Been there, done that

Dear friend,

Do you know what one of the biggest problems plaguing the fitness, and the modern day world in general is?

It’s the lack of real experts in any field – the palpable lack of experts, I should say.

Everyone with an opinion wants to be an expert. Fitness trainers, yoga teachers, school teachers, and even the average “Joe” – or should I say “bro” who apparently thinks a few hours spent on Google researching a certain subject makes you an expert.


Newsflash – it doesn’t.

Research alone won’t make you an expert, my friend. Reading books alone sure as heck won’t either.

Neither will posting on forums, or “Googling” to find the best solution (and then presenting that solution to all and sundry in a “tacky” “semi-expert” sort of manner).

True, there’s nothing at all wrong with gathering knowledge and researching. I do it all the time myself. But, it’s NOT what makes you an expert at anything.

What’s the real key then?

What’s the real “hallmark” of an expert?

Well, first off, true expertise in any endeavor is rarely, if ever, achieved by anyone, my friend. Might sound amazing, but even the biggest achievers will readily tell you that they are ALWAYS in learning mode – and that there is always something new to be learnt.

Funnily enough it’s the “so called” experts at anything that “block their minds” to outside input and other sources of learning, claiming that “it’s their way or the highway because their way is the best”.

You’ll find none of that rubbish in the 0 Excuses Fitness course, my friend.

True, I make the claim that its the BEST fitness system on the planet in terms of overall health, strength and fitness – and with darn good reason, my friend.

I’ve been there, and done that – and so have plenty of OTHER people – both in this day and age and – more importantly – THROUGHOUT the centuries, my friend.

This isn’t a new fad. The exercises I promote are NOT new – but I can wager my last dollar that you’ve probably not seen a lot of these exercises done the way I teach them – and especially not with regard to the deep breathing involved.

Most of all though, the keen and “involved” reader will sense the “ring of truth” coming from the words I write.

In other words, I’ve been there and done that, my friend – and THAT, at the end of the day is what qualifies me to create and promote my fitness products to the average “couch-beached whale” out there – or on the other end of the spectrum, even those that think they’re “super fit” (and in many case they ARE reasonably fit, yes).

I’ve been a lardass at a certain point in my life – and nothing worked for me like what I teach in 0 Excuses Fitness.  I’ve done all the wrong things in terms of diet at a certain point in my life as well.

Other hand, we’ve all read about my maniacal dedication to fitness – specifically, REPEATED hill climbs in weather that leaves you dripping like a sponge merely by putting one foot outdoors of the  air-conditioning – think humidity levels at 95% – with the outside temperature at over 37 centigrade IN THE SHADE.

In between, I was also at the “in reasonable shape” stage of my life at a certain point in my life where I swam daily, but with incorrect technique (that sound familiar?).

So in other words – I’ve been there and done that, my friend, and take it from the horse’s mouth – NOTHING has worked as well for me as the stuff I teach in 0 Excuses Fitness.

I’ll be 37 next month – and I can proudly say I’m in the BEST darn shape of my life.

And why?

Because I’ve actually done it, my friend.

And I’m willing to share the secrets with you as well, my friend. Hop on aboard the 0 Excuses Fitness Bandwagon, and find out for yourself today.


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – If you’re part of the “lookie lou” group that prefers a “look see” over actually being open minded and trying something new – well, then, this program is not for you.  If you’re part of th group that wants “all the good things in life for free”, well, then this program is certainly NOT for you – and there’s NO ill will whatsoever from my side there either.  It’s all good, my friend. It’s aaaaallll goood ….

P.S. #2 – But if you’re part of the rare and ELITE group of DOERS – that want to skyrocket their fitness accomplishments to the next level – well then, look NO further, my friend –

P.S #3 – Do it, my friend. I can sense your curiosity, and NO, curiosity ain’t gonna “kill the cat” here either, hehe. And as they say, what doesnt kill you can only make you stronger. Hope on aboard NOW!


A pushup a minute

Dear reader,

In my 0 Excuses Fitness system, one of the videos is aptly entitled “the workout”.

And so it should be, my friend, as I take you through a nutbuster of a workout involving, amongst other things both at the start and end, 250 pushups.

Amazingly enough, or perhaps NOT so (not to me at least) it didnt take forever to do.

Nope, it didn’t take more than an hour.

Nope, it didn’t feel boring.

Nope, it didnt take more than half an hour either.

Took about 25 minutes or thereabouts if I recall correctly (Cindy was keeping track of time as she filmed me) – and  that was WITH what I mentioned at the start of the routine, my friend.

But the harsh reality is that the average man is so far gone that doing 250 pushups seems about as believable as flying off Mount Everest and diving straight into the depths of the ocean all in one breath.

Believe me, pal – most average people are so far gone that doing 50 pushups – or even 25 in one set is not doable – and certainly not in proper form.

In fact the average couch potato would be hard pressed to get up a couple of flights of stairs without wheezing and puffing like an engine about to run out of steam, and ask him to do 10 pushups at the end of that?

Well, “the end will be nigh” in other words, hehe, and I’m being polite here.

That’s the “harsh” side of it.

The good news?

Well the good news is that if that is YOU – unable to do more than a few reps or even a single rep – well – NOT TO worry, my friend.

Not to worry.

Break it down, as they say – or break it down into manageable chunks.

“Eat an elephant one bite at a time”, in other words.

What if you were to simply think about doing 1 pushup/minute and getting up to 10 pushups that way?

What if you were take this a step further and do 5 pushups/hour and do them on the clock for eight hours straight during the workday?

Or, if even that seems impossible – what  if you were to walk briskly for at least five – or two to three minutes a day – and repeat every three hours?

Would you or would you not progress?

I bet you would, my friend – and the key is, as I say repeatedly in most of my blogs and writings is to GET started.

Get started – and DO something.

Might be a minute, or even less – or it might be ten minutes tops. Whatever it is, DO it – and DO it regularly – and do it the right way – and you’ll see results.

It doesn’t get any simpler than that, my friend.

Don’t procrastinate a minute longer, my friend. You know you want results.

And the first step to get those results you crave is to lay your paws on the best fitness program on the planet right here – .

Do it now, my friend. Watch your results SOAR.


Rahul Mookerjee

Don’t overthink

Dear reader,

Well, well, well. I’m feeling GREAT as of now – just got off an impromptu video calling session (on the blighted smartphone, hehe) with my family – and I feel like a bazillion bucks!

Now, yes, I’ve written before my take on the “impromptu” calls – but then again, things happen for a reason, and to be honest I feel great every time I see my little girl’s face, be it in person or on a “video call” as it were.

I was actually in the middle of doing something when she called – but when I brought that up “gingerly” to my wife, here’ s the response I got –

“Hmm! Don’t be oversmart! Stay right there, Papa!”

And though the “gorilla” does indeed have a bonafide grip like a pair of pliers – even HE listens when the “female” speaks, hehe.

Stay right there I did, as you might well imagine. . .

Laugh all you like, my friend – what I said is true – but it got me thinking about something, and that being – don’t overthink issues.

Most people are WAY too quick to do two things – a) find reasons to criticize and b) OVER-think.

Case in point being a customer I had a few years ago who was wanting me to train her, but had so many questions before that that it would literally fill up a book and more if I were to type them out here.

“Why do the pushups work?”

<reason given and not accepted>

“But why does the deep breathing help more? I don’t think it does, so why?”

<reason given, and not accepted>

“But how can bodyweight squats work better than anything else? I mean, the people on the forum said it doesnt work, and you say it does so …”

Ugggggg. I could go on and on, but you get the picture.

Look, my friend – the bottom line is – and  I mention this in 0 Excuses Fitness – think and then DO – but do NOT overthink.

Not only is “overthinking” a massive waste of time and therefore counterproductive, it also leads to nothing but a mental reaffirmation of EXCUSES as to why  you “cannot do a certain thing”.

Those that overthink are usually the same people who are subconsciously (whether or not they realize it is another issue) looking to “justify” reasons as for their “perceived failure”.

“Oh, I’ll never be able to get as fit as him. Ho hum!”

And the mind works overtime to find reasons to “justify” the above, and the end result?

Said person turns into even more of a couch potato or lardass than before, pretty much because they’ve themselves “conditioned their own self to fail”.

Amazing, but true – and happens on a daily basis, my friend.

Don’t let it happen to you.

Why are pushups better? Well, as the Chinese sometimes say, “there’s no why”.

They just are. Do them for a while the way they’re supposed to be done, and you’ll be writing back with reasons as to why they’re better yourself.

Ditto for the squats and everything else.

Key is to stop thinking – and do – and do NOW.

I know a lot of you on this list have been thinking about getting yer mitts on the best fitness program on the planet, and that’s perfectly understandable – but the time to “think” stops NOW, my friend.

It’s time to DO. Now or never, and here is where you can DO –


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – They say there are two types of people in the world – “doers” and “dreamers”.  Combine the two, and you’ve got a winner. One by itself ain’t gonna get to your goal though. And “why” is that?

Well, there’s “no why”, hehe. Just DO and find out for yourself right HERE –

Am I a madman?

Dear reader,

I wrote about going to Hong Kong about a week ago, I believe – and I believe I also wrote about having to send over a few items via post, no?

Not sure if I mentioned that last bit about the post, but either way, yes, I had to get some items delivered and I was carrying these items with me in my red backpack – packed to the brim as well I might say, hehe.

Now, Hong Kong being a major city, getting anywhere involves plenty of subways.

Not only that – what I did was to “truck” on over to the Kong via train and subway from mainland China – so there was subways galore – and … of course, STAIRS galore.

And that brings me to the point of today’s dispatch – that most of us, if not ALL have a tool that we can use to get in super, super shape – all without spending a single PENNY – and all without disrupting our normal routines!

Its amazing but true – the stairs at the subway stations around the world are usually and often ignored in favor of the escalators.

Even so called “fitness maniacs” or those that spend hours on the treadmill at the gym shy away from a brisk walk up these stairs – and if they do DO it, it kicks them in can each and every time – guaranteed.

I’ve written plenty about subway stairs and associated workouts in my other blog at in the past, but for now?

For now, let’s just say that I’m a certifiable “madman” according to some – and why?

Well,  let’s just say that every time I visit Hong Kong – or go anywhere at all that requires me to climb stairs I do NOT use the escalators.

I don’t care if I’ve got a heavy backpack on my shoulders or not – I don’t care if I’m “feeling tired” or not – I don’t care if it’s raining or snowing outside, et al.

You get the picture – I avoid the escalators and elevators – and make it a point to take the stairs every time I can, and usually TWO at a time.

And that’s what I did this time as well, much to the “surprise” and curiosity of the “sane” folks “parked” on the escalators etc.

I don’t need to do this, of course. My home workouts keep me in excellent shape, but guess what – I still do it – and guess what – my workouts right now have got my legs in such super super shape that even climbing a long,  long flight of stairs from “underground level 3” to “ground level” feels like a stroll in the pack – and thats WITH a backpack on.

Quite literally, my friend – and the key to this is the SQUATS that I teach in 0 Excuses Fitness. In fact, they are so important that I’ve dedicated an entire segement of video (and then some) to this one exercise.

I’ve mentioned in the past that I used to climb hills on a regular basis to stay fit – but guess what – though climbing hills is  a tremendous conditioner and overall fitness builder/booster, nothing, I repeat, nothing gave me the “legs that don’t quit” – along with stamina to boot – like deep breathing done with these exercises I teach now do.

Believe me now and trust me later, my friend. These exercises WORK – and work better than anything you’ve likely EVER tried in the past.

On a side note, I still remember the gaping onlookers (back in 2008) when I used to “race” up the subway stairs (think stair sprints) on the way to work in the A.M. and then back again from work in the P.M.

Picture THIS …

A guy dressed for office as opposed to dressing up in jeans and sneakers – and with the “formal shoes” to boot – sprinting up flights of stairs like a madman …

… with a laptop on his shoulder to boot!

I still remember those looks, my friend. Oh yes I do!

Crazy you say? May be.

Does it work though? Heck YES!

Is it something YOU can do? I’d say heck YES again!

And the first thing you need to start doing to get yourself up to these “crazy levels” and then some are “Hindu” squats, my friend.

After you get good at these start cracking out the pushups and the very best darn exercise there is.

After a month or so of doing these – write back about the legs that don’t quit.

I look forward to hearing back from you.


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Oops!  Forgot to mention the order link for the 0 Excuses Fitness System – it’s right HERE –

You’re never a master

Dear reader,

What I’m about to say might go against everything you’ve ever heard about fitness, or life in general – so listen up, friend.

Most of us have been told that  it’s far better to do “many things” at one time, and do those many things with the goal of progressing in them – as opposed to doing just a few – or even ONE thing – that you are really good at.

That one thing you were really cut out for – and let’s talk fitness here.

Let’s narrow it down to pushups – and to narrow it down even further, the military style pushup that we’ve all heard of, right?

Now, the remark most folks would make when told that pushups and doing them well is the KEY to your overall health and fitness would be to laugh.

“Pah! Just pushups! That’s just bodyweight – how can it make me stronger?”

“Humph! How can pushups help with my legs” … and so forth.

And yet, my friend, the TRUTH is – that even if you take the good ole humble pushup – there’s so many different variations and ways to do each and every one of these variations that even accomplished fitness experts ALWAYS have something to learn.

And I’m not an exception to that rule either, my friend.

While pounding out my 300 squats today I learned something new – a subtle, slight variation that works the body differently – and that I have NOT put out in my books and courses before either.

Why – well, simply because I learn something NEW every time I do these exercises, my friend – and learning new things – and then DOING them benefits me in ways you can’t even begin to imagine.

In 0 Excuses Fitness I write its far better to be a “master at something rather than a jack of all trades”, and it’s not just me that says that.

It’s – listen up – ANYONE that has ever accomplished anything of worth in their lives that make this one of the central tenets of their “life philosophy” – or “approach to life” in general.

Jack La Lanne said it, for one.

So did the incomparable Napoleon Hill, albeit in different words.

The Great Gama did 3000 or so pushups a day. Hereschel Walker pounds out a ton of pushups on a regular basis.

And so forth. I’d call both the above people experts at pushups – but amazingly enough, ask ’em (either in this life or the next, hehe, when it comes to the Great Gama), and they’ll be the first to tell you that what I just told you above is a FACT – and one you’d do well to remember.

And the other fact, is, my friend  that sitting around and “hoping” or even just “reading” my daily dispatches ain’t-a-gonna get the job done.

As Twain said “simply nodding the head won’t rock the boat”. And it’s so true, my friend.

It’s SO true.

Without further ado then, nod the head – and then BOUND over to the following link to place your order –

I look forward to serving you with the BEST fitness program on the planet.


Rahul Mookerjee

Family pack – Six pack

Dear reader,

I woke up this morning to a picture of me from “times bygone”, hehe. A picture of me stuffing my mouth with snacks and a “cold” brew in hand – and a huge, huge smile on my face.

I then checked my phone, and saw an “audio” message from my 4 year old baby girl asking if “Papa has a family pack or a six pack”. That was sent right after the picture.

And then one from my wife claiming “Papa has a twelve pack now” – and one more from my daughter asking Mommy if “Can we jump on Papa’s stomach”?

Hilarious, but true, my friend – and those that know me know that six packs are NOT and were never a goal for me – and yet, I’ve got ’em – without even making ’em a goal – and so can YOU!

Those were happy times no doubt – I was sitting on a bench in a green, green meadow in “Khajjiar” – which is a a tiny little hamlet in the Indian Himalayas – often referred to as the “Switzerland of India” and with darn good reason.

And those were the times when I had a “family pack”, hehe.

I mention  in 0 Excuses Fitness (and my regular blog posts) that there have been PLENTY of times in my life I’ve been out of shape and (while not quite obese) seriously overweight by my own standards – but guess what – I got back on the wagon.

And so can you, my friend – if you know HOW.

I love the hills, by the way – and NONE more so than the Indian Himalayas. Though I’ve lived all over the world, if you’d ask me ONE spot that I’d pick as my favorite it would be the Indian Himalayas – HANDS DOWN, my friend.

Fresh air – PLENTY OF IT – mountain fresh, as they say – and fresh, clean water.

And of course – plenty of exercise – the NATURAL way. Plenty of hill climbs as I advocate in 0 Excuses Fitness – along with hill sprints and bear crawls on said hills.

And guess what – plenty of good FOOD as well – and NARY a “beer belly” or “protruding gut” or “el gluteous maximus” of plenty to be found, despite the abundance of fresh, good food.

And amazingly enough despite the “experts” that claim “strict diets” are necessary in order to lose weight – and to KEEP the weight off – you’d be hard pressed to find even a single person in the Indian Himalayas who “diets” the way the “experts” tell  us to.

And yet – physically – they’re in super shape, and amazingly enough again, some of them don’t even follow a regular exercise routine.

Guess what though. Their DAILY routine includes exercise – and a LOT of it. Try trekking up and down mountain slopes to get to your home, for instance, multiple times a day – and try carrying a ton of groceries while you’re at it.

It ain’t easy – and it’ll strip the flab off ya faster than any gizmo at the local gym ever could.

But why just the Himalayas? Look at the Chinese before the current fascination with cars and Western food set in – nary a fat person to be found in China as well in times bygone, regardless of the fact that the Chinese eat rice all the time – something that the “experts” claim piles on the pounds.

Moral of the story?

Well, there’s two.

One – Diet is quite obviously important – but the right exercise plan is of PARAMOUNT importance, and you can find it right HERE –

Two – Make exercise a part of your daily life, my friend. We don’t stop to think “if we should eat”, should we? We don’t stop to think “if we should go to work”, do we?

And so forth. Why should exercise be any different then?

More on this later. 

In the meantime – have a glorious Sunday, all!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – We were having some issues with downloads last night. All seems to be well now – but if you encounter issues, as always, please let me know ASAP.  On that note, the very first link you should visit is right HERE –

P.S. #2 – And no, I did NOT follow any special diets or diet at all. In fact what I’ve got to say in the first part of the Simple and Effective Diet (yours FREE with the 0 Excuses Fitness package) might just knock you flat on your arse – so astoundingly mindboggling it is to those brought up on the junk the “experts” spout – and I am NOT kidding.

Am I the “world president”?

Dear reader,

Hilarious, but true – one of my wife’s favorite comments is “Are you the world president”?

I hear this on a regular basis (well, about every two or three days), and why do I hear this?

Well, being I’m currently on travel (yet again), I’m not physically present with my family at this point in time, and probably not for a few days more – and so “online calls” (of the nature I mentioned in my last post, although that was  a while ago) are the way to keep in touch.

Now, being the “routine oriented” person that I am (and that you should be as well), I usually stick to a routine for these calls, but my “significant other” is of a “significantly” different bent of mind and doesn’t believe much in routines of any order.

And what that leads to is calls galore at odd hours, and for some odd reason, usually when I’m working and when I have the phone on IGNORE, and .. well .. I think you can guess the outcome thereafter, hehe.

I recently saw a meme with a gorilla “cowering in fear” and text on the meme was “Husbands – never ever dare to tell your significant other you are wrong”, hehe.

Laugh all you like, my friend, but it seems to be a truism – but yet – in all seriousness – being IN the ZONE is one of the KEYS to accomplishment in any area of your life, my friend.

Most people don’t really understand what “being in the zone” means – and if you’re not in the zone, you’re not achieving or even MOVING CLOSER TO achieving anything, my friend.

I speak about this at length in Zero to Hero (, but the bottom line – if you’re doing something – do it with VIM, VIGOR – and GUSTO – and get this – do it with SINGLE MINDED FOCUS!

And single minded focus is hard to achieve with what I consider to be one of the banes of modern day living – the smartphone, which for whatever reason beeps with messages (and that annoying ring tone) at all odd hours of the day and night unless you quite literally put the darn thing on IGNORE – which is what I usually do, not because I’m a believer in ignoring people, but because it allows me to get so much more DONE, my friend.

And this is today’s tip, my friend.

I don’t care if your writing a blog post, creating a product, crafting a sales letter, spending time with your loved ones, watching a movie, or (even) sitting on the couch “vegging out”.

Whatever it is your doing – do that one thing to the exclusion of all others – and believe you me,  this one tip alone with SKYROCKET you along the path of getting more done – in less time – and the benefits?

Well, you’ll be able to spend more time doing whatever it is you were doing before you, the “world president” was interrupted, hehe.

Simple enough, and a no-brainer, me thinks.

Implement this tip – as well as others you’ll find in Zero to Hero, and watch your life dramatically take a turn for the better.


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – You can grab “Zero to Hero” right here – and join the “World President” on a condensed version of his life towards the start of the book –

P.S. #2 – I’ve read that more and more Americans are ditching their smartphones and going back to the good ole days of “flip phones”. Can only be a good thing, methinks!

Follow the way of the kid, my friend

Dear reader,

A few years ago, something TRULY spectacular happened in my life.

Spectacular. Mind boggling. Emotions were ALL over the place – and – to be quite honest – I was literally at a LOSS FOR WORDS when it happened, and all this in a good way.

In fact, the first thing I said to  myself when I  looked at the tiny little cuddly bundle of joy in the nurse’s arms was “I can’t believe it”. (and looking at that little lovely baby girl with her big black eyes, I quite literally couldn’t …)

Quite literally – and so (and as you can tell by now) this spectacular “occurrence” in my life was none other than the birth of my baby girl who is now a sprightly bundle of ENERGY at 4 years of age, and going strong, my friend.

Here is a conversation I recently had with her: –

“Honey, can we do some squats? Can you show Papa how to do ’em?”

“YES, PAPA!!!!” – came the resounding response, and amazingly enough, this was over WeChat, my friend – which is one of those nifty smartphone apps that allows one to make “video calls” to fellow users (at the time I was traveling in China – yes, yet again, haha).

And she dropped down, gave me “10” – all with a HUGE smile on her face with a proud Papa clapping her on – and all without ANY complaints and then promptly fell over into a gymnastic bridge with NO help whatsoever.

Contrast this with the average adult’s response when asked to do some of these exercises.

“Ho hum! Those squats! They’re bad for the knees, you know! I read somewhere on the Internet that they hurt the knees, and, well, uh …”

“Push-ups! Pah! How can they actually help?” Belch! (this was an actual comment made by a person I know, mind you – a person that was about 50 kgs overweight and “working his way” through a blubber inducing 12 pack of “cold brew”, hehe.

And so forth. The average adult would spend more time exhausting himself or herself mentally before deciding that the “lazybones” method works the best and doing exactly squat all, NO puns intended there.

And my 4 year old? Well, she just DOES it – without being told at that – and guess what, all normal kids are that way, and this, my friend, along with the deep breathing I keep carping on all the time is the KEY to their fitness levels.

A 4 year old might not have the arms of a gym gorilla, but she sure as heck can run circles around him all day long. In fact, it would NOT be a stretch to say that the average couch potato can get in a tremendous workout simply by trying to keep up with their young kids, and again – that ain’t no exaggeration my friend.

NATURAL movements – and DEEP breathing done correctly the way I advocate in 0 Excuses Fitness, my friend – these are the TWO keys to fitness for YOU as well!

0 Excuses Fitness can be found right HERE –

The 0 Excuses Fitness System

Proof, you ask?

Ever see an infant huff and puff after a bout of wailing, or a 1 year old out of breath after “running” you ragged around the living room? I bet not – and the reason behind this is deep breathing – done naturally without a second thought, and done CORRECTLY.

Second, and more importantly, infants (and toddlers) make sure to get in the right amount of movement during the day. Ever seen a healthy infant lie “still” without flailing about? I bet not – this movement is what gets their muscles up to speed for the tasks required in daily life such as walking etc.

Easy enough to figure out, huh? Well, take the average pot bellied Joe (or Jane) and have them kick like a baby from the “core” for just five minutes straight, and I bet they’ll be exhausted and unable to complete even two straight minutes without a pause.

As for nutrition, well – ever seen an infant stuff itself so full of milk that it can’t breathe?

I bet not – but I bet you’ve seen someone stuff themselves full of a calorie laden pizza or shove down several helpings of “fried chicken and black eyed peas” down their already bloated gullets at the nearest “all you can eat buffet”  – and barely be able to breathe (let alone walk) after that.

‘Tis not the case with infants and toddlers – they instinctively know how much they need to eat and move, and thats something we as adults would do good to emulate in our daily lives as well.

I could go on and on here, but I think you get the drift.

Do as kids do, my friend – and believe you me – you’ll reap the benefits.

Click on over right NOW and get started –


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – And yes, kids can teach us a lot about LIFE as well – but I’ll get into that in future dispatches. For now, romp on over to the following URL and get started RIGHTAWAY –


Your breath is your power

Dear reader,

Yes, you read that right – your breath IS your power, and in more ways than one.

Most of the old timers swear by this one saying – and it matters not if we’re talking bodyweight training or training with weights, dumbbells, or kettlebells.

The axiom holds true regardless. Your breath is your power – and your breathing, and the WAY you breathe holds the hidden keys (one of them, at any rate, but one of the most important) to achieving whatever fitness goals you have in mind.

It matters not if you’re looking for the “washboard abs” or simply trying to do 100 pushups in ONE set without pausing – your breath,  my friend is what holds the real key to accomplishing said goals.

But the most amazing thing is, and this is something most people do NOT realize, is that your BREATH is what holds the key to accomplishments in ANY area of your life.

That’s right, my friend.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a salesperson “chomping at the bit” to make the next sale or a blogger pounding out a blog post – or a writer, for that matter, in a state of flow “chained” to the keyboard as it were.

How you breathe makes a HUGE difference to your life in general, my friend.

Breathe the right way, and watch your accomplishments SOAR.

Other hand, breathe the wrong way – or as “most” adults breathe – and watch your results stagnate or worse.

Have you ever seen a baby breathe? Not just a baby – kids until the age of about 5 or 6 I’d say…

They breathe in from the abdomen. Each breath is a long, deep, UNHURRIED breath, and the exhale is equally unhurried.

And kids never seem to run out of energy, do they? I’ve never heard a young kid complain and whinge along the lines of “life sucks” – have you?

And the key to this is their breathing, my friend.

We’ve forgotten how to breathe. Most of us breathe in a shallow or hurried manner, and most of us end up HOLDING our breath while we’re working on something important – when it should be the exact reverse.

In the 0 Excuses Fitness “back workout” video ((although even the back workout that I mention works the ENTIRE BODY, my friend) I tell you specifically NOT to hold your breath as you stretch further and further into a stretch that might seem outlandish and impossible when you first see it, and yet, it’s not, my friend.

The 0 Excuses Fitness System

Believe it or not, I’m guilty of this at times as well. Changing my breathing patterns took a long, long time for me to do, but once I mastered it, my life started to change almost instantly.

And so will yours, my friend.

The next time you’re stuck in a particularly sticky or “annoying” situation – do this.

Take 10 deep, slow breaths and literally FEEL the inhale and exhale on EACH BREATH.

Don’t take 1, or 3.  And please don’t tell me you’re too busy. Taking 10 deep breaths doesn’t take that long – 20 seconds tops – and my goodness, everyone has 20 seconds, don’t they?

AFTER you do this, return to figuring out a practical means of solving whatever problem it is that you are facing.

As you chalk out your plan (either on paper or in your head) – keep on breathing, my friend. Keep doing it the way I said it.

Watch your results literally SOAR.


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. –  25 pushups in one set is great, but what if you want to do 35? 50? Or even 100? Most people find it tough to do 25 in one set in proper form and at the right cadence; however, even those who have mastered this are often unable to break past the “mental barrier” of 25.

Not to worry though. Breathe the way you see my breathing during the WORKOUT videos in 0 Excuses Fitness – and watch your rep counts soar –

The 0 Excuses Fitness System

Ignore reality, my friend

Dear reader,

What I’m about to share with you  is so astoundingly mindbogglingly that just this one tip has the potential to BLOW you away.

That’s right – and if the subject line of the email hasn’t already “blown” you away and have you shaking your head in amazement (a.k.a he doesn’t really mean it!) – well, guess what, my friend.

Yes, I do mean it.

100% and more, my friend.

And guess what else.

This ONE tip alone has the potential to SKYROCKET you towards achievement in any endeavor you choose – fitness is no exception either.

But why just fitness?

If you want abundance in any form in your life – well – you need to know HOW to get it – and  what I just told you above combined with Step #1 outlined in Zero to Hero forms STEP #1.

Actually, I could write a book on EACH of the tips outlined in the book – so powerful are they all, and as I sit here after doing 500 squats in 16:12 minutes, I’m thinking I might just, hehe.

For now though – what do I mean by ignoring reality?

It’s certainly not “literally” ignoring reality like some well intentioned folks did before the airplane was invented as they literally tried to “fly with arms outstretched off the tops of buildings” (yup it’s true) – and we all know the results there, don’t we?

Those misdirected efforts did of course result in the airplane being invented – though not directly.

Anyway, let me give you a quick example.

Let’s stick to fitness, although again – this one tip can propel you towards your goals in ANY endeavor like lightning towards a “lightning rod” quicker than the speed of knots, my friend.

Currently unable to do 100 squats, or even 10 at one go (and believe me, the latter is the case for many people) – but WANT TO?

Currently suffering from a case of “bulging waistlines” and expanding “junk in the trunk” – and want to try to get rid of it – but don’t know how?

Well, here is how you START, my friend – and the way to start is by picturing whatever it is you like – and keep that thought in mind as you train in the exercises mentioned in 0 Excuses Fitness.

And no, “what you like” doesnt necessarily mean “what you like fitness wise”. It can be something completely and utterly unrelated – and while I realize that might sound equally astounding as the rest of this email – I have this to say to you.

Just do it, my friend.

Just do it – and report back after a month, or even a week.

The above is quite literally one of the most powerful tips I can give you, my friend. And I’ve literally given it to you for FREE.

For more such equally powerful tips, head on to Zero to Hero right NOW, my friend. You owe it to yourself.

Feel – do – ACHIEVE!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – While you’re at it, don’t forget to pick up your copy of 0 Excuses Fitness as well right HERE: –