An abundant state of mind

Dear Reader,

A few emails ago I wrote about the power of gratitude, and how it was one of the most important “tools” in your “Success” toolkit – bar none.

In that post, amongst other things, I wrote about how vitally important it is to infuse GRATITUDE – both towards others and the Universe, as well as the MOST important person – YOU – into literally everything you do – or think – as well as the way you act, react etc towards others.

For those interested, you can read that particular post here – – , but for now, let me start off by saying that though gratitude is of PARAMOUNT importance, it can sometimes be “hard” for certain people (actually, a lot) to feel grateful.

And though I personally don’t find this hard at all, and never have for that matter – I can understand where a lot of people are coming from on this one.

When you’re dead broke – and have run out of the last few bucks you borrowed from friends and family (or are about to – and staring at “seeming” dead ends no matter where you look or what you do) – it can sometimes be somewhat hard to stay positive and feel grateful.

When all you see in front of you is debt – it can be hard to stay positive (although yes, if you VISUALIZE abundance – you’ll feel better instantly – and that’s yet another benefit you can get from this immensely useful activity EVERYONE can do, regardless of their current situation!).

It can also be hard to “practically” feel grateful when you’ve got family – and those close to you – castigating you for the route you chose to take in life.

And it can be REAL hard to stay grateful in the face of  50 kgs or so to lose, and slow progress at the  beginning.

Hey, I understand. I’ve been there. I know exactly what it feels like, for instance, to scrounge about in my pockets looking for loose change so I could eat – and even worse, I’ve had situations where I wasn’t single when this happened – it happened when I had a baby on the way – as well as AFTER my little girl showed up.

Those times never lasted, and why?

Because even during the tough times I had faith – I persevered – – and along with all that, I ALWAYS had a sense of abundance, both in terms of money as well as other things – – and believe me, the “other things” were what allowed me to actually progress financially! 

For those that don’t believe this – and are currently “debt abundant”, well, take a look see around you.

You have plenty of air to breathe, don’t you?

You’ve had times in your life when things “just went right no matter what you did” (perhaps the opposite of what you’re experiencing now) – but regardless, wasn’t that an abundant time? Did you stop and “give thanks” for it?

If you’ve hit dead ends everywhere today – it doesn’t mean you’ll hit dead ends TOMORROW, my friend – and one of the ways to practically make that reality manifest is to dismiss “fear and frustration” from your mind as quickly as they arrive, and make space for an ABUNDANT mindset – regardless of your current situation.

Along with visualizing, it may be beneficial for you to remember that as Napoleon Hill correctly stated in Think and Grow Rich, “fears are nothing more than a state of mind”.

So is frustration, my friend. So is a feeling of “perennially being in debt” or “zero abundance”. It’s all a state of mind, and the sooner you realize this – the better off you’ll be for it!

In “Think and Grow Rich“, Hill goes on to state the following –

When riches begin to come they come so quickly, in such great abundance, that one wonders where they have been hiding during all those lean years.

And it’s true, my friend. ‘Tis indeed true. When you finally do end up getting out of the trough – you’ll be surprised at how quickly things happen – and how EASILY they happen as well!

Yet something else to remember on this journey is that everything happens for a reason.

If you’re currently going through uber tough times, you’ll appreciate the good times even more when they come – and hold on to them ever so tightly the next time they come.

Perhaps you made some foolish decisions in the past – but you’ll be thinking about that the next time you make any sort of decision once the good times DO return (and believe me, they will if you do the right things) – this I DO guarantee!

And so forth. It all happens for a reason, and it all happens at a certain time. It’s all “relative”, if I might say so, my friend.

In terms of fitness, you might be staring down the barrel right now – but does it mean it’ll LAST?

No it doesn’t – and what this means is this – you pick up the 0 Excuses Fitness System – and get to work – with an ABUNDANT mindset!

You think fitness – muscle – ripped abs – whatever your poison is – and PLENTY OF IT – because – “you already have it!”

If you think abundance and fitness, you’ll get exactly that. If you think the opposite, then you’ll get that as well.

‘Tis just the way the Universe functions, my friend. There are no two ways about it!

Embed that above philosophy into your mind – read it over and over again until you assimilate it – and do what you gotta do to make it part of both your LIFE – and fitness routines.

You’ll be nigh amazed at the results.



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An absolute state of faith

Dear Reader,

When  you first start your fitness journey – when you first make a goal to lose a huge amount of excess tonnage – or when you make a goal to start pounding out handstand pushups in sets during your workout – all of these are likely things that seem like a very distant possibility in “practical terms”.

And yes, if you look at that mountain top from the bottom it may seem like a long way up.

But then you visualize as explained in Zero to Hero – – and also in 0 Excuses Fitness via an example.

You visualize, and you then set goals – and you infuse positive energy into your goals and make plans – and in terms of fitness, you either make up your own workout based upon what I’ve taught you in the courses – or you follow one of the sample workouts for a while before modifying it to your needs.

ALL of this is great, my friend, but yet, do you know where most folks fail after this?

It is this – they do all the above – but without FAITH – or should I say, without a strong, heady feeling of FAITH accompanying them all the way!

You  have to make a plan, my friend (this goes for both life and fitness) – and you have to persevere – – but most of all, you’ve GOT TO BACK that plan with FAITH!

Sheer unbending faith that it WILL happen – and once you have that faith in mind – then you’ll feel uplifted automatically.

‘Tis strange, or might sound strange I should say – but every time I encounter what you might consider a crunch situation – I lose ANY and all “trepidation” I might have had before said situation.

I go out there – back my plans – and just do it – and I’m yet to see this method fail for me.

And FAITH, my friend is the main reason this works for me.

Faith in myself – my abilities – my plans – and most of all, the Universe to deliver what I want – at exactly the right time in a way only IT can.

You’ll notice this in big match players, for instance.

A big match player might or might not “over perform” in the league games, but when it’s crunch time?

More often that not – that golf ball DISAPPEARS into the hole – or the ball is smacked straight out of the ground if you’re taking baseball – or the serve ends up being an ace (tennis) – and so forth.

Being I’m in India at this point in time, I’ll give you an example from the 2011(I believe) cricket World Cup where India was up against it in the final.

M.S. Dhoni, the Indian captain came out – promoted himself in the batting order – and literally hammered the visiting Sri Lankans until the match was India’s – – and finished it off with a huge, huge hit out of the stadium.

This is made all the more astounding by the following facts –

The guy had under performed ALL tournament – and people were questioning his tactics.

More pertinently, the guy he had replaced was in excellent hitting form – and yet, he chose to come out at CRUNCH TIME – and take it upon himself to deliver – and deliver he DID – in breathtaking style if I might say so.

I’m not a huge cricket fanatic, but gotta point out when a spade’s a spade – and this guy Dhoni showed NO sign of nerves – or fear – if anything, you could tell from his eyes – his walk – his shots – and his overall demeanor – that he had FAITH  – in spades!

Napoleon Hill states in Think and Grow Rich that –

Faith is the head chemist of the mind. When faith is blended with the vibration of THOUGHT, the subconscious mind instantly picks up the vibration, translates it into it’s spiritual equivalent and transmits it to Infinite Intelligence as it is in the case of prayer.

There is more, and if there’s one chapter I recommend reading in that otherwise EXCELLENT book, it is this!

So that’s today’s lesson – whatever your fitness plan might be – back it with FAITH – and dogged persistence – and you surely shall succeed. There truly is  NO other way.

Last, but not least, the “what if” question might be popping up in your mind right about now?

“What if I fail despite all this?”

“What if I can’t … ”

Well, first off, if these emotions are there in your mind – then you are NOT in a state of “100% faith”. Faith and fear – and “what if’s” – cannot co-exist, and Hill states as much in his book – and I agree with him.

But let’s examine the what if.

If you’ve given your best – and you still can’t make the grade – does it really matter in the grand scheme of things?

No it doesn’t.

What MATTERS is you backed yourself – did the thing – with faith – and gave it a 100% plus and more.

As long as THAT above bit is true, you’ll find you’ll achieve your goals more often than not – and if you don’t – a more worthy one will come along sometime down the road.

‘Tis just the way the Universe functions, my friend.

So again, that is today’s tip. If you workout – have a plan – set some goals – and go GET ’em – with FAITH!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Something that makes it easier in terms of which exercise program to follow – and to have faith in – is to see what others have said about it – and the results others have gotten. These can be readily viewed on our testimonials page right here – –

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“In this life or the next … “

Dear Reader,

One of my all time favorites movies is the Russell Crowe starrer The Gladiator, and if you’re in any way, shape or form even REMOTELY a movie buff, you probably know what the next line(s) refer to.

In fact the lines are not only GREAT – SOLID lines – probably one of the best ever said especially when you consider the SHEER EMOTION infused into the scene by Crowe (and of course the other guys responsible) – – they’re also Oscar winning lines, and for a damn good reason!

My name is Maximus Decimus Meridius, Commander of the Armies of the North, General of the Felix Legions, loyal servant to the true emperor, Marcus Aurelius. Father to a murdered son, husband to a murdered wife. And I will have my vengeance, in this life or the next.

Now, before you think I’ve gone nuts and “jumped off the edge” so to speak – hold on to yer horses for a sec, will ya.

Why do I mention this – well, certainly not because I’m trying to sing Crowe’s praises YEARS after the Oscar was given and all the plaudits received, etc.

Certainly not because I believe in revenge – if anything revenge is a dish not best served cold. It’s a dish BEST NOT served at all – a negative emotion if there ever was one, and though there may be instances where it’s warranted, holding to the emotion of revenge won’t do you ANY good in getting to whatever goals you’ve set for yourself.

That above bit is a good enough reason as any for telling you this, but here’s the main reason.

I’m telling you this because of the SHEER VISCERAL EMOTION that these words invoke in the viewer – – and the sheer PASSION! Cross my heart if I’m wrong, but don’t those lines and the movie in general take you to another world altogether – the GLADIATOR’s world?

Doesn’t your living room suddenly morph into the Coliseum?

Well, given by the reactions to the movie I’ll bet it does – and believe me, these movies are nowhere near as powerful as the mental movies you play all day long – the ones you visualize in other words.

And yes, we all visualize – whether we know it or not. Chances are that if you DON’T know you’re visualizing your unconsciously focusing upon the wrong things (as I stated in a prior email) – – and this is something you need to correct.

But the topmost reason I’m mentioning this is that sheer emotion that is shown in the scene IS the sheer emotion YOU need to bring to your mental movies of success, my friend!

‘Tis the emotion of DESIRE – which is one of the strongest emotions human beings can experience.

Napoleon Hill states over and over again in his various publications that “Desire is the starting point of all achievement”.

Nothing great – fitness included was ever achieved without that FIRE burning within! Nothing of note was accomplished without desire – INTENSE, WHITE HOT flames of DESIRE fanning your goal to eventual fruition – – and it certainly ain’t just me saying those words either.

Mix this emotion of desire into EVERY  GOAL you have – -and you’ll not only accomplish your goal in THIS life – but way, way sooner than you realize, my friend.

Lots of folks make the mistake of setting goals but not “desiring” them enough.

They do everything else right. They visualize – they take action – but somehow, somewhere that intense spark of DESIRE is missing!

YOU, my friend are the only one that can kindle this spark – and rekindle it OVER AND OVER AGAIN until it becomes second nature for you!

If you’re looking to get fit – you don’t just “wish” you’ll get fit!

You don’t just do a few exercises and hope you’ll drop excess flabbage – – and keep it off!

No – you set a goal – a real, concrete goal – and then you EMOTIONALIZE that goal with sheer intense white hot desire – – the same way I did when I achieved some of the best things in my life.

And let me tell  you this right NOW.

Along the way you’ll need GUTS in spades, and why?

Because it takes guts to set worthwhile goals and continue pursuing them regardless of how the world “feels” or reacts about it.

It takes guts to set goals – and continue on in the face of STAUNCH opposition, either direct or indirect, often times for folks that “should be” close to you (family being one prime example for many people including yours truly).

It takes guts aplenty to forge your own path – run on your own steam – and do things that you previously never thought possible (such as do a 100 pull-ups per workout, for instance), but guess what – it’s all so worth it at the end, my friend.

It takes guts to continue on when you see ZEROS aplenty in your bank account – and even more so to keep doing your BEST WORK – and keep the faith that those zeros will soon be preceded by plenty of more numbers!

It takes guts to do things you’ve always been told you could never do – do ’em – and do ’em successfully at that!

And so forth.

I think you get the point, and how do I know all this?

Not because I’m some sort of a “seer” or “Jesus” or “modern day Gandhi” or “Yoda” (and YES, I’ve been called all that, haha).

It’s because EVERYONE that accomplished anything of note has gone through this – including myself – and so will you, my friend.

So will  you. It’s a test from the Universe, and if you’re ready for it – there is plenty of bounty to be reaped right after “dem gates” open up.

So thats today’s message. Set some goals – drop that excess flab – get into a handstand – do 500 Hindu squats – bang out 250 pushups – I don’t care what it is – but set  it.

Once you do, look at yourself in the mirror and say this to yourself.

“Victory shall be MINE in this pursuit – either in this LIFE or the next!”

Mix in those words with sheer emotion and DESIRE like you never have before – – and watch the world literally start to change before your very eyes!

Try it, and let me know how it went!



P.S. – I talk a lot about doing a 100 pull-ups per workout, and that is great, but have you ever considered doing a 100 HANDSTAND PUSHUPS per workout? As my buddy from the Marines once told me “those are tough for anyone” (the pull-ups) and I responded with “well, try doing a 100 handstand pushups per workout!”. His response was along the lines of “Goddamn right!”

And yes – you CAN do these in high repetitions too. I’m currently at a mix of 75 pull-ups and 75 handstand pushups – – and the way I got to those numbers was to keep following the basics and stick to them with DESIRE. Here is where you can learn how to do this magnificent exercise as well – –

P.S. #2 – If you haven’t yet gotten the advanced course on pull-ups, what are you waiting for? Hurry up while stocks last- –

Focus on what you CAN do – NOW!

Dear Reader,

When you first start on your fitness journey – or start to achieve a certain goal, that certain goal may seem daunting at first.

And along with the reactions you’ll get from others (the more ambitious the goal – and thats a good thing, btw! – the more “astonished” and negative the reactions likely will be, and I’ve written a lot on this before).

But this email isn’t about blocking all that out. I mentioned a fair bit on that in the last email, but this email is about (and in addition to this) focusing upon what you CAN do – in the PRESENT – in the here and now.

So let’s say you’ve got a goal to drop 50 kgs within a couple of months (I believe I mentioned this in the last email, so we’ll go from there). You’re about 80-90 kgs overweight (believe me, this isn’t as uncommon as you might think), and really, really need to drop said poundage for your own good.

You then invest in the 0 Excuses Fitness System – but suddenly doing pushups seems too daunting.

Heck, forget a 100 – or 50 – or even 20 pushups. The entire idea of doing even one pushup seems incredulous, and when you get down on the floor and try ’em, perhaps your physical reality “verifies” your thoughts in this regard – for now.

Squatting might be nigh impossible. Pull-ups? HA! Climbing hills? Ho!

And at this point, you might be tempted to throw in the towel and just give up – – and if you do, it would be a sad, sad thing – – not just because the “babel of negative voices” out there “willing” you to fail would triumph but also because you didn’t do the one thing that would have got you started.

That being, focus upon what you CAN do – NOW to make the situation better!

Perhaps you can’t do pushups – – but you can walk, eh?

Perhaps you can’t sprint – – but you can walk slowly, eh? You can walk slowly for at least 10-15 minutes without stopping, right?

Right. So you focus on that – begin there – and keep at it for a week.

Soon, before you know it, that 15 minutes turns into 20. Then 25. Then 30 and … before you know it, you’ve even lost a kg or two.

At that point, you feel GOOD – and you aim for more – and guess what – you eventually GET there – as opposed to “feeling down initially and not doing anything”!

If you’ve got a goal to do (and many do), 50-100 pull-ups per set, but are currently stuck at 1 – or half – or a big fat ZERO?

Well, you can hang on to the bar, can’t you? You can do the supplementary exercises I mention in the book, can’t you?

And so forth.

You see where I’m going with this, my friend?

There is almost always something you CAN do – NOW – and it’s up to you to DO that thing – and build upon each small success as it comes your way.

I speak about holding past successes in your mind a lot (as you go to work achieving new goals), and the bottom line is this – the more “small” (or even daily) successes you have, the better you’ll feel about your overall goal – and you’ll achieve more as well.

Hey, when I first started the site, there was little to NO support from ANYONE – friends and family included on it. If anything, ’twas a huge “ho hum”.

When I made the huge mistake (that I haven’t, hehe) of telling my family (apart from my wife) about my writing, an even huger “ho hum”. (and I’m not just talking writing fitness wise here).

It was the old thing of, “so what? He may or may not be good at it, but let’s show him what he CANNOT do!”

And at every step and turn, I was confronted with folks that consciously or usually subconsciously made it a point to point out what I could NOT do – as opposed to pointing out and “harping upon” what I could – – in other words, completely obliterating the positives (and there are many) and emphasizing the few negatives that every situation has (especially when you start).

Big, big mistake, and one I fell for for a while. If you constantly focus upon not being able to do handstands, for instance, then chances are excellent you’ll never ever be able to do ’em – and regardless of your current physical conditioning.

Other hand, focus on working UP to the point where you CAN do ’em – and the ACTIONS you CAN take in order for that goal to become a REALITY – and watch how quickly things fall into place.

Fast forward to when I started the 0 Excuses Fitness site, and let alone support – there was derision aplenty from many.

How dare I dare to make an income doing what I like?!

How DARE I  leave the “9-5” world behind forever!?!!

HOW dare I … ah, but you get the point. One enterprising soul even compared me to a “porn star” (on the website, of all things!) for whatever reason, but at NO point astoundingly enough did anyone step in and say “Hey, you’ve made a success of plenty of things before – – there’s no reason why you can’t do it with this!”

And the reason I mention it is this, my friend – YOU too have likely gone through similar situations in the past, and if you’re arisen above ’em – as I have and continue to – well, kudos to YOU. You deserve every bit of your accomplishment!

And if not – well – make your mind up to not only take stock of the small successes, but GLORIFY them along the way to the ultimate goal.

You’ll find this philosophy helps you not just to achieve your fitness goals – – but life goals in general as well!

Ok, thats it for now. I’ll be back later!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – If you’ve got goals of becoming a “SUPER STUD” at pull-ups – – one that crank ’em out in various shapes, forms and guises almost at will – – well, hats off to you, for one. And fear not in terms of the “how” that’ll happen. I’ve got that all covered – – right down to sample workouts (each of them will give you a royal kick in the can if I may say so) and minute details – – and you can access this treasure trove of information right HERE —

NEVER settle for second best!

Dear Reader,

This morning while I was browsing through my emails, I saw a reminder from Amazon about an item I had placed in my cart, but for whatever reason never ended up buying.

I keep getting these “reminder” emails (for those of you in ecommerce – hint, hint! THIS is one thing a lot of people fail to do correctly, and this causes a LOT of lost revenue) from them, and though I usually and summarily delete them, that didn’t happen today.

I fired up the ole laptop, and jumped straight into the email – and presto – the reminder from Amazon was about a phone I was planning on buying, but “saved it for later” (for whatever reason).

But it wasn’t about THAT phone. It was about another similar phone – but with BETTER specs – and better features – and AS SOON as I saw that phone, I knew I was gonna buy it (and may do so shortly after writing this).

I can’t explain the “why”. It’s a feeling you get when your tuned into the Universe and your subconscious, and a LOUD “command of sorts” jumped into my mind.

“Forget the other phone! THIS will be yours!”

While this might sound strange to a lot of people it won’t if you’re in tune with your subconscious.

It also brings to line a quote from a famous arm wrasslin movie in the 80’s (I believe) “Over the Top”.

It’s a typically “over the top” Stallone flick (well, at least the flicks he starred in back THEN!) and “Bull Hearley” – an immense giant of a man and the arm wrestler Stallone eventually defeats to wrest the “world title” from him states this before the final.

“There is no second place. Second – SUCKS!”

So true, my friend. So true – and the point of me saying this here is this – that never, ever, EVER settle for second best – either in terms of fitness – or life.

You should go for the best. You DESERVE the best – and if you do all  you can to GET it – GET it you will. There simply isn’t any other way.

Along the way, remember this too – when setting any goal, one key thing to remember is this – “keep your eyes on the prize”.

What does this mean?

Well, as Napoleon Hill famously said in his “Laws of Success” book (a highly recommended read along with the others I’ve mentioned before”, a “mind tightly CLOSED against negative emotions of ANY sort (and he mentions all the emotions in writing)” is KEY to achieving the goal itself.

Our subconscious minds are like gardens –  and are EVERY ready to “accept” negative thoughts and negative emotions. That is what I wrote about once in a prior post “Focus on what it is that you DO want” (search the blog for this, and you’ll find the post) – – and that is how the human mind functions, my friend.

You have to actively WORK to foster the positive emotions and thoughts in your mind until there is NO room for the negative.

The two cannot co-exist. If you have made up your mind to succeed – then remember the above truism as well, as these words of wisdom are as true as they “sound” on paper.

Is it “easy”? No – but nothing worth ever having ever was, was it?

Now fitness wise, what does all this mean, you may ask.

Well, when I was young – I was told repeatedly by my mother that “he thinks he’s so strong” (when I was at the age that most young kids start to “flex their muscles”).

Now that comment in itself might not mean much – – but the EMOTIONS behind it meant a LOT – – and I struggled with the negative image I had of myself for YEARS. In fact, I ended up being extremely unfit at a time I should have been my fittest – and while that was no-one else’s fault except mine (in terms of “doing”) – the fact is this – the subconscious memories were what were causing me to “go back to what I was programmed to do” regardless (in this case get unfit).

Ponder that last bit above, as it’s damn important!!

When I was growing up, the concept of working for oneself was alien – and still is. The “9-5 slavery” concept is what was hammered into my brain since I was a “young ‘un”.

My writing and other skills (and other sports I had an aptitude for) were usually all brushed under the carpet – – or never ever acknowledged in the first place. To this day, it’s been friends and customers (and past customers) that really got me started doing writing FULL time – and enjoying what I do so much that I don’t even call it “work”!

Now, why do I state all this?

Because here’s the point – MOST people go through life with some sort of “baggage” in their minds.

Visualization – – repeated and emotionalized visualization is key to removing those stored memories that quite literally DIRECT your life, but the other key is to keep your mind TIGHTLY closed against all negative influences when you set goals – and just do it.

If your goal is to lose 50 kgs within a couple of months, those you mention it to – including family and friends – might “scoff” at the idea. The Doubting Thomases might send all the negative vibes and “can’t do it’s!” your way galore.

And they likely will – whether they know it or not. That is just how it works in terms of goal setting. Until you ACHIEVE the goal – – there will be few, if any that support you – so it’s best not to MENTION that goal to anyone at all from the get-go.

That above bit reduces the work you’ve gotta do to keep a mind “tightly closed against all negative influences”. It also frees your mind up to focus on settling for NOTHING but the BEST.

Settle for nothing but a FITTER you, my friend.

In fact, let’s go one step further. Settle for NOTHING LESS than getting into the best darn shape of your life – starting TODAY!

My pathbreaking 0 Excuses Fitness System and other products have shown plenty of folks the way to get there – and it behooves YOU too, my friend to take that first step on the “journey of a thousand steps”.

It truly does begin with one single step, and it gets easier as you do it.

Dip your toes in right here – – – –  and let’s GO!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – I was advised when I was young to lift “5 kg dumbbells” repeatedly for 15 minutes on each arm to “get stronger”. If there was ever more cartoonish fitness advice given – – I’d like to see it. Oh wait. I DO know … the muscle mags with all the ‘roid boys preening and posing galore with their “lat spreads” and “striated shoulders” – – and yet, they’re ALL missing it. Get ’em to do a single pull-up or even get into a handstand – – and what price BE those huge muscles, my friend?

You get the point. Meanwhile, if you’re truly to looking to broad massive shoulders, and a  back that looks like you’d have to turn around to get into a barndoor – well – pull-ups – done correctly are the way to go. And our cracking “Pull-ups – from DUD to STUD – within a matter of WEEKS!” will get ya there, my friend. Click on over now, and get access to the info folks all over the world have been RAVING about.

Listening to the right type of music when training

Dear Reader,

I’ve written before about the park I used to workout in in China (back when I was in China – which by the way is a place I plan to return to in the near future).

I’ve also written before about the “melodies” that often play in the park on public announcement systems and speakers located strategically throughout the park – something which I didnt quite understand the reason for back when I first showed up in 2003, but do now.

My previous writings on this can be found via a search on the site, but for now, one of the MOST poignant melodies – or songs, if I might say that – that I’ve EVER, EVER heard anywhere in my life was in this park!

It was a Chinese song that used to play around 3 P.M. or so every afternoon for a while, and they stopped it after a couple of months and replaced it with something else, but man that song was something else!

I’d be training outdoors – – doing pushups – squats – pull-ups – – and what not – – and as soon as that song started, I’d stop what I was doing and rush on over closer to the loudspeakers so I could “imbibe” every tune, every “sound bit” and every  little melody of that wonderful song into my ENTIRE system!

Believe me now and trust me later, on some days that song was the highlight of my entire workout there – and made the already enjoyable workout all that more enjoyable.

Now what sort of a song was it, you might ask?

Well, I’ll tell you what it was NOT.

It wasn’t rock. Certainly not punk – – or “gothic” – – or heavy metal — and NOT rap either (neither the rap we find in the U.S. or in China for that matter).

No, it was just a slow melody – accompanied by a man singing, but the sheer lyrics and “lilting” tune of those songs hit me at the very core of my HEART, my friend.

Nowadays, I’m in India – and I hear music being played all around me in the park I sometimes train in – though NOT through the loudspeakers, of course (there are none here).

What sort of music do I hear here?

Well, it’s usually something along the lines of heavy metal – – or Bollywood “favorites” – – or perhaps even “Indian rap” – – all played through smartphones – – and all equally annoying and distracting.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had this urge to tell people to just “bottle it” and TRAIN – quietly – minus all the annoying chatter as well (thats more “background music” I do NOT need, hehe) – – but I haven’t done so. Thank God for that, or we’d have a battle on our hands for sure!

The point of me telling you this though is this – that song, along with a few others I like in China (and elsewhere) is embedded into my system forever – and EVERY time I need “a boost” – I instantly play it in my memory banks for a while – and voila! I’m a new man almost without doing anything else at all.

That, to me is a prime example of visualization done right. When you visualize, you don’t just “see”. You see – with FEELING!

The more emotion you add to it, the better. The more REAL you make your pictures, the better it is!

And in my case, it sure does work – – combined with all other visualizations I do on a regular basis.

Not only this – I feel an even closer connection the Universe — and the spiritual realm in general as I train with this sort of music around me.

It makes me THINK – – at a deeper level. It affects all the cells of my body at a deeper level as well – – and believe me, this ain’t just esoteric stuff either.

Despite the popular trend of having loud, annoying music blaring our from car speakers, home audio systems, smart phones and so forth — studies have proven that this sort of music is not good for our health, period.

Hell, studies have been done with plants – – and it’s been found that classical music and other “slow melodies” (as I say) have been proven to make these plants grow faster and healthier than their counterparts exposed to other forms of music!

Plants – birds – nature – the Universe – the list goes on and on and ON!

When I train, I don’t just train the body. I train the body – the mind – but most importantly, I train so I can FEEL GREAT – while connecting with the Universe on a deeper level – and this, my friend is something I highly recommend you to do as well!

There’s nothing wrong with the occasional heavy metal blast (I still remember a 16 year old girl waking up to it on Sat mornings in an apartment complex I once lived in in India – Haha, that was an experience for sure!) – – or going to Bon Jovi concerts if you love ’em – – but when you train, and in general – – thats NOT the sort of music you should be listening to if you want to feel uplifted at a HIGHER level.

I’ll write more about this later, but the takeaway from today’s post is this – if you listen to music when you train – listen to the right kind of music, my friend. It truly has the power to change your life – – for the BETTER!

Last, but NOT least, always remember that along with the right kind of music, the right exercises are KEY to connecting with the Universe at a way, way deeper level than you ever thought possible. Hindu pushups, reverse pushups, and pull-ups, for instance, are all GREAT exercises if done correctly with the right sort of BREATHING – – and anyone that’s done these for any length of time (especially Hindu squats – my, my – now THAT right there is a prime example) KNOWS how “connected” and “whole” you feel after a workout.

That is NOT a feeling you can replicate in the gym – or during yoga sessions – or via other forms of exercise.

Gallop on over to the 0 Excuses Fitness page then, and grab your copy of the System today – – and start experiencing these same benefits NOW.

It will truly be the best investment you ever make, my friend. Make it right here – –


Rahul Mookerjee

Being TRULY positive VS “pseudo” positive

Dear Reader,

I’m not sure if it’s  just me, but it seems a lot of what I see in the online world (and in real life) these days is not only not truly positive – but fake to a “T”.

What do I mean?

Well, it seems there is this overwhelming trend these days to “overemphasize” the so called positives (selfies, for instance), and completely “ignore” (or downplay) “reality” (which as they say sometimes “bites”).

Reality sometimes DOES bite, and it seems the thing to do these days for most folks is to “sweep it under the carpet” as opposed to acknowledge it.

Not only that – simply “writing” positive things doesn’t get the job done, my friend.

You could wax lyrical about your vacations – – about your company’s services – – or your dinner last night for that matter – – but if you don’t truly FEEL positive – – chances are EXCELLENT that the reader of those words isn’t going to feel uplifted either.

True positivity does NOT come from words – or perfectly typed compositions – or good grammar for that matter.

It matters NOT what the person has written, or what topic is being written about. If the person writing it doesn’t feel positive – well – then it SHOWS – and shows BIG TIME.

I’ve often mentioned I can tell  a person’s mental state in this regard by reading what they’ve written – or even looking at their selfies, or what they’ve said etc. It’s a vibe that DOES SHINE through — and it’s something that we as humans cannot control – – in other words if you feel negative internally, all the hoo-haaing about “it being a positive situation” or “trying to take positives out of it” ain’t gonna work.

Now don’t get me wrong! I’m not saying be negative – the complete opposite, in fact.

What I AM saying though and what I’ve said all along is this – FEEL positive – from the inside out – and the way you start doing this is doing the VISUALIZATION techniques as I constantly “carp on” about, hehe.

Zero to Hero mentions one of these techniques that a student of mine used, and the results are there for all to see.

When folks read my writing they often tell me it’s “awesome” or that it’s got this “spark” coming from it – or that “I write really well” – and so forth.

All of that might be true, but why? There’s plenty of writers out there – what sets me apart from the “crowd” in that regard (especially given the grammar mistakes I make on occasion, and my “less than politically correct” writing if I might say so)?

Well it is this – I write – FROM THE HEART!

EVERYTHING I say is stuff I believe in – and TRUE – or I wouldn’t say it.

And it’s ME. Part of being truly positive is accepting who you are (and your current reality as well as your future reality that YOU create) and believe me, once you get to that level it’ll show in your writing and interactions with other people.

Back to “reality” – although yes, it’s good to focus on the positive, there is NOT anything to be gained by not acknowledging what needs to be acknowledged, and not saying what needs to be said.

Far too many people are scared to be the “nail that sticks out” – as I’ve been told many a times, thats the nail that usually gets the first hammer.

Now this is fine – especially if you are concerned about biz opportunities etc (as many are). It’s fine if you “want to say one thing in private” and the exact opposite in public as many people I know do.

All good – and hey, if that’s the way you choose to run your biz/life – you’ll hear NO argument from me!

All I can tell you is this – – I for one am committed to saying it like it IS – without fear of “offending” folks.

If there’s something that needs to be said, I’ll say it.

When I worked in the ESL industry and correctly called it for being a “dancing monkey” gig, for instance, my comments were widely decried – and yet these same people then came up to me in private and said “Hey, we agree with you – but we “can’t” say that publicly”.

Huh?? Can’t? Why not? Is there a legislation against saying it like it is?

I think NOT, my friend.

Funnily enough, those who say is like it is are also the ones most “followed” or “copied” etc. And thats a truism you’d do well to remember!

Long story short, you’ll always get the REAL deal from me. I’ve never been concerned about “losing biz due to being brutally frank” (heck, my books and courses are all written in that manner anyway) – and neither was I concerned about being the nail that sticks out.

If you’re getting it from Rahul Mookerjee – – you’re getting the real deal — and that is ALL there is to it, hehe.

Now, fitness wise what does this mean.

It means you visualize – set goals – but also choose to NOT ignore your current reality.

If you’re 130 plus kgs of pure “tub” (lard), for instance, and your goal is to  bang out a 100 pull-ups per workout eventually – well – GREAT.

Visualize – and start DOING as I recommend in “Pull-ups – from DUD to STUD within a few WEEKS” – and you’ll be on the right track.

But, what if someone makes a comment about being a “lard ass” along the way?

What if folks tell  you “you’ll never be able to achieve your goal?”

The natural reaction would be to either fight said comments or simply try and be “psuedo positive” (a.k.a. the groups of people that are seemingly comfortable being “big” (read obese) and tom tom this as some sort of “virtue”).

‘Tis strange, but the “be comfortable with your body” movement (or the “it’s ok, you’ve got curves, honey” trend) apparently means being a lard ass and parading pics etc of the same is perfectly fine.

Geez, what a world it’s become when calling a spade a spade results in … ah, but  I desist, hehe.

What you do is this – you make a note of said comments. You even acknowledge it.

“Yes, I’m a lard ass – NOW”.

And as you do so, your RESOLVE to rise UP AND ABOVE your current state shoots to a new level – and soon enough you  do so – while the “commenters” curiously enough are still at the exact same place they were at when you BEGAN – and likely will be there the rest of their lives.

At THAT point, you can truly stand up, “beat your chest” (sorry, got that one from my baby Gorilla, hehe) and then proudly ask “NOW what?”

I bet you’ll hear crickets.

In closing then, as the immortal Napoleon Hill said – – “Tell the world what you’re gonna do – but SHOW ’em first!”

Be TRULY positive then – from the inside out – be true to yourself and others around you – and STAY THE COURSE, my friend.

It’ll all work out in the end – fitness wise or otherwise – and it’ll work out for the BETTER!

And that, my friend is that for today. Hope you enjoyed these tips as much as I did bringing them to you -and I’ll be back with MORE later!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – 0 Excuses Fitness has plenty more such motivational stories and tips. A couple are mentioned during the first part of the Book itself in the 10 Commandments of Physical Success. Grab your copy right HERE – –

Stretch SPINE – feel GREAT!

Dear Reader,

Got a great great workout in today in my living room – straight out of one of the routines  mentioned at the back of 0 Excuses Fitness, and once that was done, I trotted out to the “great outdoors” for some pull-ups and what not.

Ended up feeling GREAT – a feeling that lasts until NOW (about 3 or so hours after my actual workout) – and on the way back, I met another fellow exerciser.

I nodded at him briefly before my jaunt on back home (sort of my way of saying “Hiya!” while working out).

And his reply both surprised and pleased me – – or should I say ASTOUNDED me – – when I thought of it later!

“You’re feeling good!”

“So I am, my friend”, I replied, with a huge Cheshire cat grin. “So I AM!”

Now, at the time I didn’t think much of this, and as we shook hands, he proceeded to tell me he’d just gotten back from the gym – an hour there, and was now in the middle of a “run” to “stretch things out” apparently.

“All good, my friend”, I responded, still feeling as “high” as a kite (or daisy, or sunflower, or what have you, hehe). “If it works for you, keep doing it!”

“Yeah, but am I exhausted, man!”

And as I took a closer look at him I realized he wasn’t just exhausted. He was beat down. No sparkle in them eyes – – and while he wasn’t nearly as beat down as marathon runners often are, there was no real “joie de vivre” there, if you get my drift!

Now my French ain’t the best, hehe – – but here’s the point.

If a guy that I don’t even know walks up to me and says I’m feeling great (which I am) after my workout – – on a sappingly hot and humid morning by the way – – the sun is literally BEATING down here – – then I must be REALLY feeling good, eh?

It’s vibes, vibes, and more vibes – that pesky little “vibe” I keep referring to in all my writings – – something you can’t fake, my friend. You just can’t fake how you feel – it’ll show through and shine through no matter what.

And if I’m feeling THIS great hours later, well, I must be doing something right, eh?!

Most people believe the point of a workout is to “exhaust” you – – or to burn calories – – or to “train the muscles” – – or to “lose fat” – – and so forth – – and while all of this is NOT necessarily something I disagree with or is wrong, how often do we hear it being said that the point of a workout is to feel GREAT?

To feel on top of the world – birds singing – endorphins ROARING – and a great feeling that lasts ALL day long?

Key to this is not just the exercises I do – it’s HOW I do ’em (yes, yes – more on doing things a certain way! Hehe).

And the “how” here isn’t just about passion – it’s that – but it’s also about STRETCHING – WHILE I train as opposed to what most people think of stretching i.e. a separate activity altogether.

When you do the Hindu pushups, for instance, you stretch your entire spine and hamstrings (and body) in a way that CANNOT be duplicated with other exercises.

Each repetition simultaneously stretches and strengthens not only your arms and shoulders – but your core – and the muscles along your SPINE as well – and along with this, these cat like stretches release “feel good” endorphins like you’ve never felt before – and sure as heck ain’t gonna feel in the gym or while pounding the pavement to “burn dem calories you piled on last night”.

The same holds true for REVERSE pushups – – or the best darn exercise ever, for that matter.

Each of these exercises, and most of the others I do focus on stretching the SPINE – CORRECTLY – and this, combined with the fact that they are overall body stretches means they do the trick in terms of endorphin release as well – that LAST.

Your spine, my friend is where it all starts. Think of your body as a machine – – and the spine being the battery for that machine.

You’d best keep it CHARGED – all day long – and stretching / strengthening it the right way (which I haven’t seen most folks do) is how it’s done.

Now, last, but not least – am I against the “traditional” stretches that most people think of when it comes to stretching?

Not a bit, my friend. Not a bit.

If touching your toes 100 times works for you – so be it. If “opposite” toe touches are your thang, go for it. If “airy fairy” yoga stretcccccchhhhhhhheeeeeessssss “ignite your battery” (NO puns intended, hehe) – then by all means throw on saffron robes and have at.

I ain’t against any of that – but do any of those movements hold a CANDLE to what I’ve just mentioned?

Not a chance, my friend – not a chance – and the proof is well and truly in the pudding here.

Ok, so that’s all for today! Have a great Sunday – – and don’t forget to get in a 0 Excuses workout at the very start of your day to make sure you have a wonderful Sunday ahead!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Another oft overlooked exercise to stretch the spine out is this – PULL-UPS. Yes, these done correctly make you feel like a zillion buckolas as well, but the problem is MOST people don’t do ’em right. Bad form galore if I might say so. Good news is YOU don’t have to be one of those people – and neither do you need to feel “stuck” when it comes to this excellent exercise. Learn more on how to do it right HERE – –

The importance of a CHIEF AIM in life!

Dear Reader,

One of the main reasons (by FAR) why a lot of folks fail to achieve their goals – both fitness and otherwise is this – lack of a primary chief GOAL – and failure to stick to that “chief” goal even if they’ve got it mapped out in their minds.

Lots of folks visualize. Set goals. But when it comes time to doing – and “walking the talk” – they back off.

And this is in part due to the fact that they haven’t really decided upon their CHIEF GOAL in life!

I cannot tell you how many times I’ve spoken to people who vacillate between opposite ends of the spectrum galore.

Almost like the pendulum of a grandfather clock – so extreme can the change be – and so drastically opposite in nature the goals seem to become.

For instance, a good friend of mine and me were discussing goals – and what we want out of life – but the problem is with his intentions are these – although well intentioned – he doesn’t have a CHIEF goal in life to which he is committed no matter what.

The goal he states – – and other accompanying factors change daily – – almost like the weather and believe me you – – I’ve spoken not just to ONE person like this – – but PLENTY OF people from ALL walks of life who have this mentality!

Curiously enough – – or not – – these same people keep getting back into the same situations they were in – – and keep getting frustrated at not being able to achieve their goals.

Those who know me in person know that I’ll always do my best to help a buddy out – – and I’ve been advising people I know to have a PRIMARY goal in life – – a CHIEF primary aim – – and then cast EVERYTHING by the wayside as they proceed to achieve that goal.

In other words, as I said in a prior email, burn all bridges of retreat. Focus on a goal – and make success a NECESSITY as much as BREATHING  is!

This takes work, sure. This takes gumption – focus – especially during the tough times, and it’s often during times like this I get comments about (and I got a comment like this today) “I don’t understand”.

Why – apparently because I’m “making it”.

Huh?? First off, while I might not be living in my car – – or begging for food – – I sure as heck ain’t Bill Gates – – or Donald Trump – – or anywhere near that – – as yet!

I KNOW (and I’ve said as much publicly) what it means to scrounge around in my pockets and look for that last dime to spend on food. I KNOW what it means to keep on in the face of resistance – -and I also know how sweet that success tastes when it finally comes!

And I know all this from experience. Life, my friend can be and is a great, great teacher!

Funnily enough, my students that have invested in my books and courses (and in some cases fitness coaching) KNOW this – – and they listen.

Which of course brings me to another truism in biz – “Ears that pay listen a heck of a lot better than ears that DON’T”.

The above ain’t mine – but it’s true.

In the timeless Think and Grow Rich, as well as the other classic “Outwitting the Devil“, Napoleon Hill stresses how important it is to have a “chief primary aim in life”. In fact the very first part of the book – – even before the “preface” has the following headline – – “WHAT DO YOU WANT MOST?”

There is good reason behind this, methinks – – and Hill of course goes on to explain it in his own classic style giving examples of countless successes before him who did precisely the same thing.

Now, some people might chime in at this point saying “sometimes goals change”.

“Can’t we simply focus on something else”?

Yes – you can – goals do often change – but you then focus on the NEW goal to the exclusion of the old one – and believe me, if you’ve got a PRIMARY goal that you’re taking care of  – a lot of the ancillary goals fall into place automatically.

Now, what does this mean fitness wise?

If you’ve got a primary goal of dropping X amount of flabbage, for instance, then your goals of doing more pull-ups – – or achieving the “magic 500” in pushups, for instance, gets a heck of a lot easier.

If you’re primary goal is to “build huge arms” – – then guess what. Follow the routines in Shoulders like Boulders – – and you’ll not only build huge arms – – but you’ll also lose excess WEIGHT around the midsection as a result!

And so on and so forth.

So this, my friend is today’s tip. Take a minute or two to ponder it – and then IMPLEMENT into your own life.

I guarantee it’ll change your life for the BETTER.


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Thats another thing I admire greatly about the African Silverback Gorilla I spoke about, hehe. Marc knows the power of setting goals and focusing upon ONE primary goal at a time – and he’s on the right track for sure in all regards! If there’s one person amongst all my friends at this point that I believe has it in him to SUCCEED – – it’s HIM!

(I’ll be sharing more from Marc as we go along – stay tuned!)

P.S. #2 – Lots of people have the goal to lose weight – – or to get fit – – or to build “beach muscles” or so forth. Good news is this – – focus on ONE of them – – and use the right routines and … you’ll literally accomplish all the said goals via ONE investment! Learn how to do so right HERE – –

More on doing THINGS – a certain WAY!

Dear Reader,

A few weeks ago, I wrote a post about how successful people (or those that understand what it TAKES) don’t just “do the things” that people think make ’em a success.

They do those things in a certain WAY! And no, this wasn’t something I invented – I learned this a long, long time ago after reading Wallace C. Wattles great little book (written in the early 1900’s) “The Science of Getting Rich“.

Now in case you’ve forgotten what the initial post referred to, a quick look see might be helpful as you proceed through the rest of TODAY’s POST – – so here is the original post I’m referring to – –

Anyway, so I was browsing through my LinkedIn and social media this morning, and past all the usual rubbish (LinkedIn from what I can tell seems to be turning into more of a Facebook the more I look at it – whether or not thats a good thing – y’all decide!) … and I saw an interesting post (or rant, should I say, hehe) made by someone who took a Uber.

Apparently this dude took an Uber, and the first thing the driver did when the passenger entered the car was to offer him a biz card and say “Hey, this is not what I do. I’m a life coach!”

The person responded with this “But, you’re doing it right now, ain’t you?” (I’m not quoting verbatim here).

“Yes, but it’s not what I do! I’m a life coach! And so on and so forth …. ”

Apparently this ticked off the passenger who then felt inclined to put up the LinkedIn post I’m referring to – and though I don’t generally link to external sites, I’ll do so now – –

Here are the words that really stood out from his post –

Every day I cross paths with some broke ass life coach. LinkedIn profile says Life Coach; Speaker; Thought Leader. Dudes hanging out in Starbucks doing their initial introductory “coaching” session because they can’t afford offices. Broke nobodies going to Broke Nobodies International meetings doing their 60 second intro about how their coaching program can change your life (but they haven’t particularly done shit with their life).

Jumped in an Uber this morning and, wouldn’t you know it, dude was a life coach! True story. Within 60 seconds of getting in the car, he made a point to tell me “This [meaning Uber] isn’t what I do. I have a life coaching business.” Lord forgive me, but I just couldn’t let it slide.

There was more – and you can click the link  to read the post in its entirety if you so choose, but despite the plethora of comments he’s gotten that “disagree” with what he’s saying (maybe that was the entire point? hehe) – I’d say I agree in general with the sentiments he’s espousing.

When I was in China, I cannot tell you how many times I’ve met foreign English teachers there that do pretty much the same thing.

I’ve spoken about my dislike for the ESL industry in general before, and this is but one of the reasons – most of the English teachers in that industry not only hate what they’re doing with a passion – but seem to make it a point to “go into work” with that same “hateful” and negative attitude.

Sometimes consciously, sometimes unconsciously, but the result is the same nonetheless.

Most of these “fine folks” also do the same thing as the Uber guy apparently did – which is to constantly “be in your face” about “this is not really what I do”.

The next big thing. The plane that’ll take you from Earth to Mars. The “most original ideas”. And so forth. If you’re searching for a category of DREAMERS (and I don’t mean PRACTICAL dreamers) – the vast bulk of ESL “experts” in mainland China would fit the bill perfectly.

Anyhow, this isn’t about ideas – or anything against ’em. Everything starts in an idea – but here’s the thing.

The KEY to getting those ideas off the ground (or one of the keys) is a PLAN – and that plan might necessitate you have to do “other things” for a while until you GET where you want to be!

I’m not saying it HAS to – but it MIGHT!

Personally, when I set a goal – and make a plan – I go for broke. I burn all bridges of retreat, thereby making it imperative I succeed at whatever it is I’m doing – and the results speak for themselves.

That is one of the keys Napoleon Hill mentions as well in his timeless classic “Think and Grow Rich“. He mentions the case of a General that went into battle with his troops way outnumbered – and the first thing he ordered them to do “upon reaching shore” was to BURN their ships so there was NO source of retreat.

No retreat. No alternative income. No Ubers! No … ah, but you get the point.

Win or perish – and they WON.

But what if you have to drive an Uber – or teach English – or work a job you don’t like – while you pursue your dreams?

Well – you do the THING IN A CERTAIN WAY! 

That certain way, as I said in the post above means you do it with passion – enthusiasm – FEELING – and why?

Because everything you do while you’re doing whatever it is you’re doing RIGHT NOW will lead you to your goal – but only if you do it the right WAY!

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with driving an Uber to make ends meet, but getting in a passenger’s “face” seconds after he enters the vehicle and then “pushing” his “real work” on said passenger?

Nah … that to me is not only “in your face sales”, but smacks of DESPERATION – and is guaranteed to drive AWAY customers rather than attract ’em!

Back to doing things a certain way – when I had the goal of getting in the best shape of my life – or doing a 100 pull-ups per workout – or whatever it was – the LAST thing I did was mention these goals to all and sundry.

When folks would look at me and shake their heads and say “What the hell is this guy doing”, I’d smile and let ’em go about their biz – as I went about mine.

Ditto for when I taught English (and yes, I did it in in a previous “life”). Though I didn’t “like” doing it – I did do it for years for a variety of reasons, but I did NOT “push” my “real” business on all and sundry — until and unless I was ASKED!

That reminds of a person I recently worked with at (well, in the recent past, at any rate) at a language center in China – this person was a teacher – and yet he spent the vast bulk of his time trying to “convince” the owner of the center to invest in some “diet pill” (or something to that effect) scheme that would bring him riches (so he thought).

I still remember the look the lady gave me as she dropped me home, and the conversation thereafter.

“Rahul, I was trying to be polite to him, but you know – it’s really not my responsibility to grow his business!” (he was trying to get her contacts basically so he could “market” himself to them).

Not only that, he also made her sit through an hour long or so video “in between classes”.

Ugggggghhhh … if there was ever a way NOT to achieve one’s goals – this is it!

Anyway, enough of ESL in China. Back to the pull-ups … and people looking at me as if I were stark raving BONKERS as I went about  my biz – doing so with a “smile inside” and completely ignoring the outside world.

Guess what though.

As I achieved my goal – these same people came BACK to ME – and the tables were REVERSED!

I cannot emphasize this enough, my friend – the importance of doing things a certain WAY. And if there’s one thing I’d recommend you to do today – it’s this – read this post over and over again until you understand what – and WHY I’m saying what I do.

In the interim, don’t forget that this same thing applies to your fitness as well.

Simply pounding the pavement in a lackluster, “when can I get it over with” manner ain’t gonna cut it. Simply doing half ass pull-ups and then starting a discussion about how many beers you pound every night (believe me, I’ve seen this happen at gyms!) ain’t gonna cut it either.

Select a goal – a fitness goal if you so choose – and work towards that goal in a CERTAIN way as I say – and if you do things correctly – there is virtually NOTHING that can stand between you and your goals.

That’s just how it is – and thats today’s message for you – albeit a bit of a long winded one.

I’ll be back again later. In the meantime, don’t forget to order your copy of the 0 Excuses Fitness System – which is not only the BEST investment you’ll make fitness wise – but is also a prime example of “doing things a certain WAY!”

Rise UP – be HAPPY!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – If you’ve got a goal to do a 100 pull-ups per workout, then here is the course that’ll get you there – –