Become a fitness magnet

Dear reader,

How would you like to go through life feeling an overpowering sense of CONFIDENCE – as well as a sense of “attracting” things you’d like to you – with way less effort than you ever IMAGINED possible?

And the words in capital are there for a reason, my friend, and while you might think right off the bat that I’ve probably got a product to sell you on this – well – think again – as that is NOT the reason I’m writing this post.

Matter of fact, my new book Zero to Hero addresses what I said above – and way, way more – so much more that the two lines above barely even begin to scrape the very tip of that humungous iceberg, my friend.

But for now – lets stick to fitness, shall we?

So, let’s take the statement (I should say question, but again – there is a solid reason for calling and making it a statement) above and then apply it to fitness.

How would you  like to go through life being the FITNESS MACHINE you’ve always wanted to be?

How would you like to go through life feeling that no matter what – your workout will ALWAYS save the day?

Not only that – a feeling of engaging in workouts that not only help you get the body of your dreams as a “side result”, but also keep you fit and healthy as a fiddle?

And last, but not least, how would you like to be, as the title says – a FITNESS MAGNET?

Quite literally “magnetizing” fitness to you?

What I just asked you above might sound incredulous, but believe you me, it’s nowhere near as stupendous as it sounds if you think about it at length.

And while I’m not going to get into the reasons here, Zero to Hero does more than a fair job of addressing it, so for those interested, grab a copy ASAP.

For now, let me give you a simple technique that you can try.

A lot of you reading this are probably at the stage where you are “unhappy” at the person that stares back at you in the mirror – and if that is you – not to worry – I’ve been there myself as well.

Physically, perhaps you can’t fit into those pair of jeans you snuck into a couple of years ago or perhaps even a few months ago.

Perhaps it’s all those late nights and all that beer catching up with ya, or perhaps it’s just the “bloated”, “dead tired” feeling which you get after stuffing your gullet full – beyond normal capacity at the latest new buffet, and doing so with alarming regularity.

Perhaps it’s the man boobs that you’ve been unable to get rid of for years, and can’t really hide despite choosing your clothes with as much care as a honeybee buzzing around constructing a bee hive?

Whatever it is – here is what I’m asking you to do.

Form an image in your mind of what you WANT to look like, my friend. Then put that image down on paper (or for the technically inclined, Photoshop it).

Carbon copy a fit person’s body and superimpose your own face on it – I dont care how you do it, but just get that final image ready – and no – it does NOT need to look pretty – it just needs to get the point across.

Staple, pin, paste, glue, sticker, or whatever the image to your bedroom wall, or some place you’ll see it ALL the time.

Make it your desktop wallpaper. Make it your iPhone wallpaper if you so choose. Point again is not necessarily so much “where” you place the darn picture. The point is you place it somewhere you see it ALL the time on a DAILY basis.

Take a couple of minutes out each day to look at this picture, and visualize yourself actually BEING that fit.

Not “how” and the “process” of getting fit. Just the end result.

Combine it with a sensible diet and exercise program – and do this religiously for a month – and report back on your progress.

I’ll bet its astounding – and of course, if you’re looking to speed up the process even more, then the best exercise system on the planet is what you WANT to accompany you along the way, my friend –

Again, don’t ask why. Don’t question. Just do it, and report back on the results after a month.

Well, thats it for now, my friend. I’m off to parkate of some green tea and then get my own workout in. Can feel it in my bones, hehe.


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Yes, yes, yes,  I do have a product to sell you – and here it is – the best fitness system on the planet HANDS DOWN – and believe me now and trust me later, this system WILL propel you along the way to becoming a FITNESS MAGNET. Here is that link – click on over right NOW, my friend –

Mammoth arms

Dear reader,

The above, along with the “six pack look” is probably one of the MOST desired attributes when it comes to folks looking to get fit.

Especially you guys out there –  lets face it – massive arms that look like they literally “bulge” out of the shirts you’re wearing smack of raw STRENGTH and power – not to mention that “imposing” look – and which one of you reading this doesnt want that?

I thought so, hehe.

And as for you ladies reading this, replace the word “mammoth” with “toned”, and the above would be a truism in terms of expected results for you as well.

And yet amazingly enough, though this is what most people train for,  most of them go about the wrong way, my friend.

Here are a few most commonly used “techniques” that will NOT give you the desired results in and as of themselves –

  • Slugging down protein shakes, creatine, and other “supplements” galore until the “chickens come home to roost” ain’t gonna work. A natural diet works the best – and natural “supplements” work the best as well (I’ll detail those in a seperate post)
  • Doing “seated” curls at the gym (your ignoring the two most important parts of the arm there, my friend).
  • “Grunting and moaning” on the pec deck, Nautilus neck machine and other such worthless (yet commonly used) garbage machines at the gym sure as heck ain’t gonna give you the desired results either.

And so forth, and thats just off the top of my head.

Hold on a minute, I hear you say. What WILL work, then?

Well – simple, my friend. What will work is what  has been done for CENTURIES galore – and if you’ve got any doubt about this, cast a gander at the Great Gama’s picture on the 0 Excuses Fitness system webpage.

“Scroll down” a few hundred years  and you’ll arrive at Herschel Walker’s picture.

And so forth – and believe me, the REAL keys to the Gama’s massive arms and overall development was NOT simply doing pushups either.

Yes, pushups were the MAINSTAY of the Gama’s routine, as well as Walker’s – but would you believe me if I told you that the REAL – and IGNORED – key to superior overall body (and arm) development is NOT simply pushups?

‘Tis not the 5000 or so squats he was reputed to do either, although YES – the squatting DID give him those MASSIVE legs of his that you see in the picture.

No – it’s something so amazingly simple that we do it everyday – and yet do it the wrong way. The book and videos detail this repeatedly, and yet, 99/100 times that I train folks I see this CRUCIAL facet of training ignored.

And yes, this key is mentioned on the 0 Excuses Fitness page as well.

Anyway, I just got done with my squats – and I’m still dripping with sweat 10 minutes or so after my workout – which took like 17 minutes in all – and THAT sort of workout, my friend is what you can expect as well if you incorporate this one hidden key into your own routine.

And last – don’t expect to make every workout a “world” record workout either. Thats something else that is commonly ignored.

An example of this is my squatting routine today. I was going to do just 50-100 of them, but it turned out as such – 50, 150, 150, 70, 80 – and I ended up with 500 without hitting max reps in any one of the five sets – but with much the same cardio effect, and in approximately the same amount of time as well.

Anyway, that’s it for now. If you haven’t already, scoot on over and grab your copy of the 0 Excuses Fitness system now, my friend – and get cracking ASAP.

And now, I’m off to do some pushups!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – And no, I’m not going to chase you down repeatedly and “ask” you to “ask me” to reveal the hidden (albeit right there in the open) key that I mention above. Here is where you can get access to this key – as well as many, many other potentially LIFE changing tips and workouts (not to mention instruction) that will BLAST you along the way to your fitness goals in no time at all – The 0 Excuses Fitness System

The ultimate butt kicker

Dear reader,

Well, well well. I just got done with a BUTT kicker of a workout – a “sore butt” workout if you would, hehe – and no, for the “overimaginative” out there, it’s NOT what you would normally associated with a “sore butt”.

“But”, it certainly was a – well – butt kicking workout from HELL – except in a great way!

And guess what – this butt kicker of a workout didnt take two hours to complete.

It did NOT involve –

  • A variety  of different pushups.
  • “Jumping” a.k.a “advanced” Hindu squats
  • Extensive stretching either before or after the workout (although I might go stretch out now after finishing this post)

And none of the other things that I normally associated with a workout (and that you should as well, to be honest) such as “table” pushups, “arms extended” pushups, and the like.

And yet (but), I’m gasping for air as I write this, and all in 20 minutes FLAT, my friend.

And what did I do to get this “butt kicker” of a workout?

Well – I did TWO exercises – and guess what – I’ll tell you BOTH.

The first was (as many of y’all) might have guessed – the SQUAT – but, NOT done in a way that most people approach these. Believe me, there is SO MUCH more to bodyweight (or Hindu) squats that I could literally write about 10 books or more on this ONE exercise, and still not be done.

That’s another reason the 0 Excuses Fitness System includes the videos, by the way. Proper form is paramount, but the videos allow me to tell you a lot of things that “may not have come to mind” as the course was written, and truth be told there is SO much more out there that even my private students keep learning new things on a daily basis.

I’ll get into my current private coaching routine at a later date, but for now, whats the second exercise, you ask?

Well – simple – the BEST DARN exercise there is – and though it may seem simple in theory – there are literally so many different ways you can do this one exercise that I’ve written an entire book on it – and feel I might have to start all over on “version #2”, hehe.

Anyway, that’s all I did today – and believe you me, these two exercises KICKED my BUTT – in twenty minutes flat.

My oh my, what a workout it was.

And the 0 Excuses Fitness System gives you many more such workouts that will kick YOUR butt as well, my friend – and kick it into high gear and INTO SHAPE at that – PRONTO.

Don’t waste a second  longer. Rush on over now, and grab YOUR copy of the BEST fitness system there is on terra firma.


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – No if’s and “buts”, my friend. The results in life come to the DOERS – the ZERO EXCUSES DOERS as it were. Sitting around and “ruminating” over “what might be” ain’t gonna achieve nothing, my friend. Scoot on over NOW, and do what hundreds of 0 Excuses Followers ALL around the globe are doing.

P.S. #2 – Wondering what the “best darn” exercise there is is? Well, look no further –

Bullet to the head

Dear reader,

As I sit here typing this to you – I’m STILL panting – and I’m covered in sweat from head to tow.

And I’m mentally thanking the gun that was about to deliver the “bullet to my head” and none more so than the hand that “put it there” – in this case, that hand being your’s truly’s.

Now, before you make plans on having the “white coats” arrive en masse, pause but a minute, my friend.

What I just shared with you is just ONE of the most powerful visualizations there is – not only when exercising – but doing anything in life in general.

There’s an old adage which says “Quitters never win”, and to add on to that, it’s darn near impossible to quit if you’ve got a gun pointed at your head, ain’t it?

The great Napoleon Hill once quoted the example of a famous general that was leading his troops into battle, and ordered them to – get this – BURN their ships – their only source of retreat as soon as they arrived at the “battle” shores.

They had no choice – either perish – or win – and though it might sound extreme, win they did, my friend – and it’s true. EVERY BIT OF IT!

I cover visualization as point #1 of the Ten Commandments of Physical Success in the 0 Excuses Fitness System – and truth be told, this ONE tip alone will (if used correctly) lead you to SUCCESS – and resounding success at that in EVERY area of your life, my friend.

But let’s just stick to fitness. I visualized this while completing 200 pushups today – something that normally takes me around 17-18 minutes to get done – and guess what – I not only achieved “record” reps on some of the pushup sets – but I finished in less than 15 minutes flat.

My oh my.

Most folks underestimate the power of the mind and visualization – but – believe me now and trust me later, your MIND is really what controls everything, my friend – NOT your physical body.

Naturally this doesnt need to be taken to extremes. If you really, really cannot crank out another rep – then stop – but for most people, a kick up the arse is what is needed in order to really get them going, such is the nature of the “beast” when it comes to people in this day and age.

Remember, my friend – Quitters never win – and winners never ever quit.

Emblazon this one line in your mind – and combined it with the aforementioned visualization I just gave you while working out the next time, and tell me how you do.

And yes, I know I misspelt “tow” in the initial line of this – such is life in the FLOW, my friend, hehe.

Without further ado then – get in the EXERCISE flow right HERE –


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – I mention the TRUE story of how a student of mine used visualization to improve her skills in a VERY SHORT period of time in the book – grab your copy now –

Drop dead cardio

Dear reader,

An apt indeed descriptor for today’s email – and none more so evidenced than by the beads of sweat “dropping”, or “dripping” down my forehead on to the keyboard as I type this post out.

The spacebar was the one that caught it the worst, hehe, but the bottom line is – DROP DEAD cardio is indeed the right way to term it – and no – it won’t literally make you “drop dead” – though it WILL STOP YOU right in your TRACKS if you do ’em right!

And I mean all this in a positive way, my friend.

For you regular readers out there (and I truly commend you for being part of the 0 Excuses Fitness System brigade, my friend), you know my primary means of cardio is none other than the humble “Hindu squat”.

And believe you me, as I keep saying this one exercise will give you ALL the cardio you need, but IF – and ONLY if you do ’em the RIGHT way – and the right way is NOT how most people approach or even do these, my friend.

I go into more detail on these in the 0 Excuses Fitness system, but the key – just ONE of them at that – is – to quite literally DROP – as in “drop dead” into the squat – only you do it on your feet.

My oh my, this one KEY – simple though it is – is often ignored by the majority of people and (judging from some reader feedback I recently received) – even some of y’all that have been doing these for a while and benefiting from ’em.

Anyhow, I did about 400 of these today, and my  legs are HAMMERED, to say the least – and my breathing? Well, I’m not gonna drop dead anytime soon – let me just say that, hehe.

On that note, you’d do well to reduce the amount of “long slow distance” cardio you currently do, my friend. Studies have PROVEN (as I said yesterday) that this sort of cardio is WAY WORSE for your heart and overall health than the way I advocate in 0 Excuses Fitness, and that, my friend is truly the bottom line.

And yet another benefit?

Well, it’ll get YOU looking – DROP DEAD – GREAT (or gorgeous, if you’re one of the ladies reading this, hehe).

Can’t beat that overall package, can ya now?

Nah. I didnt think so.

Scoot on over NOW, my friend – and grab yourself a copy of the BEST FITNESS system on the planet without further ado.


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – I incorporate yet another amazing tip into my squatting workout that I have NOT detailed in 0 Excuses Fitness – pretty much because it’s way too advanced for most folks out there. Look for it in a future course though – or heck, I might address it in tomorrow’s email.

We’ll see how that goes. In the meantime though, my shoulders, chest and LOWER abs are SORE as hell right now – all from this one variation – which I wouldn’t advise as a primary workout, but WOULD advise to “mix in with the regular squatting routine”.

For now though, let’s put that to the side. BOUND on over to 0 Excuses Fitness right now, and get started pronto, my friend.

Blazing Cardio!

Dear reader,

It’s nice to know that I can get in a workout not only “any place, any time”, but also get her done QUICKLY – quicker than most folks expect cardio workouts to take.

Most folks believe that cardio involves long and drawn out routines either at the local gym or time spent “pounding the pavement”, and the stark truth for what it is – is that – YES, the majority of people do get their cardio in that way.

But here’s the kicker – my friend – first off, it’s NOT the best way to get in a great, great cardio workout. Studies have “done” proven (innumerous times at that) that quick INTENSE bursts of cardio do far, far more good for you than “pounding the pavement” does – and by that I don’t just mean cardio wise – I mean it does far, far more good for your overall health, strength and VITALITY levels.

The above is a truism, and is yet amazingly ignored by most folks out there.

And here’s the ultimate kicker – wouldn’t you like to get in a STRENGTH and cardio workout – all in one – and in way, way less time than you’d spend doing any other “commonly known” forms of cardio (excluding sprints)?

Well, I’m sure you would, my friend, and that is PRECISELY what I got in today – and get this – it wasn’t the usual 500 squats/250 pushup routine.

Those numbers stayed the same, but a SMALL and MINOR tweak to the way I did the exercises COMPLETELY CHANGED the entire complexion of the workout, my friend, and I got – well – to put it in short – “nothing short of a BLAZING CARDIO workout”!

And though the entire routine took me 40 minutes, I could have reduced the number and have gotten in a great, great workout in less than 15 minutes – or even EIGHT MINUTES at that.

As for what I did – and the minor tweak – well, you’ll have to crack open your copy of 0 Excuses Fitness to figure that one out, my friend.

But – before you do that – I think I mentioned the “ultimate kicker” above, did I not?

Well, HERE is something ELSE that will STOP you dead in your tracks – the stretch I did at the end of my workout ended up giving me EVEN more cardio (in less than a minute, mind you) – and for those that are wondering, NO, this stretch was NOT a back bridge or any variant thereof.

That’s right – from start to finish – a GREAT, GREAT cardio workout – and I feel so pumped right now I could probably pound out another 500 pushups or so if I so chose, and STILL not be done!

And guess what – this feeling will last with me all night long (being that it was evening when I started).

And thats the way to do it, my friend. Intense workouts that get the ENTIRE body moving and the heart and lungs pumping like THERE’s NO tomorrow – and you’ll be all the better off for it!

Do it NOW, my friend. Run – nay – SPRINT on over and grab your copy of the 0 Excuses Fitness System NOW before I come “a chasing” to make you do it, hehe.



P.S. – That link again is …

2 Hidden keys to a REAL six pack

Dear reader,

A real six pack, as the title says (not to mention a sizzling HOT midsection) –  and if you’re one of the “few” (not really, hehe) interested in that – in less than 15 minutes FLAT – well – READ ON, my friend!

If having a sizzling “hot” core – a core that looks its carved out of GRANITE – a core that is NOT simply a “cosmetic core” (read six pack craze with no real functionality to back it up) – well – READ ON!

My thighs be a sizzling right now,  my friend, and I’m feeling so DARN good that I’m going to revel two HUGE hidden keys to developing the midsection of your dreams – albeit in a manner that most “experts” would never advocate, hehe.

And the first of those ties in with what I said about my thighs “be” sizzling, hehe.  Along with the midsection, this exercise also ties into your goals of building a barrel chest and legs that look like they’re carved out of MOLTEN stone, not to mention building your upper back to a degree.

It’s simple as heck. Requires no equipment other than your own body, my friend – and a few square feet of carpet or floor ANYWHERE – and it’s something that would knock the average gym goer on their rear end FLAT if done for more than 20 reps to start out with.

I’m sure you can guess the exercise now, eh? There’s a reason I tell you in the 0 Excuses Fitness system to work into these for care and caution – these, done right can not only give you legs like the proverbial pillars that NEVER quit on you, but also stamina, endurance and SOLID cardio to boot that even pounding the treadmill for hours doesnt come close to matching.

And that key really shouldn’t be a “hidden” one, but the very idea of doing high rep bodyweight squats in correct form – again – CORRECT form – to develop the core of all things seems contrary to the average gym goer brought up on a diet of “crunches” and other worthless exercises done on machines or “gadgets” (such as the “tummy trimmer” I recently saw advertised).

That last bit of equipment is one in which you can “comfortably” rest your bootocks (yes, you read that right) and “rock back and forth comfortably” all without breaking a sweat – and somehow that is supposed to give you the midsection you’ve always wanted in your life.

I can but shake my head at some of the nonsense floating about there, my friend – and yet – the good news is there is a way to SKIP past all the nonsense, and it’s right here, my friend –

Skip past all the nonsense, my friend and order NOW or the midsection you’ve always dreamed of – and DESERVED.

You owe it to yourself.


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – As for the other hidden key? Well, I cover it in detail in two of my products – and I’ll give you yet another hint – I’ve dedicated a product ALL to this ONE exercise.

P.S. – #2 – That’s right – see if you can guess it – and it ain’t pull-ups, “bubba”, hehe.

P.S. #3 – And here is where you start to build that midsection, my friend –