REAL strength – that LASTS

Dear reader,

One of the great things about training the way I do i.e. bodyweight exercises done correctly and at the right cadence – is that this sort of training results in health and strength – that literally lasts a lifetime.

I’m a proponent of daily training as ya’ll know. Do something daily has always been my motto. You  may or may not “go for broke” each and every time you train, but you do SOMETHING – anything – daily!

A penny saved is a penny earned – every  little bit counts, my friend – and when it comes to exercise, a penny saved is quite literally a QUARTER – or a DOLLAR earned.

Think I’m exaggerating?

Well – if so – think again, my friend – and read what I have to tell you next.

I had the good fortune and pleasure to meet up yet again with one of my closest buddies here in China – a guy who you’ve read about plenty of times in my blog posts, emails and even my bestselling Gorilla Grip – and with darn good reason.

A man that’s the real deal – a good man – an ex Marine with over 25 years of service and a skill set that would put most average Joes to shame within the space of a nanosecond.

A man that never ever stops learning despite everything he’s achieved thus far (and by God it’s a LOT!) – and a man who just so happens to be a mountain of muscle as well.

Now, my buddy is a huge proponent of daily training as well as you might expect from someone whose served in the elite forces, but for whatever reason he has not been able to workout for a while now.

Jobs – relationships – the “daily grind at the mines” (not really, but you get my drift, hehe) etc etc – it’s all added up and left him with no time to exercise, and from what he said he hasn’t has a decent workout in about three months now.

Anyway, being the workout fanatics we both are, we naturally spoke a lot about training – as we do every time we meet, and soon ended up engaging in one of those friendly arm wrestling matches just to “test strength” as it were.

And guess what – despite months of not working out – my buddy quite literally BULLDOZED my arm to the ground (table) – and that too so quickly you’d think it never happened.

He’s quite literally got an unnatural “pull” to his upper chest and shoulder region – and while he has a wrestling background, there’s more to it. I’ve arm wrestled quite a bit before, and while I’m no “champ” at it – THIS guy is something else altogether – despite not doing it for ages!

RAGING “bull like” strength is the way I’d describe it, and from there on it was naturally onto the subject of grips – a pet subject for both of us.

And though I’ve out-gripped many a gym gorilla in the past, my buddy’s grip feels like one of those iron pliers that slowly, but surely CLOSE over your hand – while quite methodically crushing the ever living “life” out of one’s fingers.

Ok – maybe not quite that extreme – but you get the picture. I’ve got a pretty solid grip – NOT weak by any standards, and yet I really “felt” his grip last night if you get my drift.

Anyhow, we had a great time – but the point of my mentioning all this to you?

Well, first off, the guy hasn’t lost a LICK of strength despite not having worked out for ages – and if anything, the enforced break seems to have actually done him good in many regards strength wise.

That’s not to say one shouldn’t train daily – or train AS OFTEN as possible – he’ll be the first one to tell you that – but still – the point is that most “roid monsters” and “pumpers and toners” lose whatever little muscle (in the first case) or strength (if any, in both cases) they’ve “built” (I use quotes in the reason) in the gym within days of stopping their unnatural routines.

Second, I tell you this to give you yet another testament to the sheer RESULTS that bodyweight exercises done correctly can give you – results that last a LIFETIME.

Third, it’s not just the strength. You would expect this man to have gained a ton of weight etc as a lot of “gym gorillas” do once they stop taking their protein shakes and assorted supplements – NOT SO.

He may have gained a few extra pounds around the midsection, but for his age (an age which most men would consider to be approaching “retirement age” ) that’s quite literally NOTHING – and those few lbs will fly off the minute he gets back on the stick again.

Fourth, I mention this to inspire you – this man is nothing short of living inspiration to me – and last, but not least – no prizes for guessing what exact bodyweight exercises he did to get into the sort of shape he is.

NO prizes for guessing the MAIN exercise that elite forces use to build their extraordinary level of upper body strength, stamina and endurance. Starts with a “p” – and ends up with a “s”.

In my friend’s case, yet another one of his secrets is dips – done in high repetitions – something that I greatly encourage, and something that’ll build massive, mammoth shoulders akin to a male gorillas – – and an exercise that I teach you how to do correctly in “Shoulders like Boulders“.

And those shoulders, while not the whole key to his “bull like” strength (that quite literally BLOWS you away like a tornado might a leaf) are certainly a HUGE, HUGE part of it.

You may never get to his elite levels of strength, but there is MUCH you can do to build your own shoulders up to “gorilla” levels (not to mention an upper/mid back that will have you turning sideways to get into doors) – and the keys to doing so are mentioned right HERE – –

Anyway, this post isn’t so much about the actual exercises themselves, but the lasting effect they have on one – if done correctly.

REAL WORLD strength – REAL strength – as opposed to the fake “pumps” and shiny greased bloated muscles that most modern day bodybuilders sport – muscles that give up when tasked with any halfway taxing REAL world endavor, my friend.

Don’t believe me? Well, take a look at a lot of pro wrestlers – AFTER they retire, and compare their looks to what they were “in their prime”.

Or pro bodybuilders for that matter – or your average “juiced up roid monster” at the local gym.

Compare the above picture with the picture I just painted for you in my email.

Clear enough, eh?

I bet it is – and on that note – it’s “off with me” for some much needed nourishment, hehe. Just got back from a ball busting, sweat pouring outdoor (for a change) workout – and I’m RARING to go.

YEE – HA!!!!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – In case you haven’t noticed, my original “Gorilla Grip” course is STILL going like GANGBUSTERS, my friend. And with darn good reason – it’s coming from yours truly – someone who literally BREATHES a strong grip if I might say so. Sheer passion if I might say so, and you can literally feel that throughout the whole course – so if you haven’t already – jump on the grip ship NOW, my friend – –

3 Hidden Keys to huge arms

Dear Reader,

Although the triceps make up the majority of the arm – most trainees overlook training the arm as a whole, and end up focusing upon biceps alone.

We all want huge arms – massive arms – arms like SOLID pylons to say the least – with strength to boot – but do we really know how to build huge arms?

Focusing upon the “beach muscles” i.e. biceps is NOT the key – or even part of it to huge arms. It’s focusing upon exercises that work the upper body as a whole – – and most such exercises tax the triceps heavily.

It’s this lump of muscle at the back of your arms that gives you that “huge arms” look that most guys won’t. It’s also that lump of muscle at the back of your arms that needs to be firm, supple and STRONG – lest you’re a fan of the “bingo wings” look (and most I know are NOT).

And even if you’re looking for just size, remember that the triceps make up over 2/3 rd of the arms – and the rest is made up by the biceps.

So the first key should be pretty self evident – train the shoulders and triceps HARD – the way they SHOULD be trained – and you’ll get those huge arms in no time, my friend.

Second, do pushups – and do PLENTY  of variants. My 0 Excuses Fitness System gives you PLENTY of variations of pushups you can do – most of which blow the “regular” pushup straight out of the water in no time flat.

These alone are enough to keep most trainees at all levels busy for the rest of their lives, and these alone are ENOUGH for those huge arms you desire.

But the third key is really what I want to address today – another “hidden exercise” that is not only great for the arms – but the shoulders and traps as well.

This exercise is NOT mentioned in the 0 Excuses Fitness System, primarily because it’s an advanced movement – and one which most regular trainees do NOT have the strength for when first starting out.

And also because FORM is paramount in this exercise – even more so than with the other exercises I teach. Do this exercise incorrectly, and you may end up ruining your shoulders for life – or worse.

Other hand, follow proper form, and you’ll get benefits that very few other upper body exercises can replicate in a short period of time.

What is it, you ask?

Well, readers of my Shoulders like Boulders course should know what I’m talking about by now – an oldie but goodie – the good ole DIP.

That’s right. The parallel bar dip done between dipping bars.

Nothing fancy. Nothing complicated. Just the regular DIP done for reps – and PLENTY of them with the RIGHT breathing techniques.

Most people doing dips do NOT do them correctly. I usually see people “bouncing” up and down to complete the reps, or doing mega-partial reps where they barely dip down, let alone get a stretch through the chest region.

On the other end of the spectrum, I see some folks going way, way lower than they should on the dip – which can really kill the shoulders if you don’t have the tendon strength to support yourself in this position (and even then I don’t recommend it).

I’ve been doing a LOT of dips lately, my friend, and have noticed a lot of changes in my upper body since I really started “hitting” these hard along with the rest of the stuff I do.

My arms and shoulders have grown a lot bigger than they normally are – but the CHEST is really what stands out to both me and most people when I’m working out – the growth these have given me in my upper chest area is nothing short of phenomenal – especially when taking into account the short time frame I’ve been doing ’em.

Anyway, what I want to tell you is that FORM is paramount here. Yes, I’ve repeated myself but it bears repeating – it’s that darn important.

You do NOT “bounce” up and down. You lower and push yourself up and down SLOWLY and under control!

You do NOT hold your breath while doing these. And you do NOT “race” through the movement even when you think you’re getting good at ’em!

I mention the right way to do dips – and a few other exercises as well that will not only give you mammoth arms – but also “King Kong” sized shoulders – in my path breaking course “Shoulders like Boulders“.

Grab your copy right HERE – –

Last, but not least, remember that all upper body exercises need to be incorporated into a sensible overall body exercise routine – as well as combined with the right diet. That’s something I’ve said so often you may as well find it inscribed on my tombstone some day – but again – it’s so often ignored that it bears repeating!

Ok – thats all for now. I’ll share more training related tips “by and by”!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Rave reviews are coming in for Shoulders like Boulders – and I’ll update the testimonials page shortly to reflect these. For now though, if you haven’t already – grab your copy right HERE and get started on building them massive arms TODAY –

Squats – an important reminder

Dear reader,

I mention repeatedly in the 0 Excuses Fitness System (in the videos) that the exercises should be approached in a methodical manner – and that learning good form is paramount before trying to do higher reps – or mega high reps.

Many of you that are currently on the System know how important it is to heed this advice – both sections of it.

For those that haven’t done a lick of exercise in years, and even those that are used to “pounding the pavement” or working the machines at the gym, these exercises can be a “rude” (and welcome in many ways from a health perspective) awakening.

And no other exercise encapsulates that above statement better than Hindu squats, my friend – done the way I teach you in the System.

Hindu squats are a great, great movement – and have been done by Indian wrestlers for centuries – and can be done by YOU as well – to achieve great results both in terms of fat loss and building muscle on the entire body – especially the legs, shoulders and chest.

But they have to  be done right – and the way a lot of people teach this great exercise is flat out wrong.

Not only that – the key is to go slow and steady on these exercises. You do NOT aim for 100 straight reps in proper form – or even 50 the first time you begin.

I mention this in the video, and I’ll say it again – you start out SLOW – not only with the squat – with all the exercises – but especially with the squat.

Many years ago, I thought I was in great shape. I used to hike a steep hill daily and do some pushups etc afterwards – and I “thought” that sort of thing had me in great shape.

And it did – I DID lose a lot of weight and build muscle – and yet – the first time I tried these squats, I made the cardinal sin of thinking “Oh, those are easy”. Easy Peeze.

Yeah. Right.

And then I made cardinal error #2 – which was to bang out like 75 of them in a row once I got the hang of them (so I thought – I was WRONG).

I could barely walk for two days after that – or three, if I remember correctly. I was hobbling up and down stairs – and even walking on level ground was a “chore” – and remember, I was not exactly a couch potato to start with.

And if you’re an advanced man? Think you can just jump into high rep squats from the get-go – or after a hiatus?

Well, let’s see. I have not been doing squats over the past couple of weeks – not because of any other reason other than the fact I’m trying out some new and even more advanced stuff – mostly done outdoors (since the weather is excellent these days in my “neck of the woods”).

Well, I was in the middle of this yesterday when the weather suddenly turned inclement and it started to pour cats and dogs.


I took cover, waited for a while, and waited for the storm to pass – but it didn’t – so guess what I did while waiting.

That’s right – I figured I’d pound out a few squats.

25 – and as I flew past that number it was on to 40 – then 60. 100. A brief breather, and then I turned around and saw an old man (and his dog, apparently as well) trying to follow along with me.

No problemo, hehe – and I continued on – until I reached 250.

Now, I routinely used to pound out  500 of these every workout until a while ago, so – and for an advanced man like me – you’d think 250 would be no problem even after a short break, right?


I woke up this morning, and my thighs feel like they’ve been beaten to a PULP – especially the outer thighs.

I’m certainly not at the point where I’m hobbling around – but I can feel it, for sure.

I should have stopped at 100 – but I didn’t – and I’m feeling it now!

So that right there should answer the question I posed above.

Moral of the story?

For those that are still “on the fence” about the 0 Excuses Fitness System or any of the other exercises routines on this website because “oh, it’s so easy” – well – you’re WRONG – it’s anything BUT – and it delivers RESULTS accordingly as well.

And for those of you that are already “on the stick” (good job, by the way!) – well – take it slow and steady, my friends.

It can be very tempting to jump into higher reps, especially when you see me banging out 250 pushups in a workout – and when you hear me saying that I did another 250 the morning the video was filmed (before the video, that is) – which makes it an even 500 for me for the day.

But tempting though that can be – make it goal if you’re just starting out – and progress towards that goal in a sensible, methodical manner.

Remember – Rome was not built in a day. Skyscrapers don’t just “sprout” from the ground without a solid foundation.

It takes time, dedication and effort to build that foundation – but once you do – WATCH OUT.

You’ll be all the better off for it!

Well, my friend – that’s it for now. The weather appears to have cleared up, and I’m off for one of my advanced workouts!


Rahul Mookerjee

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More on grip training

Dear reader,

A few days ago I put out a post on grip training wherein I specifically mentioned a few tips that I gave a buddy of mine – whose interested not only in grip training, but losing weight.

I spoke to him briefly last night again, and he reiterated that he needed to strengthen his grip a lot more and I agreed – and we discussed grip training again – not quite in the same detail as we did the last time (time constraints) but I was pretty verbose regardless.

Hey – what can I say. Get me onto the topic of fitness – or grip training – and I’ll talk your ears off, hehe.

Anyway, in that note I also said there were more tips that I’d cover at a later date – and though I’m a bit “stressed for time” right now, I just HAD to drop everything and write this note to you – so important it is for me to share what I am right now.

First off, it should come as no surprise to anyone that’s been reading this site or following me that grip training is a pet passion of mine – and it is this “passionate” approach towards grip training that has allowed me to build scary levels of grip strength (especially considering my “size” – I’m certainly no giant or Hulk Hogan).

And yet – I can outgrip most of the “grip gorillas” at the local gym, and certainly most of the “bros” busy pumping and toning in the mirror, hehe.

And while the above contains perhaps the most important piece to the grip puzzle – or any puzzle in life you’re trying to solve – there’s more I want to tell you.

Something I mention AD INFINITUM in  MOST of my courses is that thick bar training is an absolute must and a starting point if you’re looking to build your grip to the max level possible.

Combine that with the other things I mentioned in the last email, and my bestselling “Gorilla Grip” – – and you’ll understand what it means to have an “unnatural pull” to your grip (even when you’re faced with folks twice your size).

(Gorilla Grip is available right HERE –

Second, grip training only works (and I  mention this in the book as well) when you combine it with a sensible OVERALL body program.

Simply sitting on your couch and doing reverse curls or grippers won’t help near as much as incorporating better exercises into a WELL BALANCED program that works the hips, legs and BACK to the BONE will.

And third – and what I want to mention here – is something that is usually always overlooked by the vast majority of trainees out there.

I mention in all my courses that you are not just to “grip” the bar (thick bar) when training ANY exercises, let alone those that are grip specific.

Don’t just hold it. Don’t just grip it.

GRIP it – REALLY grip – I  mean SQUEEZE that “sucka” as if your very life depended upon it – and do so with vim and vigor throughout your workout!

Try and CRUSH that thick bar. You won’t be able to do this, of course, but you’ll be amazed at the ferocious levels of forearm/finger strength this builds (not to mention how quickly it toughens up your ligaments and tendons).

THIS is the part that is really the “meat and potatoes” of building those iron claws – but amazingly enough, it gets ignored so often that I’m left shaking my  head when I see folks “slipping” after about the 5th rep or so.

Sure, it’s tough. Sure, maintaining that “claw” like grip and focus throughout a long workout (or what seems long) – done on thick bars – is anything but “easy” – but guess what – THAT, combined with everything else is what will really build that bone crushing grip that you desire.

And it’s not just “you” that desires it – plenty of folks want to build a bone crushing grip but are unfortunately going about it the wrong way.

Anyway, that’s the tip I wanted to share today. If you missed the earlier email, do a search on the blog – and read through – you grip fanatics out there will love it.

I’ll share more such tips via my blog posts and emails as we go along – stay tuned!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – This is yet another reason you might want to avail of my personal coaching services, my friend. Words written in black and white are often misinterpreted or ignored (albeit unwittingly) – and this can be a mistake of epic proportions that can set you back in your training (and life in general).

Avoid this by going “straight to the source” – and get personalized, “one on one” coaching advice from me that cuts straight to the meat of the matter. No B.S, no “fancy shmancy” nonsense – just stuff that flat out works – from yours truly. Been there, done that, my friend.

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I look forward to welcoming you onboard!

Motivation – even when you LEAST expect it

Dear reader,

Woke up feeling somewhat run down today, and despite my best efforts, this “run down” feeling has persisted throughout the day – until now (about 3:17 P.M. in China).

“Until” being the keyword – – and right about NOW – – I’m buzzing at a level so dramatically intense that I feeling waves of motivation not just running – – but gushing through me as I write this post to you.

Like I said, I’ve been somewhat run down (mentally) all day long and we all know that feeling, eh?

The “blah” feeling we sometimes get – or, to be more accurate, how most people start to feel shortly after they wake up and go through the rest of the day.

Work. Life. Back home from the office to the couch. Rinse. Repeat. Boring. And so forth.

Sound familiar?

Yeah – I thought so – and let’s be honest – even the most motivated and normally “alive” ones amongst us occasionally feel somewhat run down like I am today.

While you might think that this is the perfect place for me to “plug” my fitness products (and truth be told, it IS) – – that’s NOT what today’s post is about.

Sure, you’ll be buzzing at a way, way greater level – – feel far motivated in life – – and accomplish far more with the right breathing techniques and exercises as outlined in my pathbreaking 0 Excuses Fitness System.

But what if you are not currently (honestly – – note – – this is important) able to exercise?

I’m not referring to “feeling lazy” here.

I’m referring to other things.

Maybe you’ve been so busy yesterday that you didn’t have time to take a breather – – let alone workout – – HONESTLY busy, mind you, not “make believe busy”.

That was me yesterday, and given I had to miss the bulk of my workout, my “run down” feeling this morning doesn’t come as much of a surprise. Been busy until this afternoon as well …

Maybe you’re on a Trans-Atlantic flight (which I will be shortly). Or perhaps a “Trans Tasman” flight. Or perhaps you injured yourself. Yada, nada schnada.

Is there a way you can start to achieve the same – or HIGHER levels of mental vibration without the associated and absolutely essential physical activity?

You bet your “Betsy” there is, pal.

How, you ask?

Well – it’s simple. Visualize – – and do so intensely – – whatever it is you’d rather be doing right now as you do whatever it is you’re doing – – and watch the blues fade within a MINUTE – – or less – – simply by doing this, my friend.

Watch yourself feel “motivated” and “ready” to take on the world as I am right now – – and if you’re just starting out, 30 seconds is really all you need to make that paradigm shift.

Most people scoff at this, as they do some of my other ideas – – but truth be told, this ONE technique is so darn powerful that simply doing this the RIGHT way for about 10-15 minutes a day can make more changes in your life – – and I mean POSITIVE changes than simply “positive thinking” ever could.

Believe me now and trust me later – – it CAN quite literally take you from “Zero to Hero” status  without you even realizing it – – and I’m a prime living example of this.

That book covers visualization, as well as other powerful techniques that will enable you to LEAPFROG any and all obstacles in your life – – but again, it all starts with visualization, my friend.

And it’s a great, great resource for those that constantly experience the “blues” or are constantly unable to achieve what they want in life without major stress – or so forth (read the majority of modern day population).

You can access the resource right here – –

And believe me NOW and trust me later – – I would NOT be lying if I told you that some of the most commonly thought of “right things” to do in this regard are the WRONG ones. You’ll know more when you read the book – – but just figured I’d put it out there for ya.

Last, but not least – – what if you want MORE? What if you’re not just looking for mental motivation, but physical as well – – as well tips from someone that’s literally been there and done that (and continues to do so until this very day, unlike some of the other pot bellied “shmexperts” out there)?

Well, then you learn from the person DIRECTLY. It’s that simple.

And believe me, THAT is basically why I offer coaching services that, as promised on the coaching page will take you to the NEXT level altogether, my friend.

I don’t just give you hidden tips on fitness – – or routines – – or custom made advice.

No – – I go one step further – – and MOTIVATE you – – and give you plenty of motivational tips that will enable you to achieve not just your fitness related goals – – but also life goals depending upon what they are.

So if you’re looking to literally “leapfrog” to the next level with amazingly little “effort” – well- you know where to go.

All for now – – if you workout today – -make it the BEST ever!!


Rahul Mookerjee

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Gorge MORE – Incinerate FAT

Dear reader,

Was doing a tough exercise out there in the park today – uphill, at that – and as I pushed on through the movement, I heard a few “awestruck” murmurs from the few people “crazy” enough to be out there at mid-day.

“Wah! Xiong Mao!”  (Xiong Mao being “bear” in Mandarin Chinese)

“Gui lao, hao zhuang!” (the foreign devil is so strong!)

And so forth, as I continued through the movement, sweat dripping off me like a wet sponge, and so intense was the movement that I had to stop and rest about every minute or so – IF I made it that far.

I should also mention that this was at the end of a workout – – or towards it, at any rate – fatigue was starting to set in, my friend – – and THIS was the perfect finisher, but thats not what the point of this post is.

And as the “foreign devil” stood up to take a much needed breather, he heard something else.

“Xiong mao! Ta de Xiong Bu, Jiang gu de!”

Now, I’m not entirely sure (given my Chinese is rusty at best) I’m giving you the exact Chinese words, but translated into English it reads like “he’s got a strong chest, a chest like a bear!”.

And truth be told, although I was NOT doing a pushup – or any other “chest” related exercise, my chest did actually feel like it was going to pop out of it’s casing at that point – and in a GOOD way, my friend.

And if you haven’t already guessed what this movement was – I’ll tell you – it was an advanced version of none other the oft-scoffed at BEAR CRAWL – which is a superb overall health, strength and fitness builder BAR NONE if done correctly.

Ever wonder where the grizzly gets it’s almost legendary strength from, my friend?

Back in the day (in the 1800’s I believe) they used to pit Spanish bulls against grizzlies in a “gladiatoral” style contest – – and though the bulls (sometimes multiple of them) would do all they could to gore and hurt the grizzly (who was often chained), the grizzly would just rise up and break their necks with (and remember, these are full grown BULLS we’re talking!) one swipe of their mighty paws.

The nuts who organized these shows (believe me, I’m NOT a fan of “animal vs animal” nonsense, or even simulations thereof – but I’m writing this to show you the sheer strength the grizzly possesses) then got tired of this and brought African lions in at great expense to face the grizzly.

They’d unleash them two or three at time against ONE bear, and the result was EXACTLY the same, and even swifter.

2-0 as it were.

In more modern times, grizzlies have been observed to “toy” with 700 lb dumpsters as you might a beach ball.

They’ve been observed running at full bore UPHILL for long stretches – with a 1200 lb plus moose in their jaws. They’ve been known to outrun RABBITS – downhill!

Case and point, don’t you think?

And while the hump of muscle on it’s shoulders gives the grizzly the unnatural and immense power it has, it’s the STYLE it walks in that really builds strength throughout the bear’s entire body, especially the shoulders and forelimbs.

Let me tell you – – it’s about all most seasoned gym trainees can do to even get into and stay in the bear crawl position for more than a few seconds the first time they do it.

Crossfitters and tri-athletes have been known to collapse in a puddle of their own sweat when trying some of the advanced variants.

And as for what I was doing – – well, let’s just say STRENGTH And conditioning x 100 if not more.

But while we’d all love strength like that, the point of this post is something else altogether.

Not only does the bear crawl build immense strength and endurance throughout the entire body – – it also burns fat at BREAKNECK speeds – – quicker, if I might say so, than lard flying off a proverbial George Foreman grill.

And that’s just the BASIC variant, my friend. My book “Advanced Hill Training” gives you TONS of more advanced variants that will literally enable you to eat more – or drink more – or gorge  on pizza if you so would – and STILL burn fat off the next day.

The book is available right here – –

Believe  me now and trust me later, you’ll literally FEEL and SEE the lard DRIPPING off your midsection as you do these exercises, my friend.

And as an added bonus, you’ll also get as strong as the ole grizzly – – or about as close as humanly possible, which is still comfortably MORE than two or three average men.

Can’t beat that combo, eh?

Last, but not least, note that I’m NOT telling you to throw all rules out the window when it comes to diet. I’m NOT advocating gorging on pizza daily or “bottoming up” at the local tavern on a regular basis – but I know there are folks out there that’ll do this regardless of what I say.

Combine the “Advanced Hill Training” fitness routines with a great diet – and the occasional indulgence – and you’ll be on the way to SUPERMAN status, my brothers (and sisters – gotta make sure I include you in there as well!).

Well, that’s it from “Grizzly Adams” for now, hehe. I’m off to shave a four day stubble now before I head on to “greener pastures” – but for now – if you workout today – do it GRIZZLY style – and make it a great, great one!


Rahul Mookerjee

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Grip training pointers

Dear reader,

It should come as no surprise to most of you familiar with my writings that grip training is something that I not only IMMENSELY enjoy in my own training – but also prioritize with a vengeance.

And with good reason. The grip is often times the weakest (and most ignored) link in the chain – – and it seems to matter not if we’re talking bodybuilding, bodyweight enthusiasts, weightlifters, and so forth.

For whatever reason, folks get enthused by the idea of training their biceps – – but the grip? Nah – – forget about it. Maybe a half ass set of something at the end of my routine – – maybe not. And so forth.

BIG, big mistake, my friend.

Grip training is of paramount importance – – and I explain this in detail on the Gorilla Grip page, of course, but for now, let me just ask you – – when you meet someone – – what is the FIRST thing (after your appearance) that you notice about the person?

His handshake – – and his grip, of course.

That doesn’t mean you have to crush people’s hands when you meet them – quite the contrary – but the point is the grip can tell you a LOT about where a man is headed in life – the way he THINKS – and of course, the way he’s trained or done physical activity his entire life.

Anyway, I was in a conversation with one of my buddies last night, and he asked me for a few tips on grip training – as well as what exact exercises he should do in order to build the grip.

I was more than happy to oblige, and gave him a plethora of exercises to work upon – most of which are included in Gorilla Grip – – some not.

But what I’m going to talk about today, and what I exhorted – and literally begged him NOT to do is what to AVOID doing when training the grip. Aka some POINTERS on HOW to train the grip CORRECTLY!

First off, a huge mistake I see most people making is they do not use their thumbs when gripping something.

This is one of the biggest no-no’s when it comes to training the grip. Look, just hold something in your hand – I don’t care if it’s a Coke can or pull-up bar – and try gripping it first with just your fingers and then with the use of your thumb as well.

Which position allows you to exert max force and which is more “natural”?

Enough said? You were given your thumbs for a REASON my friend – and for those that say “taking away the thumbs” allows you to pile on more weight to the bar or do more reps, or what not – well – I got news for ya – your doing nothing but cheating yourself and selling yourself short for “temporary” gains as opposed to long term gains.

Why – because you’re ignoring the weakest link in the chain. Strengthen the grip – and you can not only lift – or do more – but you can do more SAFELY and under CONTROL.

Second, the usage of straps/lifting aids/what not – another mammoth NO.

Third, while the pull-up is indeed a great, great exercise to build the grip – you do pull-ups in PROPER form! You do NOT cheat. You do NOT “swing” up to the bar.

You don’t kick up to the bar – – and you certainly – – and hear me out – – DO NOT – – KIP!

I don’t care what CrossFit claims — kipping pull-ups, my friend, are one of the most useless exercises out there – – and not only that, they can be very dangerous for the average trainee.

More on that later, but these are but a few of the golden tips I gave my buddy.

There are plenty more such tips covered in my Gorilla Grip book – be sure to check it out right here – –

Last, but not least – – I also gave my buddy an exercise you can literally do anywhere – – and you need NO equipment for it  – – just something we ALL have lying around in our houses.

And it will build a bone crushing grip – – THAT is for sure.

I’ll talk more about that later – – but for now, it’s adios as I’m about to head out for my own workout.

Later, “gators” – – if you work out today – – make it an awesome one!!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Another one of my good buddies here (a retired U.S. Marine with over 25 years of service) once said and still says that I’ve got an “unnatural” pull to my grip – – and coming from someone like him whose been into physical activity all his life – THAT is indeed a compliment -and whats more it’s true. He’s not the only that’s said that by the way – – check out what another one of my customers “Alan” said about my grip right here – –

P.S. #2 – I came out with Gorilla Grip a few years ago, and it’s STILL going like hotcakes. If you haven’t grabbed your copy – – do so right now – – right HERE – –

P.PS. –  By the way, I mention in Gorilla Grip that grip training only works in conjunction with training the ENTIRE body correctly – regularly – and vigorously with the right combo of exercises. This CANNOT be emphasized enough, my friend. You CANNOT train the grip in isolation. So grab your copy of Gorilla Grip – – and then grab your copy of the 0 Excuses Fitness System right here as well so you can start building both the body and grip of your dreams – –

See – Believe – ACHIEVE

Dear reader,

When I first started on many of the exercises that I’ve included in the 0 Excuses Fitness System, I wasn’t very good at them at all – – despite having a lengthy background in fitness/related activities.

Despite being able to hike steep hills all day without too much fatigue, the Hindu Squats (for example) kicked me in the can the first time I did ’em.

Pounded out about 30 – 40 the first time I did ’em – and thought – ok, no problem – and did about 40 more before figuring I’d gotten close enough to a 100 and moved onto other things.

Cardinal mistake #1 right there – only I realized the next morning when I could  barely walk without “wobbling” if you get my drift, hehe – and this lasted for the next THREE days.

The same thing with reverse pushups. I could  barely GET into the position and hold for time, let alone pound out sets of 50 in various different styles like I do these days – – and the VERY best exercise there is?

Well, let’s just say even walking the wall backwards was a chore for me as it is for many of you that have tried doing it after years of inactivity.

Point of me telling you all this though, my friend, is that TODAY I can do all these things at a level I  never imagined possible.

And one of the ways I achieved these goals (various goals by the way – not just exercise related) is by doing exactly what I’ve mentioned in the subject line of this post.

That is to – SEE – BELIEVE – and then ACHIEVE. Or, as I’ve said in the past – CONCEIVE  – believe – – ACHIEVE!

The first part of this is what I’ll talk about today. I’ve often spoken about visualization and how vitally important it is to incorporate into your routine to achieve your goals at a higher level, but yet, for whatever reason a lot of folks just don’t “get it” or dismiss it as “hocus pocus”.

No its not my friend.

In the 0 Excuse Fitness System I give you an example of my student Cathy (who was learning English from me at the time). She used this technique to improve her skills in a foreign language and today speaks the language at a way, way better level than she ever though she would when she first started to learn.

I’ve also spoken about this my book on Pull-ups (Pull-ups – – from Dud to Stud within a matter of WEEKS) – – and have included personal experience on how visualization helped me achieve my pull-up goals and get to levels I’d never ever previously thought I could get to.

(That book is available right here –

Last night I had a dream – a dream in which the words “See, Believe, Achieve” repeatedly played across my subconscious and so the first thing I had to do this morning (and am thus doing) is to share this with you – as visualization truly IS one of the VERY BEST things you can do for yourself with regard to higher accomplishments in ANY sphere of my life,  my friend.

Dreams – ah yes, dreams. Another one of my pet topics – and one that most people flat out dismiss as being fit for the looney tune bin.

Big, big mistake – when you direct your mind to a certain task and then “sleep upon it” – dreams are how your mind communicates solutions to whatever task/problem you’ve set for it to solve.

Not only that – dreams can and ARE prophetic in many ways – if you only know how to a) interpret and b) UNDERSTAND them.

Believe me now and trust me later, there have been many instances of me dreaming about things that I dismissed as being “just dreams” and yet those very same things happened in my life a few days later.

But lets  not get carried away – visualization, eh?

So if you’re currently stuck at 10 – or perhaps 5 reps of the Hindu Squat before your legs turn to “toast” and all the iron will in the world isn’t getting you to higher reps – well – try and use your MIND to propel you there.

SEE yourself doing 50 – or 70 – or even 100 squats (even when you’re stuck at 10). Hold that vision in your mind’s eye for as long as you can – and add INTENSITY into your thoughts as you do so.

Really picture the scene – everything about it with EMOTION and INTENSITY – and when you actually train, try and recapture those scenes as well in your mind.

Ditto for pull-ups – Hindu pushups – handstand pushups – or ANY other goal you have.

Do this religiously for a couple of weeks, and report back on your progress. I think you’ll be nigh amazed.

Last, but not least – this doesn’t of course “let you off the hook” in terms of actually “doing the thing”.

Sure – you visualize it – and then you go out there and DO – but the visualization is key because a) done correctly it imparts a sense of VIM, VIGOR and unbridled enthusiasm and positive vibes to your actions and b) also frees your creative mind to think of solutions to issues that you were previously unable to solve.

So don’t ignore this very vital tool in your training arsenal, my friend.

In closing then – and in short – visualize your goals “See in your mind’s eye” – BELIEVE (a.k.a emotion etc) – and then go out there and ACHIEVE (do).

That’s really all there is to it!


Rahul Mookerjee

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Raging BULL like strength

Dear reader,

I just got done watching a short video clip of a massive bull literally toying with an even more massive Land Cruiser (with four occupants in it apparently).

Quite literally TOYING with it. The bull was literally using it’s neck and shoulders to lift up the massive vehicle repeatedly and dump it back down on the ground – – only to lift it up a few minutes later!

And one look at the bull’s build – – specifically the shoulders and neck should be more than enough to explain where the sheer raw POWER came from – – the power along with the endurance that allowed it to keep lifting such a heavy weight with ease and toss it back down again.

Reminded me of yet another video I saw – – another awesome display of strength in the animal kingdom where a grizzly bear was literally running up hill with a 1200 kg+ ADULT MOOSE – held in it’s JAWS alone!

And again – no prizes for guessing where that strength came from. One look at the grizzly’s thickly muscled shoulders and the “hump” on it’s upper back should be more than plenty to reveal the “secret” – if it can even be considered as such.

THAT, my friends is animal kingdom strength.

REAL strength – strength that WORKS in the real world. RAW, unfiltered and UNADULTERATED POWER!

And that’s the strength YOU should aspire to have – but unfortunately this sort of strength is rarely, if ever seen in modern day trainees today.

See that guy with the huge biceps and upper arms cranking out heavy curls in the gym? Well, ask him to pop off a set of 10 pull-ups in proper form and chances are he won’t be able to do it.

See that dude with the massive, gargantuan traps doing shrugs (or deadlifts) at the gym? Well, he may be and probably is strong in those movements, but ask him to do a set of dips in proper form – – or carry a beer barrel up a flight of stairs without breaking  much of a sweat – – and chances are it ain’t – a -gonna happen, my friend.

Truth be told you’ll never ever get AS strong as a runaway, raging Brahma bull – – or a grizzly bear no matter how hard you train, but the truth also IS that you WILL get stronger – – a lot,  lot stronger than 99.999% of modern day trainees if you train the right way – – and do the right exercises.

And one of these exercises, my friend is the handstand pushup. Done correctly this exercise BLOWS all others right out of the water.

Doing deadlifts and shrugs at the gym may give you “gym strength”, but nothing close to the raging BULL LIKE strength you’ll build – – and FEEL — when you get to the point of popping off 15 or more perfect handstand pushups per set.

And that’s just ONE of the exercise I detail in my advanced “Battletank Shoulders” course – just ONE! If you do the other exercises mentioned therein and partake of some of the sample workouts – – well – – watch out — you’ll be buying new shirts before long, my friend.

Not only that – – you’ll have an animal like magnetism and charisma to you that pumping heavy weights, pounding the pavement or doing “yoga shmoga” will not – and CANNOT – give you.

Most of all though you’ll have that look in the eye – that “ability” to conquer any and all obstacles placed in your path – – much like the famed Abrams tank that mercilessly and REMORSELESSLY PLOWS through any opposition placed in it’s path!

I don’t know about you – – but that right there makes it an attractive enough proposition for me, my friend – – so attractive that I’m about to bound outdoors and get started on some “BattleTank Shoulders” workouts right NOW – – right after I send this to you.

And that is exactly what I’m about to do.

Adios for now!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – I mention on the sales page that this course is only for SERIOUS trainees that want to develop mind boggling levels of strength and brutal “animal like” power in the shoulders and entire upper body/core. If you’re not part of this elite group, this course is NOT for you. If however, you ARE one of the few that aspires to greatness, well, look no further – – the ticket is right HERE – –


“Man with more muscle wear less clothes in public”

Dear reader,

Was taking a break from pounding out my latest course (which seems to be around 70% or so done, by the way – – a CORE exercise course you core fanatics are gonna LOVE) – – and saw something hilarious on one of the WeChat groups I’m a part of.

The group itself is a fairly innocous one – – nothing really special. The usual spiel, in other words – – bored folks posting nineteen to the dozen on the group about their lives, spouses (or lack thereof), picture of their dogs, what they ate for breakfast, and all the other stuff you see on Facebook etc so commonly.


What caught my attention though was the group administrator’s message – – which just so happened to be in Chinese, and the literal English translation (when I used the translate feature) was “Man who have more muscle wear less clothes in public”.

And it seemed like this kind of upset the dude as he followed it up with a “seems they like to show their muscles off” comment made in English – – and followed it up with a “I don’t care” emoticon – – several of them actually.

‘Twas funny for several reasons – – first off, because he quite obviously did care to an extent at least, else I doubt he’d post about it, eh. 😉

Second, the dude himself (at least judging from his online avatar) is in some SERIOUS, SERIOUS need of a solid fitness program to pack on the MUSCLE, my friend. Gives the term “skin and bones” a a whole new meaning, and I ain’t talking “scary strong skinny” here if you get my drift, hehe.

But most of all, because “showing off one’s muscles” is the LAST thing many of us – – at least us serious trainees have in mind when we train shirtless.

I often do this at home as well as outdoors – – training without a shirt is, for one, far more “natural” in many ways than training with clothing on, and anyone’s that’s actually done it will attest to that.

It allows you to “get into the feel of the workout” a LOT more than if you have restrictive clothing “sticking” on to your upper body (especially for those of you in hot, humid climates) – – and while it’s certainly not REQUIRED – – I often train shirtless these days both outdoors and indoors.

Showing off  or anything close to it is not the goal though as you might imagine. I’ve been doing some brutally tough ADVANCED stuff as of late, and the sweat starts to POUR within minutes – – not to mention the fact that my muscles feel like a sledgehammer has been pounding away at them after a few reps/sets.

And training shirtless outdoors feels SO MUCH better – – especially when I can feel the fresh breeze hit my skin – – believe me, I went from a max set of12 handstand pushups (at the end of some other tough stuff) to 15 simply by taking my shirt off and doing them “free” as it were – – without the added hindrance of the cloth sticking to my body – – and this as a finisher, mind you.

And for those that don’t think that sort of finisher tough – – well – – try cranking out a few of the workouts in Battletank Shoulders  – – and try adding in HSPU’s as a finisher IN BETWEEN each step of the workout (and for the right number of total reps). You’ll be screaming uncle in on time – – that I DO guarantee.

Anyway, the other reason I write about this is that training shirtless – is something – – and let’s face it, guys – – MOST men WANT to do – – be it at the gym, or beach, or swimming pool – – or even local park.

And sad part is, most men are way too embarassed to even take their shirts off in public – – let alone TRAIN without them.

How do I know? Well, a long, long time ago I used to be one of them, my friend.

Saggy man boobs, a bloated, protruding gut – – way too much junk in the trunk, and so forth. You name it, and I’ve been there – – and I still remember the feeling of sheer ENVY I experienced when I used to see folks stride past me confidently training shirtless.

No longer though. The tables have turned – – my, HOW they have turned, eh.

And they can turn for YOU too, my friend – – if you only know HOW to “get her done”.

And the way to get her done – – to blowtorch excess fat off your body rapidly – – to get rid of those bingo wings, man boobs, saggy arse and all that is to follow the 0 Excuses way.

A plethora of different exercises that you could do for your entire LIFE, and still never master — and get in better shape EACH AND EVERY time you did ’em.

A plethora of different workouts that you could use for your ENTIRE life – – and NEVER, I repeat, NEVER ever feel ashamed about taking your shirt off in public once you get started on ’em.

A plethora of mind blowing workouts that will have you packing on muscle ALL over your body – – and hitting spots you never knew existed – – not to mention giving you slabs of concrete for ABS.

And much, much more.

So don’t miss out. If you haven’t already, stop by and grab the 0 Excuses Fitness System right here, my friend – –

You’ll be glad you did – – that I CAN promise.

Anyway – that’s the story for today. I’m STILL buzzing from that ultra tough workout I did today – – and I’ll write about that some other time!

If you train today – go  ALL out – – and make it a GREAT, GREAT one!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Here is that link again – –