Another great one in the books!

Dear reader,

‘Twas 12:50 P.M. and fast approaching lunch time as it were – well, for most folks, at least. I generally end up eating lunch at 5:30 P.M. because I’m usually busy writing all morning long – and when I’m in flow, NOTHING seems to matter, not even food!

You know the feeling, don’t you? That feeling of simply HAVING to “git her done”!

Sitting down at the computer and not just physically feeling the words FLOW – feeling it MENTALLY as well which is what counts at the end of the day.

Anyway, this is about my workout – which was 250 squats and 249 pushups. A “round” 499 total as it were, and probably more if you count the 10 or so pushups I did “slowly” as a “cool down” along with my stretches.

Sweat was ‘adripping everywhere, my friend. Pumped out 250 squats in less than 10 minutes, and man oh man, was I BREATHING DEEPLY!

Not to mention the “pump” I got in my shoulders – better than any artificial “pump” you can get from “blitzing and bombing” the muscle as it were and certainly better than what you’d get if you “isolate” the deltoids (big mistake, by the way – the deltoid is a complex muscle that ties into the chest as well as upper back and traps, and it should be worked as such – in conjunction with these other major muscle groups).

Anyway, I made notes during the workout as usual, and I was literally dripping sweat onto my scribbles as I wrote in a hasty, yet concise manner as I prepared to head on to the pushups.

Pounded out about 60 of these before I felt an incredible, incredible soreness in my thighs – something I had NOT felt when doing the squats.

A deep, worked to the bone sort of feeling and I’m sure I’ll be feeling it again tomorrow. In a GOOD way – and a DIFFERENT way from what I’d normally feel when doing my ALL TIME FAVORITE exercise.

That brings to mind the first time I did these squats. I thought they were easy and pounded about 25 of them before “pooh pooh”‘ing and calling it a day – and I could barely walk the next day.

Lesson learnt – do – and EXPERIENCE – BEFORE you judge!

Anyway, it’s 6:04 P.M. at the time of writing this, and the feeling still persists, hehe.

Guess that in itself means it was a great one!

And that endeth today’s “wisdom”. If you workout today – make it the BEST!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Plenty of ball busters a.k.a TOUGH workouts here – The Book



Well, dear reader, so it WAS ! I’m stressed for time today – does that sound familiar BTW?! – and figured I’d get in a ball-buster without really stressing myself (no pun intended) – and while that might sound strange, it IS possible.

Got through a set of 50 squats. No problemo, amigo. 50 more. And 50 more – until I got to 150.

Got through 16 regular pushups, and figured I’d make it the “16” workout. So it turned out to be, and I got through 10 sets of 16 – DIFFERENT styles of pushups, by the way, and finished off with 50 reps of my all times favorite exercise.

And boy – am I STOKED! I feel like I’m ON TOP OF THE WORLD – and that ain’t no exaggeration, pally.

Took about 30 minutes or thereabouts, by the way. Finished off with 5 minutes of stretching and a short “water” break, and I’m DONE. Ready to rock and roll as it were.

By the way, before I end this – a shout out to a “Lady E” – thank you for taking the time to apologize. It’s indeed human to err – but to actively take the time to acknowledge that one made a mistake and LEARN from it is one of the hardest things for most people to do.

I hold my hand out to you in SALUTE – friendship – and BUSINESS (which at the end of the day boils down to vibes and the right connection if you think about it).

That’s IT for now – I’m out the door!


PS – Wondering what the all time best exercise is? Look no further!

Vibes, vibes, and more vibes

Dear reader,

It’s been a bit of a “slow” last couple of days for me, and I haven’t been posting or writing as often as I generally do. And no, it’s got NOTHING whatsoever to do with writer’s block or anything like that.

I’ve still ideas aplenty, but I haven’t actually written about it – and it’s  not so much about not having the inclination to put the words down on paper; it’s because of not being in the right “mindset”, or in other words, being in a “negative vibration” state.

Vibes are something I speak about all the time in my books, writings and in my fitness manuals (and this blog) as well.

And with good reason. Everything you do in life, and I mean EVERYTHING depends on your vibes, and your results, or lack thereof, depend, to a very a large degree upon the vibes you emanate, and the “state” your in in that regard.

That might sound strange, but here’s what will sound even stranger – I’m going to go out on more of a limb than I normally do, and say this – 99.99% is vibes. The rest is “work”.

And truth be told, work doesnt seem like work when you’re vibrating the way you should – the way you were INTENDED to be.

Yes, that  is correct. “Mother” Nature never intended us to go about life in a lackadaisical, don’t care’ish, downbeat, dull, grumpy sort of manner.

Nope. We were intended, each one of us BAR NONE to live our life with ZEST, VIM, VIGOR, EXCITEMENT – and to enjoy every day as if it’s the last.

The above sounds strange and “difficult to do” when your feeling down in the dumps. I know how that goes.

Yes, I’m human too and I have bad “periods” and the last couple of days were a prime example.

Although I didnt quite “really” get into a mega-negative state of vibration, this was because I chose to surround myself (translate – “chat with”) with folks going through similar circumstances and this, along with some visualization techniques I speak about in my books helped hugely.

And this applies to fitness as well, my friend, in a huge, huge way – but today’s post ain’t about fitness.

Nah. It’s about vibes. And if you need further proof in terms of what I’ve said about (the “Mother Nature” part), well, look no further than kids (younger than the age of 6 or thereabouts).

Kids don’t care about “what others think”. Kids naturally jump into handstands and do “tiger stretches” for fun. Kids naturally love to do squats aplenty and never seem to run out of gas. Heck, just try taking care of a 4 year old with boundless energy for a day, and you’ll see what I mean.

Kids live life the way we were intended to live it, and we as adults can learn a lot from them – fitness being just ONE AREA.

What do I  mean?

Well, a couple of days ago, a 4 year old girl gave an amazing “speech” of sorts in front of an audience of people – about 70-80 at that. An adult audience, and believe me, most adults would shy away from speaking in front of an adult audience numbering anything more than 10.

Trust me on this one – public speaking is one of the biggest fears people have – and yet … but anyway, I’ll continue with the tale.

This four year old girl also gave an AMAZING performance, and far outshone her compatriots (some of whom did a darn good job as well).

Key thing here?

This four year old girl is given FREEDOM at home to live life with ZEST. This four year old is actively supported by her Mom and Dad and encouraged to live life WITHOUT FEAR OF failure.

Her Mom and Dad realize that BOTH parents are equally important, and BOTH have unique skills to impart to their kid.

Physical activity is highly encouraged, as is participation in sports, and active participation at that as opposed to “cheering from the sidelines”.

She is NOT forced to turn into a “bookworm” (although truth be told there ain’t “nuttin” wrong with that  provided you balance it out with other activities) – and yet – she is a VORACIOUS reader.

Most of all, this kid is encouraged to LEARN and – QUESTION – QUESTION REPEATEDLY until she’s exhausted herself with questions.

You get the photo, don’t you?

This brought to mind another four year old kid, a boy. A smart, intelligent boy, perhaps about the same as the girl I mentioned above.

His mother was the type that “chastened” him for asking “too many silly questions”.

This boy was interested in sports from a young age – specifically soccer – and “getting stronger” – and every time he participated in any such endeavor, he was told “he was not good enough”.

Or (in the case of said soccer example), “he doesnt know how to play!” (regardless of the fact no-one bothered to ever teach him).

And when he WAS good enough – he was told “He thinks he’s too strong! Huh!! Look at him!” in a sarcastic sort of manner that would have the Queen of Babel rubbing her hands together with glee at the sheer “nasty” manner in which it was said.

His Dad was the sort that could care less in many regards, preferring the Sunday crossword and a philosophy that had this central tenet in mind “my wife is always right regardless”.

True “pseudo-femdom”, or “Nazi-femdom” taken to giddy limits, but ’tis true, my friend. It’s all true (just like everything else I say or write).

This kid grew up to be a 19 year old who was asked to give a presentation in college in front of a mere 7 or 8 classmates, and a kind hearted prof – and his hands literally SHOOK while doing this.

The only thing he COULD do – that went under the radar, and that was one of his GOALS from a very young age was to be a VORACIOUS reader – and writer – but a lot of the stuff he did was “termed” as “brainless” regardless.

Yet, he kept on, but it was like sloughing through a mire, to be honest.

Contrast this with the four year old girl I mentioned above who literally “yanked” the mic out of the girl next to her (in a playful sort of manner) and said “give it to me”, and just spoke.

She just did it. She just spoke. And she did so to a ROUSING CRESCENDO of claps, the adults scarcely believing a 4 year old could do such a great job!  And it was the best damned thing I’ve seen in a long, long time.

If there was ever a case of being “bold and fearless” and “positive vibration”, this, my friend IS a prime example.

I don’t yet know what she’ll grow up to be, but I do know this – she will live her life freely and with GAY ABANDON – the way life is MEANT to be lived – and this, at the end of the day, when we take our last breaths is ALL that counts, my friend.

Lesson of the story …well, there’s several. And no, this post is NOT about plugging my books – although they  may offer some more added and interesting perspective on what I mention here.

Last, but not least, I love you Barbara. I always will, from the bottom of my heart, and that performance, and that speech is but the pre-cursor for much, much, MORE!

And with that, it’s on to my workout.



PS – Encouragement is one of the best things you can do for your fellow man, or woman. True, all we can do is lead that horse to water, and if it “don’t drink”, well, we can’t force it.

But, we can encourage it – to a certain degree.

There is great power in this and amazingly enough this will help not just the person being encouraged but also the person who actually encourages. Try it, and report back!

It just didnt FEEL right …

Dear reader,

Well, like I said, “it just didnt feel right today” and given the day from HELL I had yesterday and today, I was not really surprised.

Most folks would sit back and relax with a “tough day, son” excuse and make a “resolution” to “hit it hard again tomorrow”. And truth be told, given the day I’ve had … I almost came close … VERY DAMNED close to making that same excuse.

But I made a pact with myself a few months ago. That being I would do SOMETHING every day without fail – both in terms of fitness, and and my goals.

SOMETHING – anything – but I wouldn’t and won’t do NOTHING.

And I don’t ever break pacts I make with myself, my friend. Never ever.

Figured I’d do a few squats, and get the heart pumping. Got to 26. But, “it didnt feel right”.

Figured I’d do pushups. Knocked out 10, but it still didnt “feel right at all” if you get my drift.

(BTW, I went slow and easy on both the above, trying to “ease in”, but it didn’t really work).

The little “green monster” at the back of my head piped up.

“Hey, Rahul, take it easy for today! You’ve been having a ROUGH, ROUGH time as of late and … ” (and so forth. And I have, but ….)

Figured I’d do a bridge or two and see where things “stood”. Did so for about 5 minutes, front and back, but though it felt good, “something was still missing”.

Tried 50 more squats, slowly. Felt OK.

Tried 50 more. Still OK, but couldn’t really get into them if you get my drift.

And then I figured I’d do  a few “pushups on my back” (as I call them in my new book) and call it a DAY.

Did about 10 of them. Felt great, and figured I’d do a “few more”.

Got to 51. “I’ll tick off a few more reps”.

Got to 100. The blood was pumping well and good for now, by the way.

50 more, I figured.

Got to 151. “A few more, I figured. Just a few along with a few stretches”.

Got to 202 before calling it a day.

And I feel great. Not quite the same as during my other workouts, but even better in some regards if I might say so.

This, of course is one reason I came out with the new book I did (well, one of them at any rate). This exercise is a MUST, must add into YOUR routine … and today’s post should by ITSELF be enough proof as to why!

Here you go – 

Now, if there’s another lesson to be learnt in all this, it’s to avoid negativity and negative vibes at all costs. Sometimes ’tis unavoidable … but, it PAYS – literally so  – to actively a) KEEP each pact you honestly make with yourself … and b) to keep ploughing forward, and search for the positive in all the negative out there these days.

And that, my friend is THAT for now. I’ll be back again later – hopefully!


PS – The sole, one bright spot in my day was that I actually ended up getting a great idea for a new book. More on that later, or not in this blog actually, but I write about turning the negatives into positives ALL the time, and especially in my books and courses.

Here is a book that delves deeply into my own personal experiences in doing so –

From 120 – 60 KGS!

Keep pushing, my friend. Keep STRIVING

Dear reader,

100 squats and 252 pushups, and done in less than 26 minutes FLAT. Great, great workout, and I’m feeling on top of the world.

Which I usually always do, even if my workouts are a little shorter in some regards on some days. Today was a 100 squat day as opposed to 200, but I made up for it with the pushups, me thinks.

The topic of this post is “keep pushing”, and that in itself is a tip unto itself given that in my own not-so-humble opinion pushups are really the best exercise you can do for yourself, PERIOD.

That doesn’t mean you do nothing else. No. A balanced routine is key.

It DOES however mean that pushups should form the MAINSTAY of your fitness routine regardless of your current fitness/strength/conditioning levels or goals.

As I went through my workout, I replayed a scene that occurred many times in the past, and still does at times when I’m really pushing hard on some new work, a new product, or a new book for that matter, and it is at THESE times that you realize the road to success (which never ends by the way; there are ALWAYS new goals to be achieved regardless of what you’ve achieved in the past) can be a long and “lonely” one at times.

Yes, you read that right. Success is NOT a one stop goal in itself. You KEEP STRIVING regardless of previous accomplishments, and if you don’t – well – watch your life stagnate quicker than I can say “voila”.

Guess what though.

It’s worth it. All that constant effort is well, well, WELL WORTH IT!!!

It’s ALL worth it, and I’m not referring to the sheer JOY involved in creating a new product, or writing a new book, or whatever it is you are engaged in (and believe you me, if it is something you deeply care about, then it “don’t” matter how much time it takes or how much hard work is involved; you’ll get it done, and whats more … that hard work will NOT seem like hard work, though it IS hard work).

The above might sound strange, but ‘tis true.

And while you shut yourself out to the world, you’ll naturally hear folks complain, and those that are, or should be the closest to you will be the ones that complain the most.

“Whats the point of all this …?”

“Where are the results … (this usually said when said person has no inkling that focusing purely upon a “quick result” leads to nowhere. It’s always good to be in for the long haul).”

“You never have time to … (insert activity of choice)”

“Wah! You never have time for ME!”

And so forth, and all of this is usually well intentioned, but can sound cacophonous at the best of times, especially when your exhausted after REALLY, REALLY giving it all you’ve got in terms of a new product.

When, in other words, you are really pushing. REALLY STRIVING, really giving it your ALL!

I’m a writer, and for me “products” generally equate to books, and yesterday was one such day for me in terms of the “cacophony” I am referring to.

Yet, the key is to ignore all this. ‘Tis natural for those not in the know to complain … but when they SEE the success, believe you me, they’ll STOP complaining PRONTO.

And these same people will come back to you and CONGRATULATE you, without you even having to mention your success.

Believe me. It’s happened to me in the past many a times, and I’ve got no doubt it’ll happen in the future as well.

Key though is to approach your goals with the right mindset, and the correct visualization.

My books speak about this in depth, and I’ll be posting about it in future blog posts as well. For now though, I’m past my daily “5 minute blog writing” limit (well, not quite. I’ve got a few seconds remaining!) so it’s adios for now.

If you workout today, be sure and make it the VERY BEST!

And … keep PUSHING. KEEP STRIVING. The sky IS the limit, my friend!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – My products and books are available right HERE: – Others

What a RUSH!

Dear reader,

200 squats and 200 pushups, and the right breathing. WHAT a RUSH!

WHAT A RUSH, again, if I might repeat myself, and it wouldn’t be a stretch to say I’m in an “altered state of consciousness” right now.

I’ve got about 5 minutes to type this, by the way.

Let’s see how I do. START.

My quads are sore, and my shirt (vest) is SOAKED TO THE BONE – and this while I’ve got the air-con running at full blast, my friend.

The same was the case when Cindy took the videos for the website, and the A/C was on full blast to show you the sheer conditioning impact and effect these workouts can, do and WILL have on your body.

Can, do and will – is it a coincidence I typed those words, and in that order? I think NOT.

The videos are right here, by the way –Videos

My god, what a workout. Folks sometimes observe there are no pull-ups in my routines (though the book does have a section on it), and my response, especially after a BALLBUSTER as this one … ?

Who needs pull-ups? Seriously?

And for those that scoff at this, well, do the workouts and THEN, and only THEN get back to me.

I’ll be getting back to a new book later, and in this altered state of consciousness that I appear to be right now, here are some “parting” thoughts –

I HATE time wasters … yes, I mentioned this before, but it bears mentioning here. Time wasters equate to “no respect” for others, and I HATE THIS, as I’m sure a lot of you reading this do as well.

And I noticed that for whatever reason, when I write the letter I in “cursive”, the capital letter by the way, and write it in such a way that the top part of the letter resembles a “diamond of sorts”, most people, including most in countries where English is a native language seem not to “get it”.

Sad, but true. We’ve forgotten how to write, and we’ve certainly forgotten what “cursive” means for the most part.

Get in touch with your cursive side today, my friend – and watch your life FLOW.

Sounds crazy, but ‘tis true. And that’s me in a nutshell.

5 minutes by the clock including a few Internet checks to see why the darn website isn’t accessible.

I’m out.




Out with the old, IN WITH THE NEW !

And it feels so damned good, my friend. It feels so DAMNED GOOD!

Today was a bit of a “rest” day in terms of my own writing. Being that I finished another book last night at around 1:30 A.M. or so,  and being that it was a bit of a marathon writing session even by my (I daresay LOFTY) standards, I was sort of “exhausted” today.

In a good way of course, and while I was “ruminating” for ideas on my latest, and visualizing etc, a thought suddenly struck me in terms of “deleting junk from my life”.

Now, I do this on a regular basis to be fair, but I haven’t been doing it for the past couple of weeks, so focused have I been on my writing.

And today, I took the time to DELETE – that’s right, DELETE (Ctrl-Alt-Delete at that in many cases, meaning a CLEAN and FRESH reboot) in terms of CRAP from my life.

This includes the following, in no particular order –

Time wasters.

Those that agree to something and later renege, or try and “complain” about what has already been agreed upon.

Idiots – and what I mean by that is those that purposefully choose to remain ignorant by the way, and believe me, there are tons of folks out there like that.

Social media – I shortened my already very short list of “contacts” on social media. I still use it, but very sparingly, and being most of the nonsense I see on social media is a massive waste of time, not to mention overwhelmingly negative in most cases, well …

And so forth. I think you get the drift. Cut the crap out of your life FOR GOOD – and watch your life change for the BETTER almost instantly.

And my workout? It felt so darn good as well! I did a bit of a warmup today which I normally never do, but this was just an “on the spur of the moment” thing. No real reason for it.

And though I pounded out 155 squats and 244 pushups, my workout was really more about two things –

  1. DEEP BREATHING (yes, yes, I know – I carp on it damn near daily and multiple times at that, but its that damn important).
  2. OUT WITH OLD, in with the new.

And thats what it was, my friend.

Out with the old with EVERY EXHALE ; in with the new – with a bang if I might say so – with EVERY INHALE!

Inhale, exhale. Inhale, exhale. Inhale, exhale.

And that’s it for this post. Back again tomorrow (or later, hehe)!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – My warm-ups were 10 pushups and 10 squats, done just for the heck of it and they did NOT count towards the rep total I mentioned above.

P.S. #2 – In with the NEW, and ZERO EXCUSES WAY right HERE- The Book

Today’s observations

Dear reader,

Today’s observations during the “150 squat 200 pushup workout (#1 of course; #2 will come later)” …

Squats build the chest and shoulders – something I’ve been saying for AGES, but something which most people don’t believe when I first tell them.

And yes – this goes for BODYWEIGHT squats too! In fact, a set of 100 body weight squats done in proper CADENCE, form and RHYTHM can often times and in a lot of ways be a lot tougher than sets of 5 done with a heavy weight on your back.

Now, don’t get me wrong – though I do NOT advocate heavy weighted squats, done correctly they’re one of the better weight training exercises there is along with the deadlift, again when done correctly.

But the sheer BUZZ – the sheer PUMPED up feeling that you get in your chest and shoulders – the sheer “pick me up” effect … NOTHING beats body weight squats done at the right cadence, and with the right breathing.

Yes, my all time favorite exercise does – but I’m talking about squats here. Not push ups.

And guess what. It’s not necessarily the squatting portion of the workout that made my chest feel “far broader” after the workout. Although that portion IS key, it’s the “coming up” phase that really, really gets the lungs going and if you breathe right, this alone can make it your chest workout for the day.

Form is key though, as with all the other exercises I teach … and that is precisely why I created the videos. A picture is worth a thousand words, and a video is worth ten times that.

And for $99 – a LIFETIME VALUE – I think you agree it’s a runaway STEAL.

Grab ’em right here, right NOW –

Anyway, as usual, I was pressed for time and I approached the rest of the workout with a “see how it goes mentality in terms of sets, reps, and even the exercises themselves i.e. the choice of exercise”.

And guess what – I ended up with 200 pushups and 150 squats in – get this – less than 35 minutes.

That may seem “quick” considering it was all done in good form and with the RIGHT BREATHING – but it shouldn’t and likely will NOT come as a surprise to those that have watched me pound out 250 odd pushups in 25-27 minutes flat in the videos.

And the breathing, my friend, the breathing.

I know I carp on it a lot, but the BREATHING is what makes your entire routine WORTH IT.

Breathe in a shallow manner or dont focus upon your breathing at all – and you might as well NOT exercise at all, as doing your exercises without focusing upon your  BREATH – your POWER (as the old timers said , your breath IS, quite literally, your POWER) – you’ll get less than 10% of the benefits you would otherwise – if at all.

And so it goes at “0 Excuses Headquarters”. Back to writing my new book for now.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – If you haven’t grabbed it already, what are you waiting for??

Reverse pushups – the BOOK!


The deep breathing workout

Dear reader,

Well, well, WELL! If there’s one routine amongst all my “patented” routines that I could give to you as a “pick me up remedy” that will NEVER fail provided you do it right, THIS is it!

If there is ONE routine I could give you that is almost equal to, or ON PAR, I’ll say on today’s evidence with the VERY BEST DARN exercise there is (done in reps, of course), then THIS is it.

I call it the deep breathing workout, and what is it, you might ask?

Well, contrary to what you imagine there ain’t no darn yoga involved here. No “sitting on your arse and meditating” (although this can be a good practice in many ways – just ask Bodhidharma for one, hehe).

It wasn’t simply breathing either.

No – what  it WAS was a regular workout, but I really, really, really and REALLY focused upon my BREATHING.

More so than I normally do. I ALWAYS focus “deeply” upon deep breathing, but today, my dear reader was something else altogether.

I focused on the MECHANICS of the exercise, and slowly performing EACH REP in MORE THAN letter perfect form, and double that for the BREATHING! Slow, deep, inhales and exhales on every rep. Man, oh man oh MAN, what a WORK-OUT!!!!!!

Believe it or not, I had a stiff back from too much “pounding away at the keyboard” today and a lot of folks out there would have given up doing any pushups at all citing “sore muscles”, or “muscle strains”.

And truth be told, I DID have a slight muscle strain of sorts in my right mid-back region. I could “feel” it when I breathed deeply, but now?

ALL GONE, my friend. It was as if the pain was never there, as I literally BREATHED LIFE into the muscle.

I literally WILLED the soreness, and the mild strain away – and how ? Simply by virtue of deep, focused BREATHING.

The above might sound strange to the casual reader. So be it. DO – and you shall know what I mean.

My butt and thighs are so damned sore now – not what I had budgeted for by the way at the start of the routine, especially not considering all I did by way of squats was a 100.

I certainly didn’t think it would be a 150 “favorite exercise routine” either!

Some easy exercises became tough as hell when I *mega* focused upon my breathing. Some toughies became easy. And so forth. Such is life when “exercising in the flow” as it were.

As for budgets, it ain’t gonna cost ya a penny to get down on the floor and pound out some pushups now, my friend.

Do it – join me – and REPORT BACK!



P.S. – Don’t know how to do the exercises I rave about? Well, $25.99 ain’t gonna hurt the budget either, “boyo” – here you go then without further ado – The Book

P.S. #2 – Ultra perfect reps aren’t always needed, by the way. But you DO need focus upon form to get the  MAX benefit out of each exercise, and also to avoid injury.

You DO need to focus upon your breathing as well. Take a gander at how I’m “huffing and puffing” after my workout and yet return to normalcy just a few seconds after a toughie right HERE – Videos

You’re the BEST!

Dear reader,

Today’s workout and post comes STRAIGHT from the heart, as both always do, always have, and always will.

It might sounds strange I’m saying that about my workout, eh?

Well, perhaps, perhaps not – but let’s stick to the post.

EVERYTHING I’ve ever written in the past – and I mean every damn thing I’ve written – be it fitness books, NON-FITNESS related novellas (and I’ve done quite a few of those, NO pun intended in terms of the “done”),self help, technology,whatever it might be – but it comes straight from the EFFING heart, and it’s all TRUE (well, bar the novellas where I’ve obviously added in creative license, but even those are usually based upon true facts/occurrences).

And in that spirit, today’s post might come across as a ramble as a lot of my writing does at first glance – but not when you READ – and UNDERSTAND what is being written and – more importantly – the why – as in the FEELINGS behind the post.

It’s gonna be a long one. Hell, I took 1.5 pages of notes (A 4 sized paper) while working out today, and that IS a lot even by my normally verbose and unapologetically so standards.

Let’s start with the title of the post “You’re the best”.

Most of us are quick to tear each other, and ourselves down.

Most humans by their very (modern-day, I must say – this mentality was NOT there to this degree in times bygone) nature are quick to throw in the towel and look wistfully at the “select few” who HAVE achieved and who are, by sheer dint of results – the BEST and claim “Oh, them! We’ll never get there!” and then proceed to either “diss” those who are trying to achieve (while secretly envying them for having the gumption to “keep at it despite all odds”) or – more commonly – sink down on the ole couch and pop the next beer tab.

In terms of fitness, we all know what that translates into, and the same thing applies to LIFE in general.

Given the modern day tendency to diss others and never give credit where it is rightfully due, its somewhat understandable (though I don’ t agree with that type of mentality one damned bit) that “others” do this to “us”.

Yet, how many of us – YOU – have said “you are the best” to YOURSELF – and more importantly – truly believed in?

The timeless classic “Pyscho Cybernetics” by Dr Maxwell Maltz has this part about YOU BEING YOUR BIGGEST FAN, bar NONE.

He goes so far as to say that it matters not if there are (and I’m paraphrasing here, by the way) millions of folks cheering for you “in the bleachers” if you yourself arent there and don’t believe.

Conversely, it matters NOT if there is only person in said stands – that one person being YOU.

YOU are the only person that matters when it comes to the getting the most out of life, my friend. YOU – no excuses – just YOU!

When I trained today, I had the words “You’re the best” in my mind for reasons I’m not going to mention here.

And I thought about the few people that have ever believed in me, TRULY believed without a shadow of doubt, and amazingly enough, I could just come up with TWO names.

One being my grandfather who never said much, but words aren’t always necessary, my friend.

The attitude and vibe is, though, and for those that don’t remember the post about 4:30 A.M. swims (here it is again if you dont recall it – My grandfather’s unspoken training philosophy) you’ll know what I mean.

That pat on the back after undertaking a tough swim in the lake. That pat on the 6 year old Rahul’s back when he “finally” got over his fear of water snakes. “Letting a toddler, or close to it, at any rate, win at a game of chess”, if simply to instill that WINNING feeling in him.

Along the way, that winning feeling disappeared due to a variety of reasons, and though it sure as heck made a re-appearance, the point is most people never ever believed in me, or that I could ever accomplish anything in my life – and now that some of the results (not all – mind you – we never stop achieving!) are IN FRONT of them, well, they are quite frankly, at a complete and TOTAL loss for words!

I speak about this at length in my book “From 120 to 60 kgs ” … for those that are interested, take a gander HERE: – 

But “marketing” isnt the purpose here. I merely gave you that link so I don’t type another “story” in this email, hehe, although it threatens to turn into quite a ramble anyway at the time of typing this.

The other person that has always believed in me is too young to know it. Yet, she believed in me even before she was born, and still does – no matter what.

No matter how tough the odds – no matter how seemingly insurmountable the obstacles – she’s always, always, kept UNWAVERING faith in me, and that is ALL I’m going to say about that – and thats all that matters anyway.

There are those that we meet along the way, of course, that sometimes believe “without really knowing you”. My friend who I wrote about a few days earlier, the ex-Marine is one of these guys.

Curiously enough, my grandfather was in the Army as well.

Curiously enough, the only other guy who had a real influence in my life at around the age of 23-25 was in the Air Force.

See a common thread forming here?

Marines don’t make excuses, my friend. They set a goal – and they ACHIEVE – and they DO WHAT it takes to ACHIEVE that goal.

Ever heard a Marine complain about his shoulder hurting after doing a 100 pull-ups? Ever heard an infantryman complain “my buddy is too heavy” when he’s tugging him out of that WAR ZONE?

Real life, real people, and in many cases people the “sheeple” don’t want to hear about, but ’tis real life. No excuses, just do it – or DIE trying – and if you truly could’t accomplish the goal, well so what?

It wasn’t for lack of trying, thats for darn sure – and THAT, my friend is WHAT MATTERS.

Crypto babble for most out there I’m sure, but it’s true. ALL of it is true to a T if I may say so.

Anyway, as I trained the walls of the room seemed to close in around me. A “circle” seemed to form around me, and as I trained, I kept repeating the words “bestseller” and “success” to myself, except I didnt say it. I saw it in my mind’s eye as I BREATHED in and out.

DEEP inhales.

EVEN DEEPER exhales.


And so forth.

Given this frame of mined, you may think I achieved record reps in my workout today, right?

“Showl did”, but it didnt seem that way when I started out with 25 Hindu pushups and 13 reverse pushups (after 150 squats).

Ended up that way though. Ever pumped out a 300 rep pushup workout consisting of MOSTLY – get this – the best darn exercise there is and it’s derivatives?

Most people would be hard pressed to do ONE reverse pushup, let alone pump out an entire workout consisting of over 250 reps of this – and YES – I did finish off with 50 reps of my all time favorite exercise as usual.

That’s pretty much what I talk about in my 0 Excuses Fitness book when it comes to “Mastery”. Its far better to master ONE exercise than to be a “jack of all trades”.

Bored, you say? Need variety? Well, get that variety by all means, but at the same time remember the line above, and EMBLAZON it in your minds as it is one of the KEYS to success in not just fitness – in life in general.

Anyway, thats pretty much another reason I wrote the “Reverse pushups” book yesterday. Here it is for those that aren’t “in the know” – Reverse pushups – the BOOK!

and here is 0 Excuses Fitness — The Book

Look, when you do these exercises the way I teach, you don’t just get fit. You don’t just lose weight, and OODLES of it. You don’t just achieved the results I mention here – RESULTS as well as on the book page(s) themselves.

No – when you start doing these, and add in the right mindset along with the deep breathing, you, my friend, are WELL ON YOUR WAY to accomplishing ANYTHING you want to accomplish in your life, and I make NO bones when saying that.

And again – back “full circle” as it were to the workout and the title of the post.

“You’re the best”.

“You WILL – and HAVE – achieved!”


Success, my friend, is but inevitable if you enjoy the process, and truly enjoy it at that.

And I’ll end on that note. Back later!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – I just looked through my notes and it seemed I missed something.  Remember the part about my “unnatural” grip I mentioned a few days ago? Well, there is MORE to the story than I mentioned in that post, and I’ll speak more on this later. Let’s just say it involved falling out of a bus on my (naturally weaker) right side, someone almost (unwittingly and unknowingly) CRUSHING my hand thereafter, and – fast forward to NOW – a case of turning my weak points into my STRONGEST points to the “point” that others compliment me routinely on it.

An “unnatural” pull in your grip

Read – enjoy – and back later!