The WILL to SUCCEED – despite all odds!

Dear Reader,

I don’t know if you’ve heard the saying “there has be a fire brewing underneath it” – – in terms of goals, or achievement in general?

Look at ANY great achiever of the past, and you’ll see that their goals not only “didnt come easy” – – but the ONLY way at the end of the day that they HAPPENED was the BURNING DESIRE they had underneath the goal.

Desire, as Napoleon Hill rightly says is the starting point of all achievement!

A white hot flame of desire that kept them going in the face of obstacles most men would give up on just after hearing them – let alone experiencing them.

Desire that kept them going to the exclusion of all other obstacles and odds.

Financial odds. Odds against their success – – in most cases RESOUNDING ODDS against their success. Physical odds. Mental odds.

And yet, despite all these obstacles, at the end of they mustered up the will and GUMPTION to keep going – no matter what life threw at them and no matter how hard life hit ’em!

THE SAME thing applies to your fitness as well, my friend. The very same thing. It could be a biz – or a story – or a relationship – but the moral you take out of the relationship applies nonetheless!

Remember the story of Edwin Barnes? The “tramp” like person that showed up in Edison’s office – literally demanding to work not FOR him – but WITH him – as an EQUAL?

Barnes had nothing. He was so broke he traveled on a freight train to get to Edison’s office – and Edison being hard of hearing couldn’t even hear his entire story the first time around, so he repeated himself twice – at least.

Barnes had no qualifications at the time. No accomplishments. NOTHING to convince one of the world’s greatest inventors to work with him – – or even to get  a lowly job in  Edison’s company, and yet – Edison hired him – and why?

Because Edison could tell that the guy had DESIRE – a burning DESIRE underneath his goal, and when a man has that desire BREWING under any sort of goal, and stakes his entire life on one turn of the wheel, then he generally ends up getting exactly what he wants!

And why just Barnes? Edison himself was NO stranger to mishaps and other obstacles.

When he was young, the story goes he was literally lifted up on a train by HIS EARS by a conductor, which led to hearing disabilities his entire life.

He was told at school he’d never succeed at ANYTHING (I’m couching it in polite terms) …ah, but we know THAT part, don’t we??

He was fired from numerous jobs – his laboratory once burned down when he had NO insurance, and yet, he found it within himself to keep on keeping on!

And again – this, my friend, applies just as much to your fitness as it does anything else.

THIS is one of the main reasons I’m at the level of fitness I am now – genetics or other hogwash aside – – it is this – – DECIDE in your mind what you want – – get a clear PICTURE of the desire – – get some WHITE HOT heat brewing underneath the desire – – and then just go do it!

If you want to lose weight, pay NO heed to those that tell you can’t, won’t, or that it’s tough. Just do it, and keep doing it while you bear the end goal in mind, and you’ll get there – provided you do things the right way.

Want to get a 100 – or 200 – or even 500 pull-ups? 

Take NO heed of those that snicker behind your back when you currently can’t even do ONE. In fact, thank them for the snickers. You’ll be the one laughing a while later when you’re pumping them pull-ups out, and they can’t (and believe me, I’ve got very real stories to share in this regard – actual customers that have gone through just this).

The key part is – never give up.

Napoleon Hill correctly said that great achievement is born out of great sacrifice, and is never the result of selfishness.

Keep that in mind as you go about your weekend – or day – or whenever you might read this!

Ok, my friend. That’s it for now. I’ll be back again later!


Rahul Mookerjee

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My antidote to an exceptionally brutal day

Dear Reader,

Boy oh boy oh BOY.

As “ole boy” Denzel (and “bad cop” Alonzo Harris) said after being shot in the buttocks by his rookie protege … “What a day. What a *********** day!

And if that above line offends some people, so be it. There’s a time and place to say something a certain way – – and the time and place is both NOW – – and HERE!

Anyway, ’twasn’t smooth sailing for me on many fronts today – both business wise, and LIFE wise (the latter being multiple fires to put out at the ole homestead).

Now this happens every so often, but today was an exceptionally rough day – – and for those wondering why I’m writing about it – – or “why the guy who talks about visualization and POSITIVE emotions galore” is even talking about this – – well – – it’s because life happens, my friend.

Despite our best efforts, we’ve ALL had days like this – and there’s no doubt be days such as this in the future as well regardless of our goals, fitness levels, or anything else in life.

Part of the reason why people follow me on this newsletter (and indeed on social media etc) is because I keep it REAL – and in that spirit, so yes, I had an exceptionally rough day – somethign that most of you will no doubt be familiar with, and yet at the end of it all?

Well, let’s see. It’s 8:48 P.M. at the time of writing this, and I’m literally feeling “hoopsy daisy” right about now at the time of writing this!

I believe that is one way of saying “over the moon” – and why?

Well, because I applied the perfect antidote to a brutally rough day.

The yin and yang as it were, and the YANG in this case was an equally brutal workout – and what was it?

150 pull-ups – – all in letter perfect form. Sprints for 15 minutes in the midst of that – and then back to the pull-ups and then 25 dips, and 25 handstand pushups upon getting home.

And I’m fried – in a good way!

And that is how life should be, my friend. When life knocks you down – as I’ve often said, it’s all about GETTING BACK UP – -and how!

As ole Rocky said, if you let life keep you down – – it’ll not only keep you down — but BEAT you to your knees if you let it. The world sure ain’t all sunshine and rainbows at time, but your personal rainbows are available upon command via a variety of means if you choose to apply ’em – – and hard, tough workouts are part of the toolkit here!

Thats one of the reason I love 0 Excuses workouts. Nothing, I repeat, nothing – not even benching 500 pounds for multiple reps at the gym can give you the same sort of “on top of the world” feeling as a high rep pullup workout can.

More than that, these exercises build gumption — and BULL DOG tenacity as I said before. 

I say the following on the BattleTank Shoulders page –

But every serious trainee knows that the body is but one part of a REAL MAN’s pysche, makeup and ARSENAL, my friend.

Every serious trainee knows that it all starts with the mind, and usually ends there as well.

And the mental toughness, gumption and DESIRE to carry on – PUSH forward – despite all the obstacles life and others toss at you that is required is NOT present in most modern day men.

And it’s true, my friend. It’s true – and you’ll see what I mean when you get done with any of the workouts in either “Battletank Shoulders” – – or in any of my other advanced courses.

So thats the missive for tonight. If you’ve had a rough day – – work it the heck out of your system – – in a way only 0 Excuses fanatics can.

You’ll feel a ton better for it!

Best, and keeping it real –

Rahul Mookerjee

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My highly unconventional secret for RAPID weight loss

Dear Reader,

Back in the day, when I was trying to lose weight, one of the things I did daily – – on a regular basis, come rain, hail, sun, shine or not was to climb a hill nearby daily.

Though this wasn’t all I did, and though the hiking was NOT ultimately what got me in the best shape of my life, it helped – a lot.

In fact, it provided the vast bulk of the impetus to my ever increasing levels of fitness, and I’d be lying to say that the weight didn’t start to FLY off shortly after I started this routine.

Believe me now, and trust me later – it wasn’t but a week before I had to buy new pants – and not because they were bursting at the seams. It was because the belts were not “long enough” to hold the pants in place!

Don’t know about you, but I’m not a huge fan of the “pants down to ass crack” style some love – – and therefore, off to the store it was multiple times … and all this shortly after starting my new routine.

Fast forward a few years, and I discovered yet more secrets – – secrets which the AVERAGE person can use as well.

Let’s face it – – not all of us have a hill next to us to hike regularly – – and not all of us have the time, inclination (though we should!) to do so. Most importantly, not all of us are in the sort of SHAPE you have to be in to jump straight into that sort of routine.

These new tips, however, are something anyone can implement – – and get the SAME astonishing results as I did – and you can either do ’em on a hill – or incline – or flat land. The benefits will roll in nonetheless, and in case you’re wondering, yes, I sure do have a product to “pimp” here – – that being the much vaunted “Eat More Weigh Less” book.

But although THAT book contains a ton of secrets (or should I say one main secret), it still is NOT what caused my weight to fly off my frame initially back when I started my hiking routine all those years ago.

THAT secret  is something so unconventional that jaws drop when I detail it – especially the mechanics of it – – and people flat out refuse to believe it.

And yet, those of you that have tried it KNOW how effective it is to jump start your fat blasting routines and getting you to those goals as well!

This routine is so important that it’s detailed in a separate portion of “The Simple and Effective Diet” – – BEFORE I start the  “main course” as it were. Yes, it’s that important, and that unconventional!

And if you think you’ve seen it before, nah – you haven’t.

This particular secret has got nothing to do with eating more – or eating less – or counting calories. 

This secret is NOT a magic potion – or slimming pill –  or extra strong coffee before your workout – – or “six small meals a day” – – or anything of that nature.

This secret is NOT a “fruitarain” diet – – or any type of “diet” for that matter. No paleo shaleo nonsense. Nothing of that nature.

What it IS is this – something that is unconventional, but works – and leaves out with SUPER HIGH energy levels throughout the day.

It is the OPPOSITE of what most experts recommend, and works far better than the latter option.

And it is something so simple that even someone that has been a couch potato for YEARS can start to implement.

Herschel Walker for one used this secret, and reportedly still does – – and so do many other achievers and DOERS – including yours truly.

You’ll have to crack open the Simple and Effective Diet to find out what the secret it – and good news, it’s yours free with your purchase of the 0 Excuses Fitness System – – which of course (along with the rest of my courses) is gratis as well if you’re a member of the 0 Excuses Ship.

If you aren’t on board as yet, I highly recommend considering the option. It’s truly value times 100 – – or even more – – and I’ll be putting out more tips like the above in the future for members therein as well.

Do it NOW – I look forward to welcome you onboard!


Rahul Mookerjee

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Believe you can do it – and then just do it!

Dear Reader,

Just got done with a relaunch of my paperback book on Amazon. Although 0 Excuses Fitness was on Amazon for a while now, I wasn’t quite happy with the book cover the way it was and while that appeared to what “sparked” the re-launch, things aren’t always what they seem at the outset.

The REAL reason, and I found this out while DOING the thing i.e. while re-launching it – – was that I wanted to add a line – – a simple line to the back cover of the book that wasn’t there before – – and something I’ve been meaning to add for a long, long time now.

What is that line, you ask? What line could  be so important as to make me re-launch an entire book?

Well – here it is –

In this book you’ve got the set of exercises that’ll give you the body you’ve always desired. Believe you can do it – – and then back that belief up with action. You’ll be nigh astounded by the results!

And if you’re thinking the most important part of that above quote is the bolded and italicized part – you’re RIGHT, my friend.

It’s by far the most important part, and something I could write an entire BOOK upon – but unfortunately back covers don’t lend themselves well to long tales, so I crystallized it all into a simple few lines.

We’ll see how long it takes for the book to be up on Amazon now – probably no more than a day until they complete their review process, but here’s the point – BELIEF, my friend is really what makes things happen at the end of the day. 

Belief was what made things happen for ME fitness wise – and ultimately in every area of my LIFE.

When I was unfit and overweight, I couldn’t see the results in the mirror – – no matter how hard I looked, but believe me now and trust me later, I could see the results I WANTED in the “mirror of my eye” – – right there in front of me as I looked at the “obese me” in front of the mirror and literally demanded change.

A few years ago, when I was in one of the most catastrophic situations of my life emotionally and perhaps in a certain regard financially as well (although the former is far more important)  – – it was again – – read this carefully – – BELIEF, my friend that ultimately saved my skin.

It was BELIEF that I’d overcome the situation – that I’d wake up the next day and things would get better.

It was BELIEF, driven by hard ACTION that made me do something I’d never ever do in my wildest dreams now – that being to wake up at 5:30 each and every morning, every day of the week and go for long hikes in the mountains – – followed by a long day of work – – and then bodyweight stuff when I got home.

Many, many  years ago, when I was a callow youth fresh out of college, I was told by “everyone in the know” NOT to go to China for my first job (that was when I worked “full time”, of course!).

I was told it would be a wrong choice. The wrong decision. Career suicide. And many other things.

Although these things in a certain way were “logically” correct, the little voice inside of me has never been one to rely solely upon logic.

While logic is no doubt important when it comes to making decisions, I’m of the firm belief (and this has been backed up by subsequent occurrences on numerous occasions) that the GUT – and quick decisions are what either make or break a man in the long term.

I’ve never once made a decision based upon gut feeling that was wrong. Never ever, my friend.

Anyway – I believed deep down inside that moving to China would be a good thing for me, and boy am I glad I did it. Not only did it provide the fire for not one, but TWO businesses down the line, but it gave me and continues to give me some of the best years of my life overall.

Can’t beat that, my friend – and it all happened because of the quote I mentioned above.

Because of BELIEF – HARD, unwavering BELIEF – backed up by strong ACTION. 

And belief will make things happen for you too, my friend.

Believe me, if you’re currently obese and unable to do a single pushup – – and yet have a STRONG belief – and a PICTURE in your mind of what you want – – then you’ll get there.

If doing a handstand pushup or even getting into a handstand sounds like an almighty joke to you at this point, well, I understand.

But you’ll soon find out that if you use the mirror technique and just BELIEVE – then things will start to happen sooner or later.

In short – FIRM, unwavering belief is the driving force behind making ANYTHING happen – including your fitness – and if there’s one tip I can give you today, it is THIS.

I’ll end this with a favorite Claude Bristol quote of mine – a quote that I make sure to read EVERY morning and during the day as often as I can – –

Repetition of the same chant, the same incantations, the same affirmations leads to belief – and once that belief becomes a deep conviction, things begin to happen.

Couldn’t have said it any better myself!

OK, my friend. Thats all for now. If you workout today – have a great one – and when going about your goals or even daily activities make sure to embed BELIEF into everything you do!


Rahul Mookerjee

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More on handstand pushups

Dear Reader,

Back in the day I put out a little course titled “Shoulders like Boulders” – – a course that is NOT the “revamped” course that you see out there today.

This was back during my “Fast and Furious Fitness” days (for those interested in taking a trip down memory lane, the site is – yes – I do plan on doing a few things and then some with that site as well down the road!) – – and while I knew the course would help many a trainee out with their shoulder building goals – and shoulder health/fitness in general I had no idea it would be as popular as it is now.

It wouldn’t be a stretch to say that along with Gorilla Grip and the 0 Excuses Fitness System, Shoulders like Boulders is one of the products that people want the most – and LOVE the most as well.

And with good reason. It’s got the ONE exercise that you need to build massive, strong pain free shoulders – – and what’s more, in typical “Rahul Mookerjee” style, the exercise NOT done the way most people teach it.

Now, over the years, people have had questions.

Lots and lots of questions which they emailed in, and I’d do my best to answer ’em all via email or on the blog. In fact I HAVE answered more than few of them on the blog – – but there were simply too many that kept coming in for me to answer at length.

And so I decided to put out an addition to the course – a FAQ section as it were – a few months ago which is a digest and blow by blow account of the 25 most popular questions I’ve received on this superlative exercise.

If you’ve bought Shoulders like Boulders from Amazon, for one – – but do NOT yet have the FAQ, now’s the time to grab it, my friend. It’s climbing up in the Amazon sales rankings as well (currently sitting at #550 or so despite me doing VERY LITTLE, if any publicity for it – and thats no mean feat!).

And if you’ve recently invested in the download here on this site – well, it’s included GRATIS for you.

This little manual will truly address ALL the questions you have on handstand pushups, and more.

You’ll learn, for one, why I advocated doing the handstand pushup as I do – when nigh everyone else is teaching it the OPPOSITE way.

You’ll learn how vitally important it is and WHY to notice how your arms are positioned as you do the movement – not to mention why how you BREATHE during the exercise can literally skyrocket your performance and get your total number of total reps through the ROOF.

I’ve been saying all along that the pull-up isn’t by far the only exercise to build a massive BACK – – and you’ll learn WHICH section of the entire back is worked the most if you do the handstand pushup the way I advocate – and you’ll learn not only by reading the book, but by following along and DOING the exercise as well!

And much, much more, my friend.

This truly is a must grab – – and included along with the Shoulders like Boulders download on this site. Go on ahead and grab it now. If you have any questions that are NOT addressed by the FAQ or the course – – shoot me an email, and I’ll see what I can do!

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Those that sign up for this will have access to ALL 0 Excuses paid courses for FREE – – as well as several other benefits such as an online forum to chat with other members about their progress, goals etc – plus of course input from yours  truly you will NOT see elsewhere. This alone is worth the price of admission, methinks!

Along with all this, you’ll also be receiving updates and tips that regular readers of this list will not receive  – all immensely helpful stuff that is yours for FREE as long as your membership stays active.

If that interests you – sign up right HERE – 

I’ll be waiting for you ON BOARD!


Rahul Mookerjee

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Have you been there – and DONE that?

Dear Reader,

Something that annoys me no end in today’s world is that there is NO dearth of “experts” (I’m being polite!) on any topic under the sun – fitness and life included.

You hear some of the most ridiculous advice out there from the “shmexperts” as well.

For instance, I was doing pull-ups out there in the park the other day – with my legs positioned a certain way (to make it even tougher) and there came the pavement pounder – a guy that is in fairly decent shape, but get him on the pull-up bar – and bam – he can barely hang on, if even knock out one rep.

You’d think a person like this would WATCH what someone that CAN do pull-ups is doing – and emulate, or try to – but though he was watching, emulating was the last thing he did.

Instead he proceeded to give me advice on how the personal trainers at the gym apparently do not a) advocate full extension, dead hang pull-ups, b) how I “should” kip to get more reps, c) why Mercury is always in retrograde and d ) …. well, I ran off into the wide out yonder before I had to listen to any more of his talk – with him calling after me, and finally calling it a day when he saw I wasn’t in the least bit interested!

And you know what’s the funniest part?

These people that give advice – personal trainers included – that can either NOT do pull-ups themselves – – or even if they can get one sloppy rep or so – – that rep is NOT done in proper form. 

Sad part is, these people are all over the place, and even worse part – the “show” quotient these guys put on means that a lot of folks get suckered into listening to their so called “advice” – – and get nowhere.

And lest you think this applies to fitness alone, think again.

You’ve got people giving you all sorts of nonsense on LIFE – and business itself – advice that is NOT steeped in reality and the world of common sense – but instead advice that “Joe Blow Shchmo” told ’em  – and advice that is usually completely WRONG with regard to the situation at hand.

For instance, when I tell most people the most important of running a biz – any biz – isn’t just the products, marketing and effort you put in – it’s your THINKING – and your VISION that really counts, they pooh pooh it.

“Oh, that can’t be true! Hard work , and hard work alone combined with positive thinking does the trick!”

Hmm. Really? If hard work alone were the trick, then the vast majority of folks in the world, including a lot in the “third world” that labor away daily for a living should be multi-billionaires, right?

And more to the point, when you ask these people the question – how many successful businesses did they create – or products, for that matter – or the eternal question “what qualifies them to dispense said advice” – you hear CRICKETS.

I’m not kidding, my friend.

A lot of the “gurus” out there haven’t only not followed the “advice” they’re giving – – they have NO idea on if that advice is even accurate or not.

Simply reading books and then “regurgitating” that knowledge doesn’t work, my friend. It stinks of B.S. and I for one can smell it a mile away, if not more.

Other hand, if someone has BEEN THERE and DONE that – and has literally “walked a mile in similar shoes” (or worse) –  well then that vibe communicates itself naturally as well.

Napoleon Hill speaks about the down times in his life in his book “Outwitting the Devil“, and amongst all the other gems in that book, here is a quote worth remembering –

I faced the greatest emergency of my life. Unless you have gone through a similar experience, you cannot possibly know how I felt. Such experiences cannot be described. To be understood they must be felt.

Indeed, my friend – indeed!

And where I’m leading up to is here – first, when you get fitness advice from me, it’s coming from someone that’s literally BEEN in the trenches – been there, done that.

My advice might be unconventional and completely opposite what the “experts” recommend – and yet – does it work?

When I talk about visualization – and it’s benefits – its’ not just me “speaking”! It’s not just “hot air” – it actually works- and if it didn’t, I wouldn’t be sitting here writing this to you today.

But the most important reason I’m telling you this – is – again – stay away from the “shmexperts”. If there is one thing worse than NOT taking action – it’s taking action advised by those that have never actually BEEN in your position – or done what you’re trying to do.

Believe me – the experience of having BEEN there and DONE that cannot be beat – not by textbooks – not my “fancy shmnacy” marketing – and certainly not by a bunch of glamour surrounding the person’s services!

Alright, my friend – that’s it for now. I’ll be back again later! In the meantime – don’t forget to KEEP it REAL – – and if you work out today, make it a great, great one!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – If what I mentioned about not being able to even hang on to a chinning bar for any length of time strikes a chord, well, take heart. You’re not alone. I’ve been there, and plenty of others are there WITH YOU right now. Grab the course that they’re all following – and get cracking on the road to pull-up mastery NOW –

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My thoughts on Gandhi’s philosophy

Dear Reader,

It’s Oct 2 here in “here neck of the woods” where I BE, and being it’s a national holiday in India – Gandhi’s birthday (Gandhi, who they term as being the “father of the nation” ) I figured I’d write a bit on his philosophy.

That being “See no Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil” – – a metaphor visually backed up by the three monkeys which make up part of India’s national emblem, visible in courtrooms, passport covers, and all other “official” documentation as it were.

Now, I’m NOT a huge admirer of Gandhi (despite being repeatedly called a “modern day Gandhi“, hehe). The reasons are many, and I’m not going to get into those here …

But back to the above – the main issue I have with what he said in that regard is this – it works well in an “utopian society” – or perhaps in kindergarten, but NOT in the real world.

Sure, in an utopian society you could tell people to “see no evil, hear no evil, and speak no evil” – and they’d abide by that, and all would be fine and dandy – but in the real world that ain’t how it works.

In the real world you have to be AWARE of the “evil” – and/or bad things – or undesirables, and FOCUS to make sure they don’t manifest in your life, while what you do want DOES.

Way too many people these days follow a variant of Gandhi’s philosophy, both offline and online. I wrote about this in a post earlier about being real – and BEING YOU.

Way too much, if not all, of social media for instance is devoted to the “feel good” and “look good” pictures – and selfies – and “meeting in the office where everyone is high fiving” – – while precious little, or ANY time is actually devoted to detailing REAL life and the nitty gritties where things don’t always go according to plan.

There seems to be this thread of thought going around these days that if you “ignore the bad” – it won’t happen – or will miraculously go away.

No it won’t – and the current state of the REAL world – behind the glossy photos posted on social media and behind all the razzmatazz and “show” lives most people potray is proof enough.

And this holds true for both fitness as well as life, my friend.

In terms of life, I’ve often spoken about one of the secret keys I use while visualizing.

While I visualize what I WANT to manifest in my future and infuse energy from past successes into it, I also visualize myself on another screen simultaneously – that screen showing where I am NOW with regard to whatever goal it is I’m looking to achieve.

The incongruity between these two images is really what sparks the emotion that in turn drives the subconscious into action – which then products real RESULTS – given you’ve got some real desire going in terms of the “to be” picture in the first place.

Simply visualizing the goal is fine, but it doesn’t do much in terms of telling your brain where you are in the HERE AND NOW – and often times, people fall into the trap of thinking that “visualizing the future” is all they have to do and their problems will magically melt away.

No they won’t.

If you’re currently unable to do a single pushup – create TWO “movie screens” in your mind – as I said before, one on the left and one on the right.

Play the current YOU along with the associated emotions of “how you don’t want this” along with the FUTURE image of a happy, confident, FIT you … again, along with the associated images.

In other words, you focus on what you do want – while keeping what you don’t want in mind all the time to make sure that focus gets stronger by the day!

Powerful concept indeed, and one I’ve used personally back in the day to attain my handstand pushup goals – – as well as more than a few goals I set in terms of pull-ups.

You too, my friend can do the SAME thing!

Write back, and let me know how it goes for you.

Keeping it REAL,

Rahul Mookerjee

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Get MAD – Get fit!

Dear Reader,

We read a lot about anger being an emotion that is not generally conducive to achievement – in any field.

That anger – or even worse, “rage” is something to be avoided at all costs, as it’s energy misspent that could be better spent towards more constructive purposes.

And of course, the old saying … “Go blow off some steam!” “Do some pushups and work it all out!” … And thus forth.

But here’s the thing – although Napoleon Hill (correctly) mentioned anger as one of the seven major NEGATIVE emotions – to be avoided if you’re trying to achieve any sort of goal – anger can actually be constructive in some cases.

It can actually be super motivating in some cases.

When you look at yourself in the mirror, for instance, and you see an obese person (or worse) staring back at you day after day after day, it can be hard to find the motivation to follow a decent exercise program and STICK TO IT no matter what – especially with all the pictures of perfect bodies and washboard abs out there.

When we’re in a bad situation in terms of life – or perhaps even business – it can be tough to find the motivation to do what ultimately gets you OUT of the bad situation – that being to “keep on keeping on” (or plodding on, perhaps!) and being PERSISTENT despite all else.

It can be tough to march on towards a goal when everyone you know seems to be against your plans – either directly or indirectly.

But here’s the thing.

You can either go into your shell in these situations – or you can get angry – furious – at YOURSELF – and the situation – and then channel the anger to CHANGE the situation! 

Believe me, there have been times in my  life I was angry. Super angry about certain things – and I used this anger as fuel and motivation to “stoke the fires burning within”.

And a perfect technique to use here is the mirror technique I mentioned in an earlier email – where you stand before a mirror and really, really, LOOK at yourself and TELL yourself that THIS is how it’s going to be, and that you brook NO excuses of any nature in terms of not achieving said goals!

You don’t just stand before the mirror, by the way. You practice a variant of what I described in an earlier email about having seen in China – and this variant is best termed as “self indoctrination”.

You literally look deep within your eyes into the mirror. You see the man within. You yell at him. You get pissed. You get ANGRY – whatever works!

And once you get the emotions bubbling, my friend – THAT is the time you snap out of a self imposed inertia and continue your march on to victory!

When used correctly, anger can be a powerful tool indeed, and I’ve never seen a successful person that hasn’t at some point or multiple during their journey not get angry at themselves – or their situation.

Of course, anger isn’t by far the only emotion you can use, and I don’t even recommend it all the time.

It’s far better to visualize past successes, and BASK in the emotion of that moment before transmuting it over on the way to your NEXT success – and believe me, if you can see, it’ll happen – and it’ll manifest — sooner rather than later.

So back to fitness – and PULL-UPS, for that matter – which most people aren’t able to do even ONE rep of well enough – despite WANTING it at their very core.

Let’s face it – we ALL want to be that guy that reps out pull-ups a dozen without breaking a sweat – in perfect form – each muscle rippling across taut skin as he does so!

My book on pull-ups will get you to that stage – – and if you’re stuck at a certain portion of your journey there – – and you’re angry about it — well do what I just mentioned above.

Do this religiously for a couple of weeks – morning, evening, and whenever you find the time – and report back on your results thereafter.

I bet you anything you’ll be astounded at the changes that take place!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – One of the reasons the mirror technique works so well is it brings the forces of the subconscious into play without you even “realizing” it. And while emotions are key to getting this to happen, WORDS play a large part too, my friend. Words create pictures in our mind – powerful, riveting, energy laced PICTURES – that penetrate deep down into our subconscious minds given the right impetus of EMOTION behind them. And you’ll never find better – or more inspiring words that I’ve put together in “Gumption Galore” – if there ever was a course that will motivate and inspire you to do – and achieve – MORE – this is it! Pick up your copy right HERE – –