“But it cost 10 k and will reduce 60 kg”
- ... I've never quite heard something so so foolish, but there is always a first time in life!

Dear Reader,

So, I’ve written at length in the past about people trying to “weasel” discounts off yours truly.

People trying to find every excuse in the book to get “something for nothing” (by the way, if you haven’t read that post do so NOW – right after finishing this email).

People finding every excuse in the book to NOT exercise the way they should – or worse, not exercise at all. Some of these excuses are downright laughable at best and utterly retarded at worst, of course.

Stuff that makes you go “how did this guy – or gal – ever think of this in the first place”.

Well, I think I’ve seen it all – – or I THOUGHT I had until yesterday.

My LinkedIn Inbox recently received this comment from a person that falls into the first category above.

“Hi but it cost 10k but and it will reduce 60 kg, i just want to reduce 10 kg…if you can help me in this it will be great for you….”

From the person’s name, and from what she says, it seems she is from India – a land where I have a customer aplenty, and yet, my first response to this (mentally) was something quite unprintable – and no – by that I dont mean what it sounds like.

In short – I was going to respond with one brief statement “How asinine a question can someone ask” – or – and perhaps better, simply this ” . . . “??

For those that doubt the veracity of what I’m saying – hey – I’m more than happy to provide a screen shot if need be – I simply haven’t done so to avoid making the person’s name public.

10 k apparently refers to INR (which seems to roughly equate to USD 149.99) – – and apparently this makes this lady think that paying 10 k will result in a miraculous 60 kg loss.


Apparently because I’ve championed my own story (every darn bit TRUE, by the way) on my site galore in terms of getting down from a pretty sizeable 120 kgs to 60.

Of course, how she drew the parallel between “10 k” and “60 kg” is beyond comprehension – but hey “.  .  .” !!

How she drew the parallel between “just losing 10 kg” and the price is also beyond comprehension, at least for me.

And so, as I’m left shaking my head in bewilderment, the only thing I can ask YOU, my dear reader to do is shake your head – and enjoy a well deserved laugh. Heck, if you’ve gotten thus far without spitting out your morning coffee – afternoon tea – or nightly brew of choice – you deserve that laugh – and a double dose of it at that, hehe.

And once you’re done laughing – rest assured that we’ll return to regular service tomorrow. I’ve been following a special routine as of late that has my hips and buttocks sore as HECK – and I’ll be divulging details on this shortly.

Be on the outlook for that. Until then – be sure and SMASH that workout today – and let me know how it went!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Maybe a 149 buckeroonie investment equates to 149 lbs of weight loss? Ha, ha, ha!


- Improvise - adapt - OVERCOME

Dear Reader

In my writings, I’ve often referred to a good friend of mine – an ex-Marine – and a giant of a man physically – but what I haven’t often spoken about is something that is a key tenet of his life philosophy if I might say so.

We often “shoot the bull” over this over a couple of cold ones, and he often chides me for not sticking to (well, to the letter, at any rate, hehe!) the core concepts of what they were taught in boot camp – and something that ALL Marines are taught – that being – to improvise – ADAPT – and overcome!

Now there is certainly nothing at all wrong with this philosophy if I might say so – but I’m often times a bit bull headed about gut feelings – and I only adapt when my gut tells me to, which is where we differ – at times.

Now, what is the point of all this?

Well – it is this – my friend, that to me, all three sections of that above statement are nigh important – but ADAPTABILITY is the MOST important by far.

You have to adapt at whatever life throws at ya – on the fly often times. Nothing ever goes according to “plan” in life – and this holds doubly true if you’re an entrepreneur – business person – a soldier in the battlefield – a sportsperson battling it out on top stage – or just your average Joe that believes in “living life a day at a time”.

It matters now whether you’re talking business – or sports – or fitness – or relationships – adaptability (along with persistence) is what will you get you to the top rung of that ladder, my friend.

This morning I was hit with a situation where I couldn’t work out at my normal time – and when I did finally show up – I saw that sections of the hill I so love to workout on on occasion were cordoned off for whatever reason.

I could have just given up and gone home – but I did not.

I found a way to get it done – and boy did I – and I feel GREAT now.

Business wise, there have been tons of issues going on – all of which have tested my faith to the extreme – and all of which require ADAPTABILITY.

You can improvise all you like, but if you don’t (or if your mind doesn’t) ADAPT – all of it might as well be water down the drain, if I might say so.

Mental adaptation is nigh important, my friend – and I say that one more time.

Henry Ford got to where he did because of persistence – but ADAPTING on the FLY was how he corrected the flaws in all his various (early) models.

Believe it or not, he learned on the job as it were. His initial cars were met with scorn – derision – and when they did start to sell, they were plagued by various problems.

But he persisted – and ADAPTED according to demand – and the rest is history.

I’ve often spoken about the famous case where Ford tasked his engineers to build a 8 cylinder motor in one block.

They all agreed to a man that it was impossible, and yet, Ford would have none of it.

I want it, and I’ll have it! 

A year and a half later, the solution magically “appeared” as it out of nowhere, and while this speaks volumes to Henry Ford’s persistence, it all shows you the value of ADAPTING.

I’m sure his engineers wouldn’t have eventually hit upon the solution if their minds hadn’t adapted to the possibility of finding the solution one day – no matter how.

And in terms of fitness, that is precisely what is so awesome about the 0 Excuses Fitness System.

No hill? No treadmill?

No problemo, mi amigo. Hit the squats – and jumping squats – and you’ll quickly be burning fat off your frame so fast you’ll wonder why you ever needed the above.

No benching machines and bros dripping with sweat “pumping and tonight”?

No problemo, my friend. Pound out some handstand pushups as I did today – and that’s probably the only upper body workout you’ll need for the entire day – or two, hehe.

Improve – ADAPT – and then overcome.

Go “git her done”!!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Here is the link for 0 Excuses Fitness – https://0excusesfitness.com/0excusesfitnessystem/

Leg and back work – and WHY
- And it sure is WORTH it ...

Dear Reader,

For those of you that have been following me, you know the importance I place upon regular, heavy duty, take no prisoners LEG – and BACK work.

These are the most ignored components in most modern day training routines – and so – is it any surprise that most so called “strong” guys at the gym fall flat on their face when confronted with any REAL strength test?

Let’s say you’re tasked with carrying 80 year old Grandma up a flight of stairs – or 5 (I live on the fifth floor of a building currently and there aren’t any elevators) – or even 15.

Let’s say you received a 50 kg shipment – that you have to haul by your lonesome to your office – or workplace – and that hauling includes 10 minutes of walking in the hot sun – and a climb up 7 flights of stairs – a walk back – and then back again – and then up the stairs again.

Or, let’s assume you have to run – simply RUN – as fast as you CAN – to SAVE YOUR LIFE (which might not be a remote possibility given how things are these days, but I’ll leave that be for another day).

All these are situations we encounter in our lives often, and I wouldn’t be shitting ya to tell you most of the boobybuilders and pumpers at the gym would run for the hills (literally) when confronted with any of these challenges.

Or, and this is true, they’d drop dead from a heart attack (true story – see Shoulders like Boulders for more on this).

The real value from your training comes from how USEFUL it is in your daily life, my friend – not so much how it makes you look. Although that is a desirable side effect, it is NOT why you should be training in the first place.

I was recently confronted with the 50 kg situation I mentioned above, and I can very confidently say that it was my daily training that allowed me to hammer out that situation with little or no problems.

I’d be lying to say I wasn’t flattened at the end of it, of course. Try lugging unwieldy 25kg packages over hilly terrain and up and down flights of stairs – or simply walk with it in the hot sun, and you’ll see what I mean …

And the key to all this – is – and again – heavy duty LEG and back work.

Training the legs and back are absolutely VITAL to your training regimen, my friend.

And a key, key component is SQUATTING – except not with heavy weights that injure you and make you slow and bulky.

No, the key is to train with your own bodyweight – as in, Hindu squats.

‘Twas raining this morning, so I couldn’t do my hill climbs (another awesome way to get your legs and back in shape, and FAST) – so I pumped out 250 squats.

Mind you, I haven’t done these in a while and I expect some major league soreness tomorrow – but damn, they felt GOOD!

My shoulders, chest and upper traps all feel like they’re been hammered – within 15 minutes.

I was going to stop at that, but I felt so good that I pumped out another 100 pushups – mostly on my fingertips – and that was the perfect 6:10 AM start to my day, if I might say so.

Legs and back, my friend. Legs and back.

You may not have a hill near you. You may not even have stairs, or a swimming pool near you.

But you DO have your own body – and a few square feet of space – and a few spare MINUTES to train.

And that’s all you need.

Zero excuses, pally. Get on the stick NOW.


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Work into Hindu squats slowly. If you’re starting out, exercise due caution. I cover all this in the book and videos – – as well as the blog, but again – as they say – make haste – but with due caution – and slowly!

The royal road to a VICE like GRIP!

Dear Reader,

Whoa! Sure been a while since I last posted, and if any of you other than the “faithful” (and you know who you are, hehe) have been hanging on – well – THANK you.

And before sparks start to fly about my tardiness – – hey. I get it! As a friend of mine recently told me “0 Excuses for not posting, Rahul!”

Agreed in full, and what can I say eh.

Anyway, I’ve been busier than a bee since July. It’s been one thing after the other, and being that my trading (and coaching) businesses have REALLY taken off, it’s been hectic to say the least.

Again, no excuses, but I’ve been forced to put this on the backburner for a while … or should I say I HAD been, hehe.

There’s one thing that I have NOT put on the backburner though – that being – the obvious (for me, at any rate) – my workouts.

That’s right. While workouts would be the first thing to skip for most people when the going gets “busy”, I’m still hitting it hard and heavy as ever – and I attribute a lot of my recent success to this one reason alone.

Laugh if you like, but it’s true, my friend.  It’s true. Workouts done the right way give you increased productivity only you 0 Excuses fitness maniacs and fitness fanatics in general will know, and that, to quote ole Stone Cold – is really the bottom line, my friend.

And amidst all this, my forearms have grown bigger and stronger than ever – and all with one main tweak to my routine

Actually, I should say with one main “add back” into my routine – a trick that I’ve mentioned galore in Gorilla Grip and a lot of the other books, but a trick that falls by the wayside more often that not.

A trick that was used by oldtimers and REAL strongmen alike to build grips of STEEL.

A trick that was used and still IS used by boxers, martial artists, and those in the military, and anyone that’s really serious about their training.

A trick that requires nothing but a pull-up bar, your body, and TWO exercises.

Now, I’m not going to state the obvious and wax lyrical on the first one, but what is the second, you ask?

Well, it’s an exercise that Dan Hodge for one (he of the “crushing pliers” like grip) used galore to build the fingers of rebar he had.

Jack La Lanne did it a lot too. So did (and probably still does) Herschel Walker. And so do plenty of other serious trainees.

And it is – the fingertip pushup, my friend.

Yes, that is it.

Simple, you say?

Well, yes – but the simplest thing often work the best, and in conjunction with the other exercise that I mentioned (not) above – – well – – there is NO other and better way to work the forearms and entire upper body in general into the GROUND.

And my own forearms bear testimony to this, hehe, as do the “kung fu “grip like comments I keep receiving so often.

While the combo in itself sounds simple, in reality it’s anything but. Do things the wrong way, and you could end up with a nasty injury or worse.

Form is critical too, especially when you’re doing fingertip pushups. You do NOT, crazy as this might sound, my friend, actually do them on your “fingertips”.

There is a METHOD to the madness, and all of it is covered well enough in 0 Excuses Fitness – the one exercise System you do NOT want to miss my friend.

Go here, and check it out right now.


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S – Here is that link again – –  https://0excusesfitness.com/0excusesfitnessystem/