Indeed an inspiration!

Dear Reader,

‘Twas a hot, hot day out there today. Oh boy!

The humidity levels must be approaching near about 70% – and this is early in the morning. Can only imagine what it feels like later on with temperatures approaching 47 degrees Celsius, but then again – I don’t need to imagine it.

I’m living here, so I KNOW how hot it is.

Anyway, a little bit of heat never stopped this particular maniac from working out, did it?

I’ve written earlier about my sojourns and regular hill treks in China where though the actual temperatures were somewhat lower (around 35-38 or so in general) – the humidity meter rarely, if ever budged from the 90% or higher mark.

Felt about the same …

Anyway, I wrote about a (near) 70 year old tough dude – a retired Brigadier General – a few days ago, and I saw this tough dude working out today again.

He works out daily in the morning as well come rain, hail shine – or humidity, for that matter, and the first thing I had to say to him today was this.

“You’re an inspiration for people your age! Most people your age don’t … ”

I trailed off, but the gist was evident.

Actually, I should have said he’s an inspiration, period. Not only has this dude served in the Armed Forces since the age of 16 (NO mean feat, I can assure you) – his workout routine, albeit not quite as extreme as mine would put most modern 16-30 year olds to shame.

Not just that though. It’s his dedication to the routine that really counts.

He’s there every morning – come rain, hail, sun or shine – and THAT is really the key, my friend.

It’s often been said that showing up is half the battle won – and it holds true for fitness as well.

In “Pull-ups – from Dud to Stud within WEEKS” I wrote about my own journey from a measly 20 or so pull-ups per workout to well over a 100 per workout.

And amongst the other tips I’ve given you in that manual, what I said above is equally applicable. Showing up was half the battle won – even in that regard.

“I was the one that got the pull-up bar here installed”, said this fine (young) gentleman as he was completing a set of modified leg raises.

“For real?” I asked, surprised. And yet, as he said I knew it was him that must have been responsible for getting the apparatus installed – and that too in a park where it hadn’t been done for ages.

Believe me, getting something like that done in a city like New Delhi where the general levels of fitness are nothing short of pathetic and where “babudom” (read bureaucracy) reigns supreme is NO mean feat.

And I just had to shake his hand once again – this time with an extra bit of “Gorilla”added in, if you get my drift, hehe.

“I gotta say thank you for that, man!”

And I meant it. I meant every word of it.

Mucho respect Sir – – you’ve earned, and continue to earn every bit of it!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – And if stories like the above don’t inspire YOU to get off your duff today and get started on the road to superior and lasting health, strength, and fitness – – well then I don’t know what will. If you’re amongst the crowd that will read this and go “Oh well, that’s fine for them, but …” – – well, then there’s nothing I can do. But if you’re part of the group that decides it’s time to make a CHANGE – and do so NOW – well, then, I’m here for you, my friend. I’m right here – –

Do YOU wake up tired every morning?

Dear Reader,

Woke up this morning and hugged my wife in the kitchen as she was completing a few chores.

She’s feeling tired and run down – – due to a variety of reasons NOT linked to fitness or even health for that matter.

“Now I feel so tired ….”

And though her situation is (again) not linked to lack of fitness or the right lifestyle as you might imagine, this reminded me of something I’ve been meaning to talk about for a long time now.

One of the most common “banes” of modern day living is this – folks, for the most part go to bed tired – and WAKE up tired as well.

Going to bed tired may or may not be something that surprising – but WAKING  up tired?

Aren’t we all supposed to wake up feeling FRESH – after a much deserved rest?

Sleep is Nature’s great restorer. The great healer – both physical and mental – and of course, as I’ve spoken about  before, programming your mind correctly before bed can (and usually does) lead your mind to find solutions for problems that currently exist in your life.

Incredulous as it might sound, many a post here has actually been “written” in my dreams – and visualization plays a key part in all this, of course.

But getting back on track – it’s sad that the vast majority of people not only put up with “waking up tired” but also “accept it as normalcy” and the way things should be.

Well, I’ve got news for ya, my friend.

It’s NOT how it’s supposed to be – – and believe it or not, all the modern day junk out there about “what to do” to feel great upon waking up is actually the exact opposite of what you SHOULD be doing.

We’re told to do cardio “for X amount of time” so our body gets into fat burning mode and we “expend X amount of calories/energy”.

We’re told to monitor our diets closely – right down to the last morsel of food passing your lips.

We’re told to “workout 3X a week” so our bodies have “enough time to repair themselves”.

And plenty of other things, and yet despite doing ALL these things and more – – people still don’t feel great either upon waking up, OR during the day for that matter.

What if you were told that there was a way to feel great as SOON as you wake up – and KEEP feeling great throughout the day?

That way exists, my friend.

And it’s simple as pie – and the way is this – incorporate deep breathing into your morning routines.

I’m not saying turn into a yogi or yogini. No – that sort of thing can actually be counter productive from a certain angle if not done right.

I’m talking about deep breathing – done correctly – and and deep breathing practiced ALONG with the right exercises – first thing in the morning.

The first thing most people do in the morning is what they SHOULD NOT be doing.

Grab a cup of coffee. Light up a cigarette. Turn on the laptop – or the news on Tee-Vee – – or, worst, and most common, check the dumbphone instantly after waking up.

All any of this is give you a massive headache to start the day.

Instead, why not incorporate deep breathing into your routine along with some of the stretches and exercises in 0 Excuses Fitness?

Why not work up a sweat doing a 100 Hindu Squats right after waking up, for instance, and BREATHE the way  I tell you with each rep, and THEN take care of the other nonsense?

You, my friend, are the most important thing you gotta take care of – and this means your health and well being along with your mental state take priority over everything else.

And if you can jump – or kick – start the day with 10-15 feel good routines that keep the feeling good feeling lasting all day, why not?

It’s a no brainer, my friend.

Without further ado then, make the leap over to the 0 Excuses side, my friend – and get cracking TODAY. You’ll be forever glad you did so!



P.S. – If you’re currently NOT feeling great as you SHOULD be – well – make no more excuses, my friend. Hark on over right here and dive straight into it – –

70 yr old ex-Brigadier does pull-ups

Dear Reader,

Over the last week or so, I’ve been breaking up my workout into TWO parts – or should I say two locations.

While I initially chose ONE park as my workout location (and so I should – it has plenty of thick bars – – perfect for building a rugged, strong grip as I describe in Gorilla Grip) – I then changed my mind and broke up my workout into two stages – essentially finishing off in park #2.


Well, park #2 has thicker dipping bars for one – and these are located at exactly the right width i.e. shoulder width apart.

Park #1 has ’em too, but the bars are located a tad bit further from each other than they should be.

I believe I wrote about this in a previous post. Dipping bars should not be any wider than average shoulder width, as doing ’em that way causes immense strain on the shoulder joints – especially if you’re overweight.

Anyway, as I was a completing a sprint en route to the park, I noticed an elderly looking gentleman out on his daily run.

I’ve seen this gentleman before out and about in park #2 – and truth be told, though I could tell he was of advanced age, he doesn’t really look like. In fact he could easily pass for being “over 40” as opposed to his actual age which is a lot more … but we’ll get to that soon enough.

So I was doing dips. Nice ‘n’ easy, slow and in proper form, sets of 10.

The gentleman was watching me from a distance, and after I was done (or between sets I should say) he jumped on to the bars, and did ’em as well.

And though the vast majority of folks I’ve seen doing dips make a parody out of ’em, THIS gentleman sure didn’t.

He was doing ’em the RIGHT way – and though I could tell he was literally STRAINING to do ’em correctly, he still did ’em – except for one small thing, and I just had to point it out.

“You’re going way too down in the bottom portion of the movement”, I noted. “Don’t stretch all the way down. Go all the way up, but not down – that’ll kill the shoulders quicker than anything!”.

The gentleman looked at me.

“Oh? Really? But I’ve been doing ’em this way all my life …”

“Oh. Doesn’t it hurt your shoulders?”

“Not really. Just my elbow, and I’ve had an injury there so … ”

Anyway, there’s a tip right there for you dipping maniacs out there – do NOT stretch all the way to the bottom position of the dip.

Do so all you want with the pushup and it’s variations – in fact, that is what you SHOULD be doing with pushups, but NOT dips.

Anyhow, there was something about this gentleman, and looking at him, I suddenly “knew”.

“You’re ex Military, aren’t you?”

“Yes, I am! I used to be in the Air Forces Defense”, he replied with a smile.

“I knew it!”

And I shook hands with him, and talked a bit more before heading off to do pull-ups – – something this gentleman was doing as well.

Again, he was doing ’em spot on – all the way down, and he was TRYING to go all the way  up. A welcome change from the way most people masticate pull-ups – but then again, he’s ex Military.

He’s been doing ’em all his life – and he KNOWS the right way to do ’em – and he does it!

“You must be over 40”, I noted. “Or 50…” I ventured cautiously.

He laughed at me.

“I’m almost 70!”

“Jesus! You’re in good shape! Most people your age, and especially around here  …” I tapered off, but we both knew what I meant.

And I meant every word, my friend. EVERY word.

So that’s today’s story. If a man approaching the age of 70 can do it – and hit it hard and regular daily – where is YOUR excuse?

If a guy like this can TRY – TRY his best daily – to get that chin over the bar – for multiple reps – well – where is YOUR excuse?

Hmm … I hear crickets chirping …

Without further ado, then, my friend, get started on your fitness journey TODAY.

The 0 Excuses Fitness system contains ALL the instructions you’ll need for a lifetime, and leaves you with no chance to make excuses.

Sprint on over here, and get started today, my friend. It truly is one of the very the best investments you’ll ever make!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Turns out this gentleman lives but a couple of houses away from where I am currently. He’s the guy that has a board stating “Brigadier … (retd)” on his front gate.  Well, fancy THAT eh. I’ll keep y’all posted on further conversations on this front!

When to listen to your body

Dear Reader,

I’ve been hitting it hard and heavy ever since I returned to India.

As mentioned I don’t have a hill near me – but that hasn’t in any way, shape or form diluted the intensity or effectiveness for that matter of my workouts and routines.

And I’ve been sooooorrree over the past few days – pretty much because I’ve taken the pullups to ANOTHER level altogether – some of which has been mentioned in my advanced course on pull-ups – and some of which has NOT (including muscle-ups etc).

Think about a 150 pull-ups per workout – including other things – and done in a slow, steady manner … for starters, hehe.

While all this might sound very interesting and you might be tempted to jump right in, the truth is that these are advanced workouts – and workouts most folks are NOT ready for – but the good news is you CAN start somewhere and in terms of pull-ups, here is where you need to make that start – –

Anyway, I slept well last night. REAL well. I can’t remember sleeping this well in ages, for that matter.

And when I woke up this morning, I was still sore.

Relaxed, but sore.

As I headed on to complete my morning routine before beginning my workout, I quickly realized it was “that kind of day”.

The kind of day where you just “know” that  your recovering – recuperating – and that you probably will NOT be able to give it your best in terms of your exercises.

And as I sat down, and analyzed this feeling to make sure it was NOT just pure laziness, my shoulder twinged.

Just a teeny weeny little twinge in the shoulder joint, but that was proof enough. I’ve been getting this twinge on and off for the past few days, and it’s time to REST, my friend – and to recuperate – at least for a few hours.

I then evaluated the rest of my body. Curiously enough although pull-ups have been forming the bulk of my routine these days – my TRICEPS are the next “sorest” part of my body – and it’s not simple soreness.

It’s exhaustion -with everything else going on, my body needs some time to recuperate. And it’s all good – I’ve given it that today.

And if I didn’t give it that rest?

Sure, I could have plouged on through my workout. But I wouldn’t get near the same results.

Even if I did, the most important part is this – I’d end up feeling even more run down than before, and that ain’t a good thing.

The entire point of a workout (other than the physical aspects) is to FEEL like a trillion bucks – – and if any workout of mine doesn’t accomplish said result, I take a step back and analyze WHY.

And in many cases, it’s as simple as knowing when to listen to your body, my friend. It’s something that’ll come naturally to you as you advanced in the routines and exercises I teach.

I slept in for another couple of hours – and woke up later feeling great. ON TOP of the world – and this is different from the “lazy” sleep in where you don’t really feel like a billion bucks after waking up.

This is more like a “well deserved” rest after days of fatigue inducing, muscle building and blubber roasting workouts – – and it’ll be a relaxed Monday for sure.

Of course, part of what adds into the relaxed Monday feeling is that I work from home – on my own timings. My business has allowed me that freedom, and I am ETERNALLY grateful to have a biz that allows me to work on my own times without any restrictions.

Anyhow, another interesting little tidbit to note is this – – I’ve recently purchased a punching bag.

Yes, a punching bag – and a heavy duty one at that. Yours truly will be getting to back to his “Oman” days where he hit the bag on a regular basis, and though nothing can quite compare to the 0 Excuses stuff I do, hitting the bag regularly (and in proper form) is something I highly recommend for everyone, regardless of current fitness levels.

Who knows – I may even put out a course on it down the road!

Anyway – that, my friend is THAT for now. My daughter seems to be about as relaxed as I am, and it’s time to get her ready for the day, hehe.


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – That course I mentioned on pull-ups is a must grab, and here is where you can get yer paws on it – –

“He nearly squashed my hand in his grip”

Dear Reader,

A long long time ago, a skinny 16 year old lad alighted from a bus that hadn’t quite stopped – and did it the wrong way – and promptly fell right on his right wrist.

Though the injury didn’t appear to be serious (other than the manifold scratches, bruises and slight bleeding on display – not to mention the goggling onlookers) – the young boy felt it for sure.

When he went home, he couldn’t move his wrist sideways without it hurting. Ouch!

And he finally decided to get it checked out at the local doc’s – who along with taping the darn thing up – also gave him a cold one to boot (the young lad’s father knew him, and the father took advantage of the situation to have a cold one with the Doc – not entirely a bad idea methinks!).

Last, but not least, this young lad was one of those skinny, scrawny types you see so often. Skin and bones – and with a grip as weak as weak can be (along with an equally weak upper body) but what DID seperate him from the rest was this – a burning desire to get STRONGER – a LOT stronger – despite all the nonsensical advice he was given at that age about doing so.

A week or so later, this young man had to take an exam which necessitated travel to a different city.

There he happened to chance upon a burly, strapping tennis player – and the first thing this guy did was grip his hand – his injured (and naturally weaker) right hand – and I’m sure you can guess the outcome, eh?

Tennis players have rock solid grips, and …

Anyway, fast forward a few years – or quite a few, to be exact. The young lad had turned into a lean mean machine by now – a fitness machine if I might say so, and he happened to end up in China – where (during one of his sojourns there) he ended up teaching English occasionally despite his dislike for the job (he doesn’t do this any longer though).

And this is what his supervisor at one of the jobs had to say: –

I first met Rahul in 2016 and he nearly squashed my hand in his grip. We got to talking about fitness and he suggested fingertip push-ups to try to mitigate some chronic pain I’d had in my hands by building up the tendons in my forearms. I started off very gently and over time it’s worked like a charm. My next goal is to improve my general fitness by exercising my abdomen and legs using the methods Rahul describes here. Off to a good start!
Alan Murray, Regional Administrator – Balboa International Education (U.S/China)

That young lad was ME, my friend – and if a naturally weak, scrawny young lad can build himself up to a point where even the burliest of gym gorillas shy away from a grip competition with him – so can YOU!

Here is another comment I received – this from a Veteran (an Ex-Marine) with 25 plus years of experience –

I’ve never met anyone that grabbed my hand with a kung fu style grip naturally!

And I’ve received comments like this galore, my friend. Some of these are mentioned on the Gorilla Grip page , as well as the Gorilla Grip (advanced) page – some are not – but the fact is that if you use the exercises mentioned therein, you WILL develop a grip that will have the average person shaking his head in wonder and quite literally “begging for mercy” when you encase his paw in yours, hehe.

Just so you know, the exercises mentioned therein are NOT lifting heavy weights the way it’s done at the gyms.

Doing repeated sets of heavy curls will NOT give you this sort of grip, my friend.

Pull-ups are mentioned in the course, but they’re just ONE of the exercises mentioned. In fact, believe it or not, some of the things you find lying around your household – things you don’t even notice – are exactly what you need to give you the best grip workout of your life – and  Gorilla Grip (Advanced) mentions a couple of these exercises.

These exercises are truly unparalleled in building a superhuman grip in record time, my friend.

Try ’em out NOW, and let me know how it goes!


Rahul Mookerjee

The biggest problem plaguing modern day gyms

Dear Reader,

Do you know what the biggest problem is with modern day gyms – or “modern” (“scientific”) training methods for the most part?

It isn’t the retarded, ridiculous and asinine “pump’n’ tone” routines that most gyms and personal trainers advocate over REAL training routines that actually work and build an appreciable (or more) degree of health, fitness  and strength – that lasts.

It isn’t the nonsensical bunny curls and “crunches” done on Swiss balls, yoga mats, the latest fancy gizmo from late night TV or perhaps even your recliner.

It isn’t even the “bro” culture that goes on in most modern day gyms – although that plays into what I’m about to say.

And though the injuries suffered from using utterly useless pieces of junk such as, for example, the pec deck (a prime example of a machine that only a human baboon on speed would think had any real use) or the millions of cables hanging around, or the “TRX” suspension system, or the lat pulldown (a sorry ass alternative to the real thing if even that) are real, they don’t take the #1 spot either.

Although all of this DOES rank high up in the pantheon of “biggest problems with today’s gyms and today’s training culture” – there is ONE thing that outranks ’em all, much like a 4 star General does.

What is it, you ask?

Well, it’s this, my friend – it’s that training the way most folks do – and training the way it’s done in the gyms is – quite frankly a MASSIVE, UTTER and sheer waste of precious time best utilized for other activities.

What do I mean?

Well, this morning a “Bro” that I spoke about in an earlier email or two was out there in the park with me.

I was about to start my  pull-ups – 100 of ’em, and other things as well. But for whatever reason I felt compelled to start with pull-ups today, and so I did.

I did 5 slow and strict reps, stretching ALL The muscles in my back and shoulders as I did so. Ahhh … It felt great!!

The “bro” in the meanwhile was “loosening up” by moving his arms and legs in an awkward manner somewhat akin to a stork perched on top of a skyscraper.

Suddenly, a couple of other “bros” showed up, bellies in two, and the usual backslapping, hoo -haa, and meaningless banter started.

“Did you catch the latest flick in the halls? Wow, that babe sure looked good!”

“It’s always best to wake up in the morning and exercise” (this followed by a lengthy discussion over what time was best to workout – one that culminated in three dumb-phones being pulled out to end the debate – if it ever did).

By this time I had got done with 15 pull-ups.

The other two bros spotted a couple of chicks walking in the park, and decided to make off after them. Off they went in a slow, ponderous manner of recalcitrant hippos being forced to vacate their favorite “watering spot” if you get my drift …

Our first bro starts to get “ready”.

He flexes his arms. Looks at his biceps. Stretches his chest and makes a few primal sounds.

By this time I was done with about 22 pull-ups and was doing dead hangs. 8 o r so minutes had likely elapsed.

He then cast a few furtive glances at me and jumped up to the monkey bars.

Could barely hold on, and he made an expression of sheer “effort” (not) and kicked himself up to a few quarter-ass reps on the bars before collapsing and heading straight for his towel and smartphone.

This “workout” continued for at least 20 minutes, by which time I was WELL, WELL, into my own routine – and he had probably completed like 8-10 pull-ups done in the style I mentioned.

And as I walked off to another area of the park, the two other bros showed up again …

Now, I mention all this not simply to “carp” upon that dude or even to “just rant” – but because this sort of thing is commonplace, my friend.

Folks furiously claim they have no time to workout, and yet when they do – whats the first thing they do?

You got it – they WASTE time – and oodles of it.

And of course, when you tell these same people that you can literally get a full body whoop-ass workout in LESS than 15 minutes (or even 8 minutes when you begin) – they are the first to claim otherwise.

Hmmmm…. !

In the military they teach you to pack with an economy of space. To move through the jungles with a minimum of noise – and sneak up behind the enemy before they know it. All within the blink of an eye no less.

In the 0 Excuses Fitness System I port this attitude over towards fitness, my friend.

My exercises and routines do NOT take forever – in fact, they require a MINIMAL (very so) investment of time.

My routines require NO equipment. No gadgets either.

My routines have you breathing naturally – and moving like a jungle cat from exercise to exercise – so quickly that you’re blitzed before you know it – and the fat is dripping off you nineteen to the dozen as well.

Most of all though, and again, my routines ensure you don’t WASTE time – as we all have precious little of it, my friend.

So drop the time wasting “take 10 minutes break between sets” routines that are all the rage in today’s gyms, my friend.

Drop the backslapping – at least when you’re training. Ditch the dumbphones. Resist the urge to pump, preen, pose and “tone” in front of the mirror for that perfect selfie.

All of it does NOTHING to advance you along to your goals.

Instead, train the 0 Excuses way – and get done with your workout in less than 15 minutes or more if you so choose – and then get on with the selfie clicking and life in general.

I guaran-damn-tee you – you’ll feel a heck of a lot better for doing so!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Still don’t believe me? Still don’t think you can get a ball buster of a workout in less than 15 minutes? Well, watch the 250 workout for starters – – available right HERE  – –

“It feels good, but little else”

Dear Reader,

Hot on the heels of my “gentleman horribly mangling the Hindu pushup” email comes another.

Truth be told, the last email said he “mangled” it as opposed to horribly mangled it – and though the difference may or may not appear to be that important – it is.

That particular gentleman was doing what the vast bulk of folks do when attempting this exercise – and while it’s by NO means right, or even anything to encourage, it pales in comparison to what I’m going to tell you now.

Y’all reading this have probably noted a dramatic uptick in the number of such “cases” I’m reporting here in the email, and truth be told, it’s shocking – but true – New Delhi, India (at least the part where I’m at) seems to have well and truly taken over the mantle of “most obese big city” in the world.

‘Tis not an exaggeration etc – it’s FACT based upon what I see around me daily.

Anyway, this particular gentleman was in conversation with the other dude I described in my morning email to you.

And what was he doing?

Well, he was doing pull-ups – – if you consider “putting your palms” on the pull-up bar to be doing a pull-up.

Actually, he didnt even get as far as the pull-up bar. All he was doing was this – raising one arm up to the monkey bars – gripping it (with one hand) in a “limp fish” sort of manner (both feet planted firmly on terra firma by the way) and then “gingerly feeling” his side with the other hand.

He then made several agitated “ughs” and “ooomphs” as if he was doing any actual gripping or pulling, made a highly exaggerated expression of “pain”,  and “released” the bar. And that was one rep.

And if you’re wondering why I’m using quotes galore, well – you KNOW why by now!

Oh, he was doing dips as well … if you consider walking up to the dipping bars and “gripping” the sides of the bars (in the manner described above) to be dips.

At about this point he’s probably not the only one holding his sides either – you probably are as well after reading this – but there is more.

As he spoke to the other gentleman, he made a remark.

“Acha to lagta hai, lekin uske aage pata nahin kya benefit hai”.

(It feels good, but there’s certainly nothing more than that. No benefits!)

Well gee whiz, no wonder …

Anyway, why do I mention this?

First, as a carry over from my “mangling” post this morning. If the dude this morning was mangling the pushup, THIS guy was super-gorilla-DEMOLISHING pull-ups and dips. I mean Jumping Jesus on a pogo stick in the middle of the ocean – if anything constitutes sheer tomfoolery – this does!

Second, because he was (as expected) obese to a T as well – and third – he’d lose weight – and quickly – if he just applied himself and did the right things instead of prancing about like a ballerina and “feeling his forearms” after each imaginary rep.

Sad part, this sort of thing is common place where I am right about now – and while you might imagine I’d be intervening and “advising” said folks, I don’t.

To each his own is what I say, and on the few occasions I DID advise some people – it didn’t result in much as apparently the hard work involved in my advice was too much.

Ah well. Can but lead a horse to water, as they say …

Good news is this though – – when you DO take my advice – – and when you follow the routines/recommendations laid out in all my courses – – you’ll accomplish far more than feel better.

You’ll not only FEEL better – but you’ll do so almost instantly – – and you’ll LOOK better within a few days of starting this routine. And indeed its NOT a stretch to say that many of the “0 Excuses faithful” have reported layers of blubber starting to recede after only a few – repeat – a FEW – BASIC- workouts.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg, my friend. Just the tip.

Now, if you’re part of the group that prefers to do what the category of folks mentioned above do on a regular basis and call it a “workout” – well, fine by me. I’m certainly not going to crawl over broken glass to beg you to implement my routines etc.

Hey, to each his (or her) own is what I say. I can but offer advice, and the rest is up to YOU, my friend.

On the other hand though, if you’re part of the elite few who truly desire WORLD CLASS fitness and superior levels of strength, health, and well being (not necessarily in that order) – – well – – I’m right here for ya!

OK – that’s it for now. Be back again with more later.


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Make a royal start to the journey of lifelong and LASTING health, strength and fitness right HERE – –

A great exercise mangled

Dear Reader,

(Note – – We’ve been encountering some server issues as of late, so if you’ve had issues with trying to purchase etc, or in general just access the site, please let me know along with details and I’ll have it taken care of!)

I’ve often spoken about the Hindu a.ka. “wrestler” pushup being one of the best exercises there is that you can do.

Plenty of people talk about how to do this exercise. In fact, a lot of personal trainers are now (finally, thank God) starting to jump on the bandwagon – – which is a good thing – – but unfortunately, most of the people that either teach/do this great exercise are way, way off base when it comes to technique and form (not to mention cadence).

One of the MOST common mistakes I see made is people don’t stretch all the way back. They go into a sort of “half stretch” – but this, as I point out in the videos is NOT the way to do ’em.

You should be stretched out all the way back – and your back should bend as far forward as possible. Watch the videos for more detail, but this ONE detail is key – along with the next one I’ll mention.

So second, a lot of folks turn the “going down” portion of the exercise into something else altogether – something it was NOT meant to be.

Most people end up touching their hips (and for whatever reason, the groin area) to the ground – pausing – and then continuing into a sort of upward arch again.

This, my friend, is NOT the way to do ’em!

You do NOT pause in the middle of a rep when doing a Hindu pushup – and if you do, you pause in correct form.

The right way to do a rep (for the Hindu pushup) is in ONE fluid motion, sort of like an ocean wave.

You go all the way back, dip down, and then in ONE motion arch back up – and then revert back to the original position, all WITHOUT touching the hips to the ground and without bending the arms one bit.

‘Tis hard to explain it all in an email, but the reason I’m saying it here is that FORM on this one exercise, more than many others is paramount, my friend – and if you do these, you owe it to yourself to take more than a quick gander at the videos I’ve got out there for ya – both the instructional videos as well as the “250 pushup” workout video.

Along with the Hindu pushup, the regular pushup is another one that is much mangled. Folks bounce up and down galore, and end up sagging in the midsection in their “vain” attempts to reach more rep numbers, but the fact is that NONE of this helps you one damn bit.

If anything it’ll impede your progress and lead to shoulder/lower back injuries down the road – but try telling that to the preeners and posers, hehe, who’ll do just about anything to “show off” and/or “impress the babes at the gym”.

Anyway, that’s it for now. I’m back after a great, great workout, and it’s time to relax with some much needed green tea.

I’ll be back again later!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Along with 0 Excuses Fitness, my course on pull-ups right HERE is a must grab as well – –

P.S. #2 – And once you get done with that, make sure to rip open your copy of the ADVANCED course – – available right HERE – –

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A burp a rep

Dear Reader,

As I was doing my dips today – at the end of my workout, mind you – NOT as the mainstay of my workout (I’ll get into that later), I had to ‘bypass’ a portly gentleman perched like a well fed ostrich on top of the dipping bars.

As I made my way past him, I heard that all too familiar sound.

Burp … and I don’t mean burpees either, hehe. I’m talking “flatulence” here – big time – except it was expelled through the front cavity as opposed to the rear.

And it wasn’t a silent burp either. It was a loud roar almost akin to a gas explosion, and for a second I was startled before it struck me, and after I gave the dude the once over all was clear.

“Portly” is puttting it politely here. “El corpulento” is probably a better descriptor. Or perhaps a human version of several hippopotamuses rolled into ONE gigantic tub of blubbery life and truth be told, looking at his belly, it would be a safe bet to say that he might well have had twin hippos gestating in them.

Anyway, I finished a set of 10 dips, and walked over to the monkey  bars to stretch out, where the gentleman showed up again.

He tried in vain to hang on once.


He tried again.


Then he moved on to his original perch on the dipping bars, and attempted a sit up, but came up about a few cms before slamming back down into the bars.


I’m telling ya, this guy probably had enough “natural gas” to power all the city buses of New Delhi, and that’s NOT an exaggeration either, hehe.

Anyway, I moved on to do some pull-ups, and heard him talking to a few other equally obese people, all apparently commiserating as it were. Misery loves company, doesn’t it?

“Kal Raat ko jyada kha liya. Late Khaya” (I ate too much last night. Ate late as well).

Looking at him, it would be a fair bet to say that he overeats – and eats late at about EVERY meal, but whatever …

Anyway, ’twas so hilarious that I thought I’d share it with you. I call it the “burp a rep” workout – a workout that if nothing else at least serves to “jog” some of the flatulence in a system that likely hasn’t seen a decent cleansing for decades, if not more.

And as I cast my eyes around the park, I saw a couple of guys that obviously go to the gym come in, preening, pumping and posing – and I was reminded of a comment I saw on Facebook made by a gym junkie no less.

It was along the lines of his/her personal trainer not being able to get his /her body fat percentage down to acceptable levels – and burps included or not, THAT is the primary reason I’m telling you what I am today, my friend.

My own workout today was a 30 minute workout – the bulk of that being active recovery and REST.

You could probably call this working out like a tiger. Or any of the big cats. Or a grizzly, for that matter.

I cover this type of workout extensively in Advanced Hill Training (and note – you don’t need a hill for most of the routines either – all of this can be done just as well on flat land) -but for now – what does the tiger – or any of the big cats – do in the wild?

They stretch. They bask in the sun for ages. They prowl around their territories.

All of the above – and when it’s time to catch prey?

They stalk – and then – BAM! All of a sudden that thing pounces on it’s unwary prey, and though the prey is lightning quick, Mr. Tiger for one is no slouch, and it doesn’t take him long at all to work up to a full sprint either.

Needless to say, Mr. Tiger doesn’t sprint like this daily – or all day  long for that matter.

Mr. Leopard doesn’t “pound the savannah” looking to get his heart rate in the “fat burning zone”, does he?

No – these cats rest the vast majority of the time – but that ONE hard sprint done full bore, full intensity is ENOUGH to keep them in the sort of shape they are renowned to be in – and indeed ARE in.

Most personal trainers scoff at this type of training, preferring indeed the airconditioned environs of the chrome and fern palaces.

Most PT’s would scoff at the very idea of pull-ups making you stronger – they’d tell you to go load more plates on the lat pulldown (a virtually USELESS piece of equipment BTW as I wrote to you yesterday).

And when it comes to getting shredded – ripped – cut – what have you – most PT’s have no clue on how to get there – and FAST.

I do though, my friend – and what’s more – these sort of routines won’t just get you in shape fast.

They’ll also make you feel like a trillion bucks. They’ll get the job done – and quickly. They’ll make you sleep like the proverbial LOG at night.

And yes, they’ll eliminate any and all digestive issues you’ve been having. No more “burp a reps”as it were, hehe – and believe it or not, just a minute or so of this is enough to “shake things up inside” and “keep you regular” – BIG time.

The benefits are manifold, my friend. Manifold. So many that I could literally write a whole book on them and still have more on them to recount.

Wait a minute – I’ve done that already, haven’t I? Hehe …

Without further ado then, grab yer copy of Advanced Hill Training right HERE, my friend. It is, quite literally, without exception, the best fitness investment you’ll make in your life!


Rahul Mookerjee

“I’m 37, you’re 18. If I can do it … “

Dear Reader,

Got a couple of interesting things to share with you today, after a great, great morning workout – and as the sun streams in through the windows here in New Delhi, I feel like a billion bucks.

So there was this young laddie trying to do pull-ups with me today in the local park. For whatever reason, the park was crowded to the brim today with folks – walking, stretching, yoga – much of the same thing as I mentioned yesterday, but in greater numbers today.

And that’s a good thing. India is one of the Asian countries where obesity is at an all time high (as I wrote about yesterday) and though a lot of the stuff these folks are doing does NOT really move them along to their eventual “goals”, something is better than nothing.

So this guy came up to the monkey bars.

Big, strong lad – huge shoulders, and a wide expanse of back that looked like the Sahara desert from a certain angle if you get my drift.

He looked young.

This guy should be able to do plenty of pull-ups, I noted with interest, stepping back, letting him have a go.

But what followed shocked me – or should I say did NOT shock me based upon what I’ve gotten used to seeing.

The guy hung on feebly to the bars for a bit – in the “parallel grip” position, btw, which is way easier than the regular pull-up position and attempted a rep.

Though those gigantic shoulders moved up and down a bit, the body didn’t – and he could barely budge an inch or two before flopping back down to the ground.

He then noticed me, and we shook hands. And as expected, his grip was WEAK – REAL weak considering his size.

“They’re tough, aren’t they?” he asked.

“No they’re not” I responded. “They can be if you’re overweight – but if you get your weight down and KNOW how to do ’em – and more importantly, PRACTICE – then they’re easy as heck after a certain point”.

I then gave him the once over.

“You go the gym, don’t you?” I asked. And I knew he did even before he responded in the affirmative – if just due to his general body shape, weak grip, and complete inability to knock out even a single half-rep pull-ups despite his considerable “bulk”.

“Yes, I do”, he responded in a shy sort of manner. “I’ve been going since I was 14. Thus my shoulders, and … ”

“How old are you now?”

“I’m 18. I could do pull-ups when I was 15 or so …”

“Well, I’m 37, son”, I responded crisply. “And if I can do ’em – so can you!”

“37??? You’re 37?” he goggled at me, and I nodded.

“Yes, I am”.

I then gave this guy a few other tips – one being NOT to kip. The second being to get his weight down – and BOTH of these tips, my friend are covered (along with other useful tips) in my course on pull-ups that has literally gotten people from a big fat ZERO on pull-ups to 10 – 20 – 50 – and over a 100 as well.

“When can I kip?” he asked me.

“Preferably NEVER. But if you do, only after you can get 20 or so reps in GOOD, slow, letter perfect form!”

Anyway, I don’t know if he’ll implement what I’ve told him. I hope he does, for his sake, but we’ll see.

On other fronts, a group of guys trying to swing themselves across the monkey bars noticed me doing it for reps.

“Isme jaan lagti hai” (this takes a lot of strength) one of them noted to his pals in a musing sort of  manner.

The other lad then walked up to me, looking at me as if wonderstruck.

“Can you do muscle-ups?”, he asked, as I got done with yet another set of pull-ups.


“Muscle ups”, he repeated.

“Oh, I’m sorry”, I responded. I was busy recovering and the question didn’t make sense initially, but it did after he asked again.

“Yes I can do ’em”, I said, and proceeded to do one. “But I don’t do ’em these days. I’m focusing upon other things”.

And so I am, my friend. So I am. Though muscle ups are an excellent exercise, my “toughies” currently include handstand pushups – – done in a variety of different ways as I explain in Shoulders like Boulders – – along with the pull-ups and my other 0 Excuses Fitness pushups.

On that note though, other customers have asked me about muscle ups as well.

Charles, a long time reader on this list recently sent me an inquiry about muscle ups as well, asking me if I was going to put out a course on it.

Well, I might – but that depends upon how much interest there is in it. So far I’ve received a few inquiries, but nothing overwhelming – but if it’s something you’re interested in – shoot me an email, and I’ll see what I can do.

For now though, I’ve got plenty to take care of – so it’s adios for the “nonce”, hehe.

Thanks for reading – and if you workout today – make it a great, great one!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – It’s all good to want to do pull-ups and handstand pushups for reps as I do, but the FACT is that I didn’t start off doing these. The FACT is that  you DO need to work up to them – and get into the sort of shape that’ll allow you to crank out these super demanding exercises with ease. And the exercise that’ll get you in that sort of shape are available in the System – right HERE –