A change of plan – and MASTERY

Dear reader,

Well it was a change of plan alright today – but didnt quite turn out as I envisioned!

Turned out, better in fact.

What do I mean? Well, to start off, it was supposed to be the usual 250 pushups/250 squats routine followed by more “routine” (to me) stretches, but for whatever reason I just couldn’t “get into” the squats today.

Now, this happens at times, of course. And it happens to all of us, and the best of us (and no thats not an indirect way of saying “I’m the best at doing squats” – FAR from it).

Thats another key right there – keep improving. I can crank out 300-500 squats easily in a set with very brief pauses, but that isn’t my limit – BY A LONG SHOT!

Keep improving – keep striving!

So, I soldiered on until about 70 or so, after which I could have gone on, but it “didnt quite feel right”, and those that workout regularly will get my drift. Sometimes, it “just don’t feel right”.

Now, to be fair I’ve been hitting it hard on the squats for the past few days and my thighs were feeling it.

No problem I figured.

Went on to the pushups – and – ended with NO LESS than 400. The whole shebang plus stretches took a little over an hour. Just a LITTLE, mind you. About 1:03 if I’ve got it right.

And – GET THIS – the majority of the pushup workout could be classified as a ONE – or perhaps two – but primarily ONE – exercise routine.

And THAT, my dear reader brings us to the MASTERY part of it.

Mastering a certain exercise is of UTMOST importance. So much so that 0 Excuses Fitness devotes an ENTIRE CHAPTER to it!

The Book

I talk about this at length in the book, of course, because it’s something that’s often ignored.

And what I’m going to say here is even the simplest – or toughest exercise can be made into AN ENTIRELY different exercise simply by changing positions, and sometimes changing positions just a couple of inches or less.

That’s right, my friend. Sounds completely unbelievable, but it’s true, and you’ll find out what I mean once you actually start cranking these routines (and those that are already doing them they know what Im saying).

Did 70 squats, did I? I think it was 71 to be fair, but my thighs are CRYING right now, and so are my hamstrings, all without any “direct leg work”.

And I’m STOKED, as usual! Should actually renamed the book “Stoked Fitness”, hehe. Hey – thats yet another idea!

All for now!


Be Grateful

Dear reader,

At the very outset, this particular post may seem like it’s got literally nothing whatsoever to do with fitness – but it DOES – in a BIG, BIG way.

Everything is “mental”, when it all boils right down to it and getting in shape (and more importantly, STAYING in shape AFTER getting to the “peak of that first mountain”) is no different. It all begins with the mind, my friend, and this is something I’ve explained repeatedly in all my books and courses thus far.

And I’ll continue to do so – its that important.

Way too many people look in the mirror and see a “flabby, fat, unfit” person and then immediately go online (or turn to the nearest fitness mag), or come to this site, or whatever and then look at the bods on display there.

And of course, the first thought that pops into mind is “I can’t do it. I’ll never be like him (or her, as the case might be).

And it’s back to the relative safety of the ole couch, beer and chips (or snacks – what have you) in hand. Back to square zero, or square negative should we say.

Amazingly enough this problem isn’t limited to those that are actually fat and flabby – there are  lot of folks that could admittedly be in better shape – but, are NOT in “extremely poor” shape at this point in time. And yet, they experience similar “put me down” feelings when they stand in front of the mirror.

This sort of thing applies to all aspects of life, by the way, but I’ll try and stick to fitness here.

Look, people, YOU, and ONLY YOU are  – and can be – your biggest “fan”! It matters not a damn if there’s NO-ONE but YOU cheering for YOU in the bleachers … conversely, put a billion folks in there batting for you, but it will all come to nought if YOU aren’t present there yourself.

Now, am I saying that facts should be ignored?

Hell no, but what I AM saying is ALL the facts should be taken into consideration.

So let’s take a look at the aforementioned person who looks at himself or herself in the mirror and goes “oh, BLA!”

Fact #1 –  I’m fat and out of shape, and could probably be called “ole Tubby”

Fact #2 – ((and I’ll continue the example above). I’ve got two arms and two legs and a brain that functions. That’s more than what a lot of folks are born with, by the way.

Fact #3 – (I can eat 3 square meals a day (admittedly I eat too much, but …) and that IS MORE than what a lot of folks get. A lot of folks would be thanking their lucky stars to get more than TWO square meals a day and I ain’t kidding ya on this one.

And so forth.

You see what I’m saying?

You start by being GRATEFUL for what you DO have – and what you HAVE accomplished – and you THEN take a look at your self again in the mirror – and YOU THEN SET YOUR FITNESS GOALS …


It’s that simple, folks!

I started to make the list a few minutes ago myself (YES, this can be done regardless of where you are currently in terms of life, relationships, fitness etc), and within the space of a few minutes I was at about 34 items. And I’ve got NO doubt that list will extend to more than a few pages shortly.

In fact, I was so stoked a few items in that I figured I’d write to you while making the list but then I figured I’d wait a while longer. But around item #32 or thereabouts, my fingers started to itch, and well, so here  I am now!

I’m out for the nonce – but that, my friends is a powerful, powerful tip indeed.

See if you can make it work for you!


Rahul Mookerjee


How often should I exercise?

Dear reader,

Along with the “I need a break from exercise today”, this is probably the other question that is first and foremost in a lot of people’s minds when it comes to exercise routines, and sticking to it no matter what.

“T’is” sad, but true … most folks actually look for reasons NOT to exercise rather than find ways to get around whatever problem is it that is is causing them to “not train” (and in most cases you’ll find there wasn’t a real problem there to start with at all).

And NO, it’s no excuse that this post comes “right on the heels of” my last post about being exhausted, but getting ‘her done anyway, and NO, I did NOT have to “push” myself in the slightest.

It all just “flowed” and yes, I know I use the term a LOT, but it’s true, my friend.

Anyway, my own recommendation would be to workout twice a day. This is what works best for me, and no, contrary to what your thinking it doesnt have to be a sweatfest all the time.

It does NOT have to be about setting personal records each and every time.

Key is to “do something”, even if that something lasts for about 10 minutes or so, as my second workout of the day (night) usually does.

All I usually do for that one is some dynamic stretches and static holds, and I’m done – and yet – I feel like a zillion bucks afterward despite outwardly not sweating (well, not a lot, at any rate).

And guess what – in addition to feeling good, you’ll also get MORE ACCOMPLISHED.

I’m a writer, and (as I’ve said countless number of times), my writing tends to “write itself” a lot of times while I’m working out, so much so that most of my blog posts are quite literally, in a sense, “written” while working out.

That doesnt mean I interrupt my workout, of course, but it does mean I keep a sheet of paper and pen handy at all times during my routine.

And YES – THIS post “came” to me while I was stretched out in a “bridge” position on a mat on the floor – and, well – here it is now!

And this is notwithstanding the physical benefits, of course. Like I said I’m usually “chained to the keyboard” most of the time, and end up with sore traps and upper back muscles (not to mention a “creaky” neck at times) – a ten minute stretching routine (10-15 tops) gets me feeling like new again.

Of course, my initial workout is never really “easy”, but I don’t hit it hard EACH AND EVERY SINGLE TIME!

And if there’s just one thing or tip I could impart in this post, it’s what I said right above.

There’s other tips “hidden” (not really) in there as well. See if you can find ’em!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. : – 0 Excuses Fitness is a cornucopia of hard hitting, real world fitness TIPS – and instruction – that will get you in super shape fast – provided you DO THE THING!

Do the thing now, and grab your copy HERE: – The Book

I’m exhausted!

Well, dear reader, that I AM!

Been hard at work on a couple of new projects for the past few days, and it seems I haven’t had time to BREATHE, let alone do anything else. That in part probably explains the lack of a post yesterday…

But, all done now – for the nonce, at least – until I move on to the next project, which should be very soon!

Such is life when you are in the flow, when “effort” turns into “effortless” from a mental standpoint, and you just keep going until your body finally just tells you enough is enough.

Anyhow, if there was ever a day when I’d like to have skipped my workout (pun NOT intended), today was definitely it.

But I got her done anyway, and it was high rep squats today that really got the engine going, and cleared the cobwebs from my mind.

And once the mind was clear, my exhaustion suddenly dissipated to a large extent. Obviously not altogether, but to a large extent, and the squats were what got me doing today.

100, 50, 50 and before I knew it I was at 200. Cranked out 50 more, and then it was on to the pushups, the usual 250 routine.

And I feel GREAT now!

And guess what the key was to the squatting having opened the floodgates of “energy”?

Well, it wasnt just the high repetitions. It was the WAY in which they were done, and I’m not just referring to technique although thats its important.

There are literally DOZENS of fitness guys out there that’ll teach you the technique. A  lot of the exercises I’m using at this point and that I mention in my book are NOT new. They’ve been around for ages.

But I’ve seen hardly any courses that focus upon the correct way to BREATHE while doing these exercises, and THAT DEEP BREATHING, my friend is the key.

It’s 99 percent deep breathing and one percent technique. OK, maybe not quite that extreme, but you get the picture.

Moreover, a lot of the guys that teach these movements are NOT teaching you how to do them correctly, especially some of the squats and pushups I do.

But again, we come back to the breathing. Done correctly, THIS is really the key to your success. I care NOT if your lifting weights or doing bodyweight stuff BTW – the deep breathing is really what holds the key to your success.

May sound cryptic, but ’tis what it is!

All for now – back later!

Very best,


P.S. – It’s really not as cryptic as it sounds. In fact its blindingly simple, and the keys are right HERE: – The Book