Chinese lady crawls like a bear

Dear reader,

Went for a jaunt up the hill this afternoon after a) taking care of some business and b) doing some (well, just one) moneeeeeeeeeeeeee visualizations that I was pretty much raring to go and KICK some MAJOR league RUMP after that, my friend.

Funny part was it took about a word on the part of my wife, and then about 10 seconds of visualization and presto – – I was BEAMING like the sun done presented itself in  my cup of tea, hehe.

I speak about the power of visualization in a lot of my (if not all) writing, and believe you me, there’s a darn good reason.

Anyway, as I did my jaunt up the hill I interspersed my walking with some different things, one of which left me gasping for air within 60 seconds flat – but get this – this was done UPHILL – and this was done in a position that made it “uphill X 5”.

Quite literally.

I suppose you can guess what I am referring to here, no?

Well, anyway – as I crawled my way  up the hill I heard the usual “Wah’s” and the “Gui Lao” comments directed at me, none in a bad way though. Just the usual “that crazy foreign devil is at it again” kind of thing, and truth be told I don’t particularly mind that.

A couple of kids came my way as I was doing this, and tried to imitate, but one fell over on his backside and the other (after a few energetic back pedals) gave me a huge smile and decided it wasn’t for him. A dog licked my nose gently as I was doing this as well.

And as I stood up after competing round #1, I saw this Chinese family going uphill (on legs, mind you, of course). It seemed like an older couple and the mother in law by the looks of it, but I’m not sure – but I think that is what it was.

And I noticed the older lady gesticulating and pointing with a “Hmmm!” sort of manner, and then turning to tell the other two about the benefits of what I was doing.

I don’t understand a  lot of Chinese, but “hao zhaung” (very strong) was one of the things that stood out amongst others.

And as I finished round #3, I saw something amazing – this lady (probably around the age of 65 or so) was actually trying to imitate me and walk up hill like a bear!

Now, naturally being she’s a lot older and probably has a lot of issues with her back etc – she couldn’t do it for more than a couple of seconds, but – and hold on to your HAT when I say this – most ABLE BODIED and young adults would do good to even get into this position, let alone anything else.

These, and other super effective “animal like” movements are mentioned in the 0 Excuses Fitness System.

A lot of people overlook these in terms of the other exercises – probably because they’re nowhere as “glam”, eh? I mean, much rather do 50 pushups than say you crawled like a bear for 5 minutes – or seconds?

Yea, I thought so but thats a big mistake. Those exercises may take up no more than a page or so in the book – but the “get fit” potion contained therein is SO potent that I could and probably will in the future write an entire book on these movements!

Anyway, I finished up and then walked briskly back up the hill , leaving the rest in my “tow” as it were.

That’s the one thing about doing quadruped training – you’ll increase your speed and strength in regular “biped” movements like NEVER before if you do it right.

Knocked off a few handstand pushups, and presto, as I tumbled down, I saw the old lady trying to get into position again.

And this time, I couldn’t help but go over to help – and point out what she was doing wrong and correct accordingly.

I gave her a few tips on how to – and how NOT to – move her feet and place her heels when crawling in this particular position as well as a few hand positions that may not seem like much but have a manifold impact in terms of their impact on your body.

But what stands out is this – she was willing and open to DO it – to TRY – the sort of willingness that you only generally see in a lot of older people (that are no longer bothered by “what does he think of me”) or young kids who of course follow their heart.

And in both cases, they’re right.

And guess what – – in both cases, they’re improving their fitness a lot, lot more than the “adult” average Joe.

Now I don’t know about you – – but if less than a minute of crawling around like a bear fried my ass (and made me feel like I needed nothing more) – – well, then I’d do it, my friend.

I’d also do some of the other animal like movements detailed in the System – – and I’d be done with it before you could say voila – – and then savor the BUZZ – – and get on with the rest of my day.

That’s what I’d suggest you to do as well.

Take some time to explore the movements found in the System – – they’ll benefit you like never before.

The 0 Excuses Fitness System


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – I’m almost done with  my new course on pull-ups – – the second level as it were. “Dud to Stud” gave you the keys to banging out pull-ups like nobody’s biz, and NOW, it’s time to take it to the next level. Hidden keys galore. Oh yeahhhh. Be on the outlook for it soon – – it BE CRACKING,  my friend.

Walk up the stairs – on your HANDS!

Dear reader,

Many moons ago, I saw the most amazing thing ever.

‘Twas a hot, balmy day in New Orleans and I was there with my “partner” at the time – – and while I was happily sipping on a brewskie in the French Quarter (they got some GOOOD brews there, by the way) – she suggested we take a bit of a walk around and explore the Quarter a bit more.

Ok – no problemo, and though I was sort  of reluctant to leave air-conditioned interiors for the hot, muggy air of New Orleans (I love the French Quarter, by the way!) – all good.

And as we walked past several stalls, eateries, beer drinkers and party goers galore – I saw a couple of gymnasts – or should I say “acrobats-cum-gymnasts” plying their trade.

There was a loud speaker on the ground blasting out the latest hip hop (at the time) and these two guys – and more than what they were doing – it was their LOOK – their physical characteristics that caught my eye.

To say they looked like CAVEMEN of yore would be an understatement, my friend.

Perhaps “bronzed warriors” would be a better description.

Or perhaps even “elite level musclemen with scary, scary levels of strength indeed”.

And I’m not kidding.

Massive, rippling chest muscles that moved every time THEY did. BRAWNY, corded forearms that looked like snakes were curling up the well proportioned upper arms – – which looked like tree trunks to me to be honest.

And as I goggled on, one of these guys turned and I saw his back.

To say that it put most modern bodybuilders – and bardoors – or perhaps a combination of both to shame would be a gross, gross understatement!

I could go on and on – could wax lyrical on this – but you get the drift, don’t you?

“We must see this”, I nudged her, and she nodded, seeing how interested I was in their skills.

And what exactly were they doing?

Well – simply a variety of handbalancing stunts – but so advanced that even the most elementary of their stunts would make you choke / spit your morning coffee out on disbelief.

Part of what they were doing, and what really, REALLY, REALLY – and I mean REALLY got me “going” was the two dudes walkin up a flight of stairs – slowly and – UNASSISTED!

Oh, and need I say – – on their HANDS, in a perfect handstand all throughout!

Not only that, they walked BACK down those stairs as well.

There were freestanding handstand pushups galore (nose to the ground) and various other stunts that I have NOT seen duplicated till date anywhere else, although I am sure there are folks that exist that can do even better.

The sky is the limit – my friend – and if you think size is a factor – well, think again.

These two guys were pillars of brawn, but on the other side of the equation it bears mentioning that I once saw footage of a Shaolin monk in China holding – – get this – – a handstand – – a freestanding handstand – – on … the … INDEX FINGERS OF EACH HAND!

I mean by GOLLY, is there ANYTHING the mind cannot train the body to do – and do well??

Anyway, these memories have stuck with me, my friend – – and THESE memories are why I FIRST started training handstands.

And it’s why – once I got good at handstand pushups – that I decided to write “Shoulders like boulders” to bring that same skill to YOU!

Plenty of people want to do handstand pushups, but don’t know how to.

And believe it or not, the best way is NOT what is commonly taught i.e. to kick up against the wall. Sure, you can do ’em that way if you so choose – they’re a heck of a lot easier than what I teach, but easy doesn’t come with immense rewards either.

And if you’re after the reward I’m after – – which is walking flights of stairs on my hands in perfect form – – UNASSISTED – well then, my friend, this way of training will NOT, I repeat NOT, do much to get you there.

That’s why I advocate doing the handstand pushups the way I do in Shoulders like Boulders.

It’s the best, if not ultra-quickest ways to get better at doing REAL handstand pushups, which are freestanding handstand pushups (and which, by the way, are going to be the topic of my NEXT shoulder-upper body-specific book – level #3 as it were).

I’ve been posting about level #2 for the past couple of days, but it bears mentioning that you do not build skyscrapers without first building a solid base.

And if you’re looking at building a solid base in terms of eventually getting to freestanding handstands – and then the freestanding handstand pushups (and let’s face it – you know THAT is what really impresses you and is what you want) then Shoulders like Boulders is where you need to start.

This course not only details the basic handstand pushup (basic for me, at least) – it also gives you many other supplementary exercises that you can work into your routine – including ONE special exercise that I have NOT included even in 0 Excuses Fitness.

Grab the manual right here –

And once you’re done with that, it’ll be time to move on to level #2. But know that you can do simply what is mentioned in level #1 – and still make excellent gains for the rest of your life, my friend.

And if you’ve got weightlifters and gym goers “scoffing and sneering” at you, saying bodyweight exercises don’t build strength and “Doubting Thomases” claiming that “handstands are harmful for the shoulders” (I’ve actually heard this rubbish so many times it makes me want to puke)?

Well, easy peeze.

First, ask them if THEY can do what you’re doing. Chances are excellent and next to none that NONE of the folks in the above two categories will be able to come even close to achieving anything close to a basic handstand – let alone hold the position – and forget about the actual pushup itself.

And then – once thats done – pop off about 5 perfect handstand pushups in a set, and stand back up casually – feeling GREAT AND on TOP of the world – like you could CONQUER it at a minute’s notice.

Oh BOY, only hanstand pushups can give you that feeling!

As you do so, take a minute to drink, admire, enjoy and SAVOR the looks of disbelief, astonishment, wonder, bewilderment, AWE – and ENVY on said people’s faces.

I guarantee you – THAT alone will be worth the entire “price of admission!”

All for now – back again later!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – If you’re already done with Shoulders like Boulders – – then BattleTank shoulders is  the next level and it is available right HERE – –

“Gabru Jawan” training

Dear reader,

When I was a young lad back in the day, I heard this one term being used and it stuck with  me almost INSTANTLY.

I think it was my father that first used it? I’m not very sure, but I believe it was …

I dont know why, but there was certain RING to the words as well as the actual English meaning of it that it translated into that STUCK with me – until THIS day, my friend.

For those that don’t know, this is a Hindi expression, Hindi being one of the numerous languages used in India.

“Gabru” translates into – well, “strong and virile” – or perhaps “son of the soil” or perhaps “solid character” or a combo of all the above. You get the drift.

“Jawan” on the other hand translates into SOLDIER – a soldier on the actual BATTLEFIELD – a real WARRIOR (and no keyboard warriors do NOT count).

Put these together, and it translates into “He-man”, or “Superman” – take your pick – you get the drift.

And naturally, being I was a thin (if admittedly spunky even then) lad desperately looking to pile on some muscle – this sort of thing was music to my ears – and being I was about 6 or 7 (you know, the age when boys just start to mature a little, but not really) – I’d run up and down the halls pounding my chest calling myself “Gabru Jawan” and feeling like a BILLION bucks every time I did it.

This led to some degree of ridicule from some of my family members – and of course that “knowing smile” from other, wiser ones who knew that while the words themselves might sound strange, the feeling  behind it was anything but.

Ridicule be damned – it was to be encouraged and yet unfortunately it drew a great deal of ridicule from the person “supposed to be” closest to a young child – and naturally this was NOT good for my already wilting confidence.

Looking back upon this, when my four year old daughter is excited about something – -really, really excited, the one thing we NEVER do is ridicule her. In fact we encourage her more – and more – and MORE – sometimes to the point of what some may consider to be excessive, but there is no excess when it comes to encouraging young kids, my friend.

ONE negative comment (along the lines of “he thinks he’s so strong!” followed by a disapproving glare) can REALLY, REALLY stunt a kid’s development – and I’m referring to mental development here, my friend.

Far better to say a bazillion POSITIVE – and heartfelt things – rather than ONE heartfelt negative – and UNTRUE thing!

Anyway, why am I taking you down this trip down  memory lane, you ask?

Well – because THESE are the very terms that somehow for whatever reason popped into my mind while I was on about rep #12 or so of my handstand pushups, done with my arms WIDE, WIDE out.

Believe me now and trust me later, man oh MAN – I was feeling on TOP of the whole world – ready to BASH down any and ALL obstacles in my path – and the feeling coursing through  my veins was NOTHING short of a feeling of sheer, utter and COMPLETE success, my friend.

COMPLETE success from the INSIDE OUT – and I’m not referring to external appearances here.

Feeling like a REAL man. A WARRIOR – a soldier – someone whose been in the TRENCHES with his BROTHERS across the globe – and again – a REAL man as opposed to the sniveling sissified mess most modern day men seem to have turned into.

Modern day man, my friend, seems to have become an unslovenly,  lazy and supremely unfit caricature of what Mother Nature intended him to be (the exact “supreme” opposite if anything).

And it’s not even entirely his fault.

You see, most people have been fed a bill of goods, my friend – both in terms of life – and in terms of physical fitness.

When a modern day man sees challenges in front of him – his first instinct and reaction is to throw in the towel and “let others handle it”. He then goes back to his couch and pizza and continues munching on in the same sorry vein as before.

When a modern day man faces adversity he doesn’t tackle it HEAD ON, FRONTWARDS, and ALL GUNS BLAZING like his ancestors did.

No, he retreats further and further into the “cocoon of denial” and continues to deny the reality staring him right in the face – and when he can’t deny it any longer he starts to bawl.

The vast majority of modern day men go to the gym, grunt out a few reps on the chest press, and then throw on heavy weights – heavier than they can handle onto the bench press, and attempt to press it (or make some half ass 2 inch presses), and then pound their chests and claim they’re King Kong before prancing off to the mirror to take their selfies (and hide their beer guts while they’re doing so).

All of this, my friend is NOT what a real man does – but more importantly, and this is the ENTIRE POINT OF THIS POST – it does NOT make you FEEL like a real man!

Those in the know what I’m talking about here.

A “jawan” in the heat (or cold if we’re talking mountain warfare) of battle doesn’t have the time or patience to complete defeat or difficulty.

He GOES ON no matter what – regardless of how hard the battle may seem at that point – drags himself through the muck – does what he NEEDS to do in order to – WIN!

A Marine doesn’t simply take on an assignment thinking “I may do it”.

No – – he knows there is NO SECOND BEST!

Second sucks – – and the feeling associated with  it does as well.

The ONLY feeling a REAL MAN – and those that ARE real men have, and should have is a feeling of SUCCESS – of EMPOWERMENT – GUMPTION.

YOU should feel like you’re able to MOW through obstacles and barriers the way an Abrams tank relentlessly PLOUGHS through any and ALL opposition until IT is the surviving behemoth.

Do or die. Sink or swim. The time is NOW – and remember one thing – there is NO in-between.

You either DO it – or you stay content to remain feeling the way you are right NOW!

The choice is yours – and there is only one right choice. You know it bubba.

Now, up there I mentioned that handstand pushups are the ONLY exercise, bar none, that when done correctly will give you that “MOW down obstacles at a minute’s notice feeling”.

Granted, not all of us deal with the trials and tribulations our brothers and sisters in the military go through on a daily basis (not even near) – but we DO deal with the BATTLE of LIFE, my friend.

EACH ONE of us deals with this – and when life throws up obstacles – as it often does, the ONLY way to conquer them is to be a BATTLETANK standing SOLID in the face of what may seem like relentless and unremitting adversity.

Mere words do NOT count – it’s the feeoling that counts.

And when you combine what I’ve already taught you in Shoulders like BOULDERS, and implement the secret KEY that I’ve mentioned in Battletank Shoulders, well – WATCH OUT.

That “feeling” – that GUMPTION coursing through your veins – that “OOO RAAA RAA” feeling of POWER, my friend – ANIMAL LIKE POWER – will you yours times a HUNDRED.

That’s right. Battletank Shoulders is the next level, but it’s literally “Shoulders like Boulders” * 100 in terms of sheer FEELING, my friend.

But yes, at the end of the day – ’tis indeed your choice.

If you’re content to go through life as a weak “snivelly” caricature of what a real man was supposed to be – then that’s fine by me.

Other hand, if you’re willing to do what it takes to be a “GABRU JAWAN” in the BATTLE OF LIFE – then I’m here for you, my BROTHER. Oh YES, I am!

Be a JAWAN, my friend. There is NO other way.


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – The time to take back that bill of goods you were sold is NOW. Here , then is that link one more time – 

Tarzan Papa

Dear reader,

Was so excited after completing my brand new course “BattleTank Shoulders” on Saturday that the first thing I did after getting the sales page was not to email my list etc – but send a picture out to my wife.

And my daughter, of course.

And the reaction?

“Tarzan Papa!” “Ha, Ha, ha”, followed up by a series of oh-so-cute giggles from my 4 year old daughter who apparently enjoyed it as well.

Sounds funny – but is SPOT ON – my friend. Not only will the course will give you shoulders like the proverbial TARZAN – swinging from branch to branch like a PRO – Jane in tow, don’t forget, hehe – but it will also build a rock solid upper body like  never before.

Getting good at what I tell you in Shoulders like Boulders is the first level, but the NEXT level is right HERE, my friend.

It’s right here, and it’ll knock yer SOCKS off.

Without further ado, BOUND – LEAP – on over to the sales page, and order your copy NOW.

Battletank SHOULDERS


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Almost forgot to post these – –


Do pushups build any real strength?

Dear reader,

Many moons ago  I was in conversation with a couple of contacts online (or perhaps it was on the phone – I’m not too sure as of now).

We were talking exercises  – specifically upper body exercises, and I naturally “pulled” for my favorite upper body exercise – that being the pushup.

This apparently did not go down too well with the others though.

Person A – “Hmmmph! Just pushups! That doesnt build any real strength – hell, does it even build ANY strength? ”

Person B – “Oh, I know, I know. Doing pushups is easy. I can do them all day, and still not experience a lick of growth from them”.

Person C (me) – “Yes, but … ”

And then nothing. Figured it’s best not to spend time educating those who don’t want to be educated, and yet that was by far NOT the only time I’ve heard idiots make such retarded statements.

Anyone that says the pushup doesnt build strength has got  to be a grade A moron – NO questions asked.

Or, and more likely – this person is probably part of the “wannabe gang”. The “envious, jealous and lazy” gang that hangs around watching those in the know pound out their exercises – secretly try to do them at home – fail miserably because of a) their poor conditioning and b) their ponderous bellies which make it even harder for them to DO the actual pushup – even one or two of them.

Hey, it’s kinda hard doing pushups when your tummy insists on hitting the floor first as opposed to your chest – and NOT because you’re bending your lower back. It’s ok. I understand. Yada, nada, schnada.

Laugh away, my dear reader, but the truth is that what I’ve just said above will probably tick off a lot of the people that have been conditioned to believe that bodyweight exercises are useless.

So be it.

And fact is most of these same people would be hard pressed to do even FIVE reps of said exercise in proper form.

Take the average whiner, and ask him to pump out 25 slow – REGULAR (supposedly the easiest eh) pushup – and chances are he won’t get past 5 or 7. In fact, chances are excellent that these same whiners won’t even be able to do those 5 or 7 in letter perfect form.

(And no, wildly bouncing up and down doesn’t constitute a pushup, my friend).

In elite forces around the world, the recruits do – guess what as a MAINSTAY of their routine.

Pushups, my friend – and done as I teach in the 0 Excuses Fitness System, with FULL extension.

Not half ass baked reps and certainly not reps where the chest bounces off the floor and the arms barely go beyond 90 degrees.

But why just elite forces? Boxers – wrestlers – sprinters – what do each of these groups of athletes do as a common part of their training?

Pushups, pushups, and more pushups – now, how could that be eh? I thought they didn’t build strength?

Second, even in the rare eventuality that said moaner and pisser is able to pound out 25 strict reps, does this mean the pushup won’t build strength beyond that?

Not a chance, my friend. Not a chance.

Make that 25 50 and then 70 – then 90 – and then 100.

Once you’re able to pump out 100 strict pushups without stopping, I’ll stop by and talk to you. I bet you’ll be singing a different tune by then as well, hehe.

Bottom line – – those that complain about bodyweight exercises being too easy are either a) way too fat, slovely and out of shape to even DO them correctly let alone make remarks.

And b) they don’t know what they’re yellin about, my friend.

Now, my point in writing all this isn’t to ask you to stop lifting weights if that is your thing (and that seems to be common chorus we hear from these type of people).

“Wah, my bench press numbers keep going up! Goody!”

“I can pull over 250 on the lat pulldown! Hooray!”

And I’m here to tell you that – – if you truly believe that courting injury and training the wrong way is the way to go, well – – then – – go for it, pally.

I sure can’t stop you and wouldn’t try either. To each his own.

But if you make a comment about “pushups not building any real strength” – then – well – you know where the first voice of “dissent ” will pipe up.

Then of course, you’ve got the ass clowns that claim “pushups are boring” and “thats why they’ve never got past a certain rep count”.

OK, well here’s the deal – what I do is I tell these people to do something that interests them while they pound out the pushups (despite this NOT being the right thing to do).

But I mean, if they’re so easy – hey. Might as well watch T.V. while doing ’em, eh? Or ogle the babes? And once you get the boredom out of the way, you’d think these folks would achieve record reps?

WRONG. In many cases, even less.

So moral of the story – when someone comes to you with this same old sorry spiel of “pushups being easy” et al – simply smile and nod “knowingly” , and let it slide off your back. You’ll be all the better off it – and you’ll have the last laugh anyway, hehe.

Last but not least, great, great exercise though pushups are, am I saying they’re ALL you need?

Have I ever said that?

I don’t think so. Variety is key, and I’ve always emphasized this in most of my training courses/routines (including my own personal training routines).

But here’s the point.

Pushups – YES, just the pushup – have so many different varieties that you could spend an entire lifetime performing all the different variations and still not learn ’em all.

In fact, give me about 10 minutes and I’ll put you through HELL with NOTHING other than varieties of the FLOOR pushup, my friend.

In 0 Excuses Fitness though, I give you so many different variations on the pushup that quite frankly speaking my head spins when I look back through the book and the 5 videos we created. Cindy and myself certainly worked “overtime” during those few days, hehe …

Last, but not least, all these different variations don’t just get you fit – they do something that other exercises, including, yes, a lot of other bodyweight exercises don’t – – which is to get you buzzing and feeling GREAT – – at an entirely different “inner” level altogether.

Reverse pushups are one of the cornerstones of the 0 Excuses Fitness System, and these alone make me feel like I could conquer the WORLD, my friend – and in less than 8 to 10 minutes flat.

Lifting weights doesn’t give you that buzz. Neither does yanking away mindlessly at the machines while watching T.V. And long distance runs (a.k.a pounding the pavement) most certainly do not either.

Anyway, the next time a “herd” of gym gorillas gives you the old spiel about pushups being useless, ask them to pop off 50 strict reps before your eyes.

I bet you they won’t be able to do it.

And then, of course its YOUR turn to be the center of attention – as you – the 0 Excuses DOER – stride on over to the center of action and pop ’em off like there’s no tomorrow – and cooly walk away leaving the “fuming” onlookers to their devices, hehe.

A zen like state as it were – – and such is life when training the right way, my friend.

Find out more about the right way HERE – –


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Was having a few “brewskies” with my friend the other day and he told me there was a guy in his platoon that could knock off 200 STRICT reps in the military pushup – without getting off his hands. Now THAT is some serious, heavy duty strength, my friend – don’t you think so? Must admit as well that I’ve never thought of going beyond 70 or 80 strict reps in one set (occasionally a 100, but not too often) – – but 200?? That’s SUPER STUD level, my friend. Oh yessssss it isssssss!

What kind of music should you listen to when you train?

Dear reader,

After I got done with my 0 Excuses workout I headed outside for a bit of a jaunt  up the hill.

Made it up there before I  knew it, and then dived into a 10 minute stretching routine which left me feeling loose, limber – and like a bazillion bucks – all with TWO simple movements that believe it or not stretch practically every muscle in the entire body.

I was doing a couple of tough variants of said movements, by the way, and as I was training ,some “soft” melodies suddenly started to play on the public announcement system spread out and located at  “strategic” points throughout this entire park.

And suddenly – out of the blue – IMAGES appeared in  my mind.

‘There was a couple of kids blowing bubbles nearby and my mind instantly switched back in time as if it were yesterday, and a 6 month old daughter appeared in my mind’s eye, desperately trying to “pop” the bubbles while reaching out of Papa’s protective “mother gorilla” arms, hehe.

My wife appeared in my mind’s eye – and in my mind’s eye, she was “enveloping” the three of us in a huge bear hug.

As the music went on and on, these images kept on popping into my mind, and the hordes of people around in the background faded away to nothing.

My buddy suddenly showed up as well – you know who I’m talking about, don’t you ?

My buddy – my good friend and BROTHER – with over 25 years of service in the USMC, but he didn’t show up in his current civilian avatar.

No indeed – a “younger” version of this  human MACHINE (and yes, that is what he is – right down to his battleship like build) in full combat gear popped into mind – READY for combat – and READY to blast down any and all obstacles, and …

And … DOING so.

Conquering one peak after the other. Until there was nary a peak  left to conquer, and the “tired” soldier could stop for a wee bit of rest (but only a bit, of course).

Several other people that are or have been close to me in one regard or the other flashed into my mind as well.

Gautam – a “Pull-ups from Dud to STUD” customer from India that gave my product a hefty “5” thumbs UP popped into mind, even though I’ve never met him personally.

I saw him furiously trying to get better at pull-ups – then finally getting his perfect REP – and then progressing on to BIGGER AND BETTER after that.

And truth be told, as all this happened, and the melodies kept playing, I’d be lying to say thata tiny little tear didn’t escape my eye – – unnoticed by ALL but yours truly.

Now, why am I telling you all this?

Well, up there I told you I was engaged in some tough stretches – but guess what – while these images floated around in mind with the corresponding HEAVY emotions they aroused, I suddenly noticed that I was going further and further into one version of the stretch – further than I’ve ever been before.

And this without even thinking about it either consciously or otherwise.

So, does listening to the right kind of music help your training? You bet – and in more ways than one, my friend.

Not only can it help you improve actual  physical  PERFORMANCE – but – and more importantly, it’ll open the meridians of the mind  – and get you vibrating at deeper and more conscious level than you ever have before.

And the relaxed, “at peace with the world” feeling that SWEPT over me as I finished up was unlike anything I ever felt before. I was literally so blissed out that … Well, I’m not going to go there, but hey, point being – – I was literally in a state of EUPHORIA, my friend.

Quite literally.

All this being said of course the  key thing to remember here is the “right kind of music”.

Heavy metal, rap, rock, and other “punk bands” or even rock do NOT count.

Sure – if you want to listen to any of that while you train, go for it. You’re certainly not alone – the vast majority  of people around the world seem to prefer said music while training, but guess what.

This kind of music does next to nothing to put you in a blissed out state – and does ZERO in terms of giving you a mental tune up – from the INSIDE OUT.

Don’t just listen to me though. It’s been proven for one that plants grow better when exposed to classical music as opposed to rock music blaring all day which causes them to wilt prematurely and eventually die.

Ever felt the birds “chirp” while flying up yonder in the sky and felt a deep, strange sense of contentment at that noise?

Well, birds – – and Mother Nature in general seems to “vibrate” at the same frequency ranges that most “classical” (or slow melodies) seem to vibrate at, my friend.

And it’s not even what is being said that counts – – it is the TUNE – – and the TONE that counts.

I’ll have more on this later, but for now – the KEY thing to remember?

Well, it is THIS – the reason the 0 Excuses Fitness System works so well is not simply because it builds strength, endurance and super duper flexibility  like NO other workout system on the planet does.

It does all this – sure – but it also does something else – something far more important – that being to RELAX you at a deeper level than you ever thought possible.

I’ve often been in a similar blissed out state when doing a lot of the pushups in the System – Hindus and reverse pushups being the two that come most readily to mind here.

You can learn how to do the above two exercises right here –

Always remember that the point of training is NOT to beat yourself – rather – it is to INVIGORATE you – and get you feeling like a MILLION bucks, my friend.

You’re not there to break your body down. Your building it – and other things – from the INSIDE out.

Ponder this while you sip your morning cuppa.



P.S. – Recieved an asinine comment the other day about how “pushups don’t build any real strength” from a clown with belly hanging over pants. Apparently he thought “simply doing pushups is nothing”. I’m surprised how he did even one without his belly touching the ground. Really. Anyway, more on that later today – stay tuned!


Dear reader,

Well, its been a while coming – – but those of you that have been doing handstand pushups regularly a.k.a “Shoulders like Boulders” now have the NEXT level to look forward to.

And it’s right here on the 0 Excuses Site, my friend – – and what IS it, you ask?

Well – simple – my newest product is “BattleTank Shoulders” – – a course that if used and implemented will super turbo sky rocket you into the “elitest of elite” category when it comes to “Abrams tank” like shoulders and a MASSIVE upper body that ripples with BRAWN – real brawn.

An upper body that is every bit as strong as it looks.

A RIPPED – and ferociously powerful and punctional, “punch proof” midsection – but all of this would come to naught with the most important part of it all – – which is the MIND.

In the USMC the “Marine Crucible” is the last stage (amongst many brutally demanding stages prior to that) which a recruit must pass to get that elite and COVETED “Marine” tag, my friend.

And it’s brutal – and rightfully so. In fact U.S. Marine Corps training is brutal from day one, and thats how it should be.

None of the mamsy pamsy “weaning in” stage that the other branches incorporate to “gradually ease” the trainees in.

None of that in the USMC and rightfully so. “Weaning in” is for WEENIES, if I might say so, and neither real life not real life battles allow you to be “gradually eased in”.

No – you get thrown in at the DEEP END – sink or swim – it’s up to YOU.

And the crucible of life is often tougher than the Marine Crucible, my friend. Believe me, I’ve been there several times.

It requires guts, perseverance, GUMPTION, desire, dedication – – and above all a KEEN SPIRIT to keep going and “blast ’em down” no matter what to see the sun “finally” arise the next day!

Most modern men do NOT have this mentality. When life gets tough, they grab a towel to wipe their tears away or bury their heads in a pillow wishing the problem will go away,  but of course, that is NOT how it works.

Point of me telling you all this?

Well – simply to point out that the #1 benefit you will receive from this course is not physical, my friend.

It’s mental – and while the physical benefits are indeed GALORE and ASTOUNDING – the MENTAL benefits are something else altogether.

The sheer CONFIDENCE – and willpower you build from doing these exercises will take your FOCUS, drive, determination, dedication and LEVELS OF GUMPTION to “planet Hero” from “planet zero”, my friend.

‘Tis true. Once you start doing these exercises you’ll also get the look of the tiger – that look that excludes confidence without you even knowing it.

Heads will turn to look at YOU – be they at the office, the local gym, park, bar, or perhaps even just walking down the street.

And again, it’s been a while coming to be honest, but I finally got the course done and put it on the site – so without further ado, BOUND on over now to see what the fuss is all about –

I look forward to welcoming you aboard the BATTLETANK.


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Gym junkies, think the gym will build strength levels even remotely close to what you’ll get here? Not a chance, my friend – not a chance in tarnation. That holds true for Shoulders like Boulders – and it holds doubly, triply – – or heck, even “quadruply” true for THIS course. So drop everything you’re doing and SPRINT on over NOW to make the best fitness purchase of your LIFE right HERE –

I’m doing it for YOU!

Dear reader,

Oh BOY – what a day – and what a workout it was, or turned out to be – and unlike a lot of my other notes, let me start with the “end” first.

That being – I’m doing it for YOU!  You – and who does that encompass?

Well, you – the reader, for one,  but many many others as well, and I’ll get into that below shortly (or “after” at length, hehe).

This post may end up running the length of a brook – or the size and word count of a novel, hehe. Today’s post is going to be EVEN MORE stream of consciousness than it normally is – so watch out, my friend.

So, woke up today – still not fully recovered from that nasty flu as it were – and the weather outside didn’t make it much  better.

Had a bit of a “tete – a tete” with a few folks online, but didnt really make me feel much better – pretty much because said folks were NOT really looking to feel better themselves – – they were pretty much looking to drag others down into the same quagmire of “despair” etc as well.

Not that any of that matters to me, but hey – I’m human too – and after dealing with all this, I started to feel the clouds of negativity seep over me as well.

Self doubt. Despair. Negativity – and YES – despite buzzing positively and VIBRANTLY for the vast majority  of time, yours truly is human too – and does occasionally end up feeling a “bit down” as it were.

No problemo – did some visualizations aka yesterday’s post, and the good feelings were back in full force, my friend.

And what next but a 0 Excuses Fitness workout after that, of course.

Now, I think I remember mentioning it’s been cold as heck out here “in this neck of the woods” this week.

And it’s not just the outdoors that’s cold – due to the lack of heating in most homes in Southern china (unless it’s installed per demand) – the houses can feel more like a block of ice than an actual “warm” home, hehe.

Home sweet home nonetheless, but a COLD ONE!

And as I started to do my squats, I finished off about 50 without breaking a sweat – which I wouldn’t anyway, but especially not in this weather, but it did nothing to warm me up TODAY, my friend. It’s THAT cold today.

Tried some pushups, but while the pushups themselves were going fine, I was still freezing my you know what off while doing ’em!

Not good – and that was the point I decided I’d do this workout outdoors – and finish o ff with a few toughies.

A few.  Yeah. Right. But wait. We’ll get to that part.

Before I get into the details of that, most readers know that I rarely, if ever, venture outdoors unless I need an advanced (for me) workout – and with good reason. My 0 Excuses Fitness workout does MORE than plenty to keep me in shape, and great shape at that, and it’s got plenty of exercises you can work at ALL your life, and never get bored – or truly master, for that matter.

That course – plus the FREE stuff – and the videos is available right HERE –

Anyway, so walked on to the park, and there was a COLD, .COLD breeze flowing, my friend. O YES, it was cold – and this cold weather didn’t do much to “raise” my spirits – and even less when my nose was almost frozen after cracking off about 100 squats in front of a lake in the park.

Felt like Rudolph the red nosed reindeer at that point to be honest, but I carried on. Moved on to another spot to continue my  pushups.

Hit about 35 Hindus, and 20 “table” pushups, and started to feel a bit better –  and it was at this point that I really started to get my arse in gear, and crank out reps one after the other, willy nilly, and yet in good form.

That right there is a key tip by the way – when training in cold weather, move even quicker than you would normally.

I do NOT advocate stopping to “smell the roses” or “ogle the babes” or check your phones or any such rot anyway – but do so even less in cold weather. Your body will thank you for it – and so will your rep counts.

And after about 80 pushups – I decided it was time for some GOOD STUFF – some ADVANCED STUFF as it were!

On it was to to the pull-ups – and I was done with 20 before I knew it, and I REALLY started to feel GOOD now!

The cumulative effect of the workout was starting to hit me – hoo boy it was – big time!

And then it was onto 20 handstand “shoulders like boulders” style pushups – and as I got through these, it was like a MIRACLE happened, my friend.

The clouds parted. The skies brightened (literally so for a while) – and I think I even heard a stray bird or two sing out yonder as it were.

And the breathing intensified even more! EVEN MORE – and THIS combined with more “cumulative” effect is what was hitting me – and causing the negative feeling inside of me to dissipate as if the positive was a red hot knife cutting through BUTTER, my friend.

A smile appeared on my face as I was done with the HSPU’s. But I was NOT done with the workout – oh no, not by FAR, hehe.

Proceeded back on to the chinning station (my version of it, anyway) and cranked out 20 more pull-ups. Various styles – some that I haven’t even written about in “Pull-ups – from Dud to Stud” – and with good reason – they’re so advanced that most trainees wouldn’t be able to even get into position in one of these, let alone attempt to do ’em.

Then it was onto … you guessed it.

And after that – it was time for a backwards saunter up the hill – and then back down, with stretches galore before, after and DURING IT – not to mention ONE certain movement that I mentioned in 0 Excuses Fitness – one that is often ignored, but one that will get your ass in shape faster than you can say “voila”.

Now, those that have kept track (I did) might notice I was on rep #140 in terms of overall pushups/pull-ups. 40 of those were TOUGHIES as well.

And after all this, for whatever reason, I felt compelled to finish all this off with 60 more pushups – but NOT done all at once – and NOT the easy variants.

No – what ended up happening was another round of pull-ups and pushups – handstand pushups at that – and I ended up banging out 30 reps of each (in sets) before I finally collapsed and headed back home.

I didnt mention the grip work I did before that – hehe – but either way, today was a MAMMOTH workout, my friend.

A MAMMOTH workout – and my GOOD feelings right about now are in DIRECT proportion to the rep counts of the toughies.

And thats how it should be, my friend. Exercise the right way. Do TOUGH exercises that make you PUFF – and PESPIRE – even in biting cold weather, and you’ll soon see that negative and bad feelings can nary make an appearance near you.

And as I walked on back down the hill (backwards if that makes any sense) – various people came to mind.

People that I’m doing all this for. People like YOU, my friend and dear reader.

People that have been close to me in the past – and people that are close to me NOW.

My friends. My FAMILY – immediate family. My BROTHER (a man that’s unknowingly yet willingly done more for me “vibe wise” than anyone else I’ve encountered) – and he – YOU – know who you are, my friend.

And many others.

Hell, I’m even doing it for the naysayers – those that claim bodyweight stuff is “easy” – because they don’t know or choose not to know any better.  So there you go.

(and if you think it’s easy, I invite you for a walk out with me sometime – just a walk, mind you – and I’ll put you through a workout that’ll give you the pounding of your life WITHOUT a single pushup. I’ll wait for you to tell me that “you know it already” or that “it’s easy” after that, hehe).

The park where I train sometimes has music playing, and this music blended in with my thoughts and emotions as I finished training, and I wouldn’t be lying to say that a slight tear escaped my eye.

Whether those were tears of joy – or RAW emotion – or both I cannot say and probably never will be able to say. It was one of those ” in the moment” things that happened – and I’m all the better for it.

Anyway – it’s on to move more “boulders” now in terms of life, hehe. Gotta crack down some barriers – get some things done – and do so with VIM, VIGOR and GUSTO – in gay abandon at that at this point, hehe.

Last, but not least – it bears mentioning that while the handstand pushups were the real icing on the cake that turned my feelings around, the BEST darn exercise does it even quicker – even better – and without leaving your home.

And it does it way quicker than handstand pushups, great, great exercise though they are – and deservedly so – ever could.

And the final spanner in the works?

I haven’t even one ONE of these today.

That’s right. I normally finish off with 50 of the VERY BEST exercise there is (as my readers know) – but I did ZERO today – and yet, I’m buzzing at this level that I normally would only buzz at if I did 50 or at least a few reps of the VERY best exercise there is.

Imagine if I combine the two. Heck, I might as well go do that now after I finish what has now apparently turned into a workout treatise, hehe.

But think about this as you finish reading this post.

Wouldn’t YOU like this feeling – all day long – a feeling you can get for FREE – by simply moving your body the right way and doing the right (one right) exercise? ?

The exercise itself is the REVERSE pushup, and most people can’t even get into position to start doing the basic variant, let alone try and bang out advanced variants – and I’m not even talking about the BEST exercise there is.

Don’t be one of the “majority” here, my friend. Don’t miss out on this great vibe – this great feeling – this feeling of OVER POWERING emotion – and elation – that lasts ALL DAY LONG!

In “Reverse Pushups – the BEST DARN exercise there is” – I mention tons of variations – and each one of those is enough to have you working hard for a lifetime, my friend.

And the VERY BEST exercise there is? Well, that’s mentioned there in as well, my dear reader.

So don’t delay any longer. You can grab the course right HERE –

Onward – upward – and BETTER!



P.S. – I’ve mentioned a couple of links above in the emails, but once you’re done with those – click on over HERE – – and find out the SECRET keys (yes, I said KEYS – not key) to building shoulders like BOULDERS, my friend.

Visualize your training

Dear reader,

Been laid up in bed with a NASTY, NASTY case of the flu over the past couple of days – which explains the lack of posting over the last 2 or so days.

Ugggggggh.  Certainly was a nasty version, and I was pretty much “med’d” up and in bed for TWO days – and while the meds seem to have gotten rid of the worst part of the flu (or whatever it was that I came down with), by no  means did they make me feel 100% or even close to it.

This of course meant something that’s normally a huge, huge NO-NO for me – which was no training over the past couple of days.

That’s right – NOTHING at all – and this coming from the person who very vehemently advocated, and STANDS by daily training – not going to giddy  limits necessarily daily, but doing SOMETHING daily.

Unless, of course, you truly cannot – and I truly couldn’t, so I guess it was something serious indeed I was afflicted with, hehe.

Anyway, today, when I woke up – -guess that – – still not gone fully.

Still had the cough, the cold – – not as extreme as it was a couple of days ago or even yesterday, but very much there – -not to mention sore throats etc.

And no amount of medication can get rid of the nasty taste in your mouth when you take a lot of it, can it?

And so, I  made a pact – – that I’d train today. Foolish or not, good or bad, warranted, or not – – by God I’d train today, or I’d die trying.

Great idea, except when I rolled out of bed training was the LAST thing I felt like doing as I worked my way through a hasty morning routine I have.

So guess what I did to put myself into the right mindset.

Well – simple – as I’ve written about before in the 0 Excuses Fitness book – – it was to simply sit down in a chair – – and visualize – – and do so with PASSION!

I saw myself training in my “mind’s eye” – – and I saw myself FEELING – and getting better!

(There’s a reason I mentioned the word “feeling” in caps by the way – – but we’ll get into that later).

And as I did this over and over again – – or, “replayed this mental movie” over and over again in other words, it was like the flu, while still there, had ceased to matter.

‘Twas like I got a sudden boost of energy, and the willpower to DO – and do NOW!

And before I knew it was, I was bounding out outdoors (albeit bundled up, hehe) for a few finishers to my 100 squat 200 pushup workout – – and those that know me KNOW what those “finishers” involved.

Those finishers by themselves would be impossible to do for the average trainee (at least not unless they’d been trained in it for a long, LONG time) – – but why do I mention this? .

Well, simply to point out that while medication IS required at times – – you have to figure out the SOONEST possible time you can “wean yourself off the meds”, to put it in layman’s terms.

The sort of flu I had – most folks would be laid up in bed for a week or so at the bare minimum, and on doses of various medicines – – but guess what – – the “actual” recuperation once you get off these meds takes a LOT,  LOT longer.

Not only that – – sometimes it’s just best to get out in the fresh air and BREATHE – – and exercise – – but do so the RIGHT way while you’re at it!

Inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale.

Repeat. Ad inifinitum.

And MOVE your body the RIGHT way while you’re doing it!

And you’ll soon see that this “natural” cure works wonders as well – – if only you’ll let it. I feel so buzzed right now that I wonder why I ever took the darn meds to begin with, hehe.

Nah – kidding. I needed ’em at the time – – and so would you in a situation like that, but if I had stayed on them for a week or so as I was told to by a certain well wishers (who by the way honestly had my best interests at heart), then I’d probably NOT get any better any time soon either.

And it’s not only the “feeling on top of the world” (albeit a beat down version of it, hehe) that I’m experiencing right now – it’s a feeling of HIGH SPIRIT, my friend – – and THAT, I suppose is what this whole post boils down to.

The exercises I teach don’t just build strength. They don’t “just condition” your body superbly.

They don’t “just make you feel on top of the world”.

No – – on top of the bazillion benefits that I’ve outlined galore in the book and sales page, and elsewhere, they give you a feeling of OVERPOWERING CONFIDENCE – – HIGH SPIRIT – – and a NEVER SAY DIE attitude!

Those in the military will know what I’m talking about when they read this. My buddy whose served 25 years in the U.S. Marine Corps certainly does – – without even reading this. Oh YES, he does, my friend. Oh YES!

And at the end of the day, THAT is who we’re all (and when I say “we” I mean serious trainees) training for, my friend.

We’re training for EACH OTHER. We’re PULLING FOR EACH OTHER!

We’re ROOTING for all the other serious trainees around the world – and we are sure as heck ROOTING – BIG TIME – for those that put their lives on the line on a daily basis to keep you and me safe at home going about our daily business.

We’re rooting for those that are down – – and genuinely need help (as opposed to “handouts”).

We’re PULLING for those that do the right thing – – and TRAIN THE RIGHT WAY (and no, ogling the babes while pretending to grunt and moan against a silly padded chest machine is NOT the right way) – – more so, those that do so with GUSTO – VIM AND VIGOR – – as if their LIFE depended upon it!

Yada, Nada, schnada.

It’s hard to explain – – but it’s a “brotherhood” kind of feeling, for lack of a better term, and THAT at the end of the day is what it’s all about, my friend.

That’s what it’s all about.

Ok – that’s it for today! I’ll end this here … and ah, wait a minute, I  hear you saying. Where’s the plug in this email?

Oh it’s there, my friend – it’s certainly there.

I mentioned the feeling of being able to BLAST THROUGH BARRIERS at a moment’s notice above (or something similar, at any rate) – – and there’s ONE exercise that will give you that feeling, my friend – – and that exercise is the one you can find right HERE – –

NO other exercise will give you this feeling – – and for those that  have gotten good at doing these – – and doing them the way I advocate – – well, you know what I mean, my BROTHERS – – and sisters, hehe (gotta make sure I include YOU as well!)

All for now – back later!



P.S. – Believe it or not, I achieved a personal best today – – not in terms of the exercise I just referred to, but the “best darn exercise there is”.

P.S. #2 – – And no, you “haven’t already seen it”, my friend. The way I teach you to do this exercise is WAY WAY different from how most people advocate or teach it – – and yet, it works you at a FAR deeper level than the regular version of the exercise. Click on over to find out NOW – –