Reverse pushups – the BOOK!

Dear reader,

Well, well, WELL!

Or as a friend of mine from China would say “Oh, my gosh!”

That’s right – it’s finally out. The much awaited BOOK on REVERSE pushups, and the VERY BEST exercise there is, bar NONE, is finally out and without further ado, and its that darn important, here is where you should RUSH over to grab a copy – Pushups – REVERSE PUSHUPS – the best DARN EXERCISE!

I’ve been meaning to come out with this for a while now, but for some reason it didnt happen until today – when the “stars aligned”, and instead of focusing on a few other ventures I’ve got going on – I focused upon THIS – and, well, here’s the RESULT!

As for my workout today, you might imagine that the majority of it, was, well, what I just released a book about and you’d be right.

Did the usual 150 squats, and then moved on to the pushups.

80-85% of my workout was what I just said, and the other 15% ?

Well, I focused on making the “wrestler” pushups HARD, hard, and HARD! And a simple change in foot position was all it took to literally take that exercise to a whole another LEVEL.

‘Tis true. Incorporate that sort of thing into your workouts, and you’ll soon see you don’t need to do “ultra mega high” reps of everything. In fact, about 25 reps of real advanced stuff is all you really NEED – and all that even semi-advanced trainees can handle.

Of course, if you focus – and work upon improving – and set goals – well then, the sky is the limit, my friend. It truly is.

Somewhere in there I threw a few other pushups in, and hit the 250 mark before I knew it. And the other thing I really, really focused upon today in my 40 minute BLAST (and yes, there are two reasons I use that word – one is because I ENJOY what I do, and two, well, because I “BLAST” through my routines as I’ve mentioned before!)?

It’s a phrase. Starts with a “D” and ends with a “G”.

See if you can figure that one out (hint – I’m BUZZED!).



P.S. – This new course should be up on Amazon as well for you “Kindle” aficionados!

P.S.#2 – You can only really get maximum benefit from this (or any other “top” exercise) if you combine it with a sensible overall diet as well as EXERCISE routine. And I mention this in the book  as well.

Here is where you can get the skinny on the other stuff (and especially the exercise part) –



A couple of POWERFUL visualizations

Dear reader,

As most of my regular readers no doubt know by now, I visualize a lot during my workouts and also life in general. Visualization as I’ve explained in many a book already, most of which are NOT mentioned on this website,  is key to everything in life – including accomplishing success in any endeavor, be that work, relationships or fitness.

‘Tis true, and my books on the site discuss this in depth as well, specifically “From 120 kgs to 60 kgs” which is available right HERE: – From 120 – 60 KGS!

The audios accompanying that book are NOT available on that page for reasons mentioned, but I’ll be happy to send them along to those who buy it, and as those who have already bought it (and requested them) can ATTEST to.

And since we’re talking fitness here, those of you that are regular readers will know I speak about visualization and goal setting – a LOT – during my workouts as well, and you are well aware of the results as well.

Most folks have a tendency to “pooh pooh” the very mention of something as seemingly esoteric as visualization to being key to success. So be it, but bear in mind that what is seemingly unimportant is often THE VERY MOST important thing you can do for yourself, BAR NONE.

Anyhow, while I didnt set any goals during this workout, here is what I visualized while doing my “wrestler” pushups which you’ve heard so much about both in my blogs and books (and BTW this tip is not in the book or the videos – it’s only in the blog post – and it’s to REWARD you for being a regular reader of this blog) – – I visualized my body being a MISSILE on the way down – a HEAT seeking missile HEADED without FAIL to it’s target, and back to “home base” AS SOON as it hit the target.

Those of you that have done Hindu (wrestler) pushups will know what I’m talking about. Those of you that have done them and have plateaued; well, add this (and other tips I’ve mentioned in the past) into your workout and let me know how you do.

I’ll bet you’ll “blast past” your previous best (BTW – thats yet another tip right there and regular readers will know what I’m “yelling about”!).

(Those of you that haven’t – well – do ’em!  Do them in proper form tho, and the book is great, the videos are KEY to learning proper form as well – Videos)

And the second trick? Well, on every set of pushups, I simply visualized the end result of the pushup i.e me saying “no problem” after having completed the set (before I even physically began the set).

And no, that is NOT crazy though it might sound crazy. Thats actually the #1 visualization technique ALL achievers use, bar none, whether they know it or not (or whether they describe it or not).

Anyway, to finish off, it was a 150 squat and 250  pushup day, and as usual I’m buzzing – and get this – my forearms are ZINGING as well! More so than normal and yes, reverting to a bit of “non-esoteric” talk, I did do a lot of them on my fingertips, but perhaps NOT exactly how you’d imagine.

Back to the visualization though. Although I just told you you’ll likely blast past previous bests both in terms of life and exercise if you follow these tips and the others I give you (as they’re supposed to be followed), I am NOT – repeat – NOT guaranteeing miracles.

If your currently at the stage where your arms flop out after doing FIVE letter perfect REGULAR pushups (and believe you me, a lot of folks ARE at that stage) – well then – visualization alone won’t get you to 500.

It’ll help for sure though. You’ll get to 15, 20, 25 way quicker than you would if you hadn’t done what I’m saying.

And for those of you that have been doing these exercises a while, well, incorporate what I just told ya into your current routine.

Watch your reps – and “personal best numbers” – SOAR – soar as high as the proverbial eagle flying high, high, HIGH in the sky!

All for now. Back again later!



P.S. – Here is the link to the book BTW which I omitted to provide you with above – The Book


A “perfect rep” workout!

Dear reader,

Well, that it was. Ever had a pushup workout where EVERY REP – every movement – EVERY BREATH, to be honest, was LETTER PERFECT?

I bet not – and given that most people “diss” pushups as being an useless exercise, good only to “tone” the arms (yes, believe it or not there’s plenty of garbage out there along these lines!)  – it wouldn’t come as surprise if you answered NO to that question.

But today’s post is not about the immense value pushups have, or even why they are my favorite exercise. Or even that my ALL TIME favorite exercise is a variant of a pushup …

Nah. Thats what the book and all the past posts on the blog are there for and if you need convincing even after that- well – then I’m sorry to say it pally, but 0 Excuses Fitness just ain’t for you. You’ll probably be better off doing “bunny crunches” at the local gym or “watching TV while scrolling through your smartphone and getting cardio in on the ole treadmill”.

(0 Excuses Fitness is right here by the way – The Book

And the videos are right HERE – Videos

And that last bit isn’t as far fetched as it may sound. Walk into any local gym and tell me what you see on the treadmills.

I rest my case!

Anyway, this workout of mine gave me an AB WORKOUT from HELL. And on that note I remember I posted about useless gadgets and gizmos out there on the market that promise to give you the “quick fix” to getting abs – i.e. the lazy man’s solution, and I also remember telling you they dont work, and telling you WHY.

Gizmos be damned, and even the useful ones do NOT work as well as a pushup workout done correctly does!

People often tell me “I get bored doing just pushups”.


HUH?? JUST pushups??

Dude (or lady!) if I could give you ONE exercise to do for the rest of your friggin’ life, which WOULD get you – and KEEP you in TOP shape, it would be the pushup!

Bored!!? How the hell can you get bored doing pushups on a regular basis and doing them correctly, and therefore feeling this GREAT – feeling ON TOP OF THE WORLD EVERY freaking day??

And looking great at that as well – although yes, the looks are a by-product and NOT the end goal.

Curiously enough, these same nuts are the ones with bulging bellies and the “gluteous” maximum of plenty if you notice, hehe. Man boobs. “Bingo wings” and so forth.

So it goes, my friend. I realize this may piss off a lot of people reading this, but like I said, ’tis fact. And if you can point out anything non-factual in what I’ve said (honestly non-factual), well, then I’m ALL EARS.

My thighs are sore as well today – so sore that I got in a 100 squats, but stopped thereafter – so I guess my tips DO work, eh?

Anyhow, I do my reps in perfect form anyway during a workout, so this ain’t new to me – but I REALLY slowed it down today. REALLY felt each breath, REALLY felt each rep, REALLY FELT EACH MUSCLE as it were!

And guess what it took the usual 45 minutes or so, and this along with stretching at the end of it.

And man – ARE MY abs sore now, hehe.

All for now – back again later!


P.S. – And yes, that 45 minutes included brief rest periods and the time it took to jot my thoughts down on paper as I normally ALWAYS do!

P.S. #2 – Bored doing pushups? Tom and Jerry might be just the solution for ya …

P.S #3 – Bored? Seriously? Get REAL, pally!


My opinion on abdominal training devices and “gadgets”

Dear reader,

Well, I’ve been meaning to post about THIS one for a while and now is the time.

I’ve been seeing a lot of sheer RUBBISH out there these days (it’s been going on for a while, of course), but it is only now for whatever reason that it’s caught my eye.

And my unabridged, candid, unbiased, and HONEST (and true!) opinion is that 99% of these gadgets, devices and “thingies” are  an absolute, utter and total waste of time and money.

In short – total crap – and not only that, they rarely ever work in terms of what the “buyer expects” (although the marketing is cleverly done – and not crap – hence the sales).

But marketing isn’t by the far the only reason they sell, though it’s one main reason. The main reason is that these gadgets, and therefore the commercials for them pander towards the average lazy couch potato, promising crap like “the lazy man’s way to quick abs”.

And in short – anything that promises you “quick fix” results, and that too by being “lazy” is promising you, quite literally, pie in the sky. It wouldn’t surprise me one damn bit if the fine print on these devices read “exercise and effort IS required” or something to that effect.

I’ll cover two of these gadgets in this post. There’s a lot of talk about “electric ab stimulators”, and “crunch simulators”

Both are an absolute waste of time, the first being even worse than the other. Apparently it delivers a tiny electrical shock to the abdominal regions, and this apparently gives you “ab muscles you can see” or some such rubbish.

Utter and total baloney, and yet these darn things sell. How a lot of these manufacturers haven’t been sued out of biz is beyond me, but then again, I suppose thats why they have the fine print, eh.

Look – something is better than nothing, and given the average couch potato does nothing, maybe it’ll help somewhat. Maybe the 120 kg person would lose a quarter of a kilo – but he’d gain it all back with the next beer or bag of chips. Fact.

As for the “crunch simulator”, this is only “bettered” (and I use that word in a negative connotation) by the “pec deck” in terms of being utterly worthless to build any sort of strength, functional or not.

Crunches by themselves are not the exercise I recommend anyway for your abs/core region – and my book doesnt have a single crunch in it.

Sit-ups are marginally better, and Fast and Furious Fitness DOES have sit ups in it, but my current methods are so far superior to crunches and situps (and deliver results accordingly) that “it ain’t even funny”.

And this blasted “crunch simulator” or whatever it’s called makes the already practically worthless crunch even more useless, “elevating your body so you can rock back and forth while watching TV and do crunches (Grandma, anyone)”?

Laugh away, dear reader, laugh away, but these products usually sold on the Internet or late night TV are laughable to the nth degree – and MORE.

Other hand, there are SOME devices that do provide you with a pretty good ab and core workout.

I once used a “wheel” with handles attached to it that you’d roll in and out while on your toes as if you were doing a pushup and while even THIS doesnt come CLOSE to the results you’ll achieve while doing FIVE reps of my all time favorite exercise on a REGULAR basis, it’s a fairly good workout by itself for those that do nothing, and WILL get you some results, although again nowhere near as close as those gotten the way I get ’em.

Then there is the good ole fashioned jump rope (or “skipping rope” as our readers from the U.K. would have it). You can get in a workout of your life with this one tool alone.

And so forth, but “some” is the keyword here. The majority of ab devices out there are like gyms – utterly useless for the most part – and the only reason they sell is they pander towards the “lazy man (or woman)’s mindset”.

Anyway, I would never, ever market my own product this way. While my marketing methods are indeed very unconventional, one thing I’m NEVER EVER GOING TO DO – and have never done – is promise folks pie in the sky.

I’ll never promise you any results that you won’t get PROVIDED you apply the right amount of effort, and do the RIGHT things.

I WILL however promise you ZERO results (thats right – a big fat ZERO) if you do nothing, and expect a “quick fix for the lazy man”. Not only that, that sort of quick fix just don’t exist, and I’m not talking about fitness alone – I’m talking about life here.

Ok, so I had to get that off my chest PRONTO – and now I have.

See y’all in tomorrow’s post!



PS – My stuff makes you work, work and work like you have never worked before, but curiously enough – it takes less than a quarter of the time to achieve more than double the results and in some cases MORE.

Want to see how? The following TWO links will show you how: –

The Book

And the videos are a must grab as well – Videos

A workout done “almost entirely” on my back

Dear reader,

Yup, you read THAT right – today’s workout was pretty much done on my back bar a few reps of other exercises.

This may come as a surprise to those that have read my “rails and rants” about exercises done while seated and on your back (namely, the bench press which in the long run is a RECIPE for DISASTER in terms of your shoulders).

And what did I do? A variant of my all time favorite exercise, except on the floor, and YES, while it was not strictly done “on my back”, that WAS the position I was pushing up from.

Want to know how this ONE exercise can develop thick, gnarly forearms literally PULSATING with power – power such as my friend mentioned a day or so ago – An “unnatural” pull in your grip?

Well, do them – my friend – and you’ll see for yourself.

I also did a 100 reps of my all time favorite exercise, and hit the usual 250 number. Threw in a 100 odd squats and stretches somewhere in there as well – stretches that stretch the entire body – and I’m not referring to bridging here which I’ll do later.

And as I return to the “earthly plane” (no, it’s NOT 4:20 A.M. for those wondering, but the buzz I get from this is far better than any other “earthly buzz” to be honest – I’m literally buzzing like a “motha” right now, hehe), I feel compelled to share a few FREE tips with you.

Yes, FREE – and amazingly enough most people will shake their heads and say “what the hell is this guy on” when they read ’em.

I’ve already given you ONE tip above, by the way … as for the second …

Would you believe it, for instance, if I told you that the key to improving your pushups and UNLOCKING your potential for flexibility in your entire body is to simply FLEX ONE BODY PART FOR TIME?

Probably not, but so be it. Most people probably wouldn’t believe the other tip I gave you the other day about improving your pushups as well, and no, I’m NOT going to repeat it here – do a “search” through the blog and you’ll find it yourself.

A lot of what I write in the blog is NOT mentioned EITHER in the book or videos.


Because its nigh impossible to cover a lifetime’s worth (or darn near, anyway) of learning into either a book or videos. Though I can and do give you plenty of additional tips in the videos that I can’t share in the book, there’s always something that comes to mind, my friend.

Always something different. Always something new. Always something that’ll help you improve – but only, and if and only you LET IT.

And if you don’t – so be it. Me care less, hehe.

There is a good buddy of mine who was recently worried about plagiarism (for a non fitness related product he is releasing, or should be releasing soon) and rightly so from a certain standpoint, but my answer to the same thing as far as 0 Excuses Fitness goes?

Me care less, hehe, and this would hold true regardless of anything I write, produce, or put out there, REGARDLESS of genre.

Copiers can copy, but can never do, or achieve anywhere near the original, and physical limitations is NOT why.

It’s a mental block, a block that is common to those who want “everything for free” (note – by “want” I mean “demand”, or the “entitlement mentality” in other words).

I’m pretty sure my book is already out there somewhere on a Torrent site. I KNOW FOR A FACT that a lot of my other NON-FITNESS pubs are being downloaded right now as we speak for free.

Does that stop sales? Believe it or not, the answer is NEGATIVE.

So if thats your thing, go for it, my friend. You won’t hear any real complaints from you on that one! And those that have read my other book “Zero to Hero” which will be up on THIS site next month KNOW why.

“If copiers were geniuses, printing shops would fly” – Rahul Mookerjee (Monday, Oct 02, 2017).

‘Tis a fact, my friend. ‘Tis fact.

And I’ll end on that sage note.


Rahul Mookerjee

Every angle, EVERY DIRECTION, every possible way!

Dear reader,

One of the greatest things about training with your own bodyweight is that it literally allows you to train your body from EVERY possible angle, and every possible direction – and then some.

Why is this important?

Well, because real life isn’t “pushing a heavy weight from a bench”. Although I’ve got nothing against those that prefer the bench press, for instance, you can build far, far more functional strength (and more strength, period) by using your own bodyweight alone – and – and this is NOT up for argument by the way – build a FAR healthier body, period.

So much healthier than it ain’t even funny, my friend.

I don’t know about you but I’d bet the average gymnast is way stronger in most regards than Arnie is. And likely way healthier as well.

I’ve heard of bodybuilders drop dead after – get this – climbing a flight of stairs and hanging a painting on the wall. Believe it or not, tis true, and I’ve heard it from those that partook of the bodybuilding nonsense as well.

I’ve heard it from steroid users that have “gone over to the bright side from the dark as it were”, case in point being a dude a few years ago who used to be so “muscle bound” that he could barely move, let alone swim.

A couple of heart attacks later, and he finally saw the light. Unfortunately a lot of others never do, despite being literally shown the way.

You can take a horse to water, but you CANNOT “make” it drink if it doesn’t want to.

Anyway, just how do you get so strong and healthy from training with your own bodyweight from every possible direction?

Well, because a) it’s natural. You train as if you were an “animal”, a jungle cat, or a primate (let’s use that last one as an analogy since we’re closest to “apes”).

Give a baby chimpanzee your little finger, and he (or she) will literally grab on to – and SQUEEZE your little finger until you (and I ain’t kidding ya) CRY for mercy. Thats how they’re wired, by the way, and I’m sure you have seen baby monkeys grabbing on to the mothers by the front as the mothers move, seemingly without a care in the world, the extra weight being apparently “no bother” whatsoever.

An adult chimp could literally RIP your face off without even trying, and as for my all time favorite animal, the grizzly? Well, let us just say that grizzlies shift 600 lb dumpsters as if they were beach balls, and NO, I’m not kidding. Actual experiments have been conducted that prove this as fact.

Ever heard a ‘roo complain about the weight of a “baby roo” in the pouch? I haven’t but I’ve heard plenty of nuts complain about why “squats done the traditional way are bad for you” even though they’ve never done ’em.

I’ve never seen a grizzly “stick to a certain plane of motion” to build the hump on its back. Have you?

Key is – these animals naturally move their own bodyweight through every possible angle and direction day in and day out, and that is how they get so damned strong.

This sort of movement also gives the lungs, heart and entire cardio system a very thorough working over, and the deep breathing alone from this makes you stronger and makes you feel like a billion bucks.

I could go on and on, but you get the picture.

As for me, it was a 300 pushup day.  I couldn’t quite get into the squats though, but still hammered out 150 odd squats …

And those 300 were compromised of, well, what I normally do – but specifically 100 reps of my favorite exercise – – and 50 reps of my ALL TIME FAVORITE EXERCISE.

The 100 reps being done from every possible angle – and YES – some of which are NOT shown in the book as they are advanced variations.

But boy, do they work!

Finished off with 50 regular reps of my all time favorite exercise, and thats that for today.

If you train today – make it an AWESOME one – the BEST ever!



P.S. – Train the way of the “animal” – and this is HOW

Believe me – and trust me later – it WORKS.

P.S. #2 – Trust but verify, as Reagan once famously said? Well, look no further, my friend …