Why I train in a bubble

Dear Reader,

As I was pounding out pull-ups today outdoors, it happened – as it usually always does.

It happened once again as I was getting some dips in – nice, full stretches done EXACTLY the way I teach in Shoulders Like Boulders (which by the way has a new and updated “Handstand FAQ” section – something you’re gonna love if you’re into doing handstand pushups).

And of course, it happened yet again (and a lot louder) towards the end of my pulling workout when I was doing hanging leg raises – done slowly, all the way to the top of the bar and then down again in a smooth, controlled manner – as I teach you in Pull-ups – from Stud to Super Stud within weeks.

And what happened, you might ask?

Well – what happened was what normally happens when I train outdoors – and being I haven’t installed a pull-up bar at home like I did wayyyyyyyyy back in 04 when I first got to China – I usually end up doing pull-ups outside.

Not to mention dips etc.

Now, when I train the “outdoors” is usually deserted. Most people are pounding away at the computer in their cubicles when I train, and that’s a good thing for me in that there are MINIMAL – or almost NO – distractions when I train.

That’s one of the great things about doing what I do – writing and selling info products can be done on one’s OWN time, leaving so much more time to do what really matters in life.

Anyway, being it’s the Labor Day Holiday here in China, there were plenty of folks outdoors today. This sometimes happens during the weekends as well, and on each and every one of those occasions, crowds gather to watch the foreign devil train.

And then of course, the parade of “wahs’s” and “ooooohs” and “ahhhhhhss” start – especially when I’m cranking dem toughies out.

All “admiring” noises, of course, and yet – this is the one thing I absolutely HATE to have happen when I train. It can’t be avoided at times though, so I imagine myself in a bubble when I’m training during “busy” times like this outdoors, but yet, it still sometimes ends up annoying me (though nowhere NEAR what it used back in the day when I did NOT picture myself in the bubble – boy the fits I threw on occasion, haha).

Anyway, why do I hate this so much you might ask?

After all, they’re admiring me, aren’t they? They’re trying to “say” I’m doing something good – or great – something which is apparently “impossible” for them to do – whats so bad about it?

Well, several things in my opinion.

First off, it lessens my focus – especially when some loon comes up to me and starts offering advice on something he has NO idea on how to do – unsolicited advice at that.

Example in point would be an ass clown who showed up when I was doing pull-ups one day and tried to pester me about “why I train like this”.

“Why do you work so hard on pull-ups?”

“Why don’t you train your mind instead”

And he only really backed away when he could tell he wasn’t getting anywhere. Funnily enough it occured when I turned my  own back to him – and he suddenly fled. Perhaps it was something to do with the way the muscles were tensed in my back? No idea, but that is ONE example.

Or, as happened today, a teenage boy old enough to know better following me all around the park as I did my thing, despite being old enough to know better.

Negative energy galore, my friend. Not only do these people do NOTHING with their own lives – the unwanted disturbance is actually them projecting a boatload of negativity on the person that’s actually out there doing something.

And note I don’t so much mind a crowd forming as what happens AFTER the crowd forms. If folks want to “admire from a distance”, fine – but repeated requests for selfies during HARD training – or any training – are NOT welcome.

Second, I’m not training to impress anyone or put on a show for that matter. Some of the movements I do and the precision with which I do ’em may make it seem that way, but it’s NOT what I’m trying to do.

I’m training for myself. I’m training to get better – ALWAYS get better and improve – and what *I* do, as opposed to “enthralling a crowd”.

‘Tis strange but true – the “wahs” and “ooh ahs” not only make me lose focus – but they also hinder my performance during my reps. I do FAR better training “like a tiger” by my lonesome, and I bet the same is the case for YOU as well if you’re a serious trainee.

Third, these movements demand concentration and max effort – NOT idiotic conversations or selfies galore.

And fourth, but NOT least, I don’t “compete against others” when I train. Sure, I’ve got goals – but end of the day, after you get past a certain level, the only person you’re really competing against – and the only person you SHOULD be competing against – is YOU, my friend.

The ease with which I crank out 10 plus pull-ups per set may stun some people – especially when done in the noon time heat for multiple sets, but believe me, there’s so much MORE to accomplish.

And the way to accomplish said things is to go into one’s BUBBLE – where NO-ONE and NOTHING exists except you and your training.

The world quite literally ceases to matter. Everything stops. It’s you – and your training – and NOTHING else, my friend. That’s just how it should be if you’re looking to improve in each and every workout.

There are folks that claim “onlookers” give them the energy required to perform better. One of my friends claims that he does way better at pushups when he’s got others watching as opposed to by his lonesome.

Perhaps – but yet – he’d do a hell of a lot better if he got into the zone – into his bubble as it were – and moreso, the people “watching him” when he does better are likely nothing more than silent approvers – something which is fine – so long as it doesn’t cross the line and turn into what I’ve described above.

Anyway, that’s what I love about the exercises in the 0 Excuses Fitness System, so much, my friend.

You don’t need a gym. You don’t need more than a few square feet of space. Hell, I could be traveling and can get in a great, great workout doing just THREE pushup movements that work the entire body – and that too in the privacy of my hotel room.

The 0 Excuses workouts allow you to train in a bubble – IMPERVIOUS to outside negativity and influences – the way it SHOULD be when you’re looking to accomplish goals, my friend.

Get your paws on it NOW, and watch your training take a leap for the better.


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – If you love stories, you’ll love the book in the System. I even mention how I fashioned a pull-up bar out of a rusty iron pipe – NOT something most expats or even people in their own countries would do. When there is a will, there is ALWAYS a way, my brother. Oh YES there is.

Rahul’s “believe it or not”

Dear Reader,

Today’s I’ll do my own version of “Ripley’s believe it or not”, and share some things about myself with you.

Some of this may come across as unbelievable. Most of it WILL probably come across to the average reader as “incredulous”.

And who knows, I may even get some comments about being “too abrasive” or something along the lines of “you can’t be too direct”. So be it, hehe.

Without further ado, then – here’s my list of 10 “believe it or not’s”.

  1. The WORST inventions of the 21st century are – in that order – the SMARTPHONE – and the TEE VEE. One stifles the imagination and encourages slothfulness (not to mention is  a massive waste of time), and the other does much of the same except WITHOUT the little bit of value certain “educational channels” impart to the boob tube, making it #2 on the list.
    1. The radio was great, and so was the tele”fone”. FAR better the above two.
  2. I haven’t watched TV in years. Hell, I haven’t even OWNED a functional TV in any of  my apartments here in China. Landlords and others have offered to “fix it” (it being part of what I pay on a monthly basis for RENNNNNT) and yet – I could care less. It’s one thing I do NOT want in my house, period (the one exception I do make is back at my “own place” but that’s only so my daughter can avail of the cartoons and whatever little instructional stuff is on the darn thing).
  3. I’m in the best mental and physical shape of my life at age 37 – and going strong (and I attribute the majority of the first part of this to a) no teeee veeee and b) ignoring the dumbphone as much as possible).
  4. My first meal of the day is a simple enough meal with NOTHING fancy – and get this – MOSTLY carbs (and rice) at around 6 P.M. or so.
  5. My second and last meal of the day is the biggest one – usually at night, mind you – and here is the biggest mind bender of dem all – right before I go to bed.
  6. I do NOT follow any special diets, or calorie count.
  7. I partake of hard workouts daily, and despite the bozos out there that jump up and down about “3 days a week splits”, I do NOT “take days off to rest and recover”, and yet, I’m improving in each and every workout.
  8. I eat what I like, and drink a few brews on occasion, and none of it adds a lick of fat to my waistline.
  9. I have crappy genetics. I’m more prone to putting on weight than the average person out there despite the results I mentioned.
  10. Dreams DO indeed come true – if you let ’em. This last one is probably the most difficult to believe, but so be it. Incredulous and mind boggling as it might sound, I’ve met people in my dreams – and have had names pop up – that I NEVER knew of or even heard of, and yet a few days later – BAM. I end up meeting those people without even knowing or trying to. Same thing holds true for actual events I “dreamt” of (including something that happened today itself). Truly psychic, my friend. And yet, all true.

Most of this may sound unbelievable, but it’s true, my friend.

‘Tis so true. And you’d be well advised to implement some of the above in YOUR life – and report back how your life changes – for the BETTER!

OK,that’s it for today. I’ll be back again with more.



P.S. – – #11 – – I follow the MOST unconventional routines out there – – perhaps the most unconventional devised by man – – but boy do they work! You TOO can gain access to these routines right HERE – – https://0excusesfitness.com/0excusesfitnessystem/

What the hezey

Dear Reader,

Just got done chatting with my wife for a while, and what I heard didn’t entirely surprise me (at least, not part of it).

It seems that these days “most” people are perennially down with either some sort of bug or flu – – or a stomach infection.

Or food poisoning. Or worse.

And you know what the funny (I should actually say “strange”, not “funny”) part is about all this?

Most of these people are “ostensibly” those very same people that a) apparently “take care of their health” and b) are meticulous about their diet etc – and do what the “shmexperts” proclaim works.

Case in point being a family member of mine (I’m not going to name him) who curiously enough delighted in lecturing me about “bad habits” galore, but is himself afflicted with a case of the “Buddha Belly” as well as flatulence, and (currently) apparently a case of severe food poisoning “due to the weather”, apparently.

And yet, this person refuses to give up his glass of spirits at the end of the day …

Another case in point being a good friend of mine – who is apparently “trying to lose weight”.

My first comment to him was “Well, get started back on the exercise program man!”

When I met him – this guy was lean and mean – and a FIGHTING MACHINE – and I don’t mean “in real life”. He had the look in his eye – the “eye of the tiger” – and the way he grabbed my hand in a bone crushing vice spoke volumes not just to his physical conditioning – but also his MENTAL state of mind.

And today, this same person is constantly down with lung infections. Illness. And so forth.

And his answer to my comment was “Oh, I have no time to exercise” – but curiously enough, he’s got time to “monitor his diet”. He’s got time to think about whether or not his meals have carbs in them (or something like that) –  – but yet, a simple exercise regimen?

No way, Jose.

Give up the “brew? No way, amigo!

And so forth …

‘Tis sad, but very true – in BOTH the cases, and the vast majority of cases not only is blindly just “sitting on your rumpus” and following “shmexpert” advice (which usually panders to an inbuilt human tendency to be LAZY and make excuses) WRONG – – it is actually detrimental to your overall health and well being.

Not only that – ’tis very sad – but VERY true – a solid exercise program done for about 20 – 30 minutes a day, or even less could CURE most of these “recurring illnesses” once and for all – if only people stopped being lazy and GOT ON THE STICK.

I love my buddy like a brother – and yet his unwillingness to simply do what would “get him out of the mud pit” (if I might say so) frustrates me no end. And the same thing applies to the vast majority of folks that are constantly “feeling down” or “perennially ill” or “have a constant case of the bloat” – or IBS – or so forth.

People – it’s simple enough. The solution is … to GET off your duff, and DO something.

Rather than spending time worrying about whether the gym will give you discounted prices for the next year, drop down on the floor and crack out a 100 pushups as fast as you can. Not only will the deep breathing involved in this entire set energize you – but you’ll also feel far better for the rest of the day.

Key here being to stop making excuses – and get on a decent bodyweight exercise program – the same one yours truly has used for YEARS – and continues using till this date – the one right HERE – – https://0excusesfitness.com/0excusesfitnessystem/

My own diet might shock most of you. I’ve written about my irregular “animal like”eating patterns before. I’ve even spoken about how I regularly “go against the grain” in terms of what the “schmexperts” say.

And yet – the results? I can’t recall being sick in years — not even a minor bug or so – – and if it does happen, it’s usually over before I know it.

I can’t recall feeling weak – – or “having no energy” – – or “not feeling up to it” – – in donkey’s years.

Am I special? A superhuman? From outer space?

I think NOT, my friend. I’m just your average guy with  less than average genetics/background that’s built himself up – from the INSIDE out – the way YOU should as well.  And the ONE and MAJOR key to do this – is exercise.

Regular hard “bouts” of exercise  (done the RIGHT way) – and NO excuses made. That’s all there is to it.

Drop the fancy diet plans. Drop the excuses. Drop all the wailing about “it’s not going to work” or “it is too difficult”.

Just – DO it. It’s that simple, my friend.

Get on the stick right here today – – https://0excusesfitness.com/0excusesfitnessystem/ – – and watch your overall health and fitness improve by LEAPS and bounds.

Sure, your local Walgreens might not be too enthused about declining revenues – – but your body sure WILL!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Don’t have time? Well, try telling me that once I get through looking through all the selfies you so assiduously posted on Facebook and other social media. Ugggggggh. Whats the world coming to when folks have “time” to engage in meaningless banter and update about a bazillion pics of their lunch – and dinner – and shopping – and ah, but I think you get the point. Control, my friend. It’s all about CONTROL. Grab complete control over your life – and your HEALTH today – and make a start right HERE.

P.S. #2 – And if this email comes across as being “abrasive” or “uncaring” so be it. My job is to point out the facts – not be a “babysitter” of sorts.  ‘Tis how I am, my friend – ’tis how I’ve always been – but the one thing I CAN promise you is I’ll give you the facts – unadulterated – straight – and EVERY darn time.

P.P.S. – Make today’s training session the BEST one ever. I sure did!

The “pro” wrestler

Dear Reader,

I watched a re-run of “The Wrestler” last night. It’s a 2008 movie if I’ve got it right, and Mickey Rourke in my opinion does a great, great job of portraying the once great “Randy the Ram’s” fall from stardom.

Not only that, the movie depicts a pretty realistic picture of what actually goes on behind the scenes in the dressing room. The choreographed and pre-planned outcomes. The roids (and regular trips to get said ‘roids). The “preening and posing”. And so forth.

Not to mention the catastrophic results that the abuse these guys put their bodies through (especially in the more brutal “no holds barred” matches) often result in fatal, or near fatal consequences.

In “Randy’s” case, it was a double bypass that was required – with NO further strenous activity allowed (and certainly no steroids!).

And this mirrors what goes on in the real world of pro wrestling as well. Chris Benoit, the much publicized case was but ONE of those that (in a fit of steroid induced rage and madness) not only took his own – but his family’s lives in a horrifying incident that once again started the debates on “whether or not pro wrestling should be more closely moderated and so forth”.

“Kamala”, one of the premier WWE (or was it “WWF” back then) wrestlers (or at least one of the main attractions) in the 80’s was a giant of a man that was billed as a “savage from Africa”.

And when I say giant, I don’t mean around the shoulders/chest, although he WAS built like a rock overall – but the vast “bulk”  of that weight was concentrated around the huge gut he had, and which he proudly “smacked” each and every time he made a ring appearance much to the fan’s delight.

Fast forward to today, and he not only faces a glut of serious medical problems, but has apparently also had to have both his legs amputated beneath the knee.

Anyway, none of this takes ANYTHING away from the wrestler’s work ethics. Being a pro wrestler by itself is by far one of the toughest things one can do – and I don’t mean just the wrestling or the abuse the bodies get put through.

I mean the time spent on the road. The time spent rehearsing the scripts. The late nights. The “staple guns”. And so forth.

Burning the candle at both ends, my friends – and it adds up pretty quickly.

Now, THESE guys do it as part of a show – a business – sports entertainment as they say, and none did it better than the WWE during the attitude era in the 90’s. Hell, I tuned in many a times just for the storyline as opposed to the actual “wrassling”!

But sad part is, these unnaturally bloated bodies and layers upon layers of “show” muscle are not only bad for the wrestler’s themselves, but also for a whole load of “gym bros” who either consciously or unconsciously aim towards that sort of an unnatural physique.

It’s rare to find a modern day bodybuilder that doesn’t take artificial supplements of some sort (and I’m being kind when I say that).

One of my good friends here whose into bodybuilding takes testosterone supplements. He aspires towards much the same sort of physique but as I wrote about in a prior email, taking artificial boosts of “the ole T” has more drawbacks than  benefits.

Certainly so for the average gym goer as well.

Closing note of today’s email?

Well, if you’re aiming towards heart attacks – multiple bypasses – fits of insane rage at odd and unplanned intervals – muscles that “shrink” once you stop injecting ’em – and so forth – well – feel free to continue on along the “bodybuilding” way, my friend. You’ll hear no arguments from me!

But if you’re looking to get much of the same benefits – REAL benefits – strength, endurance, and flexibility that not only lasts – as well as routines that are modeled along the SAME patterns as old time strongmen and wrestlers (not to mention the average old time guy who didn’t fall in either one of those categories) used – well – I’m right here for you.

If you fall into that latter category, click on over HERE my friend – – https://0excusesfitness.com/0excusesfitnessystem/

It’s the best decision you can make for yourself – and if you’re part of the “former bodybuilders” crew that has decided to make a switch to sanity – all the better – it might just save your life!

Alright, my friend – I’m out for now. Be back again with more!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – And in case you think these are isolated incidents, and not applicable to your average neighborhood gym, think again. THIS page details what a (former) dedicated “booby” builder told me while attempting to swim laps in the pool – – https://0excusesfitness.com/shoulders-like-boulders/

P.S. #2 – BTW, I’ve included a BRAND NEW ” Handstand Pushup FAQ’s” manual along with the initial book. This was NOT included before, but over the past year I’ve got a raft of inquiries on handstand pushups and I figured I’d put it together into a concise little manual to clear up any and all doubts on the matter. Grab it now – and get cracking!

P.P.S. – Oh, and by the way, if you’re of the belief you can’t develop mammoth muscles by natural means – think again. Take a gander at the Great Gama’s picture included in the 0 Excuses Fitness book, for one. Or Herschel Walker. Or, …ah, but I think you get the drift, eh? Don’t delay any longer, my friend. Set the tone right HERE – https://0excusesfitness.com/0excusesfitnessystem/

Cat like speed and strength

Dear reader,

Big cats are, without exception some of the most amazing and awe inspiring creatures in this wonderful world we live in.

Did you know, for instance, that a tigers are known to regularly clock in at speeds averaging close to a mind boggling 60km/hour when going all out?

Just to put in perspective, that’s the average 300 kg tiger we’re talking about – NOT a skinny pavement pounder. And that’s more than double the speed of an average Olympic sprinter as well.

But why just speed? Let’s talk STRENGTH.

Jaguars have been known to kill and make quick work off gigantic anacondas with alarming regularity. The leopard, while technically smallest of the big cats is certainly no slouch either – I recently saw a video of a leopard killing an adult croc with one paw swipe, and dragging it up a steep hill – and then – get this – up a TREE onto a  branch high above – all seemingly in “one movement”.

And as for our friend, the cheetah? He may not be a member of the “big 4”, but he clocks in at an amazing 100 km/hour or above when he chooses to get his sprint on. . .

But let me talk about the MOST amazing piece of footage I’ve seen thus far. In India, land of the Bengal tiger, an enraged Bengal tiger spotted a man on an elephant (apparently) hunting her.

The man spotted her just in the nick of time – but did he?

As SOON as he saw the beast emerge from the field, the tigress roared – made a quick dash towards the elephant, LEAPED – OVER the elephant’s back – STRAIGHT at the man – and took two of his fingers with it as it came back down, and bounded back into the jungles, never to be seen again.

Wow. Just WOW, is all I gotta say to that!

And just how and why are cats so amazingly strong, flexible, agile and QUICK? Just how do they consistently punch FAR above their weight?

Well – simple – they follow Nature’s laws, and they do things the NATURAL way.

Now, lest you think all this cat talk has no parallel in the “human” world – think AGAIN, my friend. It does – more than you think (or know).

Mr. Tiger, the last time I checked didn’t “load up on carbs” before sprinting or measure and pound “X kgs of buffalo meat sans the hide” before he went on a long walk around his territory.

ALL of my workouts are done on an empty stomach and I’m in the best shape of my life at age 37 – BETTER – WAY better than I was at the age of 24.

Despite the “conventional wisdom” about eating 3 meals a day, or sometimes small meals throughout the day – and despite the stuff about breakfast being the most important meal of the day – my first meal is, believe it or not generally no earlier than 5 in the evening.

Used to be around 6:30 when I used to partake of my first meal – this AFTER a full day of work – and AFTER a workout. And the heaviest meal of the day for me is usually late at night – like Mr. Tiger/Lion, and the polar opposite of what the “shmexperts” recommend.

And yet – results are what speak, and I can’t argue with mine.

When I’m creating products, I don’t go for long marathon sessions. In fact, and as I’ve said in “Zero to Hero” I work in short bursts of a max of 2 hours each – not unlike a cat’s short sprints in a way – and yet I get way more accomplished in those short bursts than most do putting in an entire day’s of “work”.

When I feel fatigued during my workout, I don’t stop to check my phone or chat with the bros, or mess around with the babes, or take 10 minute breaks between sets, my friend.

I drop down to the floor and walk around like a bear – or cat – and within minutes my energy levels are back to normal.

Try this one the next time you’re  out of breath climbing a hill, for instance, or even a steep flight of stairs. Drop down to the quadruped position and then back up to the bipedal position and notice the ease with which the second half of your odessey up them stairs commences.

And the average man CAN benefit from doing things NATURE’s way – or training the way of the ANIMAL, in other words.

Instead of “feeling grouchy” and making a beeline for the coffee machine every morning when you wake up – why not instead do some deep breathing and visualization – and set some goals?

After this, why not pound out some cat like movements as I teach in the 0 Excuses Fitness System?

These “cat like” pushups will not only stretch and energize you within the space of a few minutes, but you’ll also be buzzing for the REST of the day – and what’s more, they’ll give you that “sinewy cat like strength” and EXPLOSIVE power you cannot get from lifting weights or doing “yoga shmoga”, or what have you.

It doesn’t take much at all. Just you, your body and the floor – but the simplest stuff work the best if you do things the way Nature intended you to do ’em!

So drop the weights and long ass cardio sessions today, my friend. They’re certainly NOT what they’re made out to be.

Train the way of the animal – and obtain ANIMAL LIKE RESULTS – the 0 Excuses way!

Ok – that’s it for today. I’m off to grab some prey myself now, hehe.


Rahul Mookerjee


A natural testosterone boost

Dear reader,

If you’re a man, this email will of great interest to you, so keep reading.

If you’re a woman, chances are you might titter or bust out laughing at some parts of it – so again – keep reading, hehe.

And if you don’t quite fit into either one of the two above categories, then, well … ah, but I best not go there.

Anyway, back to “if you’re a man reading this”.

The #1 most important benefit for men from a good, solid, regular exercise program is testosterone boosts – NATURAL ones at that.

Why is this so important?

Well, this little “T” word – or “thingy” – or whatever you choose to call it is what is ultimately responsible for the following in men – building muscle – and keeping it on.

Optimal fat loss. It’s one of the keys to getting and staying “shredded” all year around. Not to mention of course, to keep your “flag” at full mast when required, hehe.

A good measure of whether or not your testosterone levels are up to par is this – ask yourself the following – do you wake up every morning with a raging boner?

Lest you think this is a silly thing to ask – think AGAIN. Think back to the days when you were young – I’ll bet nary a day went by without the above happening, eh?

And no, age, or approaching age – or advanced age doesn’t have much to do with any of this. If you do the right things – you’ll wake up with a raging boner into your 40’s, 50’s, 60’s, and far, far beyond as well. Not only that, you’ll look far younger than your age as well.

Most people are shocked when I tell them my actual age. I’m NOT a spring chicken by any means, and yet most folks classify me as being between 23 and 27 when they see me in person.

And even if you aren’t interested in “keeping your flag at full mast upon command”  – well – I’ll bet you anything you’re interested in building – and keeping – MUSCLE, eh?

Most “body (read booby) builders” know the importance of the ole T, and they make sure to take heapfuls of it – but all unnaturally. The latest fad seems to be inject the ole T right into your veins before your workout – and of course, then there are those who gulp down creatine  by the can, and so forth.

But all of this, my friend, has NO long term benefits. In fact, it has the potential to harm you int he long term, and why?

First, your body gets used to this artificial boost and stops producing the ole T on it’s lonesome. And once you stop the artificial boost – guess what happens – you’re back to square ONE – or ZERO, to be frank.

Second, and strangely enough, this doesn’t result in better performance in the ole hay either. Ladies, if your man is currently a “stud in the gym” but can’t quite “get there” in the bedroom, well,this might well be one of the reasons.

And NO, I’m not kidding. It’s a proven fact that artificial supplements actually cause your “family jewels” to SHRINK – and that’s not a good thing, is it?

Compare all this to a NATURAL dose of the ole T. A dose that feels so good that it literally lasts way, way beyond your workout – and gives you manifold benefits – way after your workout ends.

And the way to get it is INTENSE busts of exercise – such as what I’ve outlined in the 0 Excuses Fitness System.

Or sprints. Or, even better, and probably the best – what’s been taught in the Advanced Hill Training System. (which you really DO need to grab if you’re serious about any of what I’ve mentioned above).

ALL, or a combo of the above will boost your production of HGH (Human Growth Hormome) and it’ll do so NATURALLY, my friend.

You’ll be burning fat and building muscle long after your workout ends –  while stuffing your gourd with pizza even. You’ll MAINTAIN that muscle tone as well – as opposed to the “droopy” look most boobybuilders experience within a day or two of their workouts.

Not to mention you’ll perform far better in the sack as well.

But the main thing is how you FEEL – you’ll feel like a bazillion bucks if you do things the right way, my friend. I’m on cloud nine now – so boy – SHOULD i know or what!?!!

Anyway, so that’s the tip for today. Make sure you pay attention to the question I posed above – and if you find yourself “flagging”, well, do ALL that is necessary in order to revive your body’s natural production of testosterone.

You’ll be forever glad you did!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – And no, pounding the pavement ain’t gonna cut it either, my friend. All that’ll do is increase your corisol levels manifold and make your skin shrivel up like a prune in the hot weather. Drop the “LSD” workouts NOW, my friend. They just aren’t worth your time.

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Tree hugger – – > SUPER STUD

Dear reader,

Well, well, well. Receive quite a barrage of responses to my last “tree hugger” email – most complimentary – some NOT.

I’ll share more of that later, but first – something that happened a couple of days ago.

I woke up a couple of mornings ago, feeling fresh as a daisy – and checked the dumbphone on instinct – something I do NOT do until an hour or so after waking up to be honest.

There are far better things to do both BEFORE – and AFTER bed than check the dumb phone – and despite the vast majority  of people that apparently stayed glued to the darn thing even in their dreams, you’d be better off disconnecting from it from the most part.

Anyway, I checked it, and sure enough – there was a reason I did so – there was a message from one of my best friends – a workout related message.

We were discussing workouts the last night, and the topic got on to pull-ups, and the first thing I saw from him was this “Damn, a 100 pull-ups are hard for anyone!!”

Now, remember, this is coming from an ex-Marine – a 6’1″ mountain of muscle – and a man with arms like a blacksmiths’s and a grip like an anvil’s. Marines do tons and tons of pull-ups (albeit apparently from what my buddy said the form isn’t always perfect, but all good) during their training – so for him to say that was something.

Anyway, being that I knock out 100 pull-ups fairly regularly as part of a workout, this is no big deal for me, and I said it.

“100 pull-ups – yes, they’re tough, but you can work up to doing that many in proper form in a workout, my brother. Oh yes you can – I do ’em regularly, and barely feel ’em these days”.

And then I paused, as another thought suddenly struck me, and continued.

“But … now, handstand pushups! Now anyone that can knock out a 100 of those in proper form per workout – now THAT person is officially at super stud status. A.k.a. Doug Hepburn”.

My buddy responded with one of those emoticons that are all the rage these days on smartphones and social media, and the meme was “You’re goddamned right!”.

‘Tis a fact,my friend. ‘Tis a fact. HSPU’s are hard enough to do for most people – let alone do ’em in reps – and anyone that can progress beyond 50 or so reps in a workout is officially at STUD level – and 100?

Lets just say that even my advanced course on shoulders does NOT (well, as far as I know) quite get to the point of doing 100 handstand pushups in a workout, though there’s plenty of pull-ups, of course.

Not to mention do ’em in proper, strict form …

Doug Hepburn, of course was a MASTER at doing handstand pushups – and this is evidenced by his build as well. Anyone that claims bodyweight exercises don’t build size and strength would be well advised to take a look at ole Doug’s picture right HERE – – https://0excusesfitness.com/shoulders-like-boulders/

I mean, can you imagine doing handstand pushups on dipping bars for one?? Doug was reputed to have done these in SETS – at a bodyweight of over 300 pounds if I’ve got it right.

Mucho respecto to one of the all time greats – a true legend if I might say so.

Now, while 100 HSPU’s in a workout is a worthy goal to work up to – it’s also very achievable if you try. I’ve gotten up to 75 per workout – so I see no reason why I shouldn’t eventually be able to pound out a 100 of them per workout.

I see no reason why YOU, my friend shouldn’t be able to get good at these either. None at all.

And so without further ado – if you’re tired of that nagging shoulder and upper back pain – if you’re tired of never building core strength no matter what you do – if you’re tired of a bazillion movements for the upper body – and most of all, if you’ve got a keen desire to build bulletproof, massive shoulders and barn door like lats all with ONE movement – well – then head on over right HERE to learn about it – – https://0excusesfitness.com/shoulders-like-boulders/

Implement what’s being said in the manual, and crack on with the exercises/routines.

And of course – when you can crank out 100 HSPU’s in a workout – in proper form – give me a holla and I’ll let out a carnal YELL that can be heard all over the world!

Ok, my friend – that’s it out for now. I’m off to grab some much needed nourishment. Be back again later!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Still think bodybuilding and shooting yourself full of steroids is the best way to go in terms of building massive shoulders? Well – think again, my friend. Not only will steroids reduce the size of your family jewels, but it’ll do next to nothing for REAL strength – or strength that lasts any length of time. And if you don’t believe me, well – hear it from the horse’s mouth – a former bodybuilder that tells it ALL – right here — https://0excusesfitness.com/shoulders-like-boulders/

The tree hugger

Dear reader,

Got done with a ball buster of a workout earlier, and decided to take a hike through woods “out yonder” as it were.

And while I was breathing in the fresh air and generally enjoying being at one with Nature – and in the great Outdoors, I saw a group of ladies, all on their dumb-phones, giggling away 19 to the 12.

And the focal point of their attention was one of their own – a lady in her mid 30’s or so quite literally hugging a massive tree right next to her – and the rest were snapping photos excitedly on their smart (not) phones.

And when I say hugging, I don’t mean “posing”. I don’t even mean preening 19 to the 12 in front of the almighty tree God (is there such a thing?), hehe.

No I  mean this lady was HUGGING the tree life her life depended upon it and apparently this was her selfie moment of the day – one amongst many I’m sure.

Now, before you start to get all “agitated” on me, please note that this post has NOTHING to do with – and nothing against, for that matter, those for a “liberal political” bent of mind if you get my drift, hehe.

Neither has it got nothing to do with actual tree huggers – rabid or not. I’m as avid of a nature conservationist as you’ll ever find – that is for sure.

Nah –  it’s more a bit of a “rant” against selfie queens – and those who seem to live vicariously through selfies galore. I mean, if there is ONE activity in this entire world that (after being a couch potato) is the most useless and time wasting activity a human being can partake of – its this mindless selfie obsession, my friend.

I  mean, what possible good can it do to fill up (and share) your social media stream with zillions of headshots of you – or your dog – or your food – and post some silly comments underneath it?

What the world BE coming to, eh? Dem smartphones will be the death of us all – at least mentally – and NO, this is NOT the point of this post.

Point is to tell you that while tree hugging may or may not a bad thing, there are far better things you can do in the presence of that massive tree than “hug” it.

And one of those things – and thereby today’s tip (a most valuable one, so pay heed) is to push and pull in an isometric manner against that tree until your arms start to shake.

Isometrics done in this manner have an amazing positive impact on your overall muscle – as well as tendon and ligament strength. The Great Gama, who was (without doubt) the greatest wrestler to have ever lived practised these on a daily basis. So did the Mighty Atom. So did Charles Atlas (he of the “dynamic tension” fame).

The list goes on and on – and the fact is that if you’re at a sticking point in your pull-ups – or even handstand pushups – or regular pushups – then isometrics done this way are part of the key to blasting past them barriers effortlessly.

This tip, by the way is NOT mentioned in ANY of my courses – I’m mentioning it here to reward you for being on this email list – and to make sure  you’re paying attention everything I send out daily, hehe.

Anyway, that being said, there are better things to hug than a tree. Hug your family. Your spouse. And while doing so say the three magic words, those being “I love you”.

Say them with HEART- and HEARTFELT emotion, and hug your family CLOSE as you say it. Three words, but the emotion in them makes all the difference, my friend. Oh yessssss sirreeee. It DOES!

And once you’re in that wondrous state of positive feeling, the well springs of emotion gushing out, channel that energy into a “floor hugger” of a workout such as the 250 pushup workout I go through in the workout video in the 0 Excuses Fitness System.

Hindu pushups, “table” pushups, and reverse pushups will ALL have you “hugging” the floor in different ways, but it’ll benefit you far, far more than taking selfies on the dumbphone will. Trust me on that.

Anyway, that’s today’s tip – isometrics and “floor huggers” as in the System, hehe.

I’ll be back again with more – oh, and in case you didn’t know – it IS possible to go from “tree hugger” status to “Super Stud” status – at least if you’re part of the readership here.

What do I mean? Well – stay tuned for the next email – and you’ll find out!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – While you’re waiting don’t forget to grab a copy of “Pull-ups – from Dud to Stud” – the course people have been raving and ranting about for ages now – and a course that’ll get you to 100 pull-ups in a workout – or more in – NO time at all. More on that in the next email.


Pull-ups in the drizzle

Dear Reader,

Hoooooooooo boyyyyyy! My fingers be a SHAKING as I write this – and my forearms feel like they’ve been mashed to PULP. My shoulders feel like a blacksmith took a pair of tongs to them, so swollen are they – and my traps done burst out of my T-shirt – almost.

But most of all, my grip, my friend. Myu grip – and so if this email contains more typos than usual, then that’s why.

Most folks know I’m a huge, huge proponent of Grip training – and today was no different.

Only thing different was hot, humid weather outside – and pouring rain early in the morning which lightened to an annoying “steady” drizzle later.

Steady “Seattle like” drizzle if I might say so, not enough to be “rain”, but enough to make you feel it – and those that have lived in or been to Seattle or thereabouts will know what I’m referring to.

Now, how did any of this impact me, you might ask?

Well, simple. I was doing my pull-ups outdoors at the usual haunt. The usual THICK ass bars, and what made it different this time was the slight bit of drizzle which made the bars slicker than slick, and yet not so slick that  you couldn’t grab on to them.

Now, I’ve always maintained in Gorilla Grip and all my other courses that one of the MAIN – or perhaps #1 – trick to building your grip is to train with thick bars.

I don’t care if you push – or pull – or do a combo of the two – do it with THICK bars, my friend.

Grip – nay -squeeze that sucker as if your life depended upon it – and TODAY, the slight drizzle made it all that more harder to hold on to.

Now, this is not an invitation to go out and train in the rain. In fact, you might well end up injuring yourself during high rep pull-ups if your fingers slip. I’ve been there and done that – and had a nasty case of tennis elbow for days. Not fun.

But the plus side?

Is that if you focus extra hard on your grip – when it’s HARDER to maintain your grip – you not only get the grip workout of your life but also end up doing better at your pull-ups.

So that – my friend is an additional and highly unconventional tip that is NOT included in Gorilla Grip – try it, and get back to me!

And lest you think you need to train in the rain for this effect – think AGAIN.

No, you don’t. You can try a variety of different things to make the  bar thicker and harder to grip on to. Use “Fat Gripz” (available online via most online stores) – or simply drape cloth over the pull-up bar to make it thicker.

Or simply grip the darn thing as hard as you can – – literally make THAT a workout unto itself while doing your pull-ups.

So many different ways, my friend. So many different ways. A WILL to DO is all that is required!

Anyway, I’m out for now. Off to grab some much needed victuals after that heck of a workout I had – – replete with handstand pushups at the end of it all. Be back later!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – The Indian and Iranian wrestlers of yore used to smear their bodies with oil so their opponents had to work that much harder to grip, twist, turn and slam. Can you imagine the sheer gripping strength this built?? And all this mind you before the boobybuilders that pass for “moderen day pro wrestlers”, hehe. Train like the old time strongmen and wrestlers did, my friend – and the way to do it is outlined right HERE – – https://0excusesfitness.com/0excusesfitnessystem/

P.S. #2 – Here is a recent testimonial a customer of mine gave me on my book “Pull-ups – from DUD to STUD within a matter of WEEKS” –

This guy is the real deal. I encourage all readers to buy his products and benefit like I have. Thank you, Rahul! Rahul is an unusual combination of both brains and serious brawn. And his products shows. Pick a copy of his books and you will get more than your money’s worth in terms of fitness

Gautam, India

Amen, my BROTHER. Amen to that! This course truly IS the best course for going from DUD to STUD status at pull-ups and you can grab it right HERE – – https://0excusesfitness.com/pull-ups-from-dud-to-stud-within-a-matter-of-weeks/

Buffet molesters, listen up

Dear Reader,

Twas a feeding FRENZY this morning, my friend. Sure was – except it wasn’t the human type I’m referring to.

Nah – it was a feeding frenzy amongst the fishes in the lake in my apartment complex (or “garden” as the Chinese like to refer to apartment complexes as).

Amazingly enough, over the past few weeks these fish have come to recognize me. I have NO idea how – or that it was even possible – but in the past, when I approached these fishes and simply looked at them idly before moving on, they’d be doing their thing as well.

But NOW – ever since I’ve been “bonding” with them, hehe, they seem to recognize either my footfalls – or perhaps the sound of the plastic bag in which their “goodies” are contained – and they immediately make a beeline for a certain deeper part of the lake – where a railing is conveniently located – and from where I feed ’em.

Amazing, but true. Is is the Universe coming closer to me every morning, beckoning me to be a PART of it? Sure feels like it …

Anyway, these fishes seemed to be extra hungry today, so I fed ’em a bit more. Even the larger and more “slothful” of them were energetic today – perhaps it’s got something to do with the over night rain – who knows.

Anyway, this frenzy, my friend – this mad dash for every little goodie I distributed was NOTHING compared to the human kind that goes on unchecked and unabated (and indeed to a certain extent “encouraged”) in buffets across the nation.

Step into any “Barnhill’s buffet”, for instance, and you’ll see plenty of folks with stomachs and backsides so big and wide that they’d put an average barndoor to shame within a jiffy.

More importantly, take a look at the helpings on the plate – and the type of food that’s consumed here.

Gargantuan helpings for one – each helping seems enough to feed a family by itself – especially when you look at the mounds of frieeeeeeeeed chicken dripping with grease, heaping amount of gravy, tons of buttery bread, pork chops (with the lard literally hanging on to them), roasssssst beef (a somewhat better option if consumed in moderation) and what not.

The mashed potatoes section seems to be heavily visited as well, and of course a whole array of other lard inducing, blubber forming food items.

I believe they do have salad somewhere there – a forlorn container usually unvisited at such buffets. Corn on the cob as well, which is sometimes viewed on them plates, along with perhaps black eyed peas – but not too often.

Not to  mention the amount of leftover food on each plate – I’d imagine that all the leftovers alone would be enough to feed an entire nation in Sub Saharan Africa by themselves, hehe.

And it’s not just the U.S. I’m referring to here – it’s the “developed” world in general. In fact China and India, two of the countries traditionally known for “staying in shape” are now being hit big time by not just obesity in adults – but childhood obesity brought on by a daily overdose of video games, pizza, Micky D’s and KFC, all to excess – and an utter lack of real physical activity.

Now am I saying you shouldn’t indulge occasionally? Of course not – I do so myself, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

But when that ONE plate of fried chicken (in heapfuls) turns into two – three – and a “burpy” four – followed by a long nap and more of the same in the evening, THAT is when it turns into a blubbery problem – and a big one at that.

Now, I realize there are some folks that will read this and go about on their merry “buffet molesting” ways anyway.

All good – I can but advise – and in that spirit, here are a few things to do before you embark on your gourd stuffing adventure –

Pound out some Hindu squats – with the right arm movement – and at the right cadence as shown in the 0 Excuses Fitness System. Even better, pound out a 100 quick ones WITHOUT stopping – if you’re able to do them, that is. If not, do what you can.

Not only will these get the heart pounding – and the metabolism ROARING – but they’ll also improve your digestion tremendously – and you’ll be able to gorge more as a result. Not what I’d advise, of course, but it’s better than nothing.

If you live near an area with hills – or stairs – well – do the obvious. CLIMB them – multiple times. Get to the point where your huffing and puffing and can’t climb one more single step.

After this, crack open the Advanced Hill Training System, and start pounding out the first (and most basic) workout I mention therein.

It won’t take long at all. Believe me, you’ll have plenty of time to molest them chicken breasts later – but the walks combined with the workouts will not only shed a few kgs right in front of your eyes – but will improve your appetite TREMENDOUSLY as well.

And if you live near the buffet, do me a favor and WALK to the buffet – and then WALK back home. You’ll feel a heck of lot better for it!

OK – that’s it for now. Back again with more!



P.S. – While you may be thinking I’m “a hating” on the buffet molesters, I’m really not, my friend. I’m really not. Movement is key to life – Eugene Sandow I believe it was that said “movement is life – without movement you’re dead”. I’ll take LIFE anyday, my friend – ANY DAY. So should you. Start breathing LIFE into your fitness regimen right here – right now – TODAY – https://0excusesfitness.com/0excusesfitnessystem/

P.S.#2 – Don’t forget to grab the Advanced Hill Training manual while you’re at it. Make special note of the freeeeeeeeeeebie that I’m offering for now – but remember this will not be offered for much longer. Make haste while the sun shines, my brother. Jump on this NOW.