Six pack – or ZERO pack?

Dear reader,

I got done with a super tough workout today straight out of a combo of 0 Excuses Fitness and my new and updated Shoulders like Boulders – but it wasn’t enough – not for me at any rate, hehe.

Figured I’d get in another you-know-what buster and though this post isn’t about the exact details of workout #2, it bears mentioning that I moseyed on to my old favorite – the HILL.

The same hill that kicked me severely in the can the first time I climbed it – oh boy. I literally felt like a Mack truck ran over my entire body, and I’m NOT exaggerating in the slightest there my friend.

After finishing  my super super tough workout #2 though, I literally waltzed up that same hill, nary breaking even a bead of sweat.

Sure, it’s winter here – but still – climbing that hill is not easy  my friend – and it WILL cause the average person to sweat even at a very moderate pace.

Anyway, I’m not writing this to tell you about my own conditioning. Well, not really, at least.

At the top of the hill I paused for a while, literally drinking in the  COLD fresh mountain air in heapfuls.

Breathing in, breathing out, slowly, ad infinitum, and while I was doing these I was stretching out my hamstrings – which brings me to tip #1.

Always, always stretch out your hamstrings on a daily basis, my friend – even if you don’t workout.

It’s amazing how many folks remember to stretch their thighs, calves, shoulders, even neck – but neglect the hammies.

Big mistake – not just flexibility wise, but also LIFE wise. When you stretch out the hamstrings correctly you literally BANISH all excess tension from your body – as well as LIFE,  my friend. Things start to flow even more – and even quicker.

Anyway, while I was doing all this a couple of guys were panting up the last few flights of stairs before making it to the top.

One was fairly well built, but nothing spectacular. Had a huge beer gut as well.

The other – well – the opposite in terms of looks. Skinny – rail thin in fact, and judging by the outline his T-shirt made against his abdomen, he had that much sought after 6 pack look.

Might as well have been a 12 pack, and his biceps were huge, my friend. HUGE.

And … the rest of his arms were like toothpicks. Not to mention the legs and waspishly thin waist.

Anyway the two of them were literally so out of breath that it took them a while to recover, but the second never did.

After about 3 minutes or so of panting, he suddenly and abruptly collapsed in a heap, his eyes rolled backwards. And this in winter mind you – when the temperatures are NOT extreme in terms of heat and humidity.

Wasn’t unconscious, but darn  near, and while a crowd gathered, his partner made several attempts to get him to sit up and finally succeeded.

Took about 10 minutes or so before the two of them finally shambled down the hill, and the second dude was literally clutching the right side of his 12 pack as he was stumbling on back down the stairs.

Now, why am I telling you this?

First, because looks are NOT everything, my friend. While a six pack look may be what the majority  of people crave, it by no means signifies a super level of fitness or any level at all.

Second – you’re far, far better off focusing upon bodyweight stuff that works the entire body as a whole. Not only will you get stronger all over (and avoid the “toothpick arm”  or “pelican  leg” look) – but you’ll also be a hell of a lot better conditioned and better off for it.

The vast majority of the populace doesnt just have trouble moving furniture around come moving day or carrying Grandma up two flights of stairs.

Heck, even carrying heavy groceries up stairs is enough to make them legs weak for a lot of people and thats what you want to avoid at all costs.

And thats what is so GREAT about the 0 Excuses stuff I’m telling you to do, my friend.

It’ll build a body thats as strong as it looks. That’s superbly conditioned – from the INSIDE out.

And if you do end up getting a six pack, which you probably will – it will be a REAL six pack, my friend.

Real training – real strength – the real deal. At the end of the day THAT, my dear reader is what it’s all about – and how do I know this?

Because I  live it daily, my friend.

You too, owe it to yourself to  do so.

Get on the stick NOW. Right NOW my friend. Don’t wait for an heart attack to occur before you start doing the right things for your health –



P.S. Still not convinced? Still think the leg press machines builds super levels of strength and conditioning and bodyweight stuff doesnt? Well, take the nearest bodybuilder and ask him to do what I said (or the equivalent of) carrying “Granny” up not a hill – but just a few flights of stairs – and THEN report back. I bet you’ll be singing a different tune altogether, my friend.

P.S #2 – By the way, Shoulders like Boulders is also flying out the door like hotcakes – you can join the party right HERE –


“He’s a solid character”

Dear reader,

Ever heard that saying before, my friend?

I bet you have – and it’s the first thing that pops into mind when you see someone who is quite obviously a FIT – and TRULY strong individual.

You know what I’m talking about dont you?

I ain’t referring to the bloated bodybuilders at the gym, and I’m NOT referring to the “pump” you get from doing curls with heavy weights.

I’m talking about the REAL DEAL here, my friend. The REAL DEAL.

A look that screams RAW POWER – and BRUTAL, RUGGED strength that doesnt quit no matter what.

Packed chest. A grip like a VICE. And massive shoulders and traps that look like they were carved out of granite, not to mention traps that seemingly extend beyond one’s ears.

Sounds like music to your ears, bro?

I’m sure it does – it’s one of the most coveted looks out there – and other than a few elite athletes, few truly either have or ever get that look.

I’ve had comments such as this directed many a times at me, and guess what.

Though what I do in 0 Excuses Fitness will build “grizzly like” strength to a degree, the INSANE levels of strength really only come with the ONE exercise that is by far the best for the shoulders.

And when you combine it with a few other supplementary exercises I mention, well – watch out, brother.

You’ll be getting remarks like the above as well, and not only that – you’ll be buying new shirts about every two weeks or so.

How do I know?

Well, simple. Been there, done that – and I STILL DO IT, my friend.

And again, it’s one amazingly simple exercise – an oldie but goodie – a forgotten exercise as it were that WILL give you the shoulders you’ve always desired,  my friend.

Shoulders like BOULDERS as it were, and if I were you, I’d drop what I was doing right now and  BOUND over to this page right now to find out what I’m yellin about –

I look forward to welcoming you aboard, my friend.


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – And if you believe the bench press will give you the “packed chest” look you crave, well you’re sadly mistaken my “nikka”. The only thing bench pressing will give you is a blown rotator cuff and shoulder problems for years. Do what is natural – and be prepared to be BLOWN away by the amazing benefits that you CANNOT get by doing other exercises –

I done gone nuts

Dear reader,

Oh  my GOD. I done gone nuts, and that much is true – especially after the workout I had today.

The good feeling BE going, my friend.

The blood BE pumping.

The shoulders ARE torched, and yet not – that “worked to the bone” feeling you get after a super, super workout – and as for the grip?

Well, lets just “unnatural x 2”. Or “kungfu x 2”, hehe.

And while I could pen tomes on the workout, and probably should (and will in future writings), for now, the major announcement I’ve got to make is this –

That in keeping with this GREAT, GREAT feeling literally COURSING THROUGHOUT my entire BEING, I’ve decided to “extend” this feeling towards you guys,  if that makes any sense.

And the way I’m going to do that – for now, at least is to offer you several of my products at a downright throwaway price.

That’s right. You heard me right, my BROTHER.

I’ve decided to and have created a BOOK combo – a 0 Excuses Book combo if I may.

Four book in one, and UNRIVALED VALUE, my friend. Oh yeah, unrivaled value – and if I were you, I’d drop everything I was doing and check it out here right here –

Four in one – unrivaled value – and ALL yours my friend, with a simple click of a button.



Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – I’m not sure how long I can keep this combo package out for. As y’all no doubt know I’m not a huge fan of this type of thing; however, GOOD FEELING trumps all, my friend. Oh yeah it does – and I’d get in while the going was good right HERE –

500 pushup breakfast

Dear reader,

In the Simple and Effective Diet, I state many things, but the first and foremost thing I state is that I do NOT follow “set eating patterns” as most folks follow.

In fact, truth be told, what I do on a regular basis would leave most docs and medical “experts” shaking their heads as if to say “Tut, tut! Poor chap knows no better”.

Uh huh. And while these experts keep shaking their heads and watching their waistlines balloon by the day as they follow the meal dictums that are usually “preached ad infinitum”, I’ll look down happily and see a non-existent “tubby”. Hehe.

Many years ago a lady I was with (who was somewhat on the chubby side) made a comment about this.

“Wo xiao pang” (I’m a bit fat”), she said.

“Tui, xiao yi dian” (Yes, a little – I was being polite there by the way).

She then lays a hand on my stomach.

“Na li?”  (where?)

“Shen mo” (what?)

“Na li aaa?” she repeated

And then I got it, and I laughed. She was asking me “where the big belly was”, hehe.

“Mei you”, she finished off, laughing as well at the look of sudden recognition on my face as I “got it”, hehe.

Anyway, I breakfasted on 500 pushups this morning, my friend – and oh boy do I feel BUZZED.

Do I feel great or what – oh my, oh my, oh MY!

It’s a dank, rainy day outside (at least until now) – but the sun BE shining as far as I’m concerned, my friend. I feel on top of the world and that is the under-exaggeration of the millennium – I kid you NOT.

As for what I did during this workout?

Well, let’s just say that the pushup part of it was mostly advanced pushups, some of which have been detailed in 0 Excuses Fitness, and others not so much – pretty much because ANY ONE rep of these exercises (the advanced stuff) would kick most gym goers in the BOOTOCKS, my friend.

That’s right. Your average gym goer would be hard pressed to complete even ONE rep of some of this in proper form, and as for the average “tubbo” out there, well, even doing 5 pushups in proper form can be a daunting task.

Good news is though, it doesnt have to be that way, my friend.

Believe it or not – YOU – yes, YOU – CAN get to 500 pushups a day or whatever your goal is … EVEN if you are currently unable to do 5 in proper form (and unfortunately that’s a reality for many people – but again – it can – and will change).

You just have to open your mind to new possibilities – possibilities that may seem outrageous at the outset, but stuff that works.

For instance, why not do a few pushups before breakfast instead of gorging on bacon and fried eggs?

Why not do 50 pushups before bed instead of “a few cold ones”?

And why not start from there – and progress to something WORTHWHILE – and then something truly astounding?

Believe me, my friend – Rome was not built in a day – but built it CAN BE – provided you’ve got the right mindset.

And the right mind set for you, my friend translates into two things –

  1. Run over to the 0 Excuses Page right here – and reserve your copy right NOW
  2. Read – digest – read again- and then DO i.e. implement.

And that is ALL there is to it, my friend.

That’s really all there is to it.

Back again later!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – The Simple and Effective diet which normally retails for thirty smackers is yours free with the 0 Excuses Fitness System. That’s right – a value of $30, but I’m not sure how much longer I can offer this deal for, so run on over NOW –

An espresso workout

Dear reader,

‘Tis a cold, blustery day here in Southern China … and the first thought that comes to most people’s minds on such a day is a “warm cup of coffee” to “curl up with” under the blankets.

Along with a significant other, or others, hehe – or perhaps even a hot meal to boot.

And while that is understandable especially given the chilly nature of the weather in many parts of the world right about now (’tis really blowing out there right now – feels like the Arctic along with rain to boot – wind chill and all that …), there are far better alternatives to the above.

And alternatives that can be accomplished without cooking up a storm or going to the nearest Starbucks or latte shop, hehe.

I used to be a huge coffee drinker back in the day but no more, my friend. No more. Replaced it by another drink which is non addictive and does NOT give me a “caffiene buzz” or high but the changes that it effects in the body over a period of time are beyond comprehension, my friend.

Beyond comprehension, and such are the changes my other “feel good” alternative will effect in YOUR body too – if you are open to doing what I tell you, my friend.

And what is this alternative?

Well, simple.

An “espresso” workout – in other words a workout that leaves you panting, and feeling WARM inside – and doesn’t take forever. In fact, the majority of this workout is amazingly enough REST periods and recovery times.

I did one of these workouts on my birthday a day or so ago and believe me, I’m STILL feeling the effects.

That’s right. The espresso portion of my workout was about 10 (well, perhaps 11 tops) minutes AT MOST – and the vast majority of that was “active recovery”, so it was really a 2 or 3 minute workout if you really add up the actual “workout time”.

And this workout left me blasted my friend. Fried.Feeling like I’d been put through the grinder – in a good way.

My calves, butt and hamstrings are STILL SORE – not to mention my upper back. And my forearms STILL feel worked to the BONE.

And just so you know, it did NOT involve the following –

  • Pushups (or derivatives thereof)
  • Pull-ups (or derivatives thereof)
  • Squats
  • Bridges
  • Gymnastics
  • And so forth …

The above are all excellent exercises and WILL get you in excellent shape no doubt. Thats the reason I mention these, along with many others in my bestseller 0 Excuses Fitness and YES, they are MORE than plenty to keep the average person occupied for literally years.

That’s right – years – you could do these exercises for years, and still find new ways to progress or make improvements. Heck, I’ve been doing these for donkey’s years myself and still seem to manage to find new ways of doing them all the time …

But the espresso workouts are for the ELITE, my friend. Those who REALLY want to crank it up on a COLD, blustery winter day when most are content to “bundle up in woolens” and snuggle up in front of the fireplace with a cup of Java or what not.

None of that for this cat, hehe, and there’s a reason I use the term “cat” here.

Anyway, I’ll write more about the espresso workout later. For now though, an excellent place to start in your fitness regimen would be right here –

Go for it, bro. And guess what. You don’t even have to leave your house for this workout. You can do it right there in your living room, and that cup of “espresso” be waiting for you … but ONLY AFTER you finish your workout, hehe.

Here is that link again –

Click on over, and make 2018 the BEST ever in terms of fitness!



P.S. – By the way, the clock is a ticking, my friend. The 25% sale ends on Jan 6 sharp, so scoot on over to the products page right now and place your order while the going is GOOD, my friend – Discount code “DOUBLEWHAMMY”.

P.S #2 – I’m going to treat myself to another espresso workout tonight. Be on the lookout for a report on that as well shortly!

The “double whammy birthday sale”

Dear reader,

Oh my my my!

As I sit here, I’m suffering from a “double whammy”, my friend – and what do I mean by that?

Well, the first is the injured thumb that occured a couple of days ago. It’s well and truly on the road to ACTIVE recovery, but it’s still not a 100% … UGGGH! But then again, I’m recovering quicker than most folks would on this, so it’ll back to doing “regular” workouts soon.

And the second?

Well, I’m feeling like a Mack truck ran over me, my friend.

Sort of like I felt when I first climbed THAT hill in China, the same hill that I can mosey on up now without breaking a sweat.

And why do I feel this way?

The workout I did yesterday, my friend, and if you missed it, it’s right there on the blog. Oh my. I’ll be doing a variant of that today as well but perhaps at far lower intensity. We’ll see, but for now …

Yes, this cat is turning 37 “today”, and to celebrate all this, I’m doing something which I usually never ever do, which is to have yet another sale only a couple of weeks after the last one (which was a huge, huge hit by the way).

And I’ll go one BETTER this time.

If I recall, I offered the 0 Excuses Fitness System at a discount the last time around during the “post Christmas” sale, and a lot of you stepped and JUMPED to the plate, and good on you for doing that, my friend.

And now, I’m going one better.

I’m offering you a FLAT 25% discount on ALL my  products for TWO days.

That’s right, this sale will last until Jan 6, so pull up your socks and get on this NOW, my friend. You never know – I might just have to pull the sale ahead of time depending on reader feedback. Don’t particularly want the server crashing as it did the last time around, hehe.

Enter in the coupon code “DOUBLEWHAMMY” when you get to the checkout page, and you should be able to avail of the discount.

Here’s the product page –

Have at!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – My little girl is going bonkers over this as well , and she’s just 4. She’s running up and down the room hollering “Shoulders like Boulders” while I type this. The energy is CONTAGIOUS, my friend. Oh yes it is. Get in while the going is good and while this lasts –

Workout update!

Dear reader,

Well, given what I said about the state of my thumb yesterday, you’d think today would be a rest day, or perhaps even an “easy” day, eh?

Not a chance, my friend. Not a chance.

This cat made a vow to himself years ago to do something everyday, come rain, hail, shine or sprained thumbs – and so he did.

And guess what – it sure as heck wasn’t EASY by any standards.

And guess what else. Though I was advised to “splint” the thumb (and dont get me wrong – it was indeed well intentioned advice and would have done no harm) – I didn’t – and right now, it’s about 50% on the way to recovery.

And amazingly enough, it’s NOT by either resting the thumb or by doing nothing at all.

Sounds amazing, I know, but ’tis true, my friend. ‘Tis true.

Anyway, as for today’s casualty list?

Well, no real casualties today, hehe, but I probably won’t be able to bend over too well due to what I did differently today – well, not too well, at least – and NO – it’s NOT what pops up in mind instantly when you read that, haha.

In fact what I did today to really get me sore in the posterior (and then all over) didn’t take more than 10 minutes, if even that.

And most of that was nothing but deep, rhythmic breathing.

No, it didnt involve a single pushup.

No pull-ups. No Hindus. No squats. Nothing of that nature, my friend. Nothing at all (although I did do about 250 squats this morning, but thats another tale).

Nah – what I did today got me BUZZED – and as an aside, my forearms seem to be PULSATING with a life of their own despite NOT having done ANY, I repeat ANY upper body work.

See if you can guess what I did, my friend. I mention it as a “secret weapon” (of sorts) in 0 Excuses Fitness, but it,  like a lot of other hidden keys mentioned therein is usually overlooked.

The 0 Excuses Fitness System

Bad mistake, but I’ll get into that later.

For now – it’s “adios” – but oh wait.

Before I go, remember to stay tuned for a HUGE, HUGE announcement tomorrow – one that’ll probably blow yer socks off, because I’ve never ever done it before – not at that level anyway.

More on that tomorrow. In the meantime, if you workout today – and you darn well SHOULD – make it an awesome one!



P.S. – As you can see, I do believe in “walking the talk”, my friend. No arm chair theorist sitting here, that I CAN and DO guarantee. Everything I write has been TRIED and tested by yours truly before getting the final seal of approval so hesitate no longer, my friend.Get in the best shape of your life – and quickly – by adopting the BEST workout system on the PLANET TODAY –


2nd January workout

Dear reader,

Well, was a heck of a day indeed in terms of workouts!

Woke up feeling GREAT – as I usually do – and dived straight into my new project which is an advanced fitness manual; and I MEAN advanced, my friend.

In fact some of the exercises I’m going to be putting out in this new book are SO advanced – that they WILL kick even most experienced gymnasts and bodyweight trainees in the can if done right, my friend. Oh yeah they will.

King Kong Fitness is what I’ve got it named, and with darn good reason. You’ll build shoulders akin to a male silverback gorilla if you do these exercises, and thats just the shoulders.

You’ll also build scary levels of SUPERHUMAN grip strength as well as core endurance and strength from Cain, my friend – believe me, though what I’ve taught you thus far in 0 Excuses Fitness is more than sufficient for the vast majority of folks out there, there is always that tiny “crazy” minority that wants to take things to the ultimate level and then some.

And if you’re part of that select band, well, be on the lookout for King Kong Fitness. I’m done with the book but am waiting for Cindy to return from Hunan province so I can get the videos done as well and release the whole package.

And today’s workout went as follows –

  • My  usual 0 Excuses Fitness workout.
  • A jaunt up and down the hill
  • King Kong exercises both BEFORE, after, and DURING the jaunt, and no – NOT A SINGLE pushup or pull-up made it into this section, and yet I was hammered with each set being finished in – get this – less than 10-15 seconds.
  • Pull-ups and various other “core” toughies (some of which are mentioned in 0 Excuses Fitness) before the whole deal, and after …

Well, let’s just say that there was nothing after a) because I had already done more than plenty, but b) because I suffered a nasty thumb sprain towards the end of all of it.

Probably more fatigue than anything else that caused that (I don’t want to get into the exact reason) – and I mention this in 0 Excuses Fitness as well. Be very careful when you’re doing anything that involves the thumb directly.

Easy to “pop it in and out” without realizing it and messing up tendons etc – OUCH!

Luckily being the grip fanatic I am the pain lasted about a couple of hours after which it started to abate. I’m back to typing at full speed now, but I’ll probably go easy on the grip stuff until tomorrow at least.

See how that goes. HA!

And that, my dear friend, is that for now. Be on the outlook for King Kong Fitness coming your way sometime soon – and in the meantime, be sure and build a SOLID foundation right here –




Work(out) smart!

Dear reader,

A couple of months ago, a reader from India contacted me for some “fitness tips”.

This dude had been doing pushups etc for a while, and going on long walks etc to lose weight – and judging by his “before” and “after” pictures – all I can tell him is a) well done, bud and b) you’re 80% there.

Trouble was, the remaining 20% was what was causing him consternation.

You know what I’m referring to, don’t you?

That “last” bit of weight – or the “real” strength gains that seem to take forever to come – or don’t show up at all (as was the case with this dude).

Anyway, the first thing I told him to do was to sign up for my daily list which he did, and he purchased the 0 Excuses Fitness System shortly thereafter. Smart dude. Made the right choice.

And today’s email is about some MOST interesting feedback I received from him – so interesting in fact that I’ve posted it on the testimonials page I’ve recently put up on the site right HERE –

(This page is constantly being updated, so do check back – for whatever reason I never quite got around to “collating” all the numerous emails etc that I receive on this, but am doing so “by and by” now).

And here is what he said:

This is an amazing book on fitness that has the right combination of intensity and intelligence. These aren’t soul crushing workouts or weight training, but they certainly aren’t a walk in the park either. The word that could best describe these workouts is SMART. It helps you play with your bodyweight and get yourself super fit.

Well, well, well. Interesting indeed, and pretty “well” worded if I might say so myself, hehe – or perhaps I should say “interesting choice of words”, but either way, he gets his point across pretty well!

Yes – these workouts are NOT a walk in the park.

Yes – these workouts are NOT “soul” destroying “marathons to the death”, hehe. In other words, there’s no “long and drawn” out pavement pounding or other nonsense that we’ve become accustomed to hearing in terms of cardio, and certainly NO “3 sets of 10 with 5 minutes breaks in between” rot that we’ve been “fed” in terms of strength building.

But the most interesting part of his comment is as such “helps you play with your bodyweight”. Very interestingly worded indeed, my friend – and when you think about it, it’s TRUE.

NONE of my workouts are boring – in fact the sheer variety of exercises contained in the 0 Excuses Fitness System makes it nigh impossible to even START to get bored, and truth be told each one of the exercises can be done in many different ways as well.

So its FUN – and folks have a tendency to stick with what is fun – and if what is fun works – well – you’ve got your cake and are EATING it too my friend.

And last, but not least, I couldn’t agree more with the smart part. Yes, it’s smart to accomplish MORE in 15 minutes or less than what the vast majority of trainees accomplish (or don’t) in their long drawn out training sessions.

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with the latter option if one prefers the “treadmill to nowhere”, but if it were me, I knew the choice I’d make.

I’d take the swifter route that works BETTER.

Simple enough, my friend – and AMEN to that, even if I say so myself!

All for now – happy 2018 again – it promises to be a WILD one!



P.S. – Yes, it’s far more productive to work smart and accomplish more than “put in the slog and accomplish little” – and the same mentality holds true for workouts. Find out more about “smart” workouts right HERE –

Ahoy 2018!

Dear reader,

Well, well, well – there are about two and a quarter hours remaining until the clock ticks over to the New Year, my friend – a year that you should welcome in with – as I like to say, VIM, VIGOR and GUSTO!

2018 is also gonna be the year of the dog in good ole mainland China, and in this dog eat dog world, the best thing you can do for yourself is invest in yourself, my friend.

And while my products are a darn good investment, I’m NOT referring to my products here.

I’m referring to taking some time out and INTROSPECT – be grateful – and dream, my friend.

Grateful should be what hits the #1 spot on your list, my friend. And if you can’t find more than ten things off the top of your head to be grateful about, then you’ve got a serious, serious problem brewing, my friend – and it’s an INTERNAL problem.

I did this today, and before I knew it my list was about 3 pages long, and the feelings of sheer DELIGHT I was experiencing were second to none, my friend. Second to NONE, and I not only had an awesome workout thereafter, but am also gonna put out a BRAND NEW fitness product that will knock the living socks out of y’all, my friends.

Stay tuned for that one; it’s an ADVANCED fitness course for those that DARE to ACHIEVE and ACCOMPLISH fitness at the very highest levels imaginable, but for now, the next thing is to dream.

Dream of the goals you have. Dream of the plans you have. Dream of the plans you WILL accomplish, bar NO barriers!

Do so with gusto, my friend. See it become reality before it does, and chances are it WILL before you even begin to expect it.

Along the way, it’s also good to introspect, and take more than a few deep breaths while “waving goodbye” to 2017, my friend.

And that’s that. Man I’m so buzzed about my new course …but I won’t spill the beans as yet. Not as yet, my friend!

As an aside, I had a truly spectacular workout – and let’s just say it involved ALL the exercises I’ve spoken about it my courses.

I’m hammered – well and truly hammered – and while the rest of the world is out partying, nothing of that nature for THIS cat.

In fact he might just get in workout #2 – a few long stretches at the stroke of 12 and thereabouts. Matter of fact, I probably WILL get in workout #2, hehe.

Back at y’all in the New Year then. Until then be safe – and don’t forget to …


Here’s wishing you the best 2018 ever.


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Although my new fitness courses is not going to be out until a few days later, the good news is there is plenty for you to do right NOW, my friend.  Check out the following URL for more – Products