The good, bad and the UGLY – of fitness

Dear Reader,

There’s an oft repeated saying which goes “You’ve got to take the good with the bad”.

The peaks with the troughs. The highs with the lows – the successes with the disappointments – and so forth.

Anyone that’s accomplished anything of note, or is in the process of getting there will tell you this – – (well, anyone honest that is) – – that the process of getting there can be downright BRUTAL at times.

You have good days. You have bad days. And you have UGLY – brutally ugly days – when nothing at all seems to go your way.

‘Tis the case with life .. relationships …fitness … anything you choose.

As I’m sure you’ve heard, it’s all about “Shades of Grey” – – and no, I’m not referring to the sort of “lengthening and stretching” exercises that are no doubt popular amongst the Shades of Grey crowd!

Ok – quips aside and back on point – it’s a FACT that these days will occur on your way to your goal, and chances are the second two type of days will occur a lot more – especially when you’re first starting out – – and when you’re almost there.

Sure, I’m not saying there aren’t any good days. There are plenty. But I do know this for a fact as well – how you react to the BAD and UGLY days are really what determine your success going ahead – and are also a great indicator of  who you are as a PERSON.

In biz, I have good days – bad – and some days where nothing goes according to plan – but I take it all in stride – most of the time.

I know that it’s all part of the game – and that overreacting either way – either on the GOOD days – or the bad – is NOT conducive to the ultimate goal of moving ahead and keeping on ACHIEVING good things! 

What do I mean by most of the time?

Well  – remember this – I’m human like you – – and I need a kick up the backside in this regard once in a while too!

It happened to me a week or ago – I was sort of “vacillating” as it were (if you compare my work output biz wise to my normal outputs) – – but a quick chat with the remorselessly and relentless logical African Silverback Gorilla (you know who!) sorted that out in an instant – and bang – I was back on track again.

Most folks need more than this to get back on track – but here’s the key – if you’re having bad days – several of them in a row – or have for whatever reason fallen off the wagon in whichever regard, remember that the ultimate goal is what counts.

Keep your eyes on the prize – with blinders on. Keep forging ahead, and you’ll eventually GET to your goal!

And lest you think this just applies to biz and nothing else, think again.

Though I’m the LAST guy you’d think that would have bad workout days – – I do, my friend.

Granted, I have not had an “ugly” day in this regard in many a moon now, but I’ve had bad days – again, compared to my regular output.

There have been days where I’ve been unable to go beyond 25 handstand pushups for instance, despite my usual 75 or so per workout.

There have been days where getting more than 10 pull-ups in a set was a chore – and for a guy that pounds out hundreds of them per workout, thats saying something!

And I’m sure the same thing must have happened to you at some point as well, my friend, if you’ve in any way, shape or form committed to a fitness routine.

Key thing is – remember that it a) happens and b) is PART AND PARCEL of the journey and c) is ultimately what makes it worthwhile.

Though I would never want to repeat the process of getting to a 100 pull-ups all over again,at NO cost would I EVER allow myself to be divested from the KNOWLEDGE and the things I learned during the process. No way, Jose!

It isn’t just me saying that, by the way.

In “Outwitting the Devil” – – a book WELL WORTH your time to read, btw – – Napoleon Hill talks about the times he was literally down and out.

Yes, that is right. The world’s foremost bestselling author was DOWN and OUT – – not once, not twice, but many a times, and he bounced back each and every time – – and he said the same thing in this regard as well.

I’ll end with a quote of his. . .

I would not wish to be again subjected to the experiences through which I passed during that fateful Christmas Eve in 1923, and since, on that eventful evening when I walked around the school house in West Virginia and fought that terrible battle with fear, but all the wealth in the world would not induce me to divest myself of the knowledge I have gained from those experiences.

Indeed, Sir. Indeed!

And on that note, I’ll end this little missive. See you again soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – I am back on another one of my product creating sprees, so the next email may show up on time – – or a bit late. All good though – – I’ll keep you posted on how it goes!

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The MANY advantages of a strong grip

Dear Reader,

If there’s ONE aspect of his physical training EVERY man should look to cultivate in his physical training, it is this – building a strong GRIP.

A rock solid, coruscating, crushing grip that will bring the term “iron fisted” to mind every time you shake hands with someone – – or simply even perform any everyday task – – or hoist them heavy weights at the ole gym.

No, I’m not an advocate of “crushing hands” when you shake – – but the point is this – – a man can often be judged by a) the first impression he creates (the vibes he gives off) and b) by his handshake alone – and no, I don’t mean if he “crushes” your hand or has the ability to do so – that is not what I’m talking about!

I’ll get into all that later, of course, but a strong grip doesn’t help in the gym – or when shaking hands.

A couple of nights ago, it was “rice and gravy” for dinner at home.

And right at the moment my wife was about to cook it all up, the container the rice was kept in wouldn’t open.

It was kept in one of those “twist top” large jars — and the lid just wouldn’t open no matter what she did – – or tried.

So I was called to assist, and though I applied all my strength, it wouldn’t budge. It was well and truly stuck – – and it was only by – – get this – – prying the tip of my right forefinger at a spot where it “gave a little” that I was even able to get it to budge – – and finally open it.

Quite a good little finger workout — I’ll say that — and useful too.

Wouldn’t have been no dinner that night for me if that jar hadn’t opened. You’d think New Delhi being (supposedly) one of the most “prominent” cities in the world would have plenty of eateries, convenience stores etc open all night as you might expect in even small towns – but nothing doing.

Everything here shuts down around 9:00 P.M. And convenience stores?? Forgetttttttt about it – and the few that are there don’t stock what you and I might expect from a convenience store anywhere else across the globe!

Such is life, my friend.

Then the other day my wife managed to wedge a metal cup into a large tea cup, and for the life of her, couldn’t get it out.

There was water in the tea cup – – and that stuck onto the bottom of the metal — and it literally almost “glued” it together to the second cup.

Now getting THAT loose wasn’t just a “grip workout” – it was a shoulder and chest workout as well! Phew….

Anyway, the point I’m making is this –  – a strong grip goes way, way beyond the gym my friend.

Even if all you do in your daily life is carry groceries occasionally and type at the ‘puter all day long, a strong grip will help you avoid any and all wrist problems that often occur to folks that sit at the computer all day.

Many years ago I remember asking a prof of mine – the esteemed Dr. K, if I might say so, if he wrist pain from the amount of typing he did.

And he did a lot – and that was back in the day, when computers weren’t as prevalent as they are today.

I did a lot too — and I had wrist pain, and he advocated one of those little foamy “hand rests” that elevate your wrist a little and let it “rest” on them while you type – – and while that was great, it didn’t quite resolve the situation.

All good – but if I had known back then what I do now about grip building and training, I not only would have given the ole Prof a bit of a lesson on it – but I would have saved my own (naturally weak) wrist a lot of work as well.

So, believe me now my friend – and trust me later – a strong grip comes in handy in ALL areas of life – and if there’s ONE area you should be focusing upon today in your training, it is your grip.

And if you’re looking for HOW to build the grip – well, I’m sorry to say it, but traditional “wrist rollers” and other stuff  they use at the gym will only get you so far. The strength you build therein will NOT translate into the real world, nowhere near as effectively as if you train with REAL strength building methods that have been used by strongmen throughout the ages.

Here is where you can learn about them – –

Run on over now, and start building the rock solid, cast iron grip you’ve always wanted!


Rahul Mookerjee

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How getting good at pull-ups can literally SAVE YOUR LIFE!

Dear Reader,

A few years ago, I think in 2010 it was, I was on my way with the wife to Ranikhet, a picturesque Himalayan holiday town – one of my all time favorites places to visit, including the state itself it’s located in.

This particular trip didn’t really go as planned though – especially not at the start when the road to get there was blocked by a recent landslide.

Now, this might not sound like a big deal, but anyone that’s ever been to India – and / the Himalayas – OR seen the roads in them areas on T.V. knows that while driving in general in India is dangerous enough, the mountain roads take it to a WHOLE new level altogether.

MOST, if not all the roads are cut along the edges of the mountains as opposed to what we’re used to in the U.S. and other Western nations i.e. through the mountains – which makes not only for breathtaking scenery as you drive – but sheer drops thousands of feet below if you make a mistake – not to mention a severe case of vertigo for those that have the condition – I used to, so I know!

So we had to take an alternate road – the one less traveled as it were, and at one point it was nearing dusk and we got lost.

And slowly, night started to creep in. Remember, the area was heavily forested – tiger land as it were – and the condition of the roads were pretty terrible – not to mention the roars the gushing river WAY, WAY down beneath us was emitting – and not to mention the road was so narrow and crumbly at one point that ONE car was doing well to get through it – let alone massive trucks which were standing waiting their turn as well.

What an experience it was – a hair raising one – made better by the fact that my headlights stopped working and it was pitch dark the last few kms to safety! 

Right up there with having no brake fluid once – also high up in the Himalayas, and while I’ll write a travelogue about these travels someday, here is why I’m mentioning it.

At various points during the drive I remember thinking – what if there’s an accident – and I’m left hanging on to the cliff? 

This wouldn’t happen, of course. First off, it was a sheer drop – and I was in a car, so we’d both go “barreling down” into the river – or terra firma as it were, as it wasn’t a hillside with trees etc to grab on to at that point, but still, the thought struck me repeatedly, and it wasn’t an entirely unreasonable thought.

Boy I remember being SCARED on that drive – the first time I was ever scared while driving, and with good reason – and those that don’t think that’s anything to write home about – well, Google “10 more dangerous roads in India” and you’ll soon be eating your words.

In Rambo III, they have a sign where Rambo literally climbs a “sheer” cliff to save his mentor and commanding officer from a Soviet prison – and climbs it “mountaineer” style – except he’s got nothing but his fingertips to do it by!

Granted, this was a bit over the top – but Stallone’s no stranger to these mountain climbing scenes.

If you’ve seen Cliffhanger, you know what I mean – and THAT, my friend is an activity where pull-ups can and DO save lives on a regular basis, and if you’ve ever gone mountaineering or rock climbing – well, let’s just say give me a hell yeah in that regard!

Ok, I hear you saying. I don’t care much about rock climbing, and I’m certainly no fan of over the top war movies. What then? How can pull-ups literally save my life?

Well, have you ever heard of Sig Klein, for one, famous old strongman and bodyweight enthusiast?

This man once climbed UP – not down – UP – a drain pipe to a floor (in an apartment building) above him that was engulfed in flames – and literally saved a life as he climbed back down the pipe with one hand – the other holding an unconscious woman to his chest as he did so!

Talk about some grip strength – and talk about BACK strength as well as ARM strength – and talk about a REAL LIFE situation there, which any one of us could find ourselves in some day!

Pull-ups – done for high reps and volumes are a mainstay of the routines followed by U.S. Navy Seals, Green Berets, Marines, and other special forces.

Think high reps build nothing but endurance?

Well, try telling that to the Marine who slogs through miles of rough and difficult terrain – to safety – amidst bullets – carrying a  30-40kg rucksack on his back – and quite possible an injured fellow soldier as well on his way to safety!

If there’s one exercise that builds that sort of strength it’s pull-ups and if all these examples haven’t told you just how vitally important it is that YOU, my friend get good at pull-ups, and get good at doing them the right way, well, nothing will.

You might as well go back to yanking the lat pulldown and building boobies and fake egos – not to mention tearing muscles in your shoulder and lat area as you force your way through an utterly unnatural movement.

But if you’re truly ready to take the plunge into REAL man stuff – and learn an exercise – from the basics – that EVERYONE should be able to do at least 10 reps of, slow and steady, in perfect form, well, I’m right here for you, my friend.

If you’re truly serious, then I recommend grabbing not one – but BOTH the courses on pull-ups I have.

The first teaches you how to get to a certain level at pull-ups, and has a “FAQ” section included as well, and will keep you busy for months, if not years.

And the second contains variants on the pull-up – – and advanced variants at that – – and WORKOUTS that even the most advanced of bodyweight trainees will find it hard to get through on the first – or second – or Nth try!

If you’re truly looking to get to “Marine” or “Rambo” status on pull-ups, then – well – you know where to turn!

Alright, my friend. That’s it for this email. I’ll be back again soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

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What failure can teach us about success

Dear Reader,

Not so long ago I was faced with an emotional catastrophe of sorts that I have spoken about before – and that left me completely devastated “inside”.

Those that know me know me as the “0 Excuses Fitness” guy –  never taking a step back – never backing down from any challenge once I accept it – and yet, a few years ago, the story (for a short while) was the exact opposite.

I could barely get out of bed in the mornings – so badly “down in the dumps” was I – and what is worse, I had no-one to talk to about it – and certainly not much by the way of inspiration during these tough times either.

They say the toughest times in one’s life are when financial struggles occur, and while I KNOW for a fact those are tough times – what isn’t spoken about often is how emotional struggles can be just as devastating, if not more.

This evening, I was Googling around idly. I needed a bit of a break after that mammoth writing session yesterday (which by the way judging by the reader feedback is ALREADY “making it’s way up the charts” slowly but steadily) – – and so I took one today.

Well deserved break, if I might say so.

Anyhow, so I came across this news article about Canadian (and American as well) Indian adult star “Sunny Leone”, and a tee vee biopic of her (that is apparently either already released, or about to be – I’m not sure – but there’s plenty of buzz going on around it).

I’m not sure if you’ve heard of this lady – but she established herself in the adult industry and then moved back to the land of her ancestry (India) where she is currently working up to being one of the more established stars in Bollywood.

Now, Rahul Mookerjee cannot recall the last time he watched a Bollywood movie. I have absolutely ZERO interest in Bollywood, and most of Hollywood as well – the Bourne series was a notable exception as were a few others, but for the most part I’d rather read than watch movies.

Does far more for the mind and imagination – and plus I get to LEARN every time I read – or be INSPIRED by those “bigger and better” (in my book, at least) than me as well. Can’t beat that, me thinks!

Anyway, I was reading some press releases about Leone’s biopic, and certain things just “stood out” to me.

For those that have seen her on screen (I don’t mean the adult industry – I mean in the movies) – and for those that are good at “looking behind the scenes”, you’ll notice that behind the good looks, sultry appeal and everything else – what really stands out about Leone is a heartfelt honesty.

I can see it in her eyes – and reading about her story, coming from a traditional Indian family that was anything but happy about her decision to join the adult industry while still in her late teens is something that resonates with me for sure!

The biopic goes into many “gory” details that we don’t necessarily associate with success. An alcoholic mother – who spiraled further into depression every time she’d hear about her daughter doing what she did for a living.

Leone’s story about having to give her morphine to dull her pain (her mom’s) – – and the final dose that eventually proved to be fatal (if I understand it correctly).

A family that completely rejected not just Leone – but her mom and dad as well simply because of the work she did.

And again – while I haven’t watched her biopic, or indeed most of her movies – I will say this – the woman has a certain sense of honesty about her – and a “been there done that THROUGH THE STRUGGLES” vibe that emanates from her on -screen – – and she’ll eventually go places – more than she’s already gone!

She’s faced more than her fair share of critics, of course, most of whom denigrate her as someone whose career choices ensure she’s “destroying Indian culture” and other such baloney – which in my book is utter TOSH.

The woman did what she had to do to make a living (as well as figured out a way to make it work for long term career wise) – bottom line – and I’ve known many in China that have done precisely the same thing because they absolutely HAD TO!

Hey, it might not be what you or me would like to do – but she needed cash – and she needed to do SOMETHING – and who is anyone else to criticize a career that eventually turned out to be pretty successful anyway, anf is still on the upswing?

And coming from a uber traditional Indian family, again, I can personally understand the emotional drama that must have gone on behind the scenes.

Heck, I still remember the drama that went on in MY family EVERY time I decided to do something that was “against the norm” – be that getting married to the woman of my choice – or going to China – or doing my own thing … so I can well  imagine what Leone must have gone through at the time!

I’ve mentioned in the past I’ve got another writing biz – something which I don’t publicize too often for various reasons – but if my (other than my wife) immediate family knew what I did in that regard, they’d probably jump off the balcony in despair – – even though there is absolutely nothing “wrong” with it in any regard!

Anyway, the reason I mention all this … is??

Well, because of this – if you’re currently down – or struggling – with your fitness – or relationship – or anything you’re doing in general – it isn’t so much the actual struggle that defines you as HOW YOU REACT to it!

I’m sure Leone had more than her fair share of struggles – if not financial, then emotional.

And she’s by far not the only one. The founder Walt Disney, hard as it might sound to imagine reputedly was once so “broke” that he was behind on rent and surviving on dog food.

It might be hard to imagine right about now, but J.K. Rowling, her of the “Harry Potter” was series was once on government help – and struggling to make ends meet DESPITE the aid.

Stephen King gave up on his novels after being rejected thirty times, and it was only after his wife persuaded him to resubmit his work to a publisher for the NTH time – that he  met with ultimate SUCCESS, and HOW!

The point of all this, again?

It’s not so much the struggle, or the nature of the struggle – it’s how you REACT TO IT!

Back to my own story – when the clouds had gathered full tilt, and when I could barely wake up in the morning, there was NO-ONE at all I could talk to – or turn to – including family of any nature.

So I did what came naturally – and what I know best.

I knew deep down that ANYTHING could be overcome if I just “kept on keeping on” – and so I did, my friend.

So I did. I fought through the tough times somehow, and eventually sunlight appeared, and HOW – I had some of the best years of my life after that.

Not only did I restart my fitness business – and rebrand it as what it is now i.e 0 Excuses Fitness – – but I also got the fittest I was ever in my life.

My finances rebounded and improved almost magically (although the initial story wasn’t about finances – they were pretty rocky at that stage I must admit).

And just about everything in my life improved – why? 

Because a) I had a DREAM which I repeatedly visualized even through the tough times, whether I knew it or not – and b) MOST IMPORTANTLY, I kept on keeping on!

Napoleon Hill mentions the value of persistence in “Think and Grow Rich” – and categorically states that if there is ONE quality that differentiates the achievers from the “has beens” (Ford, Edison, and anyone that’s ever done anything of note) – it is this – PERSISTENCE – and keeping on keeping on when the chips are down – big time!

As he very correctly notes – LIFE doesn’t let anyone have real and lasting success EASILY. The guardian to that gate does NOT admit people in willy nilly. You have to prove you belong – but once you do – your whole life literally changes and how.

As Edison correctly said once,

Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.

And if there’s anything that failure can teach you about success then, it is this – it doesn’t come easy – and it doesn’t come to those who GIVE UP. It comes to those who follow certain laws – do certain things – but most importantly, keep their eye on the prize at ALL times and on what they WANT – as opposed to what they dont … and those that … 

… Those that keep on KEEPING on, and never, ever, ever lose sight of their dreams and give up!

So if you’re currently doing everything right, and still are unable to meet your pull-up goals, for instance, and if it has you down – well – take a deep breath, stand back, and relax.

Think of the countless people that have been through the same, or similar set of discouraging circumstances before you.

Think of yours truly – who was once at a stage where (hard as it might sound to believe) was unable to do more than 10 pull-ups in an entire WORKOUT!

If you’re currently being able to drop that extra flabbage no matter WHAT you’re doing – take a step back – and re-evaluate.

You’ll get there ultimately – if you don’t give up – and you’ll never, ever regret the journey once you’ve made it.

Well my friend, thats one of the best and most motivational things I can tell you as we head into the weekend. I’m all recovered from my marathon yesterday, so you should be hearing more from me “by and by” as well – as well as getting the lo down on ideas for a few new products I’ve got bubbling around in my mind.



Rahul Mookerjee

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My thoughts on “If it’s meant to happen … “

Dear Reader,

We hear it all the time, don’t we – especially when it comes to the topic of GOALS – and achievement?

There are tons of self help and motivational sites out there. Some are good, some are so – so – and some are downright WRONG in what they teach, but the common thread I’ve found running through most of these sites is NOT one you’ll hear the super achievers in life mention too often, if at all.

I’ve read all of Napoleon Hill’s books (well, the important ones!) probably multiple times over and over again – – but I haven’t seen this saying mentioned even once.

Ditto for the numerous and much publicized sayings of Ford – Edison – and any of the other major achievers in LIFE.

You know what I’m referring to, don’t you?

If it’s meant to happen, it will“.

THAT is where I diverge from most of the mainstream “gurus” out there, and with damned good reason.

I don’t believe in IF it’s meant to happen it will – I believe in MAKING it happen if you truly, deep down inside believe it’s meant to happen!

And I don’t just mean surface belief here. I mean a deep seated belief in your subconscious as well as your conscious – because it’s a well known fact that your subconscious as opposed to “if it’s meant to happen” sayings that really determine your current and future “stations in life” as it were!

As Claude M. Bristol (The Magic of Believing) rightly said, and as I never tire of repeating –

Repetition of the same chant, the same incantations, the same affirmations lead to BELIEF, and once that belief becomes a deep conviction, things begin to HAPPEN.

And it’s very true, my friend- it’s very true!

If Helen Keller, for one, had resigned herself to being born blind and deaf and gone with the “if it’s meant to happen, it will” she would likely have floated along the seas of life as a nobody – – as opposed to someone that’s achieved STUPENDOUS things given all the drawbacks, both physical and otherwise that she had!

Henry Ford, one of the foremost achievers of this century and perhaps the last too — a man who changed the way the globe travels – forever – and a man who piled up such a vast fortune that generations forthcoming would be and were hard pressed to squander it was born into ignorance, poverty and didn’t even complete high school.

If he had gone with the “If it’s meant to happen, it will” mentality – do you think he’d have made the numerous and most stupendous achievements that he DID?

If yours truly had simply sat back and blamed his genetics and said “if 100 pull-ups are meant to happen in one workout, they will” and gone about my own merry way – I’ll tell you this – it would never have happened – and neither would have any of the other successes in my life.

I didn’t just want it – I willed it – I DESIRED it deeply – I literally ate, slept and drank my goal – and breathed into it – until it became a REALITY!

As the cantankerous ole Mickey in Rocky II yelled at a “demotivated and down” Rocky, “There is no can’t! There IS NO can’t!

Thoughts truly are things, as Napoleon Hill has said many a times in his writings. 

If you’re not happy with the way you’re life is headed – well – realize this right now – YOU too, have the power – in your own mind to change your destiny or chart your own course in life!

The key part is getting the BELIEF down – and once that’s done – like Bristol so correctly said, things begin to happen, often without much  conscious effort at all – rather, inspired action.

So  if you’re currently unfit, and wondering “if your fitness levels are ever meant to get to “super fit” status”, PERISH the line of thought immediately.

It’s not if it’s meant to be.


That above part is so important we should BRAND it on all the computer screens around the world – – not to mention the screens of our subconscious computers as well!

So make a decision right now, my friend. Make a decision to get super fit – and STAY at that level – and once you make that decision and believe in it – literally nothing on this planet or any other can stop you from achieving your goal!


Rahul Mookerjee

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ZAP fatigue – within seconds!

Dear Reader,

I’ve been on one of my famous writing sprees as of late. As of now  I’m about 13000 words into one of my next pieces (not for my fitness biz though) and I doubt I’ll stop short of 20000 words by the end of the day, if even that.

Now this sort of marathon isn’t that unusual for me, of course. I recall telling you about last October when I was literally GLUED to the computer screen either creating my fitness products – – or other for other businesses I have, and again – almost literally being “chained” to the keyboard as I did so!

Though I did take  breaks to workout for short bursts and for food, that was about the only break I took while on these writing sprees.

And you may ask me this – how did I manage to keep up such a schedule – and still do on occasion especially when writing is reputed to be one of the toughest things to do for most people?

How can I keep my energy levels high and unflagging – and READY to conquer the next park or the next Chapter?

Well, first off, I’m human just like you are.  One of the keys to doing is what I mention in Zero to Hero, that being to work – but in brief bursts – which for me, and most people is TWO hours of SUPER productivity before taking a short break.

That is what I’m doing today as well, and I’m writing to you in the midst of one such break as it were.

Now that’s one key – but still – how do I keep my enthusiasm and energy levels sky high during the day, you ask? 

Well, apart from what I’ve mentioned above – a huge, huge secret (although given I speak about in every email damn near, it shouldn’t be so!) is my visualization techniques, and how I visualize the end result of my project – while I BREATHE deeply (and thus breathe in the results as it were).

Believe me, if it’s something that means anything to you – then deep visualization, even if done for a minute or two will get you in the FEEL good ZONE – and will get you buzzing internally and literally zap all fatigue within seconds.

Zero to Hero mentions both these techniques in detail, and now, when it comes to actual physical workouts?

Well, the way to recover from them are many, but the best, best way is deep breathing done correctly – done as I detail in 0 Excuses Fitness and this is literally so important that I devote an entire Chapter to it, my friend.

Yes, I know what you’re thinking.

It’s just breathing. It’s nothing special. Oh, more esoteric stuff!

And so forth … but guess what, it’s not “just breathing”.

On the 0 Excuses fitness homepage I mention Nature didn’t just give us the ability to breathe. Nature gave us the ability to literally breathe in the results we WANT for ourselves both in terms of life and fitness and anything in general – and it’s true.

The breathing techniques I’ve detailed in 0 Excuses Fitness will not only energize you beyond belief during, before and AFTER tough workouts – but they can also be applied when performing tasks to meet a certain goal – such as writing what I am today, for instance.

Try these little tips, and let me know how it goes!

Alright, my friend, thats it for now. My daughter’s running a fever on top of it all, and I’m off to chat with her a bit (she got back early from school today due to the fever) before continuing ON with my writing project.



Rahul Mookerjee

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Dips vs pushups

Dear Reader,

Today I’ll address a question that has been asked ad infinitum by exercise fanatics, gym gorillas, muscleheads, the bros, and just about anyone with any interest in strength and muscle.

That being – – dips vs pushups. 

Which are better? Which should I do for overall strength and MUSCLE building – as well as a rock solid chest with pectorals that look like slabs of cement sitting on my chest?

Well, the answer for this one – it depends.

Horses for courses, as they say!

I’m currently doing more dips than pushups in my routine, but does this mean I prefer one over the other?

Not necessarily – it depends upon my goals at the time.

For most people, including most gym fanatics, I’d recommend nothing but pushups for the upper body to start off with.

Why – because pushups done 0 Excuses style literally work the entire body – and you get strength plus cardio plus flexibility benefits – all in ONE package, my friend.

And get this – certain forms of pushups work the LEGS heavily as well – including, but not limited to the “best darn exercise ever ” (a variant of a pushup), the Hindu pushup, and plenty more.

That might sound hard to believe, but it’s 100% PLUS TRUE!

Do a high rep pushup workout, and I guarantee you’ll start to blow torch fat off your frame – and quickly, at that.

Now, dips, you ask? Well, they’re an advanced movement, and as I state in Shoulders like Boulders – it is IMPERATIVE (due to the nature of the movement) that these be done in PROPER form!

I’ll say this again. Form on dips is way more important than in the other exercises. I’ve know folks that have really ruined their shoulders on first bench presses – and then dips – don’t be one of those folks!

That said, dips are an excellent exercise if done right. And they’re almost unparalleled (along with the mighty pull-up) for building strength in the upper chest and triceps area – in a way that either pull-ups or regular pushups cannot build.

And believe it or not, dips can give you plenty of cardio as well – if done right!

Try knocking out sets of 20 on the dip – and do that for 5 sets – – and then tell me how you do  – – and feel BOTH “cardio wise” and strength wise!

Try meshing dips in with a workout on pull-ups and watch your upper body explode before your very eyes.

The core difference between dips and pushups though is this – dips are far more of an upper body killer than pushups are if done for reps – but that’s true for pushups too if done for enough reps – and enough styles!

So it all boils down to this –

Pushups – as I state in 0 Excuses Fitness – are the BEST exercise ever – ahead of squats – sprints -or just about any other exercise except perhaps those with a HILL involved.

Dips are an excellent exercise -but they don’t quite have the same OVERALL body benefits as pushups do – but if you’re looking to focus on the upper body (like my buddy from the Marines was doing a while back – and believe me, he’s as close to Giant Gonzalez as it gets) – – then dips are what you should be doing – if you can do ’em right!

Horses for courses, as they say – and if you don’t know how to do dips as yet – well – I’ve got you covered in Shoulders like Boulders – replete with a new “FAQ” section as well!!

Push on over, and see what the fuss is all about –


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. One forgotten yet EXTREMELY (if not just as or MORE) effective exercise is the handstand pushup – the mainstay of Shoulders like Boulders – and an exercise which you really need to get good at if you’re looking to get ’em cannonball delts and massive lats. This exercise can literally be called the upper body “pushing” equivalent of the pull-up and with good reason. Form is key on these too – learn how to do’em right here – –

P.S #2 – And remember too that you need to build a base first before progressing on to the advanced stuff – a solid base. A skyscraper is only as solid as it’s base, my friend, and the same holds true for your fitness. Build your base FIRMLY with the exercises in 0 Excuses Fitness first – which you can and should grab right NOW – 

Tolerate mediocrity – or PROMOTE excellence?

Dear Reader,

I got involved in bit of a debate today on social media – – something I generally and almost always NEVER EVER do (pretty much because of the waste of time it entails), but somehow I felt today’s sojourn into that discussion wasn’t a waste whatsoever.

It was a topic that for whatever reason struck close to my heart – that being (in essence) to reward RESULTS as opposed to simply “time put in”.

What the discussion was about was employers who seemingly place more value in “time spent at the office” as opposed to real results achieved – and seeing what one H.R. person in particular had posted, I really had no option but to wade in and interject a little, if just to put the word out there!

Anyway, in short, here is how the discussion started – if one gets one’s work done ahead of time – and has the RESULTS to show for it – then there is no reason why one shouldn’t do other things, or simply up and leave from the office – as opposed to simply “clocking time” in the office until quitting time.

While many agreed with this, some were of the viewpoint that those who “didn’t get their work done on time” would bear grudges towards those who did – and therefore “for the good of all”, though what I said sounded good in theory, in practicality it was anything but.


Are you kidding me?

Are you telling me the person who GETS the job done – and has results to show for it should be “penalized” in a way for getting the job done in a superlative manner and AHEAD OF TIME – simply because other employees “begrudge” his/her productivity?

The 80/20 rule states that 20% of the employees in any organization are really those that carry the company, while the rest just “show up”.

And if that 20% is extra motivated by special perks and benefits – in accordance with the results they bring – then should we then proceed to de-motivate them by forcing them into the unnecessary and mundane simply so that the “80%” get their mediocrity tolerated?

It’s astounding, but true – there are companies that believe in this even in this day and age, and it’s true!

I was raised to believe in precisely this sort of tripe, and let me tell you right now – I don’t care if it’s a company, country, sports team or any sort of organization of any hue, shape or color – tolerating mediocrity at the expense of REWARDING and PROMOTING excellence is a mistake of the colossal, GRANDEST and DUMBEST order.

Let me repeat that again – it’s flat out STUPID.

Napoleon Hill correctly stated in Think and Grow Rich that the ability to make life write a ticket on one’s OWN terms as opposed to the “being cast hither and thither on the choppy seas of life” comes up with a price – and persistence galore as but one of the requirements.

As he writes, life doesn’t let anyone have anything worth achieving easily. Those that don’t make the grade simply don’t make it – and are NOT rewarded despite the “amount of time” they might have put in!

You either sink – or SWIM – it’s really that simple. And funnily enough I’ve had an employer in the past mention this to me – while a few months later he mentioned something along the lines of what I wrote above to me “when it was convenient for the company”, of course.

The question begets – what do you really want? 

Are you prepared to tolerate mediocrity at the expense of excellent in your organization – activities – fitness – or even LIFE in general?

Believe me now and trust me later, the estwhile Soviet (communist era) policies of “everyone doing the same work and getting the same pay” are about as stupid as it gets in terms of delivering any actual results.

Deng Xiaoping, known as the “grandfather of modern China” and rightly so once famously said “Rang yi bu fen re , qian fu qi lai”.

Though this is commonly interpreted as “to get rich is glorious” – the REAL interpretation is this – if some people get rich, it is a GOOD thing.

In other words, REWARD excellence – PROMOTE excellence – either in the form of riches or achievement (and the two go hand in hand most of the time if not all the time) – – and this spirit of achievement will slowly seep into the vast majority of “other ” people as well.

When I first came to China in 2003, the country was already rapidly modernizing and changing – in large part, if not ENTIRELY due to this philosophy.

The city of Shenzhen was transformed from a seaside village to one of the world’s largest and most dynamic cities almost overnight – and this transformation can be seen in the rest of China today – especially when compared with it’s giant neighbor India, which is light years behind despite having many of the SAME opportunities to advance that the Chinese did and potentially an advantage due to the huge English speaking population in that country.

I mention at the end of The 10 Commandments of Successful Sales that one of the biggest mistakes company heads and owners can make and do make on a regular basis is either wittingly or unwittingly tolerating incompetence and de-motivating excellence.

When I made all those sales at the company, they were thrilled – but after a while, they wanted me to do more (which I did) and more – and more – all without additional pay.

And all with the added hassle of “being in office during working hours” despite the facts that a) I did my best work outside of office hours on my OWN time and b) most of my sales calls were made at night – a time where most hung their boots up for the night and had long since retired for bed.

And how did that turn out for the company – well, you can well imagine. I’ve noted it in the book not because of any other reason other than to say this – folks – rewarding mediocrity at the expense of promoting excellence is one of the very worst things you can do for your organization.

My entire 0 Excuses philosophy is based around this as well.

It’s based around RESULTS – and the fact that you do NOT need to put in hour after hour after hour at the office – or gym – or even living room to get the results you want.

The SYSTEM rewards RESULTS – not merely “time put in”! 

It’s a known fact that intense workouts (and the correct exercises) are what produce the best results, and after your done?

Well – you’re free to go about the rest of your life – the 0 Excuses way – while the “herd” spends its time goggling at the idiot box while idling on the treadmills to nowhere.

It’s a known fact that visualization plus inspired action are what produce RESULTS – and this is another central tenet of the 0 Excuses philosophy.

Of course, you’re free to either go this route or bang your head against the wall in terms of trying to use positive thinking and willpower to achieve the same results, but it’s not going to happen – not even close – because that is not how it works!

In closing – then – in life, or fitness – make sure NOT to tolerate mediocrity – at the expense of excellence. You’ll be all the better off for it!


Rahul Mookerjee

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“Look at the muscles on that dude!”

Dear Reader,

Many years ago, I was a nineteen year old “sophomore” in college – and my then girlfriend made this remark while watching a movie.

I believe it was on cable TV – I’m not sure – or perhaps Blockbuster? (remember those days? hehe) …

Anyway, this movie opened with a scene of a guy doing pull-ups.

Not just any guy though – it was a guy that chiseled. Lean, mean, a fighting machine – and you could literally see the muscles in his back ripple, shake , and TAKE ON A LIFE of their OWN as they powered his body up RELENTLESSLY – one perfect pull-up after the other.

I think he did 10 in total before the scene shifted away – – and for the life of me I can’t remember the name of the movie.

In fact, I have not been able to remember the name of the movie for YEARS. Perhaps it was “Red Dragon” (the Sequel to “Hannibal”?).

I’m really not sure – but for whatever reason, that visual STUCK in my mind, my friend.

At the time I wasn’t anything near the sort of shape I’d later get in. I had been swimming regularly for a while, but pull-ups? Forget about it – ’twas all I could do to hang on to the bar and bang out some half ass chin-ups before my arms would start to ache.

Proper form? Double forget about it!

And yet – that visual stuck in my mind – for years and years and years!

Today, when I do pull-ups – it is EXACTLY in that same style that I do ’em, and anyone that’s seen me do ’em will attest to this.

Not for me the quick jerky reps. Or kipping, which is useless and something I detest. Or any other sort of “half baked pull-up.

No, it’s a slow, RHYTHMIC “all the way up and all the way down” motion done with the correct breathing – and I literally have the visual of that guy’s back IMPRINTED in my mind when I do these (ditto for when I was on the path to doing over a 100 pull-ups at one go).

‘Tis the power of the subconscious, my friend.

Though we might not realize it, there are images in our mind that we’ve affixed as we go through life.

If these images are positive, chances are your life has been mostly positive. If the images are predominantly negative, chances are there has been a lot of negativity in your life.

If exercise wise you’ve got a visual of a FIT YOU – or a fit IDEAL to aspire to – and you BELIEVE you can get there – chances are you have – and if you haven’t already, you will!

In the “Magic of Believing”, Claude Bristol speaks about this when he says “every thought materializes after it’s kind”.

See yourself actually doing the thing you visualize, and it will all work out, because every thought sooner or later materializes after its kind.

And I should know, my friend. I should know!

This has proven to be true in life on ALL occasions – throughout my life – and even when I’ve not consciously been aware of the fact that I was actually visualizing and therefore attracting.

Many years ago in 2005, when I  left my beloved mountain park – I turned out and made a silent vow to myself that I’d be back.

No-one knew about this – not even my closest friends (well, perhaps “General” Michael – him of eating Lieutenants for lunch had a clue), but no-one else.

A comment he made stuck in my mind as well “You will find a way back!”

And though I forgot all of this shortly after leaving, my subconscious didn’t.

Our deepest desires are what our subconscious goes to work – nay, TOWN upon and though the park was part of it (there was more that I’m not going to get into here), little did I know that a few years later I was … BACK!

I left – and yet, mysteriously enough something kept drawing me … BACK!

At times, the occurings were nothing short of miraculous. Believe me, when you have zero cash one day – and then enough to take you back to China and REBUILD – and set NEW PLANS into motion the next – a “miracle” is the only way I can think of to describe it!

It isn’t for nothing that I named Zero to HERO what I did …

And fitness wise, the same thing holds true for you, my friend.

If you want “muscles like that dude” – well – hold that thought in your mind long enough, and with enough intensity, and you’ll get it.

If you want to become a STUD at pull-ups, follow the existing studs and do what THEY did on their path to get there – and you’ll get there as well.

There’s no hidden secret in any of this. It’s as simple as holding a thought in your mind – and then taking ACTION – the right action – but remember this – it all starts with a THOUGHT!

Thoughts truly are things, my friend – and I’ll leave you be on that note for now!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – More than pull-ups, what most folks really want is a CORE that looks and feels as if it’s made out of steel. And if you’re not sure how to get there, well, read what I’ve written above. The same thing holds true, and in terms of the implementation we’ve got you covered right here – –


Running VS “pavement pounding”

Dear Reader,

My previous posts on fat burning (quickly!) and the much overdue release of “Eat More – Weigh Less” seem to have generated a fair bit of feedback, and I’ll share an excellent question I received in the mail yesterday.

Before that though – remember that though it might sound like “hype” – you CAN literally “eat more and weigh less (or drink more and weigh less if that’s your cup of “poison”) – – I’ve done it, and so can you – if you know HOW!

That isn’t to underestimate the importance of diet, of course. Jack La Lanne once famously said “Exercise is king, and nutrition is queen – together they form a kingdom”.

There is great, great wisdom in these words my friend.

Anyway, Sean from the U.K. emailed me yesterday. Let’s take a look.

I’m quoting his email below –


Thanks for your daily motivational emails, I enjoy them immensely. I do have a question though. In your newsletters you constantly put down “long distance cardio” as you call it, or alternatively, “pounding the pavement” in favor of short, intense workouts.

I don’t doubt for a minute that short and intense gets the job done much better than, as you say, “LSD” workouts. However, if running was indeed so ineffective, why would the army be doing it? Why would boxers do it? Why would athletes in all sports do it?

Please advise. Am I missing something here?

My response beneath – –

Hi  Sean –

Thanks for writing in! That is an excellent question indeed, and I’ll address it now.

First off,  and most importantly, my apologies if I caused any confusion. I do indeed stick to what I’ve said before though – and I’ll explain now.

When I say “pavement pounding”, this is different from “running” as far as I’m concerned.

Running to me isn’t the sort of “slow burn” that you experience with “pavement pounding”, which is usually a SLOOOOW, rythmic jog done for time – hence the term “pounding” as you literally pound your joints and tendons with the slow repetitive nature of the movement – not good.

Take a look at most sprinters – and most people that you’d classify as “pavement pounders”.

The folks in the latter category may not be fat, but do they have strength? Can they outrun the sprinter in a race? Most importantly perhaps, do they LOOK – and feel – healthy?

It’s a sickly sort “fat thin” effect that overindulging in “LSD” (as you say!) workouts causes, and this is evident if you look at the scores of people who go by the target heart rate advice the “schmexperts” advocate – and are unable to shed weight effectively.

That sort of workout causes you to age from the inside out – as opposed to grow younger when you do workouts that are SHORT and INTENSE – such as those in Eat More – Weigh Less, for example – or 0 Excuses Fitness.

Age like a prune I should say, and if you’ve studies how regular marathon runners look and feel – you know what I’m saying.

Now back to running – am I against it?

Heck no. I’ve written extensively about doing ROADWORK after my hill climbs in China – and a lot of that roadwork involved running – so I’m certainly not against it – but it’s certainly not the type of  run you’d envision in terms of pounding the pavement.

When I run, I either sprint – or run FAST. I have NOTHING AT ALL against a brisk mile or two, and I in fact highly encourage you to do so as well to get the ole engine room going BRISKLY – before or after jumping into your workout.

I prefer after – but choose whichever works better for you!

Hope that cleared it up – let me know if you have further questions!



Well, my friend, so if you’ve been wondering the same thing, that should clear it up.

I’ll encapsulate it thus – – Brisk is good. Fast is better. And super fast CANNOT be beat!

This goes for anything you’re doing – whether it be pushups – or running – or pullups – or even a 0 Excuses Workout.

Quick and brisk is the name of the game basically.

Last, but not least, if you read this and pooh pooh it and choose to continue on with your long slow distance cardio, well, have at , partner.

It ain’t my biz how you train. ‘Tis my job though to point out the best way to you – – and thats about all I can do in that regard!

Well, my friend, that’s it for now. I’ll be back again later!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S – I just got back from a great, great “Eat More – Weigh Less” workout in pitch dark or close to it in a local hilly park here, and am feeling nigh GREAT! And if you want to know the real secrets to burning fat and keeping it off, click on over right here – –