An “unnatural” pull in your grip

Dear reader,

It should and probably doesn’t come as a surprise to most people, even those that are not regular readers of the blog that I’ve always been a HUGE HUGE fan of training the forearms and grip, either directly or indirectly.

In the past I put out a “Gorilla Grip” course (which is still available, btw, but not on THIS site) for those looking to build a super strong “cast iron”, locksmith (or should I say blacksmith, or “anvil like”) GRIP.

I’ve always been complimented on my grip. Despite the fact I weigh barely 170 “soaking wet” (probably less), I can out grip a lot of the “roid crazed monsters” at the gym, or in general, and thats NOT me bragging – it’s me stating a fact.

Last night I had the good fortune and great honor to meet up and share a few “brewskies” with a good friend who also happens to be an ex US Marine, and one of the most sensible guys I’ve ever met in the recent past.

For those of you that don’t know, the Marines are the “special forces” in the United States Army – and BAD ASSES at that. And this guy sure does fit the bill. 25 plus years of ACTIVE duty in some of the most war-torn zones in the world … and quite literally, as was said in a famous movie “survivor of countless intrusions behind enemy lines”.

Quite literally and no – I am NOT kidding.

Being the Marines train exclusively (for the most part) with bodyweight stuff (sure, some lift weights as well and enjoy it, but guess what forms the BEDROCK of their routines), a huge part of our conversation last night was about training, and how to achieve optimal benefits from your training.

And aside from the actual convo itself, what I really, really, really admire about my friend is his OPEN MIND – but more importantly – a WILLINGNESS to never stop learning, despite his storied past, experience  and a variety of fighting (and combat) skills that would leave the average Joe “squirming in the dust” within a jiffy if I might say so.

In short – he’s the REAL DEAL – and yet the guy never stops learning!

Contrast this with the vast majority of “know it alls” out there who seemingly despite knowing it all (and lets take fitness as an example) can’t pound out more than 7-10 pushups in LETTER PERFECT FORM!

Contrast that with the “pec dec” crazed guys who couldn’t get into a handstand to save their lives.

And so forth – and believe me now and trust me later – both of the aforementioned two statements have more than an element of truth to them.

Not so with my buddy, and not so with most people that KNOW what it’s all about! 

He asked me where I got my “unnatural” grip strength from, and we spoke about that. We also spoke about several different bodyweight exercises – namely my favorite exercise (not my all time favorite though!) – and what the Marines, and armies all over the world use to get soldiers in KICK BUTT shape – and FAST!

I’ve often stated that my grip has been the weakest part of my body when I was young, and even when I was actively training in my 20’s. I was doing most of the right things – 90% in fact, but that 10% I left out, either due to “wilful ignorance” or plain ole “miseducation” was the part that mattered.

And amazingly enough, believe it or not I have not done a single pull-up in months, and don’t miss them – and yet – my grip remains what it is – its actually gotten BETTER if I may state a fact, and  even if you were to  look at my “size” and go “Pah, thats a crock!” – you KNOW it’s a fact when a SOLDIER with more than 25 years of service in various capacities says it.

And believe you me, this guy MEANS it when he says it. He’s one of the RARE breed that says it  LIKE IT IS – exactly as I do – and I applaud him very wholeheartedly for adopting this approach to life in general.

Semper fi, my friend – it was indeed an honor!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – As for you, my dear reader, if you want to develop a CAST IRON grip, well, Gorilla grip may WELL be, nay, IS the ticket – 

P.S #2 – However, I’d still recommend my all time favorite exercise regardless!



Getting back in the FLOW

Dear reader,

Was a “hellatious” day (to borrow an expression from one of my all time favorite “color commentators”, “good ole JR”, hehe.

Yes, that sounds strange given I’m NOT A FAN of steroid crazed (pumped) monsters, but I AM a fan of how the WWE has successfully done biz, starting as it were from the ground up (quite literally).

I’m a huge fan of the current chairman and owner Vince Mc Mahon, and why?

Tons of reasons – work ethic, willingness to “do what it takes”, hard work, grit, determination, an IRON WILL to SUCCEED – despite all odds … and many more – but MOST OF ALL – the fact that he had a VISION.

I often speak about visualization and how successful people use it, and he’s one prime example.

Visualize, get in the flow – and DO – and watch your life change – for the better – RAPIDLY!

Anyhow, sometimes life happens despite your best efforts, and you get “out of flow”.

Negativity. Idiots. Dishonest folks. Constant whining and groaning. And so forth.

Hey – it happens to the best of us – and today was one prime example for us. Was a morning from hell, if I might say so, and was capped off by Lady “L” getting back to me with some rubbish about “Please help me for free”.

This “upstanding daughter of the soil” (who completely and quite directly IGNORED all agreements we had – business agreements) had the GALL to ask me for more free help.

I told her to sod off in no uncertain terms, of course. If there is something I hate more than people that waste time (Lady “L” and absolutely cannot and will not TOLERATE – it’s DISHONEST folks.

“Wah Wah, your so unkind” she went on.

Like I care.

What is ludicrous of course is that I gave her something CLOSE to my HEART – something I’m passionate about for FREE – to HELP her – and shes not only got the sheer AUDACITY to ask me for more (free!) “help” – but claims I’m unkind.

I give up – some people – hell, a LOT out there are just plain and simple IDIOTS.

Anyhow I figured a workout was the quickest way to get back in flow.

Figured I’d pump out around 150 squats. At about rep #200 I was interrupted by the water delivery guy and I got a nice little “mini” workout in lugging water bottles around the place.

20 liter water bottles – and for on these, and the EXCELLENT workout they can give you read the BOOK – The Book

And no it ain’t free.

At about rep #350 I figured I’d start in on pushups and so I did, but for whatever reason I couldnt really “get into them” as a few negative thoughts kept “returning”.

What did I do?

I sent a note of appreciation to a friend who has always been there for me through thick and thin. We never spend much time together due to the fact he’s busy with his own stuff – and I’m busy with mine – but it bears mentioning that we’re close friends – and when I finally said what I had to – it was like a HUGE burden had been lifted off my shoulders.

Got back in flow, so to speak – and all by sending a simple, albeit somewhat detailed note of appreciation to someone I CARED about.

And I’m going to send another one of those notes to another person I CARE DEEPLY about in a bit after sending this email (post).

I finished off my workout with – get this – not 50 – not 100 – but 130 of my favorite exercise.  AND THIS WAS THE ICING on the cake.

I literally breathed out the negative, and breathed in the positive – and I feel like a bazillion bucks now.

This email was about getting back in the flow, by the way.

By GOD, the “son of you know what” flowed, didnt it, hehe.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – This email contains about 5-7 GOLDEN tips – not only for workouts – but for LIFE – see if you can spot ’em!


Dear reader,

Well, I promised an update on the hill that I used to climb in “times bygone” (well, not that long ago actually but it feels like forever to be honest) – and here it is.

Actually, I don’t even know what to tell you right now – and why?

Because other than a bit of blood flowing to the thighs and (maybe – a huge maybe) the abdominal region, I feel nothing at all despite having completed the climb in like 90% humidity.

Bear in mind – this climb is NOT the easiest of climbs.

Bear in mind that (and as I’ve written about many a times) I felt like a Mack truck literally ran over me the first time I did this workout many years ago. Quite literally – my back was sore, my shoulders felt it and my thighs and calves were PULVERIZED.

Fast forward to the “times bygone” I mention in this post – and I’d still climb this hill daily, but for some reason it was getting easier and easier.

And now – I hardly ever climb it ever, despite (and again) it being an EXCELLENT workout for folks regardless of current fitness levels.

To be honest though – what I do at HOME  beats ANYTHING out there. I don’t care if it’s gyms, hiking, yoga, sports (and the three latter options aren’t bad options to be quite frank), but what I do at home in 30-45 minutes TOPS CANNOT, I repeat, CANNOT be beat for overall body HEALTH, strength, flexibility and ENDURANCE (yes, in that order).

In any case though, if you want to see detailed reports on hill climbs my OLD blog at should have plenty.

The BOOK has plenty as well – and those that have bought the book know what  I am talking about.

And as for buying the book – well – I think a lot of y’all probably remember Lady “C” who used to be a customer of mine (again, in “times bygone”). I think you remember the quid pro quo deal I offered her in that I knew she needed help with her fitness (and believe me, she DOES) and offered her the book on the “condition” she actually a) READS and b) DOES.

By an odd quirk I asked her this evening if she’d actually done what was in the book.

And her response?

Well – her response was that she couldn’t open the password protected file – but – somehow, and mysteriously she saw the “pictures” at the end of the book.

And I’m sorry to say it (and I didnt actually tell her that) , but if that isn’t the biggest crock of you know what there is out there, then I dont know WHAT is.

If you can open a password protected file long enough to scroll down to the very end of what some may consider to be a “humongous” document,  and view pictures, then you can damn well a) READ the book and b) if not do, at least look at the pictures of the EXERCISES!

But then again, thats what happens when one is in excuse mode, and sadly speaking, this lady is in “full on excuse mode” (as I stated before).

Anyway – no skin off my nose, lady, haha. I’ll quote that oft used Chinese saying one more time – you can lead a horse to water, but you cannot make it drink it.

And truth be told, it’s not my problem if it doesnt WANT to drink.

What do I mean? Well, this lady asked me “what if the customers don’t do what you say and don’t get fit”?

My response – I could care less. If someone buys the book and doesnt DO what is mentioned it and keeps wasting time with meaningless questions, excuses (galore!) and “it’s not better because … “rubbish …well, then there is literally no way this person will ever accomplish anything in their lives, let alone a fit body (or what they consider to be fit).

I can open a closed bottle with an “opener”. That sort of thing is NOT true for a “closed” mind. If someone does not, quite literally, want to open their mind to the possibilities ahead, well then all I have to say that person – No problem – carry on!

And so it goes.

Last, but not least, YES, I will be getting in workout #2 (or I suppose it should be #3) in tonight as well!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Those with open minds and a desire to DO may be interested in the following URL: – Videos

P.S. #2 – And no, just “watching” doesnt equate to DOING!

Bettering yesterday’s time!

Well, YES, thats what today’s post is about!

You’ll recall I said I did my pushups and squats in approximately 35 minutes (including EVERYTHING, by the way and regular readers of the blog will know what I am referring to by “everything).

Well, got ’em ALL – and again – everything done in 29:45 minutes today (YUP, I timed myself).

And I’m feeling great – as I usually do – and how did I do this?

First off, get this, I’m “stressed for time” today (as I usually am), but even more so today so this blog post will  be a relatively short one but I – STILL – got my workout done!

Yes, I’ll say that again. I got her done no matter what – and got the SAME thing done in more than 5 minutes less.

Doesnt sound like a lot? Well, it will once you DO it – and believe me, like yesterday, the majority of this routine was made up of tough exercises (even by my standards).

How did I do it?

Hint, hint …

Ok, I’ll give you the hints –

  1. By NOT focusing upon the time.
  2. By implementing the SECOND “crazier” tip I gave you in yesterday’s post
  3. Moving quickly, and minimizing “wasted time”.

Sounds strange?

Well, perhaps but thats exactly how I accomplished what I did today.

I’m out – more later!


PS – Stay tuned for the HILL CLIMB report this evening!

P.S. #2 – My book contains detailed and “graphic” descriptions of that hill, and MANY routines you can fit into YOUR workout that incorporate HILLS –

The Book

P.S #3 – I cannot recommend hill training ENOUGH – though I never do it these days due to a variety of reasons, none of which are fitness related, YOU, my friend WILL benefit from a regular hill climb – regardless of your current fitness level!

Today’s “strange” observations

Well, given a lot of my observations sound “strange” (to a lot of people), I might as well just say “par for the course” when it comes to Rahul and 0 Excuses Fitness, hehe.

Anyway, today’s strange observation #1 is that (and the gym “pumpers” will REALLY freak out when they read this) – I got in an excellent shoulder – as well as CHEST – workout – by – doing – HIGH REP bodyweight squats today, better I normally do.

Yes, these squats WILL tax your chest and shoulders if done correctly, and those familiar with “breathing squats” will know what I’m talking about (even if you do those with weights).

You’ll see what I mean, my friend, when you do squats the way I do, the way they’ve been done for CENTURIES, and the way they SHOULD be done (and no, doing them with a barbell on your shoulders is NOT, in my opinion the ideal way).

And the “extra bit” today was me really EMPHASIZING my arm movements, and of course my breathing while going up and down, and THESE two things made all the difference.

When you come up in the bodyweight squat, don’t just “come up”. You EXPLODE up – and you don’t just do with your thighs – you do so with your entire body, with your arms being the primary “instigator” if that makes sense (and again those that have DONE it will know).

And if that sounded strange to ya, well what I’ve got to say NEXT will really sound like “I’m from the planet Mars and I’ve got small green feet”.

Here is “strange” (NOT) observation #2  – the balls of the feet are VERY IMPORTANT to executing certain types of pushups correctly, and key to improving in them.

That’s right – not just the squats, but the pushups as well.

And as for the pushups … well, I did 250 of them today as I usually do, so I should know (plus my usual 200 squats).

And this workout today took like 35 minutes TOPS, and this WITH stretching after it. This WITH breaks to “towel off a bit after the squats” but short breaks, nevertheless. And believe you me,  I didn’t do a single “easy” (or what people say is easy) “regular” pushup in all this.

(That “easy” military style pushup is more than enough for a lot of people, by the way, and if you don’t believe me – well – get down and give me 50 – or heck, even 30 in  PROPER form, and I think you’ll see what I mean).

And that’s how it should be – brief, intense routines that really get the heart, lungs and your muscles going.

I’m often asked as to how I get through my pushups so quickly while maintaining good form, excellent rhythm and breathing correctly.

Well, plenty of reasons, one being that I’ve been doing them a while. Do the thing, and you’ll have the power,  and I’ve said that so many times already that regular readers of this blog will probably find it inscribed on their gravestones, hehe.

Second, I remember that my breath is my power. Third, I visualize. Fourth, I focus. And so forth.

Amazingly enough, these are KEYS to achieving every goal in life, not just getting through push-ups, but to most people, they are just words on paper. Most folks reading this will be going “ho-hum, ok, focus, breathe” and then take a couple of shallow breaths and decide “it don’t work”.

That’s all fine and dandy. I’m really not interested in convincing those who refuse to learn, hehe.

Anyway, the other thing (amongst many) that I did today was I thought of the words “blast past your goals” while getting through my routine.

50 squats? No problem! BLAST PAST! And before I knew it, I was at 80, then a 100, and then 125. And then 150.

And the same thing for the pushups. As the rep count grew higher, I repeated this mantra to myself over and over again – and guess what – it WORKED.

So those are today’s tips, golden tips I should say. See if you can make them work for you!


P.S. – The book has an ENTIRE section on pushups, and there are plenty MORE keys in the book right here: – The Book

I BE feeling GREAT

Well, dear reader, that I AM! And on a “slow day” at that as I mentioned in my last post.

Most of this “buzz” is due to the “whoosh, whoosh” that I heard all throughout my workout, much like a bicycle tyre being inflated to capacity, and then deflated (but not rapidly).

And THAT is really what gets the engine going, my friend, regardless of what you do in life, be it exercise, work, or anything else that really matters.

Most folk look at me like I’m CRAZY when I repeatedly talk about deep breathing. So be it.

Matter of fact, most folks think I’m nuts anyway with regard to a lot of the stuff I say. Again, so be it.

Fact is though, RESULTS speak – and, well, mine DO SPEAK for themselves.

Someone once recently told (and I’m quoting verbatim), “Rahul, you have a passion for fitness, so you stay fit. The rest don’t”.

While there is indeed a lot of truth to the initial part of the statement (in fact I would  NOT be lying to say its more than 200% – and more – TRUE); the rest of it “leaves a lot to be said”.

I mean, how can you not enjoy exercise? How can you truly be “content” with a lard ass or fat gut poking out everywhere you go?

More to the point how can ANYONE regardless of ANYTHING not enjoy (I repeat, ENJOY) feeling THIS GREAT REGULARLY????

Tis impossible, my friend, that someone could HONESTLY answer “no” to that above question.

Of course its easier to just sit and mournfully shake one’s head as if to say “poor old me, I’ve never get there” and do NOTHING TO GET THERE.

And it’s easier to make excuses, criticize etc.

So be it, my friend. So be it.

I used to be the same darn way myself, so I know where your coming from. Well, I wasn’t quite the same way in terms of exercise and my dedication to my routines, but I WAS FAT at one stage in my life, and I make no bones about that: – (the short “intro” here has me saying it as well).

Point being, I took stock of where I was, both fitness wise and in life, and took STEPS – concrete STEPS aka action to change both these things, and, well …

Anyway, I think I mentioned it was going to be a squatting day.

Was that until rep #150, and I then switched to  pushups. 300 pushups, less than 45 minutes (the entire workout) – and I’m done.

This on a slow day, and if this post itself doesnt motivate you to get off your rear end, and as I said in my last post – do – SOMETHING – anything – then nothing ever will.


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – If your willing to do, but don’t know where to “look”, look no further, hehe : – The Book

P.S. #2 – And YES, I WILL get in workout #2 later as well! So much for slow days!

One of “those days”!

Well, dear reader, it certainly is “one of THOSE days”, but NOT in the sense you might expect!

Woke up bright and early for a change (as opposed to my usual leisurely 10 AM “rouse the giant from slumber” time)  and dove straight into another novella I’m doing (Volume #4, to be specific).

That’s not fitness related, so I’ll spare you the details here – but – and here’s the point – this is one of the VERY RARE days that I’m not actually working on a book, and actually have the time to “market” myself, etc.

This happens to me once or twice a month. And it usually happens after I’ve “pounded” out a LOT of work in terms of writing, and ALSO after I’ve got through some tough, tough (albeit SHORT) BRUTAL workouts in addition to “everything else” going on.

My body feels like it’s been through a grinder, and the three SHORT, but INTENSE workouts that  I had yesterday (yeah I know, I just wrote about ONE) make me feel like I’ve been pulverized.

… and, believe it or not, I LOVE THIS FEELING!


And to top off the “Rahul the exercise “loon”” cake, I’m NOT going to rest. If anything, I’ve got more time for an extra long workout this morning, and I’m damn sure gonna partake of it.

Not that I took off from my writing, of course, but it wasn’t up to the usual “flesh out at least a Chapter” standards, hehe. All good though!

The key, however though in terms of exercise, business and LIFE in general is this – and something I keep mentioning on an almost daily basis – do SOMETHING.

If it’s working out, do 50 pushups if thats all you can take.

If it’s writing, or whatever business your involved in, make, or take some small steps TOWARDS headway on said biz/project.

And so forth. If it’s life – then – well – make TIME for something that really MATTERS – and DO.

Key, again, and I know I’m “carping upon it”, is it to “DO”, my friend.

As Twain famously once said, “simply nodding the head ain’t gonna rock the boat” (ok, I added in the  “ain’t”, but you get my drift).

Too many people just “flop down on the couch” (or car seat) and do the exact opposite.

Curiously enough that exact opposite is done with, well, extreme vim and vigor. Such as stuffing yourself to the gourd, by the way – something I do NOT recommend as a “pick me up”.

Or getting on social media. Or slumping down in front of the boob tube and “admiring the bods” on show (while secretly “programming” themselves to believe “they’ll never get there”).

And other such negativity.

Don’t fall into this TRAP, my friend. Do – SOMETHING – and you’ll soon see how quickly that something turns into a LOT!

As for me, I plan on working squats HEAVILY today, as well as my ALL TIME FAVORITE EXERCISE.

We’ll see how that goes. I’ll keep you posted.

For now though – if you workout today – make it the BEST one you’ve had in a LONG DARN TIME!

Best, and with VIM AND VIGOR

Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Yes it IS possible to work legs HEAVILY by doing BODYWEIGHT SQUATS ALONE!

P.S #2 – YES, it IS possible even if you don’t weigh a lot!

P.S #3 – If you don’t agree – well – DO THE THING – and then get back to me!

The Book


Yet another “unplanned” workout

And yes, thats precisely what it is – although the workout times are ALWAYS planned, I often go with the flow and simply “do” rather than worry too much about “how much”, “how many” etc.

That’s not to say I do nothing or I be lazy, of course. Most of the times (and as regular readers know) I end up doing more during these unplanned routines as I would normally – yesterday being a case in point.

For beginners, it’s obviously better to stick to a plan until you get comfortable with the workout and reach a certain level. Adapt and improvise accordingly after that.

Now, as for the plan, well I was strapped for time today (again – ARRRRGGGGHHH!). Planned  on a quick 100 squats -100 pushups routine before heading out the door, but it turned into more – 250 squats and a 100 pushups.

And the 100 pushups were all TOUGHIES – NO EASY ONES THERE!

That’s key during a short workout, btw. Keep it brutal – INTENSE – and do the TOUGHIES during short workouts (mine was about 18-20 minutes today and yes the toughies added in a few extra minutes – I generally get done with 100 pushups in less than 10 minutes …)

And thats that for now – I’m BUZZED! Ready to tackle whatever may lie ahead.

Oh, and I used a lot of visualization today as well. Not so much visualizing goals as I’ve spoken about, or visualizing the actual workout itself – but other “visuals”, seemingly completely unrelated to the exercises themselves – but – and here is the KEY – they ARE related.

I don’t mention it in the book, but I DO MENTION it in the videos, and the reason for that is that it’s far easier to just “say” certain things. Much like you never really learn the mechanics of a tough exercise without observing how it’s done – and the same holds true here.

The book is right HERE – The Book 

The videos are right HERE: – Videos

And that, my dear reader, really is THAT.

I’m out for now – back later.



350 pushups

Dear Reader,

Well, thats today’s workout in the books as it were. 350 odd pushups, and they took me about 45 minutes to get done.

I don’t know why it was a “350” day by the way. Just felt that way when I started. So be it.

In the flow, as I keep saying so often …

Anyway, some of you that have seen the videos might be saying that this took way too long, eh?

And given that 250 odd pushups and 50-100 squats take me about 27 minutes or so, I wouldn’t blame you for feeling that way or mentioning what I said above.

But it didnt take 45 minutes to be honest.


Well, you gotta factor in the following (in reverse order, much like one of my favorite exercises, actually quite close to what my ALL TIME favorite exercise is) : –

  • A long, long, long “hammy” stretch at the end of this (shave off about 4 minutes for this)
  • Slow and steady thigh stretches interspersed into my routine (shave off about 4-6 minutes for this according to my “internal clock”, and it is usually pretty darn accurate, BTW)

That’s about 8-10 minutes right there, and if I were you, I’d shave off another 3 minutes or so a some of the wrestler pushups I did were on one hand – and – get this – done SLOWLY at that.

And 2 more minutes to take two leaks, hehe.

So thats about 33 minutes right there. Not bad, eh?

And what did I do during the workout?

Pushups, pushups and more damned pushups, and BOY DO I FEEL GREAT.

FWIW, I had a bit of a headache before starting this routine (probably way too much writing going on over the last few months).

But, strangely and oddly enough, despite this headache I felt ON TOP of the world  – and again that pesky term “in the flow” makes a brief, yet fleeting appearance here, my friend.

And those “in it ‘will know.

Anyway, here’s “Rahul’s Fibonacci sequence” for today – 33, 22, 12, 12 … and, well, so forth.

My abs started to cramp at around rep #66.

My thighs started to cramp at around rep #170.

My feet followed suit 5 reps or so later, and my neck – well – let’s just say it feels like it’s been through a grinder (I am NOT referring to my traps here, btw).

And as for my chest, it barely feels as if it’s been worked, and yet, it has this “swollen to the bone” look to it right about now.

There it is, my dear reader. Give this sort of a routine a whirl every once in a while, and let me know how you feel.



P.S. – I said 33 mins, did I? Well, I was WRONG – shave off yet another 2 minutes for my hasty scribbles (see yesterday’s post for more on this).

P.S #2 – And last, but not least … jump on to the ZERO EXCUSES train NOW, my friend.

The Book

I promise you the ride is WELL WORTH IT. 

P.S. #3 – Headaches? What are those??

It looks like Gaellic

And so it does, dear reader. So it DOES!

What does, you might ask, and rightfully so.

It’s my handwriting – my hasty scribbles “jumbled at best”, and cryptic at worst. And it looks like Gaellic today to be honest.

I’ve often been told I’m an excellent typist, but guess what – I’ll take this “Gaellic” over my typing abilities anyday if I had to make a choice (though I wouldn’t want to make that choice, hehe).

Anyhow, I often speak of my posts here “writing themselves” as I train, and new ideas coming to me, and today this post started to write itself in about 175 pushups into a 100 squat/250 pushups routine.

What did I want to write?

Well, thats I’m constantly discovering new things, and though what I’m writing about is common place for me, it might not be for you.

And that is – that my neck (not traps, mind you – NECK – and the BASE of the neck no less) and forearms feel like they have been through a grinder.

I did NO DIRECT neck work or even perhaps nothing that could be considered “pure forearm” work.

I only did about 15 wrestler pushups for whatever reason.

My favorite exercise, you ask? Well I finished off with 50 of those as is the norm, but they are NOT what did the trick in terms of what I’m talking about.

Those of you that are either regular readers of the book or the blog will know what I’m talking about.

For the rest of y’all, well, get on the stick – The Book

I’ll give you a hint – it starts with the letter “T”. And there’s FOUR more letters following it.

Anyway, there is a damn good reason I constantly carp about words written in black and white on paper as opposed to computer screens.

There is a REASON, my friend that ALL my pens have black refills and the few that don’t have RED re-fills, and there is a reason for that as well.

There is a reason this site is primarily in BLACK AND WHITE. Despite all the jazz about the “modern world”, and it needing to appeal to the “modern day users”, I’d rather it appeal to old school folks like me, if simply because what I’m teaching is OLD SCHOOL.

And boy does it work – as opposed to the modern day “pumping” nonsense floating about in terms of “real fitness”.

Bah. Not even CLOSE, my friend.

Last, but not least, and funnily enough I don’t even look at these scribbles I’ve made until after I post.

And guess what – I end up covering every point, and MORE.

Other hand, what happens if I either “type” or simply try and “commit to memory”?

I usually end up forgetting about 10%of what I meant to type. No big deal you might say, but that 10% is the 10% that counts.

There’s another lesson in there, by the way. See if you can spot it!

Best regards,


P.S. – For those that are interested, the “novella” I was referring to yesterday is DONE. About 36 words shy of 25 K, so I guess my “premonition” was correct in that regard!

P.S. #2 – And NO, I don’t give a damn about “thinking about” or “sticking to” word counts or any of that rot. It’s about telling a story, bottom line – and if that takes 10 words, so be it. If that takes 10,000 so be it. And so forth!