denzel says, you gotta be in it all the way, my friend, or not at all .

I’m not conning you as Denzel was Hoyt – but I WILL tell you – the 0 Excuses Ship- and indeed all our products are only for the DOERS in life, my friend.

If you prefer to sit back and pout, moan, groan and complain about this and that – or not having time – or Coronavirus lockdowns – or “bad mood” – or any of that other nonsense – well – I can’t help you, my friend.

Other hand – if you get down to brass tacks – give me that time – and just do it – well – a WHOLE NEW world AWAITS, my friend – and it’s yours for the taking – right NOW!

Well, my friend, that is that for now. I’ll be back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Did I mention I finished off with 125 pushups? I didn’t have to, but damn, those workouts feel so good you wanna do more – and did more I did – in fact, I did a custom workout that I give YOU in Pushup Central – a course that has been flying off the shelves ever since I put it out a few days ago. I may not be able to offer it at the price it is being offered now – so go HERE and grab this little monster now – –

P.S#2 – Lots of folks in mainland China are moaning and groaning about gaining weight during the Coronavirus lockdown. Now I get it – lockdowns SUCK – hell, I can’t get to my favorite hill either – but that ain’t an excuse to turn into a slob, my friend. There are workout routines that you’ll never get bored of – with plenty of variety – that you can do right there in your living room. Take control of your life NOW, my friend – get on the stick right HERE –

Follow One Course Until Success
- -F.O.C.U.S!!

Dear Reader,

Some of the things we tell our kids – and young ‘uns – the sayings we teach ’em in schools, at home etc –  as adults, the VERY VAST MAJORITY of adults would do well to follow them ourselves.

Or, “practice what we preach”, hehe. Thats one of those sayings, btw …

Recently I came upon an interesting saying written on my 6 year old’s school “clipboard” – – that being, “Follow one course until success”.

The first letter of each word was capitalized – – for obvious reasons – – and upon looking at it, I believe this is one of the most valuable value one can instil in a young mind – and – importantly, or just as importantly, foster the very same values – or rekindle them – in our adult minds.

As kids, we are goal oriented and FOCUSED than we believe.

Ever seen a three year throw a tantrum for, lets say, not being allowed to (or not being able to find ) his/her favorite chocolate – or candy bar?

Or when a six year old wants a toy BAD?

And so forth.

In all such cases, these kids usually end up getting exactly what they want – and are nigh persistent about it until they do, hehe. In other words that laser sharp focus is there – on what they WANT – not what they don’t want!

As adults, often times we have goals, but we quickly lose sight of this end goal when the going gets tough.

Truth be told, nothing worthwhile – super fitness included – was achieved without sacrifice, my friend – and without PERSISTENCE (as Napoleon Hill famously said, persistence is to a man’s character what carbon is to STEEL).

The same author also (equally) famously once said that the Universe does NOT give up the object or goal you’re trying to attain – until it deems you worthy of it. There are no shortcuts, and there is no cheating the Universe, my friend.

Sometimes (and I’m paraphrasing here) it seems there is a “hidden guide” that exists whose job it is to “trip us up” in all ways possible on our way to the goal – and to see if we can take it.

Once we do pass all the tests – and few do, my friend – a rarefied few – then – and only then – will Nature give up the object of your struggles to you!

From that point on, everything you wanted will literally flow to you – after you have proved yourself CAPABLE and worthy of taking – and bettering – whatever is thrown at ya – and this requires SUPER FOCUS, my friend.

Take fitness, for instance.

If your goal is to get rid of those six (or more) inches of unsightly flab hanging on to your abdomen – then you WORK towards the goal – and keep at it – no matter what.

You keep at it no matter how much people discourage you.

“Oh, you’ll never get there!” (in itself a great motivator as I once wrote about before).

You keep at it through rain, sun, shine and hail. You do what it takes. You make the sacrifices.

And all the time, what enables you to DO all this is your FOCUS – your focus on the END goal – and what you DO want.

Last, but certainly not least, it also means you don’t “chop and change” galore. When you’re on a certain fitness routine – give it TIME to work – in some case that time is literally less than a few days – but again – give it TIME to work.

If your goal is to eat more and weigh less, for instance, then DO the workouts – and stick to them without chopping and changing daily – in other words – – follow that one course until SUCCESS!

(Note – this doesnt mean you don’t make changes along the way as REQUIRED – key word being REQUIRED. Way too many people lack the resolve to SEE a fitness program through though – and that is what I’m referring to here!!)

These lessons apply as much to fitness as they do life, my friend.

Take a minute, and ponder it if you so would – proper focus will work miracles in all areas of your life – fitness included!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Along with proper focus the proper WORKOUTS are required – and contrary to what you might think (or have been told) – diet ain’t the most important part by far. That isn’t an excuse to go “bottoms up” of course, but the fact is, workouts are indeed king – and you can lose TONS of weight (while building functional MUSCLE) – and if you’re interested in regimens that will achieve exactly THAT effect – check out “Eat More – Weigh Less – -right here – –

Bare bones training
- Back to basics!

Dear Reader,

It should come as no surprise to you, my dear reader – and indeed the casual browser on the website, and indeed all my customers – that I’m a huge huge fan of the “K.I.S.S.” principle.

Keep it simple and stupid is my version of it and apparently the most widely used one, and no, I do NOT mean “stupid” in any sort of derogatory manner.

In other words – barebones – – and simple sometimes works best!

Flashback to RockyIII – where the champ (Rocky) is “training” (I use quotes for a reason) in a fancy shmancy gym with gals and machines galore vying for his attention and doing very little actual training – if any – at all!

And while he’s going through the motions and posing for photoshoots etc in the middle of “training session” with music playing no less, you have “Mr. T” – a solid LUMP of muscle if there ever was one training HARD – like he MEANT it – in barebones style – – in his dungeon!

You see him at one point doing two finger pull-ups – – fingers heavily taped.

You see looking into a dirty mirror and shadow boxing and “running on the spot” – or “sprinting on the spot”, should I say.

The outcome of the match is well known to all, and later on, as Apollo Creed whips Rocky back into shape – we see the champ walk into the gym where he’s about to be trained to “turn back into the beast he once was”

You see guys hitting the heavy bag while pipes leak. You see a dark training room with ONE bulb – about to fall out of its casing. And so forth.

And as Paulie rightly said “Rocko, lets get out of here before they kill us!”. Hehe.

I don’t mean that in a derogatory manner again, but you get my drift!

But those type of workouts, my friend – are really what get results.

When I slogged up the hill in the noon – or  multiple times in freezing cold weather in the A.M. – I didnt have no music playing (other than “Suave” on my phone occasionally – or perhaps “Angel of the City”, hehe). A lot of times not even that.

I didn’t have no trainers egging me on.

I didn’t have no “nice training environment”. No fancy clothes. Certainly no selfies or even gals. Nothing of that nature.

I had – to put it simply – what I had which was the clothes on my back – – a dark, deserted park – – cold, blustery winds – – and an ending flight of grim looking stairs.

And myself – and ME alone – and the will to get it done – and by God I did – day after day – in a SPARTAN training environment.

As Mike Tyson once famously said,

No one wants to get up at 4 and run when it’s pitch-dark, but it has to be done. The only reason i do it so early is because i believe the other guy isn’t doing it and that gives me a little edge.

Today, as folks ask me “if I go to the gym” –  or tell me ” I look like this movie star or that” – or other such comments – – I smile.

And think back to the bare bones, spartan training that I did – and still do!

In the book on pushups, you’ll see me training on a cement floor. Believe me, barefoot training on cement ain’t as easy as it looks – and when you do fingertip pushups on cement – watch out. Your fingers will turn into iron pliers, and then some.

You’ll see nothing on the walls.

You’ll see a couple of raggedy couches that we put there to get them out of the way.

You might even see that the tubelight in the room is missing – my own “Rocky in the dungeon” touch, hehe.

But guess what – I have got and continue to get some of the best darn workouts of my life in that room!

It isn’t a lot different from when I took the 0 Excuses Fitness videos. You see a rickety old air conditioner in that video – from the 80s probably – and so well did it run that I sweated up a storm during my workout – with A/C on, hehe.

But barebones gets results, my friend – and results are what I’ll deliver to YOU with my new book on pushups.

Pushup Central it is indeed, and the BEST DAMNED course on pushups out there – and that ain’t no exaggeration, mi amigo!

And thats it for now. Back later!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Everything accomplished in bare bones training style – -and environment is on FULL display in “Eat More – Weigh Less” – a course you must grab if you’re interested in what the title says. Do so right HERE –

62 year old man sets plank RECORD
- Where is YOUR excuse??

Dear Reader,

Well, as I come down from the “high” of finishing Pushup Central (believe me, putting books out there on a regular basis can be a draining, yet incredibly rewarding task in many ways!) – – I happened to chance upon some interesting news.

Actually, the wife did, and she sent me link on Whatsapp.

I clicked it idly, and there it was “62 year old sets a world record for the plank”.

Now prior to this, my wife had sent me an audio note talking about a “plonk” (or something to that effect). While I have no idea why it was pronounced the way it was – probably the message goofed up or something (tech gremlins??) – – I spent the better part of 5 minutes trying to figure out what a “plonk” – or “plonche” as it sounded like could be.

Could have just asked her, of course but …. hehe, I think we all know the answer to that one (at least those of you that are married do, hehe).

Anyway, jokes aside, it finally hit me after a few minutes.

Oh, PLANK!! I said, and then as I read the article, I saw the headline.

A 62 year old Army (Marine, actually – my bad!) Vet from Naperville has set this record – of holding a plank – at his age – – for 8 hours – 15 minutes – and 15 seconds!

The article said he did it straight. No idea how bathroom breaks etc were taken care of, but hey – that sort of thing takes some doing, my friend – even if its “just a plank” (which by the way is a pose the average  Joe can’t hold for more than a few seconds if even that).

Now, why do I mention this?

First off, because planks are a great, great exercise for the entire body my friend – a great STATIC exercise at that. I wrote a couple of emails ago about static exercises providing you with an excellent workout, and the plank – done right – is NO exception to the rule.

And second, because if 62 year old George Hood can do it at HIS age – where is YOUR excuse, my friend?

We have folks that are barely out of their twenties complaining about feeling run down – tired – beat up – constantly in bed at the slightest sign of fatigue – constantly whining about “not having time to exercise” – or “there isn’t a gym nearby” … all while a 62 year old just DOES the thing – and sets world records!

A plank is easy for me to do – but 8 hours?? That’s more a feat of concentration than anything else – – not to mention the tremendous tricep and core strength it would build – – and looking at the arms on the dude – – I can believe it!

He has the same “heavy duty” look about him that my friend from the Marines has – – that same “gorilla like upper body” – – and how did he celebrate his feat? By pumping out 75 straight pushups.

Curiously enough, that, my friend is exactly what I did this morning as part of my workout.

I jumped rope for 15 minutes straight, did a 100 Hindu squats and 75 pushups. Stretched out a bit after that – – and I feel GREAT now. Oh yes, I do – – and this feeling will last me for the entire day.

And so can you, my friend – – you TOO can feel this good throughout the entire day – if you just kick start your day with the right form of exercise.

And pushups are one of the best way to jump start your day. The pushup is really one of those “feel good” exercises in that because of the increased blood flow to the chest and upper body – you sweat a lot more – and you burn fat – and you feel GREAT – for the entire day!

So if you aren’t already doing pushups – or don’t know how to do them (and the majority of people do NOT  do pushups right) – drop down right now – and give me 20!

And drop the excuses, my friend. They ain’t worth it!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – The very best course on pushups out there is finally live – and if what I said above interests you in the slightest – – you really MUST have at this one – – right here —

55 ways different ways to do PUSHUPS!
- - Pushup CENTRAL!

Dear Reader,

BIG NEWS!! We’re finally live in terms of Pushup Central – -the much awaited course on pushups that people have been talking about for WEEKS NOW – – and it’s LIVE now.

I’d write more, but I’m so knackered that I’m off for some R&R if you get my drift – -along with a dinner of boiled eggs and spinach. Hey, them “Popeye forearms” DO need their nourishment! Haha…

Back again tomorrow – – in the meantime, HERE is where you can grab this course. Do so PRONTO!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Here is the link again for you –

P.S #2 – Oh, and sample workouts are included as well – – I made sure to take ANY and ALL “guesswork” out of the equation, my friend, so you truly have ZERO excuses to NOT grab this product – NOW!

The best part about doing pushups!
- - - is the sheer VERSATILITY of the exercise ...

Dear Reader,

Well, well, well! As I pound away at “Pushup Central”, I’ve come across a bit of a revelation – which to me isn’t a revelation at all, but it might be for YOU!

By the way, I plan on having the sales page up by tomorrow with the completed book – hopefully all goes according to plan, but you guys know what they say about the “best laid plans”, hehe.

We’re on track as of now though – so if you want to place a pre-order for this book, contact me, and I’ll make sure to give you a 10% discount on the actual price once I get the sales page up (please contact me via email if that interests you).

And the revelation?

Well, I originally planned on giving you 51 different ways on doing pushups, but as I tried to cram everything into that number, it became increasingly impossible, and we are 55 now if I remember right, hehe.

Thats right. 55 different ways of doing pushups – and I should actually say more like 65-70, because I’ve “crammed” more than one type of pushup per number (for some of them).

And this, my friend, is what I love the most about pushups – and pushup workout.

It isn’t so much the fact that I can get a superb workout any place and any time of my choosing – with NO equipment, and very little space if any.

It isn’t the quick’n’dirty nature of these workouts. It isn’t the strength building – or the fat burning either.

All of that is GREAT – dont get me wrong – but those that know me know that I tend to get bored easily if things are “boring”.

Variety is indeed the spice of life, my friend, and so it goes with workouts as well.

In the 0 Excuses Fitness System I tell you in the videos that you’ll never get BORED with these workouts – and the pushups are a major reason as to why.

You can do them on your palms – or fingertips – or 3 fingers – or even one, if you’re at Bruce Lee status, hehe. You can do them against the wall – or you can take one hand away when doing them.

You can reverse hand positions. You can move the hands closer together. And believe me, if I wanted to, I could probably figure out and put on paper 250 different ways to do pushups – if not more – EACH of them enough to give you a more than solid workout.

For now though, we’ll stick to 55 – -I’ll probably have more on this topic in the future though, so stay tuned!

And if all of the above isnt enough to inspire you to go crack off some pushups NOW – then I don’t know what will, hehe.

Back at it then – I’ll be back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Here is a superb course that you can feast upon while Pushup Central is in the works – containing workouts that you should always try and include in your routine – –

Eyes closed workouts
- - it isn't as insane as it might sound!

Dear Reader,

As I sit here rifling through the many, MANY pictures that have to be edited etc for the upcoming “Pushup Central” book, I got to thinking about the picture themselves.

As with my writing, and everything I do, all of this is done “in the flow” and straight from the heart.

You don’t see any fancy shmancy adjustments – or anything fancy at all for that matter. The living room is the same very bare bones living room I used to take the photos for Corrugated Core, and the only difference here is that my flip flops show up in some of the photographs, hehe.

But that’s an important point I’m about to make here. Do these exercises barefoot if at all possible – and that holds true for Hindu squats and bridging as well, my friend. Doing these exercises barefoot will strengthen the muscles of the feet and the toes FAR more than if you were to do them with shoes.

You can do them with shoes – sure – but it’s a lot better to do them barefoot if you can – which is my point.

And no, I’m not trying to “convert” you into a “Barefoot Baba”, or something of that nature (think hermit standing on one leg in the Himalayas). Sometimes though, and especially when it comes to workouts, going back to basics is a very good thing indeed.

Now in the book, you’ll see me wearing one of my favorite T-shirt while working out “This guy needs a beer”.

Hey, I love my beer- what can I say – I’m not quite at the Saxon level where I can pour back tanks/barrels of beer during or even after a workout, but I must confess to enjoying more than a cold one at times – -and gaining weight?

Well, we know the answer to that. Moving on though …

You’ll see yours truly with his fists clenched while working out. With a “Cheshire cat” grin when the wife does the “Extra long pause” for the photographs (evil! hehe) – – and most of all, you’ll see me with EYES closed during my workout.

Eyes closed, you ask?

What gives, bro?

Well, nothing really – except that YES, I’ve done many a pushup workout with my eyes closed, believe it or not – in high reps – and YES, I’ve gotten a great one in!

Many of the pushups I do lend themselves especially well to “meditative thinking” – especially the Hindu pushups and reverse pushups (although ALL of them pretty much can be bent to this effect).

Thats why I love pushups so much. As you go up and down, either straight or in a circular motion you not only strengthen your body – your entire body – but the CALMING influence of these workouts is incredible, my friend – not to mention the sheer ENERGIZING effect of the workouts.

Part of the reason is that pushups work the chest heavily, and blood flow improves throughout the entire body – along with the deep breathing, of course which energizes you BEYOND belief.

But the other reason is simply … well, you’ll know when you do ’em. Especially once you get up into the higher reps … you’ll notice yourself slipping into a sort of trance as you progress through the workout.

You’ll be thinking about your goals subconsciously as you workout – and you’ll be ACHIEVING them with greater ease too — such is the sheer POWER of these workouts, my friend.

Anyway, thats the reason behind my “eyes closed” workouts, my friend – and you’ll know what I mean when the book comes out – and is your hands, hehe.

All for now. I’m back to editing pictures and finishing up the book – hopefully “on the shelves” in a day or so!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Did I forget to mention that you also see a strong upper body in the book? Often times I’ve been asked if I go to the gym – or told my “back is built” (search blog for those comments if you so choose) – – and there is a reason, my friend. Oh yes, there is!

P.S – #2 – While I wish I could give you the link for “Pushup Central” right NOW – I can’t. The book isn’t fully ready as yet, and there are more things I want to add to it. It truly WILL be a MASTERPIECE, my friend – NOTHING like I’ve ever put out before – – and in the meanwhile, you can “feast thy chops” on another masterpiece that is getting and HAS gotten rave reviews – – and WILL “get that back built” – – that being the beginner course on pull-ups – –


“Lets see if you can do this yourself!”
- ... and a bit of added torture, hehe

Dear Reader,

Well, so today’s workout was an interesting one – and certainly “different” from most of my workouts in that it was … ah, but I’ll get into that later, hehe.

Suffice it to say that I got a pretty decent workout in today while taking the pictures for Pushup Central – – a course I mentioned in an earlier email, and a course you WON’T want to miss if you’re AT all interested in bodyweight training – and superior health, strength, fitness – – and of course reduced BLUBBER all over your body.

Or should I say, I got a pretty good workout in while the pictures were being taken by my wife.

Yes – my “long suffering”, hehe wife – – the same lady that appeared in Fast and Furious Fitness – – as well as “Corrugated Core – – isn’t in this book herself, but she’s taken the pictures for it (most of them – some of them were taken by Cindy years ago) – – and a huge thanks to her for that!

And while taking the pictures, of course, she put in that “extra pause”.

You know what I’m talking about, right?

There I am, doing an “impossibly” tough movement on two-three finger – – and the photo is taking an eternity to be shot – – and I question why.

No answer of course, until I almost collapse – -and then she replies, with a sardonic grin of sorts.

“I wanted to see if you can do this yourself, as opposed to just write about it!”

Huh?? Don’t know if that comment was made to “fire me up”, hehe, but it certainly had that effect, and as I sit here, writing to you a few hours later, my shoulders and forearms are still zapped, hehe, especially my fingers.

And my core feels like it got in a workout – a great workout – despite most of the workout being static holds.

I did almost manage to get my “own back”, hehe, when I invited the wife to join me in some of these pushups, but was rebuffed.

“No way! Boys only!” she proclaimed, before striding off defiantly to the kitchen.

Well, not sure if I agree with the “boys only” tag, hehe – – but fact is this – – I got a great workout in today — and why am I telling you about it??

First, to let you know that you don’t necessarily have to get in a “heart thumping” workout all the time to get a great one in. Sometimes, static holds can give you an AWESOME workout (especially the bridging in 0 Excuses Fitness) – – and you WILL burn tons of fat even with these types of workouts.

And second, to let you know that new, much awaited course is almost DONE. Now, it’s just a matter of editing the pictures etc and putting the sales page up, which should be done in two days max, if not earlier.

Look for this course – and grab it the MINUTE it comes out, my friend – – it truly IS the most comprehensive manual I’ve put out on pushups – – until now, that is, hehe. Far more where this comes from, but for now, be sure and be on the OUTLOOK for this – – you won’t regret it!

And that is the update for now. Back to “work” with me, hehe.


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – If you’re serious about losing fat around the midsection, then another great course tailored specifically for this is Corrugated Core – – grab it right here —