Jump your way to a new YOU

Dear reader,

Was on my lonesome today in the park – not for a tough workout as I did yesterday, but for a long walk.

Gawd, THAT workout done left me sore to be honest – not so sore that I couldn’t repeat it and more today, but the point being what I keep saying in my daily emails and the book itself – do NOT go to failure daily.

Why – well – you’ll have to crack open the System to get the details on that one as this email is not related to that topic, but let’s just say because – well – because it WILL come to bite you back in the ass, hehe.

Unless you do it the right way of course, but most people don’t know the right ways to do it – and recuperate – and come back stronger the next day.

Anyhow, on the long walk as it were – and being it was ME, this wasn’t just a walk in the park.

No sirreeeee …. I added the hill into the mix – so it certainly wasn’t “easy recovery” by any stretch of the imagination, hehe.

On the way to the hill though, I saw a Chinese lady from afar.

She seemed to be literally jumping up and down at a very rapid pace – and at first glance I was like WOW. That’s some speed there …

But yet – it didnt quite seem right if you get my drift.

And sure enough – my gut is usually never wrong by the way – sure enough, I walked on closer by  and saw she was jumping on some sort of contraption – a battery powered one at that.

A mini-trampoline as it were, except you do NOT jump up and down yourself on this wonderful (NOT) invention.

Some things in my opinion are best left uninvented or ignored at best – and this particular gadget is one.

The battery apparently powers the damn thing up and down so you just “stand” on the damn thing and do literally nothing.

Quite the opposite from a regular trampoline where you DO jump up and down, and while it’s not near as intense a workout as many would have you believe (unless done right), it DOES have it’s benefits.

Anyway, this particular device ranks right up there with the “lie down tummy flatteners” and other nonsensical contraptions sold on late night TV.

All of those gadgets of course pander to the modern day man (or womans) intrinsic “need” to be lazy – and guess what – judging by the popularity of some of these devices they’ve succeeded.

In a big, big way.

And guess what else – the people buying them have NOT succeeded in removing the flabby tires around their midsection. The bulge if anything gets even more prominent after the use of such devices, hehe.

Anyway without further ado – here are several things right off the top of my head that are way, way way better than what the lady was doing –

  1. Jump on an actual trampoline – while this is (again) NOT quite as intense as some may have you believe (though it can be if done right) – it does give the entire body a good shakeup and benefits many different systems in the body – not the least being the endocrine and lymphatic systems. More on that later.
  2. Jump rope – An excellent, excellent exercise – one the old timers did – and one I’ve mentioned in several of my  publications, and with good reason. In fact I could probably write a whole book on jumping rope, and with good reason …
  3. Jumping jacks – These were part of my orignal fitness publication “Fast and Furious Fitness” – not in the System right now, but I may include it in future versions. Who knows. Another excellent, excellent exercise to get the ole heart and lungs pumping, my friend.
  4. Hindu Squats – As done in the system.

All this right off the top of my head, but yet, the one to me that is at VERY TOP of the list – is – guess what?

It’s a Hindu Squat – except it’s a JUMPING version. You quite literally jump back and forth as you do these, and these WILL make a man out of you my friend if you do ’em at the right cadence, tempo and for high reps.

Think you’re in great shape? Pounding out 200 plus squats already?

Alrighty, great – now let’s see you do 75 jumping squats – or 200 for that matter.

One heck of a workout, and THE very best jumping workout I’ve done, although ALL of the above I’ve mentioned will get you fit as a fiddle, my friend if done right and if combined with the other things I teach.

Anything except those retarded contraptions. What’s the world coming to, eh?

Ah well. There’s still hope, my friend.

There IS hope – for the sane minded amongst us – for those of that follow the 0 Excuses Way to workout.

For those aboard the 0 Excuses Ship – – and y’all know WHO you are!

And as of the rest. Ho hum is what I have to say, hehe.

Anyway, that’s that for now, my friend. I’m off to do some texting on the blasted smartphone, hehe.


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Here is the link for those that count themselves in the “sane exercisers” or “rational exercisers” category – those that want RESULTS – and want ’em quick as opposed to the “long road that leads NOWHERE” – The 0 Excuses Fitness System

Train like a MAN – a REAL MAN!

Dear reader,

Hoo BOY!

My email this morning seems to have manifold impact on a lot of ya, and indeed a lot of you reading this.

If you don’t know what I be a yellin about, then click on over to the blog and read my last post on one of the best upper body combos you can do for yourself, PERIOD.

That email got me (for one) so excited that I rushed out shortly thereafter to get in ANOTHER training session, though I sure didn’t “need it”. And I’m getting that “worked to the bone” feeling x a factor of about a THOUSAND right about NOW, my friend.

As I said – HOO BOY – I’m ready to LEAP buildings!

In any case, I received varied feedback on my email this morning – some interesting – some NOT.

One reader wrote in to tell me “how handstands are an unnatural position” and how it’s far better to “support” the shoulder while doing any form of exercise related to it.

DUHHHH – and I’ll address the idiocy later, but then again, this form of idiocy is what sparked me to write THIS post.

Before I begin it behooves me to tell ya that a couple of folks actually unsubscribed from the list after reading the morning email. Probably part of the “El Groucho” or “Senor Coucho” group – all good either way.

So without further ado – primpers, preeners, mirror watchers and toners – look AWAY – this post is NOT for you.

I just got done with a CALLUS busting (one of many, hehe) SHOULDER BLASTING workout – and guess what I did. More of what I did in the morning, except I mixed in with high rep squats and …

And …

You guessed it – a HILL –  and while I’m not even going to get into the specifics there, let me just tell you that none of what I did involved what even advanced bodyweight fanatics think of doing on a regular basis.

SO, how do real men train, you ask?

Well, for starters, REAL MEN do NOT use “straps” and “wrist wraps” to “protect” their teeny weeny little fingers and soft palms as they train.

REAL MEN GRIP their BARS (and I’m not talking the “burp” kind) with their BARE hands – REGARDLESS of whether or not the callus splits WIDE open while doing it!

I got no less than four calluses split wide open today, and yet I finished off the day with 100 pull-ups and 100 handstand pushups – despite the “pain”.

REAL MEN push on – and do NOT make excuses.

“Oh, I’m too tired”. “Oh, it’s too difficult”. “Oh, I fought with my spouse this morning and I’m not in the mood”. “Oh, I’ll get to it another day”.

Yada, nada, shnada.

Real men make ZERO excuses my friend – and they JUST DO IT – and they do it the 0 EXCUSES way (with the 0 EXCUSES philosophy in mind as they train) – https://0excusesfitness.com/0excusesfitnessystem/

Doug Hepburn was born with a club foot – and this didn’t stop him from becoming one of all time great strongmen and hand balancing MONSTERS till date, my friend.

Handstand pushups done on dipping bars – 10-15 reps – at a bodyweight of over 280 pounds.

SUPER DUPER stud level – and a REAL man, my friend.

Real men don’t park their fannies on a stupid little “lat pull-down-clown” machine and claim they’re building real strength.

Real men do pull-ups (after they’ve got past the pushup stage) and they do them in LETTER PERFECT – SLOW – and STRICT form!

Real man do NOT – again – make excuses – and brook NO DISTRACTIONS, my friend.

As I was training today a couple more chickies showed up and (without my permission) started to film me on their smartphones – and this is something that  pisses me off no end.

Sure – I suppose the marketing savvy in me could spring up and say “Hey, thats a great thing to share on social media and get more views etc”  but guess what, BOYO, and girlie.

At the time of training I’m NOT thinking of squat else – pun intended – other than training. The world could fall apart and so could social media for that matter. I could care less.

And when some nutter shoves their phone in my face when I’m pumping out super strict reps on super tough exercises – and when I’m focusing and concentrating 100% and more – then guess what response said nutters get.

You guessed it, my friend.

Anyway, this should be enough to give you a bit of a teaser of how REAL men train, and how I do it on a daily (and sometimes twice daily) basis.

And while I’m at an advanced stage, it matters not if you haven’t done a pushup in years. Key thing is to start – do – and continue doing.

Start someplace – and you’ll get someplace.

Other hand – remain on the couch, and you’ll get someplace alright – a bloated, sorry and grouchy “paradise”.

Anyway, if you’re one of the select few on my list (and you know who you are) that haven’t yet cracked open your copy of the System and aren’t pumping out solid, take no prisoners workout on a regular basis, well – if THIS post doesn’t inspire you to do so – then guess what.

NOTHING ever will. You might as well click away right now and be consigned to “I wish” status forever.

And of course – for those of you that are already aboard the 0 Excuses Ship – well – I SALUTE you, my brothers and sisters. On to more achievement together – with NO excuses made, brooked or tolerated!



Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – I ain’t talking about “cracking open a cold one” either, my friend. If you’re part of the “Oh, boy, this motivates the heck out of me” group – well there’s THREE things to crack open right NOW – a) your wallet b) your mind and c) the SYSTEM once you download it – and in that order – and right HERE – https://0excusesfitness.com/0excusesfitnessystem/

P.S. #2 – Not to mention, I received some great feedback from those that have started to advance on pull-ups after reading the course. Congratulations to YOU guys (and GALS) – KEEP IT UP!

An EXPLOSIVE upper body exercise combo

Dear reader,

Today I’m going to talk about an EXPLOSIVE, dynamite and time tested exercise combination for the upper body that works wonders if you know how to combine it into your routine effectively.

This post is for those who want to build REAL strength. Pumpers and toners, click away NOW.

Other hand, if you’re part of the “sensible minority” that wants to build shoulders that literally POP out of your shirt, a chest that BULGES with POWER AND INTENT – and a broad “barn door” like BACK – read on!

In fact, do not just READ.  Read not just once, but twice, or even thrice – it’s THAT important.

The routine I’m going to talk about is extremely simple, but amazingly enough ignored by many people. It consists of only TWO exercises.

That’s right – just TWO. You could work more in if you think you need to, but you likely won’t find it necessary to do so.

It requires no other equipment other than a chinning bar – and even that isn’t required if you have some other place to hang from (eg. a ledge, a tree branch, monkey bars, and so forth). It makes for a real tough workout to be honest – but it does so without eating up your entire day.

And you could do this combination, and do no other exercise for the upper body – and you’d still make fantastic and explosive gains as far as the upper body is concerned.

Now, at this point you’ve probably figured out what one of the exercises is – and you are right, my friend – it’s the good old PULL-UP. But it’s a pull-up done in proper form until your chin crosses the bar, done slowly, and for repetitions (and done WITHOUT “kipping”).

The other exercise is another toughie – and one which is even more ignored than the pull-up – and that is the handstand pushup. Do these two exercises in sync for a while, my friend, and you’ll soon be buying new shirts for yourself.

I did 40 STRICT AND SLOW pull-ups and 40  STRICT AND SLOW handstand pushups as part of my routine today – and believe me, there wasn’t much else I could fit in terms of upper body work except for some lower body movements, and core work.

These two movements work the entire upper body into the ground – if you know how to do them correctly.

Problem being, most folks do NOT do them correctly.

You’ll see folks doing half ass “kipping pull-ups” at the local park and claim they’ve banged out a “record number of reps” – and yet their arms look like clothes “flailing off” clothes hangers.

And as exercise #2? The good ole handstand pushup?

Well, you’d be hard pressed to find ONE in 100 people that does – get this – the BASIC variants of this exercise correctly – the REAL toughies.

And YES, I said the BASIC variant!

Anyway, why do these two exercises work so well?

Well, first because they are compound exercises that work the entire upper body – as opposed to exercises which claim to isolate a certain muscle.

I’ve spoken more (at length) about this in 0 Excuses Fitness but for now – let’s just say that if you’re smart – you’ll focus on TOUGH COMPOUND movements that bring you MAX results as opposed to “pseudo pump generating bunny curls” at the nearest gym.

Second, and more importantly because they train the same muscles HARD in OPPOSITE directions – and this last bit is important – they train the same muscle, in opposite directions, giving  you muscles and tendons that are flexible and strong in ALL directions as opposed to one.

Think of it this way – what use would a rubber band be if you could just pull one end of it out?

The same thing applies to your body. The pull-up motion requires ALL your upper body muscles to pull your upper body weight and the handstand pushup (as well as plenty of the other pushups I talk about in 0 Excuses Fitness) requires them to push the same weight.

When you pull, you arch your back and draw your shoulder blades “back”, and you do exactly the opposite when you do handstand pushups – and THIS is what leads to balanced muscular development, as opposed to, say, the “Hunchback of Notre Dame” look where you work the chest muscles to the point that you stay hunched over, but neglect to do any back work (and this is more common than you’d think).

Now, one last thing before you “bound” off your year long perch on the couch and fall flat on your face attempting to do a handstand pushup or even a handstand.

Remember that this sort of routine is NOT for the uninitiated.

If your just starting out, this is NOT for you.

If you haven’t done pushups and pullups for a while, start off with regular pushups, and get good at them before working up to the other two.

That is crucial – don’t bite off more than you can chew – or you’ll end up going backwards, not forwards. And of course, as always, remember to ALWAYS maintain good form.

Follow this sort of a routine religiously, and you’ll soon have upper body development to rival the local “gorillas” at the park (or gym, hehe) – and what’s more??

You’ll have solid, FUNCTIONAL strength to go with it as well – that the “gym gorillas” will NEVER even COME CLOSE to matching!

Best regards,


P.S. – You know what’s great about the stuff in 0 Excuses Fitness? Some of the pushups don’t just work the upper body into the ground – they work the WHOLE BODY – including the cardiovascular system at a level you will NOT, I repeat, NOT, believe my friend. And the above combo I’ve mentioned is just ONE, my friend. Just one – and to learn MORe such amazingly simple, yet brutally effective exercise combos, grab your copy of the System right HERE – The 0 Excuses Fitness System

Insomnia blues?

Dear reader,

Was browsing through my “Wechat”contact list this morning – “Wechat” being one of the communication tools (smartphone app to be exact) they use so often and regularly here in mainland China.

Now, those of you that are regular readers know my distaste for smartphones in general. I’d rather go back to the good ole days of flip phones and the like if just to improve productivity.

If there’s something I HATE more than anything else it’s that constant “green” (or blue, depending upon) light flashing every time I look at the darn thing, and guess what. Most of the time my smartphone spends it’s “life” lying NOT on it’s “back”, but flat on it’s stomach, hehe, so I don’t even get to see it.

But anyway being I travel in China a lot, it’s kind of impossible to avoid WeChat here. They’ve pretty much set it up such that you use wechat for darn near everything here in daily life from taking and posting selfies galore (uggggggggggh) to buying stuff (a simple scan – mega convenient I must say) and even booking movie tickets, cabs etc.

More on that later, but as I was browsing past all the garbage on the status updates one word seemed to jump out at me.


“I can’t sleep at night”.

“Damned insomnia strikes again!”

“I toss and turn night long!” (that list bit was  a bit of “Chinese English”, hehe, but I’m quoting verbatim).

And you know what’s mind boggling – to me at least?

These status updates are usually followed or preceded by pictures where the poster looks “happy”.

Either “preening” in front of the mirror at a yoga class. Or perhaps a selfie taken with a hamburger at TGI Friday’s (yup, they seem to have them here as well). Or perhaps even just a photo showing the person “partying” and “letting their hair down”.

Now, all this is fine and dandy, but you’d imagine the person would be truly happy after doing all this, eh?

More than that, you’d imagine the person would enjoy a GOOD, restful, and dream filled night of sleep after all this – eh?

Not the case, my friend. Not the case for the vast majority of people by a long shot (and NO – drunken stupors do NOT count) – and if you’re part of the crowd that can empathize with the “tossing and turning” images that are probably  popping up in your mind right about NOW – well – I feel your pain, my friend.

I sure do. I’ve been there at a certain stage in my life as well – but guess what – the solution is SIMPLE.

And yes, while I’ve got a product to promote, it’s for darn good reason, my friend.

Long and slow (and somehow “intense”) weightlifting sessions and other “drawn out” forms of exercise such as the treadmill, or even “pounding the pavement” are NOT the best ways to achieve a restful night of sleep, my friend.

In fact if anything, you’ll wake up feeling even more run down and tired.

Other hand, if you do BRIEF – INTENSE – bursts of exercise – the NATURAL way – your body instantly starts to change – and I don’t mean just physically.

I mean your body starts to RELAX at a FAR, FAR higher level than it would with traditional (or I should say “modern day traditional”) forms of exercise.

Don’t believe me? Well, pound the pavement daily for a week for hours on end and note how your body feels after that.

After this, change things up a bit.

Do a few of the routines mentioned at the end of 0 Excuses Fitness for a week. Heck, try and follow along with me in the “250 pushup” workout that I’ve spoken about and shown in the videos.

Do what you can – and follow it up with a quick, brief walk if possible – and a bit of stretching – and you’re DONE. Thats ALL you are to do for the following week.

Report back after the second week – and tell me how you feel – and how much better you SLEEP at night.

I bet you’ll do a HECK of a lot better the second week, my friend.

And the reason isn’t just “because I said so”. Look at what animals in the wild do.

Mr. Tiger doesn’t “jog” or “run” all day, does he?

He may walk for miles at a leisurely pace – but when it comes time to grab a meal?

It’s all out SPRINT, my friend – he gives it EVERYTHING – but after that, and before that?

It’s usually REST, my friend – and guess what? I haven’t ever heard of animals in the wild having insomnia either.

Yet, I’ve heard plenty of bloated couch potatoes complaining of the very same thing – as well as “office workers” who claim they’re “too busy” to workout – not to mention the gym junkies.

Hell, a friend of mine who swore up and down by the gym was at one point in his life in so much pain that he’d wake up in the middle of the night literally screaming and grabbing his lower back – so shot was it by years of heavy deadlifts (which he was admittedly great at, by the way).

Is it worth it?

I don’t hear of Mr. Tiger, or “El Grizzly” for that matter waking up with “sore backs” or “wrist pain”, or “elbow tendonities from overuse” or any of that rot … do you?

Only YOU can decide if it’s worth it though, my friend. Only YOU can make the choice to live a healthy, fulfilling – and “insomnia-less” life.

It’s within your reach – if you only open your mind to it.

Here are the keys, my friend – https://0excusesfitness.com/0excusesfitnessystem/.

Read – implement – DO – and succeed!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – I just gave an example of a tiger up there – and I’m sure some of you are going to get enthused and try “bounding” from years spent in front of the computer screen to an all out sprint in the local park or wherever. Do NOT do this. I detail the right way to do sprints – and how to WORK UP to them in the 0 Excuses Fitness System book right here – https://0excusesfitness.com/0excusesfitnessystem/

The “Gorilla Grip” ship

Dear reader,

I’ve often spoken about the importance of building not just the muscles of your body – but also INTERNAL health and strength.

And the moniker “true strength” comes with a few corollaries, my friend.

The first being that it’s not necessarily the size of your  muscles, or how they look, or even if you “have a six pack or not”. What matters is what your muscles can DO – and how quickly they can ADAPT to certain situations.

Take the “grunter” and “preener” out of the gym and dump him in the pool, and ask him to tread water for a while – and chances are he’ll flop flat on his face within the first few seconds – if he can even last that long.

Was discussing “treading water” with my buddy last night by the way (while I was about “three sheets to the wind”, hehe) – in the U.S. elite forces one of the tests they have you do is to tread water – but get this – with FULL GEAR on – which means rucksack, boots and everything else.

Whew. One heck of a workout – and though I’ve done water workouts before, I haven’t quite ever done it with “full gear on” – but I’ll be sure to give that one a try the next time I get to a pool!

Second, it’s all about internal health and the strength of your organs as well. I’d rather a strong liver and kidney anyday over those that claim to “build strength” in the gym but then drink it all away (or eat it all away) on a regular basis.

No point in burning the candle at both ends, in other words.

And last, but not least – something that is often ignored is what I should have said at the beginning itself – and that is – TENDON strength.

Your ligaments and tendons are KEYS to building superior strength, my friend. It matters now how “big” your muscles are if the supporting tendons and ligaments can barely support those “bloated” muscles.

To put this another way, you’re only as strong as your weakest link – which of course is the grip for most people – and that INCLUDES serious trainees as well.

For some reason, the grip is often ignored – and this is a huge, huge mistake – made not just by newbies, but experienced trainees as well.

And no – pumping out sets of curls in the gym is NOT the way to train the grip, my friend. Reverse curls ain’t gonna cut it either, my brother. That’s a great way to “pump” and build “bloated muscles” – but it does next to NOTHING for your tendons and ligaments.

Most of you will remember the nasty injury I suffered on my left thumb a week or so ago. In fact, it was the 2nd of January if I recall correctly.

My thumb quite literally “cracked” out of it’s joint and then “split” back in if that makes any sense while doing some advanced exercises – something so advanced that even I had no biz trying it, and something I’m NOT gonna mention here – because I do NOT want those of you reading this to get all pumped up about it and try it.

‘Tis a great goal to have, and I’ll detail it in King Kong Fitness, but not now.

For now, let’s get back to tendons and ligament strength.

And with all the above in mind, let’s look at a testimonial I recently received from Alan Murray  – a person I’ve been fortunate to work with in the past. Great guy, and here is what he wrote.

I first met Rahul in 2016 and he nearly squashed my hand in his grip.  We got to talking about fitness and he suggested fingertip push-ups to try to mitigate some chronic pain I’d had in my hands by building up the tendons in my forearms.  I started off very gently and over time it’s worked like a charm. My next goal is to improve my general fitness by exercising my abdomen and legs using the methods Rahul describes here.  Off to a good start! 

Alan Murray

Regional Administrator – Balboa International Education

So THAT is what I’m talkin about, my friend.

THAT is what my buddy (a former U.S. Marine with over 25 years of service) meant when he said I’ve “got an unnatural pull” in my grip. And THAT is what most people notice about me when they first meet me – my grip strength.

Yes, I’ve worked long and hard for it – but I’ve done it the right way.

And guess what – without the grip I have today – I’d probably not be able to do half of the fitness stuff that I do and write about on a regular basis.

Not only that – my thumb was back to “50%” operational capacity within almost a day. Most folks suggested the doctor or even putting the thumb in a cast, but it wasn’t necessary.

The tendons recovered far quicker than they would have for the average person, and it’s all because of the exercise I do, my friend.

Exercises YOU can – and SHOULD do as well, my friend – and that too on a REGULAR BASIS. Not just to build a bone crushing grip, but also to keep the tendons and ligaments of your forearms and entire upper body strong and healthy.

Let’s face it – we all spend hours “hunched” over our computers etc, and thats NOT good for you.

My book “Gorilla Grip” gives you several exercises that if used correctly will catapult not just your grip – but your tendon and ligament health and strength to scary levels, my friend.

Remember too that the grip can only be developed to it’s maximum potential if you develop your body as a whole. In other words, simply doing “isolation” exercises for the grip is NOT a very good idea.

I discuss this more on the Gorilla Grip page, as well as book. Check it out right here – https://0excusesfitness.com/products/gorilla-grip

I look forward to welcoming you on board the “Gorilla Grip Ship!”



Doofus Dips

Dear reader,

Just got done with a “callus cracking”, winter sweat inducing, blubber killing, STRESS busting, heck of a workout, and now I’ve got something to say.

A lot, in fact,  it seems. The sun’s out today for a change here in Southern China, and with it it seems to have brought out a barrage of doofuses as well.

So there I was, doing pull-ups slow, strict style out there at my old haunt in the park. This after getting through a bit of 0 Excuses Fitness – but for whatever reason, I felt the need to do more today, so off I went to the park.

As I was doing my  pull-ups I noticed a chickie right next to me desperately trying to get me to “ask her for a selfie”. Preening, posing, and the entire shebang – you get the picture, I’m sure – and the only response she got was moving away to another area.

This didn’t seem to bother her though, as she walked right up to that area and quite literally stuck her iPhone in my nose (or damn close to it) – and at that point she was not-so-sweetly told to – ah, but again, I believe you get the point, hehe.

Ugggggggh. If there’s one thing I don’t like about where I’m currently at, it’s the fact that a lot of people in China seem to take the obsession with smartphones to a whole another level altogether.

Now, lest you think I’m bagging on China here, think again. In fact, think several times – I’m NOT.

The entire world seems to have become smartphone/selfie-obessed (and NOT in a good way) – but yes, modern day China seems to take it to a whole another level altogether and I’m merely pointing out a fact – and anyone that’s spent any time in mainland China will attest to this as well.

And while I’m not quite at the “old man in Rocky” levels a.k.a “get yo chicken asses out of here! Don’t disturb me during training!”, I’m pretty close at times.

But that isn’t the point of this “doofus” post. The main doofus is yet to show up, folks.

Actually, he didn’t need to show up. He was already there – doing his version of the “primp and preen” minus the gym.

He’s one of these guys I see often in the park – skinny as heck, and looks sort of like Eiffel Tower about to keel over when he (attempts to) stand in a wrestler’s stance with legs spread apart.

But oh boy, the workouts he does – or should I say the “vocal chord” workout, hehe.

He was in the middle of warming up apparently when I arrived.

Arms flailing all over the place – so quickly and so out of control that it would seem he was trying to rip them right out of his shoulder sockets. In fact, the speed with which he was doing it would put a Dutch windmill to shame, and I ain’t kidding either.

And then up he LEAPS on to the dipping bars.


The roar he emitted while desperately trying to hold himself (while looking all around to see who he was impressing via his grunts) would sound like he slayed a lion with his bare hands, my friend.

Took about a sec or so before he came “crashing back down to the bars”, and I turned back to my pull-ups.

Only to be rudely interrupted by yet another sub-Saharan level ROAR – sort of like an enraged mother bull as he “dipped” about a quarter of a quarter of (not kidding) an inch on the dipping bars.

But he didn’t “dip”. He “swung down” and back up – like an upside down grandfather clock pendulum if that makes any sense!

And after about 5 reps of this, he threw his legs up on the bars and literally lay there “panting” as if he had just run a marathon.

Now, I’m normally in a “Zen like” trance like state when I’m training outdoors so the usual foolishness doesn’t really impact me, but what he did next had even me busting out laughing.

I  mean, I couldn’t help it, my friend. I literally couldn’t – as this dude sat up.

Legs still on the bars. Arms firmly clutching the bars – and then?

He dipped – but dipped his backside about an inch or so “towards terra firm”, and “pushed” back up – and there is a good reason I use quotes here!

And it was about at that point when I busted out laughing and of course that got me several glares from our “bull strength like” doofus.

Mea culpa, I managed to blurt out before returning to my pull-ups.

He glowered at me when I said this.

Uh oh. I seem to have made an enemy for life!

And as I finished my fifth set of pull-ups, I turned around, and the glower was gone.

It was replaced by an “eyes wide open” sheepish look – no doubt at the pull-ups done STRICT style.

That lasted about a minute or so before the “primping and preening” took over again, and off he bounded into the yonder, much like a startled rabbit would.

Now, laugh all you  like, my friend, but this is but ONE example of the foolishness I see when training – ALL OVER THE WORLD.

I’ve written about the nutter doing his version of pull-ups in the park in the book about pull-ups and (I believe) the 0 Excuses book as well, but I might just have to do a re-write of the latter, if just to include what I said today!

Now – last, but not least – dips are a great exercise, but only a) if you do ’em right and b) if your shoulders are up for it.

They are NOT for everyone, and folks with shoulders injuries are better off avoiding them – unless you do them in STRICT style. Believe me here – I’ve been there, and done that – and KNOW what I’m talking about when I say this.

Done correctly though, they are one of the keys I mention in Shoulders like Boulders – the superlative course that WILL build amazing, superhuman levels of strength – but only if you’re up for it, my friend.

Only if you’re up for it!

Primpers, preeners, and “mirror watchers” are NOT allowed. Smartphones aren’t either (unless you buy the course on a smartphone, but only after that). Lookie lous not welcome either – and neither are “fence sitters” and those that “aren’t sure”.

No, I only want those that are SERIOUS about this to buy the course my friend, and if you’re part of the select few that are SERIOUS about building world class, old timers like strength – and shoulders like BOULDERS to boot, well, I’m here for ya.

Get the pair of shoulders you’ve always wanted, my friend. It’s within grasp right HERE – https://0excusesfitness.com/shoulders-like-boulders/



Sec-seeeeeee thighs

Dear reader,

Oh dear.  I was browsing the good ole “interwebs” this morning while chatting with the wife, and almost spit out my green tea on reading some of the garbage I saw.

The news these days seem to have become more “tabloid” in nature than anything else but even so, going by the number of folks that read this rubbish it seems that is what folks want?

Anyway, the first headline I saw on MSN was this “Thighlighting’ Is Latest Plastic Surgery Trend“.

Apparently the aim of this latest plastic surgery trend is to (and I’m quoting verbatim here) acheive the following look “When contoured correctly, the shape of the thighs helps to elongate the legs, creating a desirable silhouette.”

The article then of course shows a picture of a model (or perhaps a celebrity – no idea – I didnt hang around long enough to read the fine print) in a long, flowing red dress with legs bared all the way up to the waist, no doubt showing off her “fine contours” as it were.

Now, that’s all fine and dandy. Hey, she looked pretty good – I’ll be honest – but what I’m writing about is the rubbish that most folks believe they need to go through to “get that look”.

Most people are under the mistaken impression that “slimmer thighs” equate hours spent lifting in the gym – or “pounding the pavement outdoors” – and of course – when all of that doesn’t quite work at the end of the day it’s off to the plastic surgeons to “achieve the look” – an eminently unhealthy practice if I might say so myself.

We see people spending big bucks on liposuction, facelifts, and other “external beauty” treatments, but the problem with this sort of thing is that a) it doesn’t last and b) it’s NOT REAL!

a) Liposuction may achieve the desired look for a while, but you’d be surprised at the quickness with which the flab returns. If you don’t believe me, Google it – and you’ll see.

b) More importantly, these “external” procedures do next to nothing to make you FEEL good. Yes, you may “look good” on the outside temporarily and that may give you some sort of a “shallow” feel good from the outside feeling, but the REAL good feelings that come from HONESTLY feeling good about yourself?

No way, Jose – not with this sort of junk – but yet, it’s what most people have been conditioned to believe.

“So and so celebrity does it, so it must be good”.

Yeah. Right. NOT!

I’ve heard plenty of cases of celebrities in Beverly Hills committing suicide or doing illegal dr-you know what – in other words “all that glitters ain’t gold”, my friend.

And of course, the plastic surgeons make a killing off the “glitter” mentality thinking.

Back to the “thighs”, this sort of look can be achieved by anyone – even you – and it takes one simple exercise done correctly and at the right cadence, my friend.

That’s all. One simple exercise.

And that is the Hindu Squat. It’s been around for ages, and do it correctly – and it WILL give you the lean thighs and muscular calves you’ve been looking for – and whats more, you’ll get it without shelling out big bucks.

You’ll get without spending hours at the gym. Heck, when most folks start 10-15 seconds of squats is about all they can do – if even that – and get this – MOST, I repeat – MOST seasoned trainees end up falling flat on their ass after a minute the first time they do this.

Believe you me, this is an amazingly simple bodyweight exercise – and one that is NOT taught correctly by most that claim they don’t know how to do it.

I’ve mentioned in prior blog posts about folks commenting on my thighs and calves even though I’m not in the least bit concerned about how they look – but yes – I did take a look at them after several people commented – and YES – they do have that “lean, athletic, and STRONG” look to them.

And Hindu Squats were what played a huge, huge role in getting me there.

Hindu squats are just ONE of the amazing exercises I teach you in 0 Excuses Fitness – a complete workout system that can be done in the privacy of your living room.

No equipment needed – just you and your own body.

Dive in right now, my friend – https://0excusesfitness.com/0excusesfitnessystem/ -and watch the FAT BURNING furnace in your body ignite before your very eyes.

I look forward to your success.


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Also read on MSN that “Obesity shaved almost a year of U.S. life expectancy”. This despit all the fancy gyms, gadgets, gizmos, late night TV “tummy trimmers”, fad diet, fancy shmnacy pills and what not. Don’t fall for all that crap, my friend. Do what works – and what has been working for CENTURIES. Jump aboard the 0 Excuses Ship – start working on these exercises and watch your body change faster than you can say “voila” – https://0excusesfitness.com/0excusesfitnessystem/

6 pack –> 12 pack

Dear reader,

That’s right. 6 pack — > 12 pack, and hold on to yer hats right about NOW, as what I’m about to reveal is possibly the best thing you can do to achieve an advanced level of health, fitness – and strength that doesn’t quit on ya.

And of course, the hidden key – or one of them, at any rate, at converting that “six pack”  (I prefer to use the term”functionally strong” midsection, but whatever, brotha) into something approaching SCARY levels.

Think CONCRETE blocks – think 12 of them, hehe.

What is it, you ask?

Well – would you believe it if I told you that this particular key has just about nothing to do with training the way I normally advocate?

Would you believe it if I told you that this particular key is WAY, WAY harder when done SLOWLY?

Thats right – way harder to do this slowly, and you build way more strength, conditioning and flexibility when you do these slowly.

I’ve repeatedly stated on my blog that some of the positions in 0 Excuses Fitness are impossible for the average “tub of lard” (or beer guzzler – or couch potato – or gym junkie – what have you) to even GET into, let alone HOLD.

Even advanced trainees end up falling flat on their butts after a few seconds of holding the first time – if they can even get to that long.

But what I’m telling you now?

Well, let’s just say the average beached whale (a.k.a most “modern day” men) couldn’t even BEGIN to get into said positions.

Enough already, you say. What is it, what is it? !

Well, it is – simply put – training BACKWARDS.


You heard me, my friend. Training BACKWARDS.

Going backwards in  my training, and while that might have you shaking your heads in disbelief its actually one way to propel yourself towards your fitness goals FORWARD – and at lightning quick speed at that, my friend.

I’ll reveal more in the soon – to – be released EPIC “King Kong Fitness” – the book is DONE, but I’m waiting on good ole Cindy to get back from her hometown in Hunan so I can get the pictures taken.

Catch as catch can on that one. These exercises are so advanced that it doesn’t make sense to put out a “text” only version minus the photos/videos – although if y’all feel differently – well, give me a shout and I’ll see what I can wangle.

In the meantime though, what to do.

Well, get cracking on some of the pushups in 0 Excuses Fitness, my friend – and I’m NOT talking regular pushups either.

I’m talking pushups done in an “opposite manner” – and the book and videos tell you more – and THESE are the positions I’m referring to which the average Bubba would be hard pressed to even get into position in – let alone hold.

In fact, I remember putting a somewhat overweight gentleman through about 10 seconds of one of these holds, and there were only TWO things he had to say after that.

“Enough, enough already” – and the second? Well, a huge “burp”.

And while you might be doubled over in laughter by now, the point is this, my friend.

What to do in the meantime.

Well, like I repeatedly state, start somewhere. Get that “six pack” first before moving on the “12’er”.

Whether or not you can do ten seconds of 0 Excuses Fitness or 30 – or even a minute is NOT the point.

Point is, by doing what  you can – you rapidly progress on to more – and more – and then some more.

And the sheer POWER that emanates from that ONE rep – and one more – is UNBELIEVABLE, my friend.

And it is power that is harnessed correctly will not only build the fittest body you could ever imagine  – but also enable you to EFFORTLESSLY LEAPFROG any and all barriers in your life, my friend.

Howzzat for a combo?

Run over now to the 0 Excuses Page, my friend (new and updated by the way) to see what I’m yellin about – – https://0excusesfitness.com/0excusesfitnessystem/

I look forward to seeing you there.


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – And no, I ain’t referring to pull-ups or handstands by “backwards training”. Nothing of that nature. Those are great and advanced, but what I’ve gonna reveal in King Kong Fitness blows even these two great, great exercises right out of the starting line, my friend. Again, you’ll have to wait for that – but – start building a BASE right now to “conquer” the peak – right HERE – https://0excusesfitness.com/0excusesfitnessystem/


Average Joe Fitness

Dear reader,

One of the biggest problems when it comes to the average person getting (and staying) fit and healthy is the “I can’t do it” mindset.

Or, “It’s too difficult” mindset. Or perhaps even the “I have no time” mindset.

While it would be easy to put all this down to plain ole laziness (and in many cases yes, that is what it is) – the truth is that sometimes folks often really feel that “its too difficult” for them.

I face this issue quite often when training my personal clients. Tracy, the latest student I wrote about the other day was under the same sort of impression.

“Oh, but it’s too difficult. I really don’t think that …”

And yet – a couple of minutes later – she was not only getting herself down into the beginning stages of a stretch I highly recommend for overall back health and flexibility (not to mention feeling like a BAZILLION bucks all day long) – she was FEELING the positive effects for a while after that as well.

And this only with a 2:34 minute workout.

On the 0 Excuses Fitness System I specifically state the system WILL turn the average Joe into a fitness machine, and while that might come across as overly ambitious – it’s not.

In fact, I would NOT be lying to say that I’m “underexaggerating” if anything, my friend.

Believe me, though you can go on to CRAZY levels of fitness if you so desire with the 0 Excuses System (a.k.a yours truly) – the real, real benefit to this system is what it can – and HAS done for the average person.

So without further ado, let me make a brief checklist of what the average Joe needs in terms of getting fit –

a) a willingness to get off the ole “couchola” and do something.

b) know the right exercises and have the correct know how with which to “do”.

c) Avail themselves of a workout that doesnt take forever, and that can be done with no equipment in the privacy of one’s home

d) And finally, an “all in one” workout. No seperate routines for “strength” , “cardio” and “flexibility”.

There’s more, but thats the gist of it – in that order.

One of my students used to do the following after getting off work at 6:00 P.M. –

Hit the gym (about an hour’s worth) – apparently to “build more muscle on her legs”.

Then it was on to “yoga class” (another 45 – 70 minutes depending upon how much time she had).  (this apparently to “tone”).

And finally, it was off to the swimming pool for “leisurely cardio”.

And at the end of all this, she still couldn’t quite get rid of the “GM of P”, if you get my drift, hehe.

And thats a true example, BTW.

Now, I don’t know about you – but me? I’d rather NOT spend all day running around all over town trying to get my workout in at a dozen different places and achieve not even close to what I’d have liked to achieve from the initial workout itself.

I’d like to DIVE STRAIGHT IN – and GET HER DONE – and then get on with my life, my friend. 

And I bet you’d like the same thing too as well.

So quit “moseying around” and wasting time on a bazillion different workouts and “going hither and thither”. That’s a path to nowhere, partner. Honest.

Get started right now – in the privacy of your own living room – ONE step at a time.

Here’s how you can do it – https://0excusesfitness.com/0excusesfitnessystem/

Join me on this ride as we make 2018 the very BEST year for you ever, my friend.


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Almost forgot to mention deep breathing in the first bullet list I gave you up there. Ugggh … ah, but no worries. It’s all mentioned in the videos included with the system – https://0excusesfitness.com/0excusesfitnessystem/

Slim fit apparel – the new “rage”?

Dear reader,

Was browsing around on the Internet a bit after sending you that last email, and my eye caught an ad for “slim fit shirts” – with a reedy looking character advertising some sort of “purple slim fit shirt”.

Not my sort of thing to say the least but I went ahead and clicked anyway, and it redirected me to a news site of sorts, and – long story short – apparently “slim fit apparel” is the new “rage” for men these days.

Now, I am NOT a “fashionista” by any means. You’ll find yours truly dressed in an old T-shirt and shorts most of the time and I care not if I’m at home, on vacation, or meeting friends – I dress in what feels comfortable to me, and the heck with the rest of it.

Sure – my shirts sometimes “billow” on me due to  my “X” taper, but so be it.

But anyway, here are a couple of the headlines I saw on the sites –

Dismantling the man-tents

It’s official, then. The majority of men agree that slim-fit shirts look better than the baggy, oversized man-tents so beloved of 90’s R&B singers, which hung around longer than a taxi driver’s bad BO.

Regular is baggy, men flaunt it with slim fits

Slim-fit apparel for men now makes up about 80% of sales at Lifestyle International, the departmental store chain, compared to a decade ago when it was just 15%. Managing director Kabir Lumba calls this growing demand as “the new normal” among brands that have a healthy mix of young customers. “Regular fit is now the irregular one and companies are offering it as an exception,” he says

And in case you’re interested in reading further (I wasn’t), the first quote has been taken from http://www.executivestyle.com.au/slimfit-shirts-are-the-new-normal-in-menswear-zsovu and the second from https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/india/regular-is-baggy-men-flaunt-it-with-slim-fits/articleshow/62492758.cms.

Seems this new “rage” cuts across countries, cultures, and what not, and while I’ve got no problem if YOU are one of the “slim fit crowd”, personally, there are a few things I find ridiculous about this.

First, the “gym toned bods” (and I’m quoting from the article) that go for these looks are usually NOT the epitome of health themselves – and you can tell that by looking at them.

Look at the picture of the dude on the first URL I mentioned – and then compare him to some of the old timers – some of whom had TINY – but STRONG AS HECK – and functionally STRONG as well – waistlines.

Paul Bragg would be an example.

Or, compare the average “natty” dresser who goes for these sort of looks to Doug Hepburn – in case you don’t know what he looks like – cast a gander at the Shoulders like Boulders page right here – Shoulders like BOULDERS!

I don’t know about you, but I’ll take the “Doug Hepburn” or the old-timer look over this “new age” nonsense any day of the week, my friend.

Second, every time I buy something that is labeled as slim fit – it looks GREAT around my midsection and core. But guess what the problem is?

It’s a mighty – nay – MAMMOTH struggle to get my shoulders and arms to fit into these “tiny” slim fit T-shirts – and even if I do so, it feels way too uncomfortable and tight.

Apparently “slim” to most people doesnt mean “strong”. It just means a “waspishly unnaturally thin midsection” – usually achieved by all sorts of unnatural and unhealthy measures.

Case in point being the two dudes I wrote about a few days on my blog – the two that climbed the hill – and the one that literally collapsed after climbing the hill.

And last, but certainly not least – the other hilarious thing I see on a regular basis is guys with too much fat around their midsection trying to “snuggle” into those slim fits and passing it off as “a little body fat”.

Uh no, my friend, that tummy IS visible – and no amount of clothing will hide the facts, hehe. Bottom line (and by the way this was mentioned in the second URL I sent you as well – just so you know I’m NOT making it up, hehe).

My point in saying all this?

Is that the “modern day” worries way too much about extraneous B.S. which does NOT matter.

Heck, who cares about “slim fits” and “regular fits” and all that? All you should really care about is the following –

a) a functionally fit, strong and ATHLETIC body that is every bit as strong as it looks and then some – and this achieved via the right exercises that BUILD your body as opposed to destroy it permanently courtesy the ridiculous shenanigans that go on in modern day gyms.

b) HEALTH from the INSIDE OUT as opposed to “looks”

c) Last, but not least – a healthy and balanced diet as well as lifestyle.

And that’s all that really counts – to me, at least.

Now, a lot of you reading this will probably be “nodding your heads internally” at the “tummy fat” part, and I feel ya, my friend. I feel ya.

But running away from the issue and trying to hide it in baggy wear or even “slim fits” designed for those that are not quite that slim won’t work.

What works is a healthy lifestyle – and the right exercises – and that can be found right HERE, my friend – https://0excusesfitness.com/0excusesfitnessystem/

Invest in yourself TODAY – and forget about all the extraneous nonsense floating about out there. It’s the best decision you’ll ever make.


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – I routinely have people commenting on my abs – and get this – CALVES – despite doing nothing “directly” for them. Despite not wearing clothes that “flaunt” my physique one darn bit (I ain’t no pretty boy, hehe).

YOU TOO can get those results – but only if you know HOW, my friend. And how is right HERE – https://0excusesfitness.com/0excusesfitnessystem/